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The Covid Card Swap (previously discussed here)is a go! If you want to send cards/postcards/notes of encouragement and connection to other Mefites, follow the simple instructions inside.

Memail me with : your address (including what you want the card to be addressed to); email address, and international or domestic sending preference. If you don't use memail, please email me at meficardclub@gmail.com

The deadline is NEXT FRIDAY, April 3. I will send out the assignments on Saturday, April 4.

I'm going to aim to put people in groups of 6-8, depending on the number of sign-ups.

I posted a comment to this effect in the last post, and already have ~15 people signed up, so that's exciting!
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h/t to phunniemee for the post title
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and, thanks to exceptinsects for the idea in the first place! I meant to put that in the post, dangit.
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h/t to phunniemee for the post title

i will see you both in the hague for this crime
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yeah guess what infernal jingle is now in my head.
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collective punishment violates the geneva conventions!
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Would it help if I sung the Blue's Clues "we just got a letter" song? Or the mailtime song? Both topical, hellacious earworms!

(Why, yes, I did work as a camp counselor who distributed mail to children in the late 90s - early 00s, however did you know?)

Anyway, yay mail!
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Mail time songs are better than that infernal jingle. Also, new Blues Clues isn’t so bad.
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Yay! I'm looking forward to this.
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I've signed up!
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Looking forward to hopefully sending some fabulous sparkly cards to UK mefites :D
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A belated yay, but still, yay!
Thanks, Sparky Buttons!
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I'm in, too
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I'm in, time to dig into that storage box labelled "cards, postcards, fancy paper" !!
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Yes, please!
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Yay! I signed up.
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Hmmm... do I have enough stamps on hand to do this?

Oh. Of course USPS will mail me stamps. Duh.

They have T-REX stamps now?!?!? I'M SO IN!!

(my cards may be a few days late, since the stamps won't arrive for a week or two)
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This is awesome - I'm in.
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Hooray! Thank you, Sparky Buttons! :)
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Sign-up deadline is today! Keep your eyes peeled for your groups in your email box tomorrow afternoon/evening ! Get your pens and stationary ready !
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OK! We ended up with 84 participants, from 7 different countries!

I am sending out the assignments now. If you gave me your email, you'll get them in your email, coming from meficardclub@gmail.com. IF you did not give me your email, your assignments will be in your memail.

If you think you signed up and don't get an email/memail from me in the next 20ish minutes, let me know. I'm pretty sure I got everyone, but mistakes happen.
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Just sent out some cards!!!! Yay!!!!

If you’re in my group I will apologize now: in the interest of not licking envelopes during a pandemic, I used a sponge to seal my cards and there is apparently some trick to it that I don’t know because boy did everything get wet. Sorry for the wrinkles. :-)
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I've just been sealing my letters with stickers.
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Hello to my group -

I can't leave the house until Wednesday night, not even to walk my cards to a mail box, but Wednesday night I shall celebrate the end of my Exile To The White Wall by marching to drop your cards into the post box up the block.

(I'm one of the "someone at work tested positive and they sent everyone else home for 2 weeks to self-quarantine for an abundance of caution" people, but that was 11 days ago and I've been symptom-free but have been complying nevertheless.)
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I’m waiting for stamps to be delivered as most post offices are closed, and there is a reduced postal service.
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I've just posted my cards off, so my UK swap-pals should get theirs in a few days, and I think for my Euro people it'll be 1-2 weeks. Watch out for a little butterfly-themed envelope! :D
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sent. yesterday i guess. had a little trouble reliably affixing address labels. 'twas a nice walk to the local mailbox with birds singing, a woodpecker, many daffodils and tulips. did not see another soul.
thanks for the management Sparky Buttons!
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Cards are in the mail! Also needed to hit the post office to check the MeFi PO box, so, two things accomplished, bandana'd up like a reverse bandit. Even pulled out my bike for the first time since...possibly before last year. I haven't used some of those bike muscles much in a while turns out.
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My cards are in the mail as well - I have a few left over (and stamps!) so if you're feeling in need, feel free to drop me a line to hit me up. Needing to go to the post office is a great excuse to fight the couch and get some mild exercise in.
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received one today! gonna wait til i'm done working and savor it.
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Stamps arrived and cards sent out! I had no stickers or stamps so just normal cards from me. A parcel took 10 days from Paris to the suburbs last month so who knows for international delivery.
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My cards went in the mail drop today!
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Got 2 today! Yay MeFi!!!
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Waiting on my stamps to come in the mail then can't wait to post them!
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Mailed mine out this morning! I wanted to include little cheerful cartoons, but discovered that my printer is a POS.
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Just mailed mine!
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I mailed my cards off in two batches, and the second batch went out yesterday. I've already gotten two, and I'm excited for the rest to come in whenever they do (it's more fun when they trickle in, honestly - it extends the happy-mail period of cheer).
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SO I sent out mine and I'm getting some in and it's great- BUT I'm getting cards with no return address, name OR username. Which is a tad creepy. Like the message of support is great! But it's from no one? This sometimes happens in the main card club but can we have a rule that you can't just not identify yourself? I 100% understand not wanting a name or address down- but to also not give a username gives me GREAT PAUSE.

Just a thing.
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I have received two cards! Both totally brightened up my day and brought a smile to my face in a difficult time - thank you!!!
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Two of my cards came, and really has improved my day!
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I forgot to check this thread after the assignments came out, and it's so great to see people writing about sending and receiving cards!

I have gotten one, and it was wonderful and sparked me to (some) action - I've written 2 and plan to finish the rest and get them in the mail today. I'm sealing envelopes with washi tape and writing #coronacardclub on the envelopes although it should be "swap" and not "club", but I forgot and am used to #meficardclub going on my mefi snail mail. Oops. We are a club now!

Thanks for organizing this, Sparky Buttons!

Thanks to everyone participating and sharing their progress/experience!

Yay happy mail!
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❄❅❆ I walked mine to the mailbox last Sunday during a snow storm, probably our last of the season. So everyone is getting a few Grade-A melted Minnesota snowflakes with their cards! ❄❅❆
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I sent mine in stages -- sorry for the delay, some of you! But I have three lovely, very affirming cards perched in my front window, so people walking by can enjoy them too. Thank you so so much for organizing this!
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Two more came, I love this community so much!
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