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Lute Cat (not to be confused with Zither Cat) began life as a deletion reason on the blue, was briefly batted about on the grey, was then auctioned off for charity, and is now residing in Projects, ready to be purchased and taken home. Oh won't you love him, Mefi.
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nice work whelk. Do i hear one hunitt
posted by clavdivs at 9:04 AM on November 24, 2010

That's great!
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Yeah, that's a nice illustration whelk!
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and thanks again to the 9/10 mefites that followed through with the items for the auction. They are all quite lovely.
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I bought some! One of them will probably end up displayed on the fridge, and I have a non-mefite buddy who will appreciate the other. Excellent.
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I don't actually get this . . . is cortex's original comment referential or just freeform surreal?

Anyway, did you know that Louis Wain did a Lute Cat? Or was that part of the reference? What is the reference? Somebody hope me.
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Oh my god keyboard cat remember that?
posted by The Devil Tesla at 11:13 AM on November 24, 2010

I had forgotten about Lute Cat, but lutes + cats = happy immlass. Thanks for the reminder.
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is cortex's original comment referential or just freeform surreal?

Mostly referential. The doubled content was an awesome youtube music montage album titled THRU YOU. The tapestry meme is this Bayeux Tapestry construction kit that was all the rage with the kids for a while for regressing contemporary jokes to medieval trappings. Play him off, Keyboard Cat is something you probably know about already. I just kind of thought all those things were funny together.
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Upon further consideration, you were right.
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There's no text saying "Play him hence, Lute Cat" on the cards though? I fear that I'd buy these guys, save them for a special occasion, then pull them out and forget what the deal was.

And I'd letter them myself but I suck at anything art.
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and thanks again to the 9/10 mefites that followed through with the items for the auction.

Yes, and thanks again also to the 9/10 mefites that ponied up serious money.
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such a contented yet condescending looking cat
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Yes, and thanks again also to the 9/10 mefites that ponied up serious money.

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auctions are auctions indeed.

I was dumb enough think an auction for charity might have been different and from a community that used to send its mod to iceland at the drop of a hat - well thats not something you really can foresee.

Seeing as people are still going on about it, perhaps it would clear up things to note:

the cost of shipping a 120x60x6 cm digital print mounted on mdf is at least $100.

The auction raised $38.

Aye its worth more than that but there you go.

The solution I have taken was to give it to a graduate of the LEAP programme who had just been given a home to move into after leaving supported accomodation. To stick on their wall and look at for free.

Anyone is welcome to memail me if they really, really want to know any specific details about that - perhaps the person concerned may take you on a tour of their living room if youre ever round these parts.

Otherwise, you might like to find someone else to try and stick in the Meta Colliseum.

No doubt the Mods will enable you in this as well, thats what they're here for nowadays.

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Wow that went from happy to angry in like nothing.
posted by angrycat at 3:36 PM on November 24, 2010

*offers sgt.serenity a hug, in hopes that he'll live up to his name*
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the cost of shipping a 120x60x6 cm digital print mounted on mdf is at least $100.

The auction raised $38.

This is what a reserve price is for.
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If nothing else good came of this, I at least was prompted to revisit Kutiman and see his latest mash - Blog Party and I very much liked it, so there's that.
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*hugs sgt.serenity, communicates with him and The Whelk independently*

Just a moment, I have an update I'm writing.
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Hey that was Mos Def in Kutiman's Blog Party, wasn't it.
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Hi. How are you? I have so much to be thankful for at this time of the year I still get choked up about it. It's fucking cold out there. I'm doing a lot better. Just a few days and a year ago on the day of my birthday I checked myself into the psych ward at a huge, scary, overloaded LA hospital in an attempt to engage the system and get better help w/ depression. While that was in retrospect ill-advised, it was a learning experience. Thankfully the health care in Washington is a lot better and it's working.

I'm starting to become employed. A mefite approached be a bit over a month ago and hired me to write some ad copy for his site and he's paying me well. It's part time and they're on a tight budget as a startup and all that, but we're both satisfied with the exchange. The timing of this was incredible because I had a gap in my state insurance and financial aid this month due to a paperwork snafu, so it basically covered my ass and covered this gap. (And I'm officially getting paid just to write for the first time, ever, instead of as an auxiliary of graphic design, marketing or tech work. Yeah, this project should be up on Mefi Projects eventually.)

So. Here's the chronology and information I have about the auction and raffle as I understand it. I'm piecing this together myself because other than being the target of the charity, I'm in the dark about whatever went on with it behind the scenes. If anyone has additional information or wants to tell me anything, I want to hear about it. I really don't want grar going on. Like anyone - the only really valuable thing I have in life is my rep, and it's spotty enough thanks to my own inherent suckiness and struggles.

Apparently the auction part went well and the proceeds were put into the fund gman managed which I'm still benefiting from. (Thank you very much, again!) If people bought something at the auction and they never received what they bid on, or there were others issues or are unsatisfied I want to hear about it, because I haven't heard it yet and I want to make sure this is all ok.

