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Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, I'm feeling Christmassy now that (American) Thanksgiving is in the books, and Hannukah is like ALMOST UPON US (so early this year!), so it's a holiday open thread!

The topic is wide open and we'd love to hear everything that's up with you, except for politics! And if you have ideas for future talktails, hit me up!
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time to send them cards

fuck 'em up

put foil address labels on 'em and everything

I can't wait much longer for holiday cheer, I need it now
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I've got a couple of nephew's who are getting old enough to remember whether or not their uncle gave them christmas presents. I'm gonna have to figure our what kind of crap tiny kids like in 2018 or so.
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I got some seriously adorable sloth-themed holiday cards today! This is gonna be the year I actually send cards to people, I know it.
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I've had a lovely weekend. My partner is out both days supporting a hackathon for refugees to pitch and get funding, and I've had the girls both days.

- My youngest got upgraded in her swimming class after like a month, which is amazing and the girls are in the same class now, and so ecstatic, they really are each other's best friends and I love it. They played so nicely together yesterday I took them to not one but two parks as a treat.

- Discovered a new takeaway burger joint, and had a lovely burger for dinner with both beetroot and pineapple. It was good, esp after a long run.

- We had a birthday party out in the sticks today. I was - I'm not gonna lie - I was super nervous about driving, I rarely drive on busy or fast roads, and am a nervous driver. And I did it, and it was fine, and not as scary as I thought (love you Sunday traffic!). The party was fun, though I have recently given myself a crew cut again and forgot to put sunscreen on my head and think I got a little burnt!
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So I ended up trying to save my tomato plant from the downpour And I think I'll just link to the blog post because it is the silliest thing I've ever done. Click for an umbrella tied to a tomato cage.
It's raining! Or it was raining and will be again on Tuesday! Good news for the camp fire, interesting news for a San Francisco gardener who was expecting a light sprinkle and not torrents. WHEEEEE!!!
I'm slightly concerned at how quick my Sorrel plant is growing, she's named Audrey 3 for a reason.
I have quite a bit of work to do this weekend, and I have Pac choi to put in the ground, though I planted herbs, a new savory plant, Dill, some new spinach plants, and some new pink swiss chard!
What was quite nice was the good boy at the garden center who is NOT fat, but fluffy.
I have some seeds I'd like to put in the ground, but I'm gonna have to wait till the downpours cease.
I also have classes again, and have to get together my quonsar gift for mailing. Busy weekend, and busy week ahead.
But man, in SF you really can grow things year round, so I'm looking forward to a nice mixed bed of Pac Choi, Scallions and Romaine lettuce (especially since established lettuce bed is a mess, turns out growing lettuce from plants in prettier but has risks, if the roots don't get established right they molder away WHEEEE learning experience)
Fingers crossed it all doesn't get washed away.
(I only have so many umbrellas)
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I love sorrell, apparently you shouldn't eat too much as the oxalic acid isn't great in large quantities, but that lemony zesty flavour is so good!
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That's the problem! I can only eat so much! and it's already doubled in size!
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I spent the day answering questions from my two adult kids about health insurance as they tried to get quotes from so I can kick them off my corporate insurance because it's going up $6000 next year, and if I kick them off to maybe I can insure my wife and I for the same price insured all 4 of us last year. Neither makes much money so it looks like it's going to work out, this year anyway. I'm sure the insurance system will find some new way to try to kill of my type 1 diabetic, cancer survivor wife.

Other than that, we've had a lovely visit with my mom visiting for the weekend.
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COD- ugh American health care is messed up

My list of holiday things to do includes:
- wrap and ship quonsar present, slightly concerned that I will fill out the customs form wrong
- collect cards and supplies in one place b/c mefi regular card club and holiday card info comes out tomorrow, ack
- figure out what to get a Lego+Pokemon obsessed 5 yo (hoping his parents will just tell me what he wants b/c the presents I want to give him, like books, are not what he wants to receive)
- pick some new cookie recipes to try out this year, maybe rollout cookies to use cute cookie cutters
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I Typhoid Mary'd my entire extended family at Thanksgiving dinner with a child who we thought ate too many donuts at a school party and threw up (as he does) but who actually had a nasty little stomach virus.

Pretty sure I'm getting a lot of coal for Christmas.
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I put up 3 (three!!) christmas trees on thanksgiving night! (OK, they're small - all 3 together probably don't equal 1 regular tree, but I love them.) Now at night, I don't turn on any regular lights, I just turn on my trees. It's so fucking festive, I can't stand it. I haven't had a tree with lights for er... 16 years? I'm looking forward to 24 more nights of this before I have to fly away.
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I'm working up my annual holiday dread at visiting my husband's family for Xmas. This time we're blessedly only going for 2 nights. It's an 8 hour drive each way. They're not that bad really - his sister is tough to take but she's not mean, just painfully dumb, opinionated, and way too talkative. She buys us a ton of crap we don't want or need; like bags of old candy marked down at TJ Maxx, holiday dreck from the Hallmark store that goes straight to the thrift shop when I get home, stuff like that. But she means well!

My husband is a quiet, very decent guy who really doesn't ask much of me, and indulges me in whatever crazy thing I want to do. So I do this for him, cheerfully, meaning I don't let him know how much I hate this trip, and I do my best, or at least I give a good 75% stab at making the holiday nice for everyone.

