166: The Metafilter Monthly-ish Podcast September 11, 2020 1:40 PM   Subscribe

After an August break, jessamyn and I are back to talk about Metafilter, bad weather, libraries, Metafilter, blaseball, and Metafilter.

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- element 166 is pretty UHH
- and adorable but not-for-everyone hairless, eyeless kitty
- mathowie still misses Google Reader
- a useful introduction to Blaseball
- a somewhat less useful one
- welcome to Zook, Kansas

- Blog migration by brainwane
- Game UI/Generalist Programmer, Character Modeler, and VFX Artist by DoctorFedora
- Android OAuth2 mentor to help improve some token refresh code by johngoren
- Help me with WIX? by cyndigo

- Random Animal Crossing Island Dream Codes by disaster77
- 25 examples of Hackney & Islington’s BLM street art by Paul Slade
- What caused institutions to take Y2K seriously? by brainwane
- "Cruiser" is a strong word for what it is now. But just you wait ... by donpardo
- Mixolumia by davejh
- linocut print: A Powerful Culture by cortex
- ReLarn: A classic Roguelike, updated by suetanvil
- A Book Of Beasts by dng

- Emma Peel, Bond girl, Mrs. Danvers, Lady Olenna Tyrell, etc. by theora55
- "Tagaq's concerts serve as acts of resistance" by jessamyn
- "she bought low, sold high, and kept her calm through every panic." by jessamyn
- The problem is that this person cannot speak Scots. by Think_Long
- Need a safety sign? by GuyZero
- Never, ever, anger a librarian by Wordshore
- Crying in blaseball is [censored] by taquito sunrise
- How To Cook Steak by philip-random
- An Awkward, Anomalous Step, Usually Skipped by adrianhon

Ask MetaFilter
- What would happen if you bought a ghost town? by ficbot
- hacking cabin construction by history is a weapon
- COVID trend? by snerson
- a comment by fancypants
- Swallowing Pills For Adults by Anonymous
- What lounge chair is this? by lalunamel
- Is it possible to stay socially distant at the Grand Canyon by nancynickerson
- Are board game rules copyrightable? by escape from the potato planet
- When I say lyrical sci-fi, you say... by Beardman

- Metafilter Fundraising Month! by restless_nomad
- Help cortex cut his hair, fundraising edition. by cortex
- Dream Week by travelingthyme
- MeFi Posts: $20 SAIT by jessamyn

- Special Event: Blaseball Season 6 by cortex

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Featured in this episode:
- Sweet Nell by hades
- Heroes On My Sleeve by allaboutgeorge
- Better Watch Your Step (It's The Charleston Shoe Thieves) by cortex
- Song 1 by Kye
- For Now, For Now by moonmilk
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Whoa whoa whoa on kitty Jazzypurrs. Can't decide how I feel about that!
posted by Glinn at 3:36 PM on September 11, 2020

Better Watch Your Step slaps
posted by Kye at 5:03 PM on September 11, 2020

Does the poor air quality make cortex sound like Pee Wee Herman when he laughs?
posted by Hey, Zeus! at 1:27 PM on September 12, 2020

Thanks so much for the shout-out!
posted by adrianhon at 2:26 PM on September 12, 2020 [1 favorite]

Thanks for being inspirational!
posted by jessamyn (retired) at 2:31 PM on September 12, 2020 [1 favorite]

Thanks for mentioning my BLM street art post.

There's always been lots of graffiti and samizdat fly-posting in my part of London, which in the past few months has coalesced into four very distinct categories: Covid-19, Thank You NHS, Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion. It was the opportunity to group each category together as a series of themed collages which got me started on the project.

So far, I've done BLM and Covid-19. I might do NHS and Extinction Rebellion collages as well at some point, but these offer less variety so I'm not sure they'd work as well. I've seen a lot of angry stuff around attacking Boris Johnson too, so that's another possibility.
posted by Paul Slade at 12:17 AM on September 13, 2020 [2 favorites]

Thanks for including the angry librarian post.
posted by Wordshore at 6:25 AM on September 13, 2020 [1 favorite]

Fun podcast, as always.

When I was a kid, I found a book in the free bin of a bookstore from the '70s that was all about hand-made, cheap, novel houses. I think it had "Xanadu" in the title. They were especially big on spraying shotcrete on weather balloons. It was absolutely captivating. I'm very happing living in the densest multi-unit housing in the densest parts of big cities, and I wouldn't change that. But, when I retire, I'm still planning to to build a one room dacha out of novel materials in the middle of nowhere for occasional vacations.

Thanks for the blaseball explanation. I didn't realize it was something other than another sports image meme that I didn't understand.
posted by eotvos at 9:28 AM on September 13, 2020

When I was a kid, I found a book in the free bin of a bookstore from the '70s that was all about hand-made, cheap, novel houses. I think it had "Xanadu" in the title. They were especially big on spraying shotcrete on weather balloons. It was absolutely captivating.

Likely something to do with the Xanadu Houses, although those were sprayed polyurethane foam.
posted by zamboni at 11:51 AM on September 13, 2020

Thanks, zamboni. I'm certain you are correct. (It's been a long time.)
posted by eotvos at 11:56 AM on September 13, 2020 [1 favorite]

On reading, I remain delighted, if more skeptical of the details then when I was 12. The computer/automation bit was either missing, or I'd forgotten it. Perhaps it was an attempt at a low budget, low tech spin-off movement.
A Xanadu House was ergonomically designed, with future occupants in mind. It used curved walls, painted concrete floors rather than carpets, a light color scheme featuring cool colors throughout, and an open-floor plan linking rooms together without the use of doors.
I'm not sure these sentences belong together, wikipedia.
posted by eotvos at 12:05 PM on September 13, 2020 [1 favorite]

eotvos & zamboni, bless you both! I've been searching for this on-and-off for ages! I first encountered these houses in the pages of National Geographic World magazine in the late '70s, and I still think about them to this day.
posted by surferelf at 7:54 AM on September 16, 2020 [2 favorites]

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