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PSA: The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is a fantastic resource for finding preserved copies of broken links from long-lost websites. But did you know you can now have it archive pages on demand -- including copies of all the pages that page links to?

This has been a boon for me, as a lot of my posts are evergreen collections of resources from around the web and those dozens (or hundreds) of links are easily susceptible to linkrot over time. Now I can plug a finished post into the Wayback Machine and have snapshots of everything saved in one click! I encourage everybody to do the same with posts they write or enjoy and help prevent dead links from spoiling their usefulness.
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PS: My attempt to do a post-per-day in February for #DoublesJubilee stalled out at the tail end due to surprise jury duty (and accidentally becoming a PR liaison for the Ukrainian government), but I did still have some old-n-busted posts I wanted to update and save -- hopefully it's not uncouth to do some more outside of February proper!
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Oh I wish I'd known about this before Goodreads lost nine years of my book reviews. The Wayback machine had a little of it but frustratingly little and hard to find. Ironically the one review I was able to recover in full from it was because I'd linked it on Metafilter.
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That's cool. I wonder, can it be automated?
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I found this the other day (then remembered I'd seen someone mention it here recently) when looking for a non-paywalled copy of an article linked here. It's not exactly instant (demand-driven delay, I guess), but is a wonderful resource :-)
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Very cool!
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I wonder if a site like MetaFilter could submit a site automatically? Or even if the two could be linked somehow?
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Svenni, that sounds like a great idea in the making and I bet Jason Scott would be up for a collaboration. I know him as a cool dude, and he loves the old school web.
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I love the Internet Archive dearly!

Nelson: huh, I'd seen your post, but you have comments off on your blog. I think someone crawled all the public reviews around 2020? I'll see if I can find that again.

Somewhere on my todo list is making a Wayback Machine just for links from MetaFilter.
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Step one: auto archive every existing and future metafilter post's links
Step two: make a list of high-quality metafilter posts on a certain topic, e.g. Radiohead
Step three: post that list to metafilter
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I misremembered - I think they crawled the reviews in 2019. You might want to explore that?
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