But OMG I hate it. Not the holiday per se, but the trip to see his family. I don't think he even enjoys it but feels he has to go. Sigh. When it's over and the car is pointed towards home I hear the angels sing.
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I don't love this time of year, what with the short days and the Jew-in-a-land-of-Christians holiday angst. However, we are getting a snow storm tomorrow, and I am prepared with snacks and warm clothes and my car stored in the garage. I have a ton of homework for my computer science class that looks kind of interesting, and I have all sorts of stuff to watch on Netflix. My mom gave me her entire stash of hideous novelty yarn, and I am excited to try to figure out something to knit with it that is not appalling. I had a good time visiting my family, but I am badly in need of some introvert time, and I'm really looking forward to my snow day.
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a child who we thought ate too many donuts at a school party and threw up (as he does) but who actually had a nasty little stomach virus

I just returned from a delayed family Thanksgiving and the preeminent cute interlude of the evening was when my wee relative was taking a bath before bedtime and her father had to say to her, “Don't drink the shampoo, honey! It will make you sick!” to which she responded “Shampoo doesn't make me sick, I make me sick!”
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My roommate just left the house for two weeks. I took off both this past Wednesday and Monday, and for the next two days I am going to be kicking off a two-week "clean the snot out of the apartment and then decorate for Christmas" orgy, making the apartment look as much like a little shack in the woods as I can get it. (I don't like the whole "Santa barfed in here" aesthetic.) Fortunately that's a technique that takes little spending - junk shops and funky things with random jars that I already have lying around the house will do.
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For as long as I can remember, my parents have gone to dinner on Thanksgiving Day with my mom’s extended family because they enjoy the company, and then had “second Thanksgiving” on Saturday because their own cooking is superior. My grandparents came to second Thanksgiving when they were alive, now there are occasional family friends or other stragglers.

So I’m back home for second Thanksgiving tonight, and my dad asks my mom “how long has this been going on?” And it turns out that my grandparents originated second Thanksgiving when they moved to the east coast in the mid 1960’s. Apparently it all started because my great-aunt and uncle, who hosted, preferred capon meat to turkey, and my grandmother thought this was a serious affront to Thanksgiving. Now my aunt’s hosted main Thanksgiving for years, but she still doesn’t make turkey, and my mom doesn’t love her cooking but is too nice to say so, and so second Thanksgiving continues. Over fifty years worth of passive aggression, now on its third generation. It’s a remarkable snapshot of how my mom’s family operates.
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(Also, guys, the mefimall is so big already! Go check it out!)
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It's an 8 hour drive each way.

Kangaroo: It could be worse, there could be John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together on repeat...
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I'm gonna have to figure our what kind of crap tiny kids like in 2018 or so.

Kids love Yellies!
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Driving back to Pennsylvania tomorrow after a really terrific trip to my sister's house in Western Mass with pretty much the whole family. My son brought his new girlfriend who charmed everyone and seemed to have be having a great time herself which made me very happy. He and his girlfriend and my niece and nephew are all such amazing and industrious young adults; I don't think that I had it that together when I was in my 20s.

The highlight of the weekend was seeing my brother-in-law and his musical partner play a full set of country standards on guitar and dobro at a local brewery. He is really an exceptional musician and singer which is pretty remarkable since he didn't start playing seriously until he was in his seventies.

We had a great turkey dinner and played our traditional game of group solitaire where you all have individual decks of cards and play normal klondike but all the ace piles are in the center of the table and anyone can play on them.

I'm not too thrilled about driving back to PA in the rain tomorrow but I'll download a bunch of podcasts for the ride.
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Have ordered a light up ice cream cone to act as a Xmas tree/Xmas lights substitute, as per my in-laws’ tradition! It costs a bit much with shipping, but who cares, because it’s a giant ice cream cone that will lead the way through the dark winter months. It arrives Dec. 1 unbeknownst to Mr. Sacchan.
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This weekend I'm having a me party 'cause my dude went to Wales to record an album with his band.

I took Friday off work, as well as Monday and Tuesday next week, and since he's been gone I've done nothing but work on my personal projects, eat food he doesn't like and watch TV he's indifferent about. I feel deeply meh about Christmas, so this is a serious contender for my new favourite holiday.
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We went to Ikea on a Saturday and survived to tell the tale! My credit card is probably not happy right now but we did get a lot of cash housewarming presents so it was only pressed into service as an intermediary. The vast haul is due to arrive at my house in a few hours and then we will be able to make a concentrated attack on box mountain, which primarily consists of books and other things that need shelves.

I did succumb to one of their glass domes and some bottle brush trees so I have started the first Christmas decoration in the house. Buying our first big tree next week (not live as I don’t love dead trees/pine needles in the carpet) so the decorating can start in earnest then. Plus, somewhere in box mountain is the decoration box.
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I helped my bestest friend, who lives in Northern Kentucky, put her icicle lights out.

Then I flew home to El Paso where I do not put up lights. The wind ruins everything.
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I am looking forward to the MeFi card exchange.

Trying to get my father to build a cat house with a widow's walk for the homeless cat living in the garden. I was going to buy one but he offered and I thought it would be a good project for him so I sent him some links to the sort of thing I wanted. He agreed, then texted me to say he'd seen a bread bin in a charity shop and would that do. He didn't have enough cash on him to buy it so put a deposit of £2 on it and plans to return to pay the extra £4. He says, even if it won't do for the cat, he wants it. He is living on a small catamaran ...
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(My father is living on a small catamaran - the cat is not.)
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OMG, what happened to the cat's catamaran? No wonder it's in need of a house!
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I don't usually do much for the holidays that looks like holidays. Sometimes I take the menorah off the shelf. This year I have 11 days off in a row (requiring only 1 vacation day, which is awesome) so I am hoping to spend a fair bit with friends.