So. sgt.serenity is/was dealing with a lot of stuff on his own plate during the auction. He may have overextended himself in a desire to help, but was hoping the print would raise more than the production costs. As I've mentioned in a prior thread I know what it's like to sell art for less then the cost of producing it, and I wouldn't and don't want him to do that. It sucks. He withdrew from the auction and the person with the winning bid was refunded. I probably would have done the same in his shoes, having heard his side of things. Sure, there should have been better communication about auction reserves or something, but it seems like everything happened so fast that it was an afterthought.

The Whelk started a raffle where a lot of people sent art, handmade stuff and other MeFi related things, and this raffle was supposed to happen at a large IRL meetup in NYC that didn't happen due to a bunch of people getting sick at the same time. Another raffle attempt was scheduled, and The Whelk was called away to work on the west coast.

Apparently he has still a closet full of items staring him down and he's still trying to make it a raffle out of it, and he feels bad about it and wants to either follow through or return these objects that people donated, but is having issues contacting people. He sounds like he has a lot on his plate still, and these things happen.

He has plans to still try and run a raffle and/or auction for non-mefi stuff at a charity art ball.

At this point I really wish I could see what people donated. I love hand made stuff. ErikaB recently mailed me a hand-knit cap out of the blue, just in time for cold weather and I'm wearing the heck out of it and I love it. While I'm not yet financially independent, handmade things are worth more to me than additional money from the raffle. That might be short sighted of me but I'm really hoping I'll be more gainfully employed before my housing and funds run out, and I'm taking steps to make it happen.

So. With regards to the raffle, here's what I'm thinking.

People who sent things to The Whelk should memail either him or myself if they want them returned.

I'm asking him (and you, if you donated hand made items) if I can just have them. I'd love to see them. Artist/slackers like myself rarely get a chance to buy other people's art unless they've "made it" or there's bartering involved. My walls are bare and I like color, and it's cool stuff like this that's such a powerful reminder that life is awesome and worth living well.

And I suppose people without concerns or cares don't need to do anything. It sounds like there's still a raffle in the works. If not, perhaps the handmade things will end up in my home and care.

All that said? Again, thank you. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. It's really cold out there and it's very warm in here at my desk next to my oversized central radiator. I'm doing well and fed and progressing as best as I can. Besides basic creature comforts and housing, I'd likely be dead from complications or infections if it wasn't for the generosity that protected me, fed me and housed me so well after I got out of the hospital. This isn't something I'll ever forget.

To everyone - people who donated or not - I hope you and yours are well this holiday season. Stay warm, be well.

Lastly: I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If you're someone who donated funds or objects - please do feel free to memail me for personal thanks or just to chat. I still have no real idea who did what beyond a few folks. Eventually I want to be able to send people something in thanks or just say thank you personally.

Schmoopy? Schmoopy!

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Thanks for the update, loquacious. I've thought about you and wondered how you were going (although have been too slack to enquire further). It's great to hear that you seem to have your life heading in the right direction - I hope it keeps heading that way.

I think anyone who contributed to any part of this project has at least some awesomeness about them, even if their contribution didn't work out the way they hoped for whatever reason. Shit happens, best laid plans and all that.

Keep taking care of yourself, loquacious and keep letting us know that you are. Lots of people are cheering you on.
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Oh wow, you look so healthy compared to that day on your birthday a year ago, loquacious. That is awesome.
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Thanks, carson. It's kind of hard to tell from this end.

For the backstory, carsonb stored my stuff and dropped me off at the hospital that day in LA. It was likely not an easy thing to do.
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Anyway, uhm, /rerail. I need to go cook a spaghetti squash to bring to dinner tomorrow.
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It would have been nice if sgt had ever bothered to tell gman any of that. He just went silent. I was willing to pay more. I didn't meet my budget for any of the items. The important thing is the good accomplished.
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Well, if the Whelk still has what I sent for the raffle, as far as I am concerned he can send it to you. I'd be happy for you to have it.
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In the UK squash is something sweet that you put water in and it makes a nice drink!

It does not go well with spag.

I am sure whatever loq is making does.
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I appreciate what loquacious is trying to do here, and nomisxid is right - the important thing is that you all helped out a really great person who was having a really shit go of it a few months back.

The first comment in this thread which alluded to what happened was obscure enough that sgt. serenity could have made the choice to let sleeping dogs lie.

I explained what occurred in a previous MeTa, and it's not that he backed out which pisses me off, it's the way he lied, continued to lie, and then ignored me before finally sending a rude response two months after the auction had finished. For the record, I asked him if he was cool with using the same starting price and conditions as the other auctions, and I made sure to tell him there was no reserve price. Not that it's a big deal, but sgt. serenity actually cost me a small amount of money, not to mention, time wasted. There are eBay listing and final price fees, as well as losing on the exchange rate in and out (refund) with paypal. Again, oh well, but just be honest with me.
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Hey, does anyone have any ideas for cool, meme-related, metafilter-injokey products available for purchase? I like medieval stringed instruments and animals, if that helps.
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Hey, that other guy's "Lute Cat" looks more like a "Banjo Cat"
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Hey, that other guy's "Lute Cat" looks more like a "Banjo Cat"

(Marked as best answer)
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