Cat is super clingy because I was away for three nights (she had a human with her, not to worry). It is adorable and slightly ouchy.
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We need to get a catamaran catalog to find a catamaran for that cat, stat!
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We had a quiet Thanksgiving with a couple friends at home which was very nice. We only avoided traveling because I’m leaving on a business trip this afternoon and will be gone for two weeks. It throws a big wrench in the holiday season, unfortunately - we have to postpone our traditional Christmas party until after the new year and the house will look pretty bare until I get home.

I’m trying to convince myself that it’s finally ok to give the (pre-teen to teenage) cousins cash for Christmas, so that will cut down on some of the shopping stress. The younger nephews have so much stuff but I don’t think they’re at an age yet where they understand non-physical gifts - they got a membership to a train museum last year which they love going to, but I don’t think they realize it was a gift from us.
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PITA daughter has been fighting the upper respiratory buboes for the past 2 weeks and thoughtfully brought them home for the long weekend along with her laundry. So I spent most of yesterday afternoon on the couch and watched 4 whole episodes of TV in a row, which is some kind of record for me. Right now I am high bidder on this truly exceptional Victorian sideboard. It would frankly be worth a shit-ton of money at an urban retail antique shop; I'm hoping that setting a high bid of shit-ton/2 will be enough to outbid the dealers. Wish me luck!
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I celebrated Wolfenoot with a friend on Friday, and it was so nice I want to quit celebrating all other holidays!

I made a post roast, and they made an incredible full moon cake (filled with fruit and nuts). We each wrapped very small presents for each other and hid them around my house, and then watched Benji.
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Thanksgiving was great, despite misterussell having a fever and staying home. I went to my cousin's house and had a lovely time. I am still perplexed by my relatives who wear camouflage and safety orange while hanging around the house, which is in suburban NJ. Dudes, your parents bought you a car at 16, you live 20 minutes away from three malls. Leave the Realtree shirt home on Thankgiving, 'kay? Brought home a plate for misterussell, and he is much better today.

Friday Mom and I went shopping, because I'm a rare bird here who loves shopping on Black Friday. I don't go out at midnight or on Thanksgiving, so by the time I hit the shops at 8am, the doorbusters are still on and the crowds are friendly. I finished up the gifts for my nephews, bought gifts for various white elephants and my giving tree family and bought myself a copy of a sweater I likely wore in 1989 but is back in fashion.

I wanted to have a "cookies, cocktails and cocoa" party in December, but I have never thrown a holiday party before. I freaked myself out with "what if nobody comes? what if everybody comes and nobody talks to each other? where do I put the less-chill, very yappy, still somewhat-misbehaving dog?" and my window for sending invites has passed. Maybe next year.

Today I'm going to start freezing cookie dough for baking next month. *squee!*
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I totally bonked on a hike yesterday (entirely my own cockiness and lack of planning) so it completely f'ed up my Saturday. I'm feeling better today, just about to check in on all of my beehives, see if I can harvest anything for the holidays and then I'll get home to fold some laundry and donate things that dont "spark joy".

Husband and I don't really celebrate ourselves, but our chosen family has a giant gathering every year for 23 or 24 years. I've been assigned mac and cheese and Christmas cookies. I'm using Kitchenista's recipe for mac and cheese.

My birthday is also 2 days before Christmas, so we'll have friends over for Chinese food and cake on the 23rd, which will make me happier than anything. Love and peace to you all!
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Oh yeah, my big plans for yesterday that I f'ed up was planting my winter garden! Super envious, homo neanderthalis!
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Currently consuming mince pies and Christmas cake slices. Also gingerbread men, which my strange neighbour for some reason insists on calling "happy masturbators".
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I had the second-best idea I've ever had in my whole life this Christmas season: CUSTOM GIFT WRAP WITH MY FAMILY'S FACES ALL OVER IT! Old pictures, new pictures, three pictures of each person (where possible, except my stepmom who has six), my dead sister and my stepmom's dead mom too. Aren't my relatives adorable? I will use this giftwrap to wrap everybody's Christmas gifts, which include DNA test kits for all of my nieces, nephews, grand-nephews (?) and my own kids. Which is really a present for my stepmom, because she's into that. Who already got her presents, a new phone and DNA tests for herself, but I reserve the right to get her MORE stuff if I think of anything.

If you get over your amazement at my awesome idea, you may possibly think two things: (1) Jesus, pH, are you made of money? and/or (2) what's with the stepmom worship?

Well, the answer to both of those questions is kind of the same. I got out of a psych hospital two weeks ago, and immediately got on a plane to see my dad. I'm all fucked up, crazy as a coot, and I wanted to see the guy who has always been there for me in crises large and small, who gets me when no one does. But that guy is -- well, he's gone. My dad is dying, and he's raging against the dying of the light for sure, all he does is rage, pretty much. Couple times he screamed in my face over who the hell knows what, and I had to not cry, and I'm proud to say I did not cry. But this is a rare treat for me; my stepmom gets it every damn day. I cannot say I love her -- my mom's ghost would haunt me -- but I can say I adore her, and I want her to know it, and to make her life as happy as possible. Also my current kind of crazy loves to spend money. It's a high, it's like scratching an itch -- buying something, anything. For myself, for someone else, extravagant things, ordinary things. Several times a day I buy more stuff and it is fucking delightful. That can't last forever, I know, but I figure I will not be actively crazy forever -- the new drugs have to kick in sometime, and the therapy and whatnot -- so in the meantime, gold-plated toilets for everyone!

Maybe my friends and relatives will think, wow, what a lovely thing, what a thoughtful gift, and know I love them and be happy. So it's kind of a weird Christmas, with me over here compulsively, pathologically spreading joy.

PS -- If you send me pictures of your relatives I will be very happy to make giftwrap for you too in Photoshop which you can then take to Zazzle or the printshop of your choice, and that doesn't cost me money, so you don't have to feel like you're enabling me or anything. Merry Christmas!
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My daughter is coming home from Florida for a week & we’re going to see Steven Wilson at the Aztec theater in San Antonio on the 21st. I love road trips with her because we have such great conversations in the car.

That’s about the extent of my holiday plans, as I will have burned through my PTO at that point & Christmas is in the middle of the week.
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....And to offer a contrast to ph Indicating Socks above....

I just did my initial step in the Christmas Decor process: namely, "haul out everything you own that potentially could be pressed into service for your chosen aesthetic." And I ended up with a pile that is currently covering a six-foot-square patch of the living room floor: scraps of fabric, ribbon, candles, candle making supplies, candle holders, a couple toys, stacks of kids' holiday books, pretty jars, a couple throw blankets, three bags of pinecones, crafting supplies, cookie tins, a vintage souvenir tumbler from the Christmas Holiday Train my uncle managed when I was little, a small brass horn salvaged from one of my old kayak clubs' boathouses (it doesn't work, but it looks really pretty), and even a pack of simmering potpourri. I'm a little astonished I actually have all of this stuff, honestly, and I'm already realizing I"m going to have to put some of my regular stuff in the closet to make room.

I'm about to head out for some initial shopping - at a food market, a candy store, a junk store and a used bookstore. Thence to pick up some plain brown craft paper and cheap burlap, which I'm going to use for the wrapping this year. Add in a couple of packs of crafting jingle bells and some twine maybe.

I'm waiting for my phone to charge up a little before heading out on my errands, and then before putting it up I'm taking a week to clean the apartment good first, and then it is going to get ALL kinds of festive up in here, y'all. And on a budget!
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my dudes, I feel embarrassed about a lunch date I just had. I lost track of the correct bills in my wallet and I was searching for them for so long (probably not two whole minutes) that I'm afraid the guy thought I was using feminine wiles to get him to pay for me? which I was not? it happens because I never remember to clean up after this. death will be here at any moment

anyway, it helps to have written it out
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Thanksgiving was good. Went to a fellow mefite for dinner with my partner. I was glad they got to meet. Dinner was delicious. There was a moist turkey and fried chicken and cornbread and we brought Brussels sprouts. Had to leave early because I’m allergic to cat but we got a good few hours in.

For Christmas I’m in charge of thinking of gifts for my partner mother to give him. He’s acrually come up with a few so I think she’s satisfied.

My Christmas present this year is gigantic and also a great opportunity for my career (going to a conference to volunteer). I’m spending today putting together talk proposals for small conferences in Europe. I have three(!) that I’m excited about.

I’ll be knitting a shawl for partners mother, I think I’m going with one called Poseideia because blue is her favorite color and it looks fun to knit.

I still have a ton of veggies from the CSA so soup is big in my life for the next several weeks. Anybody in NYC wants a bowl or a quart of squash soup with chicken stock, memail me. Seriously.
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I’m starting Newport Countdown. Every year for the past five years, we spend the Christmas week in Newport, Oregon, a tourist town in the summer that’s empty in winter. Long family walks on giant, empty beaches, the dog chasing seagulls and getting delightfully messy. Not a goddamn in-law in sight. At night, there are barking sea lions, card games (Munchkin!) and my favorite beer.
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So, Dr Bored for Science and I did our usual Thanksgiving tradition - which is to go over to my aunt's house, who has hosted it for the local family for 20+ years. Larger than usual crowd this year - 20 all told, including all of the cousins and significant others. Even my grandparents made it (although their health, respectively, at 91 and 89, is starting to go; there was a covert but pretty concerted "get everyone together now effort this year, I think).

However, I've acquired Dr Bored for Science's atrocious cold, so I'm stuck in bed right now while she braves the hell that is our local mall for Interview Clothes.
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I set the venue for the First Day Hike 2019 and started gathering my tribe.
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I finished my Hanukkah shopping for Kid Ruki today. My goal today is to wrap the gifts that are already in the house. I love love love giving gifts, and I'm pretty excited about the ones I picked out. A pair of Doc Marten boots in grey suede. Her feet are three sizes bigger than me, so she wasn't interested in Docs when she could fit into mine. She knows about these, because I wouldn't dare get her Docs without her input. Now that we wear the same size in clothes, she is especially thrilled that I can't borrow these. Some fancy gold eyeshadow that I have and she likes. A DNA kit, which she has wanted for a long time, because while my sides of the family has maintained extensive genealogic records, the mister's sides haven't. She's going to be a bit disappointed when the ancestry report comes back with a high percentage of just Ashkenazi Jew, but she'll learn interesting(?) things about her earwax. A BTS jacket. Eyeshadow palette. Inexpensive wireless headphones because her cat keeps chewing through them but I'm also not sure if she'll lose them or not. A red lipstick. I accidentally got into the habit of gifting friends luxury brand red lipsticks that they lusted over but that were out of budget. I finally found the right shade of red lipstick for me this year, and even though I don't wear makeup often, I found it very empowering and these friends were already red lipstick wearers. My favorite gift, though, is an Atelier perfume Advent calendar, which I know is a weird Hanukkah gift. But Kid Ruki's birthday is NYE and Hanukkah starts on the second, so with the right timing and a belated Wolfenoot gift (a plush tabby that looks like the late Gatsby cat, proceeds of which went to a shelter) on the first, she can have a gift for every night of December. We call December "Give Kid Ruki all the presents Month" because between Hanukkah, her birthday, and Christmas with my extended family, well... So this year, as a token of appreciation for everything she's done to help me out during my illness, I thought I'd spoil her with riches while she's still technically a kid.
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The extent of the shopping I was going to do today proved to be too ambitious. I went to only two of the stores I was going to hit up, struck out at both of them, and then my energy flagged so I hailed a cab and came straight home where I'm going to rest up for an hour before heading back out to my last two errands. The rest can keep to later in the week; I need to pace myself.

However, the day wasn't a total loss - as I first set out, not two doors up the street from me I saw someone had put out a set of those pillar candleholders that look like they're logs. This fits in perfect with my style this year so I scooped them up.
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Where I'm at is getting a major snowstorm. It's started already, but is not supposed to get really bad until tonight - we have a blizzard warning starting at 6! They're predicting 8-12" +. I have enough food and booze, and stocked up at the library yesterday. The devices are all charging, candles and lighters are in easy to get to places. Today, I haven't changed out of my pajamas and probably won't until I have to go shovel. I just gave the dogs long-lasting chews to occupy them while I watch TV and crochet. I did all my chores earlier this weekend, so now is my time to do nothing.

I had Thanksgiving at my parents, with just them and my brother. It was nice. From listening to what they complained about, I was able to get a lot of their Christmas presents bought online on Friday. And, when they got to my house, I wrapped them right away which makes me feel like a superhero.
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For once in my life I'm ahead on my Christmas shopping. I might even get them in the mail before New Years!

I'm buying a USFS tree tag for my roommates and I, so soon we'll go tree-hunting, which is really a great excuse to wander through the woods.

My sweetie and I weren't able to spend Thanksgiving together, so we're prioritizing spending Christmas together. I'm picturing a very cozy holiday.
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My Christmas cards came in the mail today. The only thing I ever post on Facebook these days is pictures of the wild turkeys that wander the neighborhood. I call the posts my daily turkey updates. This year my Christmas cards are some fancy photo cards that I had printed with a pic of a turkey that I took a few weeks ago and it says: Peace, Love, and Turkeys. It’s my new favorite Christmas card ever.
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I have literally never exchanged more than a word with my next-door neighbor (although his wife is chatty and nice), but every time he snow-blows the sidewalk in front of his house, he also snow-blows the sidewalk in front of my house. Best neighbor ever, I think. I probably should make them Christmas cookies or something to thank them.
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I'm debating how much decorating to do this year. I don't think I'll do a tree, because I'm a touch cramped for space, but I have an absurd amount of decorations. I have my own, those from my childhood, and, after helping her clean out her condo this summer, many of my grandmother's. I could very easily make my apartment look like a dang christmas emporium.

In the spirit of the holiday, I've committed to learning as many carols as I can on piano. I own a book of simple arrangements that belonged to my grandmother when she was just a girl learning piano herself. The book is over 75 years old! I'm flying out to the assisted living facility she's in to spend Christmas with her, and I know she will get a huge kick out of me playing from the same book. She probably has completely forgotten I own it. I flew out to see how she was settling in last month, and I tell you, if you so much as touch three keys on a piano it summons half the residents. So, I'm happy to sit down after dinner and play for whoever wants to enjoy. Now -- to learning them all!
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I have tried to sort the father-living-on-a-boat and homeless-cat-in-garden thing by getting the cat to move into the boat (warmth for all and success on the Maslow hierarchy), but so far neither of them are up for it. My father is trying to train an apparently disabled seagull called Frank, and thinks that presence of homeless cat would make that less likely to work. I will tell him (my father, not Frank or the cat - there are too many males in this account) that the internet thinks homeless cat needs to join him on the catamaran.

I have also pointed out to my father that he has the perfect material for a heartwarming book about how a disabled seagull helped him through dementia (plus depression and the aftermath of lung cancer treatment). So far he seems reluctant to make a start on it.
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Arrived home after a 1400-mile round trip visit to my dad's family in the midwest. We celebrated Thanksgiving and my aunt's birthday in style. I love them all to pieces, but they are legion and being at home in the quiet and spending the evening making dinner while the dogs sleep by the fireplace is exactly what I need tonight.

I'm online shopping for a menorah because I'm half Jewish and have never celebrated Hanukkah before but this year the idea of lighting candles against the encroaching darkness appeals to me, and also latkes. We'll put a tree up next weekend or the weekend after, and spend Christmas Day with my partner's family. I'm skipping Christmas with my mother's family because the politics are too fraught and I'm still not out to my grandmother, and leaving my partner at home while pretending she doesn't exist is increasingly ludicrous.

I am looking forward to holiday baking/cooking/candy making, including Parker House pretzel rolls, cranberry vanilla coffee cake, peppermint bark, spiced nuts, the aforementioned latkes, and all sorts of hearty soups and stews.
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greermahoney, your 3 trees sound delightful! I love tree lights.

Minnesota Public Radio's classical station has a holiday stream that is soothing and lovely. Especially handy if you want to have holiday music playing but not feel like you're battling it out in retail land.

I have a sequin skirt that I used to wear every year to my company's holiday Christmas party. Now I will need to find a proper occasion to bring it out since I left my job.
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I had the second-best idea I've ever had in my whole life this Christmas season: CUSTOM GIFT WRAP WITH MY FAMILY'S FACES ALL OVER IT!

In 2004 my dear, now departed, uncle printed out a truly unflattering photo of my mom and affixed it to her gift in lieu of a label. God I miss him.

So I got a bunch of my coworkers novelty socks for Christmas; I have decided this is going to be my new Christmas tradition -- elsie gives funny socks filled with candy for Christmas. This weekend I wrote 50 Christmas cards, filled a bunch of socks with candy (and toe warmers for the folks that have to walk the yards), filled a bunch of treat bags with candy for those people I don't know well enough to give socks, and attached the socks and treat bags to the cards with Christmas washi tape.

And now I have 8 beaded bracelets to make for my lady coworkers who I like more than socks. I really need to get started on those ASAP.

I also researched a coworker's family tree in secret and pulled photos from her FB (thankfully she's photo happy), so I can give her a poster of her and her husband's combined family tree, complete with photos of her family. Sometimes I feel like this is kind of creepy, but we've talked about genealogy and our respective Norwegian great-grandparents enough before (and she's super into her family) that she'll take the gift in the spirit its given. I hope.

And finally, I pulled the Christmas box out of storage and hung my tree-shaped lighted Christmas "wreath" on the front door. I also made two dozen firelighters because I ran out and I couldn't find any fatwood at the store today. Oh and I have been collecting all of Fergus' belongings because he's going to live with my stepsister starting this weekend. That's Hannibal's Christmas present - being an only child.
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For an atheist, I really like me some Christmas music. Classical, old-timey, rock'n'roll, choral, a cappella, instrumental, jazzy, contemporary, traditional, whatever - MOAR CHRISTMAS MUSIC. It's what I most look forward to re: this time of year.

That and egg nog.


(Gets out the nutmeg and the bluetooth speaker)
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Cool Papa Bell, my folks live just south of Newport and I just returned from annual thanksgiving trip there. Pretty darn rainy but we did get one beach walk in.

I usually do Christmas up big-my favorite holiday, and I love to put up a big real tree and bake and decorate. But this year we are in the midst of a major remodel and I anticipate no kitchen and only living in a few rooms of our house by Christmas. Excited for the new kitchen and all but a little sad as I’m not sure how to decorate or if I should do anything at all. Kids and I would be so sad though...
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I really liked how my xmas tree looked last year so when it was finally time to take it down, I actually only picked it up and walked it upstairs. It's a small, 4ft thing. So, I'll walk that downstairs tomorrow or Tuesday.

I was gifted a Stitcher premium account on Friday so I've mostly been listening to non-stop, ad-free podcasts the past couple of days. (I asked for a year for xmas and then noticed there was black friday deal for 50% off so my brother just went ahead and gave it to me as a bonus gift. Think I probably already got $17.50 worth.)

Decided I'm taking December and January off from doing shows with my improv troupe. I love the troupe members but I need a show break.
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I’ve had approval to work from home in the UK for the second half of December, and have got the beginning of January off for vacation, I am so looking forward to going home, and will squeeze in a London mefi meetup too!
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I started my Christmas season last night by watching this Andy Williams Christmas special from 1966.

[warning -- it's really not very good, unless you grew up then and are nostalgic for this kind of stuff]
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Oh, forgot to mention this and it's kinda sweet -

In early October I dropped my camera in a lake (during the first 20 minutes of a 3-day photo class/workshop) and it's dead. However, one of the other students loaned me his (much more complicated) camera, and we all learned that apparently I'm a decent photographer who was just being held back with a simpler camera.

Now, when I called my parents to kvetch about the dead camera, I hadn't even finished my sentence before Dad was saying "okay, Christmas is coming, we'll help you out with that." But when I talked to a photographer friend for recommendations for the next step in cameras for me, they were....pricey. So I was gearing up to have a talk with my parents about "listen, I know you are thinking you'll give me a new camera, but I may need to make this a collaborative effort this time."

But then - a couple weeks ago Dad happened to see that one of the Big-Box stores near them had a Black Friday deal on a particular DSLR for only about $350 - and it was a DSLR that my friend had recommended. When I confirmed this, suddenly my parents both got strangely excited because they'd never done any Black Friday shopping before, and thought that this would be an exciting adventure for them.

I saw them on Saturday, and they had the camera for me, all wrapped up already, as an early gift - they wanted to give it to me early so I could get used to using it in time for Christmas. But I was doubly pleased by them excitedly telling me about what it was like to go get it, telling me about the crowd at the store, the crowd management tricks the clerks were using, how they prepared for their mission....they were like a couple of anthropologists reporting on a research study.
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It was the first online auction purchase of my entire life! Hopefully a real product is coming and not a bucket of bolts. My in-laws poked holes in theirs so it can hang Xmas ornaments, but not sure I want to start out so invasive. Might need to ask mefi for decorating advice!
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I hosted a Wolfenoot party on Friday for a bunch of friends, and it was a lot of fun. I cooked roast beef and a chocolate guinness cake with white icing to represent the moon, and had a bunch of dollar store dog-themed toys and candies (yay for pound patrol) that guests got to pick randomly from a bag, in lieu of hiding them around the apartment. Also ordered a new phone for myself (Pixel 3XL) as a 'cyber monday' treat.
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Kids love Yellies!

I was wondering what to get for my nephews, but now that's sorted. My sister will forever curse your name, bendy, but we have a bit of a family tradition of Uncles/Aunts giving horrible noisemaking gifts. My Uncle got me a drumset once, to give you some idea of what we are talking about.
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In other cat news, my elderly cat, who had his teeth cleaned under general anaesthetic on Friday, has finally come out from under my bed where he has been ever since. He's already eating more than he was before the teeth cleaning so I'm hopeful he will put on some weight. Where he had his leg shaved for the IV, it looks so thin.
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Grumpsgiving was a complete success! Minimal drama, only one dropped pie (by yours truly) which was quickly consumed and converted to a new tradition, both babies had a blast and every kitchen appliance worked flawlessly save for the convection option on the microwave. The 22-lb turkey cooked to perfection in just 3 hours (!!) thanks to it being both fresh and placed in an oven bag. Most importantly, grumpybearbride enjoyed herself.

Up next: our holiday social! Stay tuned.
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I'm so tired of holidays. Religious ones, secular ones, newfangled made-up ones, it doesn't matter. I'm just done. All they do is roll around the same time every year and disrupt my routine. I quit observing my birthday a couple of years ago, and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. I'm an adult now; I don't have to do things I don't want to do just because the calendar says it's time to do them. No parties, no feasts, no lights, no decorations, no family, no guests, no presents. Just peace, and predictability, and every day the same as the one before and the one to come. That's all I ask for.
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I seriously propose that we move US Thanksgiving to coincide with Canadian Thanksgiving. I realize that it is a harvest holiday and that November may be more agriculturally accurate, but it's a pain in the ass to have two major holidays so close together. October just makes more sense.
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I have wrapped my Quonsar gift and will mail it tomorrow! All the way to Spain.

Thanksgiving at my dad's went well, despite (or due to?) the hard 4-day limit I have on visits and his questionable methods of making stuffing. I used my words!

He and his wife had a great visit with our kid, warm feelings on both sides, and I felt like a good person for allowing/facilitating this closeness.

I had a minor revelation about the 4-day limit, that he needs it as much as I do. We were in his space, and he and his wife have such strong routines, and there we were fucking it all up, asking him not to empty the dishwasher during naptime and sitting all over his couch. At least I know better than to try to do the NYT crossword (he photocopies it so his wife can do it on her own time).

It's good to be home. The Hanukah box from my mom arrived today, it's surprisingly heavy, and the toaster I got my partner also showed up (he loathes the toaster oven and I have decided I can relinquish it). We are not traveling again for a whole month almost. My kid is an excellent road-tripper, I am so grateful.

Sending love to all. My Quonsar wish is for everyone to make it to 2019 unscathed, or at least no further scathed than 2018 has already rendered us.
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It’s not Thanksgiving in my part of the world, but my parents came for a visit, arriving Friday and flying back tomorrow morning. My son has loved spending so much time with his grandparents, and it’s also good for his bilinguality that he’s surrounded by Icelandic for a few days. They’ve gone to a museum, out to playgrounds, and just generally done fun things together. It’s been fun for me and my wife too, though unfortunately we’ve had to work slightly more than we like to when we have visitors.

Speaking of work… since I was a bit behind I decided for the first time ever to rent a workspace for a couple of months . So far it seems to be working very well and I’m on track to catch up by the end of the year. One thing that I’ve been doing is listening to lots of music while writing and I decided to get my holiday music playlist ready early. I like holiday music, but I find it also a bit overwhelming, so I try to make a mix that doesn’t grate on me. You can listen to it on Spotify should you want to, it’s called Under the Influence That Night, It Was Christmas Eve. I’ve also listened to the holiday mix I made a couple of years ago, feel free to listen to it also, it’s called Half-Remembered Christmas Trees. They’re both relatively short, at sixteen songs each.

Also, I ran around and bought presents for my parents and sister so that my parents can just take them home with them to Iceland. Mostly it went smoothly, but I kept thinking of brilliant gifts for my father, but was continually undone by said gifts not existing as purchaseable objects. But this morning when buying scarf for my mom (whose birthday is in December, for extra gift-finding) I saw a really nice tie for my father. Both items were reasonably priced, but when I was paying the salesperson informed me that if I bought the scarf online it would be 60% off because it’s Cyber Monday. I asked if I could buy it and pick it up today at the store because the giftee was leaving on a plane the next day. No, said the salesperson, that is not possible. My mood wasn’t affected because I was rather proud of myself for having managed to have this whole conversation in Finnish.
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Four days off was a nice mental re-set. It was a smaller gathering than hoped, but that was also nice and relaxing. And my wife's sisters and their husbands all agreed (some under duress) to a name swap gift exchange, with a low price limit and the requirement that it's something between silly and useful, and not off of existing wishlists. Names were picked, and my wife and I were super on top of it, so we ordered right then and there. My gift already arrived, despite the note that it could be a 15 day delay, and the recipient assumed it was from someone else because of how prompt it was (this is not my strongest suit). We also took a little family photo and ordered holiday cards!

We also finished decorating the house and the tree this weekend. Up next: figuring out what exactly we're doing for our kiddos, and a couple December birthdays.


I'm slowly sipping my way through a second bottle of Egg Nog, thanks in part to Egg Nog season starting around here just before Halloween, complete with a Jack-o-lantern on the bottle!
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Both items were reasonably priced, but when I was paying the salesperson informed me that if I bought the scarf online it would be 60% off because it’s Cyber Monday.

Keep the receipt for the one you buy in-store, buy one online, return it in-store with the in-store receipt.
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We went to Ikea on a Saturday and survived to tell the tale!

We went to Ikea on a Sunday and also survived, though i did make some jokes about it on social media. I've been to Ikea twice in my life now.

Holidays were nice and mostly relaxing. And this was just the beginning. Now we have Jimsmas (bondcliff and not_on_display have the same birthday, we get together every year) and then Hannukah and then neighbor Solstice bonfire and then Xmas Eve Chinese followed by Xmas Movie Day and then I'm not sure what is happening over New Year's because my friends who always have the party have sold their house. So who knows!? In there I go to DC for a thing which will be the first time I've been on a plane since I got back from my ten hour flight from Hawai'i. Which was enough flying, to be honest, maybe forever. Trying to see if I can "pivot" (is that the word the kids use?) to being my fabulous librarian self and travel less. I think I can.

Anyhow, I just got back from a four hour drive back from Thanksgiving stuff and I went to a new amazing diner and visited a new Carnegie library and it all worked out okay so now I can declare it a success (which i didn't want to do until I was home in case that would jinx it). Getting my man a mezuzah for his birthday and amused at shopping for discount mezuzahs (and scrolls, sold separately!) on Cyber Monday.
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This year will be the first time ever that my boys' Dad is celebrating Christmas on Christmas day, which means that I'll only have them until just before lunchtime and that means my day will be radically different for the first time in 17 years. I've got a shift at work on that day too, which is ... unpleasant. But double time and half, you know, not to be sniffed at. Oh, everything's changing. Next year is going to be a time of great upheaval, I see it all coming.

I'm thinking of preparing radically different food this year, and my Mum agrees with me. Change it up a bit. The roaring 20's are approaching rapidly - I think we're in the headwind now. It feels like it. Rough winds and all that.

Anyway, it's almost time to sniff some tinsel and I'm always up for that.
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I'm weird this way, but: I love winter. Love. My friends sometimes call me the Winter Witch. So I'm really looking forward to the cold weather, the snow (well, ok, in NYC we don't have snow, as such -- more like giant stupid puddles that were snow for about an hour after it landed on the ground, but anyway), all that good stuff. I love the holiday season and am always sad to see everyone take down all the holiday lights, but what the hell, I wouldn't love it as much if they were up all year.

And since jessamyn mentioned mezuzahs, I'll also say: the strangest wedding gift I got was when my first husband and I got the ugliest mezuzah in the world. Truly. First of all, it was about six inches wide and eight inches tall, and would possibly have fit comfortably on your door frame if you happened to live in a castle, or perhaps a prison cell, but it certainly wouldn't have fit on any normal door. Also, it was apparently made as a sick joke by a white supremacist, because it had people on it -- which is really, really bizarre in itself for a mezuzah -- and they looked like anti-Semitic caricatures. The man had, I kid you not, a hook nose and kinky hair, and the woman was sort of plump and also had a hook nose. It was the most fucking bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life. Alas, I don't know what happened to it. My ex probably took it and, in some twisted parody of the wedding rite of stomping on a glass, crushed it into powder with his heel. At least that's what I'd like to think.
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Good news from work on the health insurance front - the pricing documents from BC/BS were a disaster and I was misinterpreting them - so our costs aren't actually going up - they came down a little bit. I've decided to stick with letting the kids do their own thing on through as it with subsidies they can both get covered on their own and since I'm not claiming either as a dependant I'm under no legal obligation to insure them.
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I've just learned about Chag Ha'Banot, which is a North African Jewish holiday during Chanukah and, among other things, "a time for women old and young to come together and hold a joint celebration -- usually a feast marked by cheese dishes because legend has it that Judith fed Holofernes salty cheese that made him thirsty enough to consume huge quanities of wine, fall asleep and get beheaded." If there was ever a time when I'd like to come together with women to celebrate the time a terrible person was beheaded by eating large amounts of cheese, it is right now.
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You guys. I finally remembered to sign up for an adopt-a-family program in time this year, so I got three extra little girls to buy presents for! So fun. I got toys and games as they requested.* And then I was like, well, kids always need more books, so I added books. And then some super cute clothes, including matching shirts for all three. So maybe I went a lot overboard, and now I have to wrap all these things before the dropoff day. But I got sloth wrapping paper!

*Note: if you let your 3yo request a Baby Alive, you're totally getting one of the ridiculous ones that sings and "pees". You should have known this was coming.

Meanwhile, on the home front, my darling cat is totally ignoring the lovely new cat tower I bought her. She doesn't love change, but I think she'll come around if I give it time. She is irritated that things keep moving, as I am attempting to slowly konmari my apartment and make the guest room presentable, in anticipation of my sisters hopefully coming to visit in January.
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You guys, I have just experienced a Thanksgiving miracle! I left my iPad on a plane on November 18th. Today I got a call that the airline had found it. They will put it in the mail tomorrow, and I should get it early next week. I actually kind of had a feeling that I was going to get it back, and everyone told me I was crazy and that it was someone else's iPad now. But it's not! Some ethical person returned it! Yay!

I have no idea why it took almost two weeks for them to contact me, but I imagine that there's a giant pile of lost iPads in a warehouse somewhere, and they have to go through and match serial numbers to lost item reports.
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I keep reminding my students to put their contact info in their textbooks so that if they lose one, a nice person can return it to them. I now have an extra copy of our ($100) textbook that nobody claimed.
posted by ktkt at 10:45 PM on November 30, 2018

ArbitraryAndCapricious - that is amazing. I've literally never heard of that happening not even once. Wow!
posted by smoke at 11:57 PM on November 30, 2018

I actually learned some valuable lessons from my iPod-recovery Thanksgiving miracle, such as that airline lost-and-found services are outsourced to a massive, impersonal third-party lost-and-found company, but the lost baggage office in the airport is staffed by actual people who actually pick up the phone when you call. If I ever left something on a plane again, I would fill out the report with the third-party lost-and-found company, but I would also call the lost baggage office right away. Because they actually put me on hold, unlocked their safe, and said "ok, I have your iPad right here and am going to package it up and put it in the mail right now." Which, again, Thanksgiving miracle, because how often do you talk to a live person at an airline who has the power to do anything? I'm honestly having trouble wrapping my head around the whole thing: I had multiple conversations with live people at an airline, none of which felt like a giant waste of my time, and each of which got me closer to resolving my problem. This is not the way that the modern world is supposed to work!

I think I'm going to send a thank-you note to the lost-and-found office.
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I had since friends over last night and we had feta cheese and wine with our latkes and considered who we works like to behead and it was perfect.
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ChuraChura - I am totally having friends over for wine/non-alcoholic drinkies and cheese on Saturday for Chag HaBanot so we can talk about beheading folks! Yay!
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(who at work we would like to behead, that should say. Also some friends. Ack!)
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