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Let's all wish a very happy and hopefully stress-free b-day to outgoing veteran mod, inveterate punster, and all-around mensch, MeFi's own cortex "Josh" Millard.

If you're in a generous mood, perhaps consider picking up a fine art product from Cortex Craftworks (just act fast before Elon impulse buys Etsy and turns it into an NFT mill).
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Happy birthday! May you enjoy many happy returns of the day, and may each be better than the last. I sincerely appreciate your presence here on spaceship earth.
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Happy Birthday!

(Also I didn't want the first comment on your recent post to be just about the title and not the content (which was great), so I'll just say here, that yeah that pun was *chefs kiss*)
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Happy birthday!! Here's to a good and stressless year. I've been trying to stay out of the gray, so I haven't said this elsewhere, so I'll say it now: thanks for everything you've put into metafilter over oh-so many years, and thanks for setting up this transition with caring and care. Many happy returns.
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Happy Birthday!! have some cake
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Happy happy joy joy!
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Happy birthday! May your donuts be enormous, and your poses the jesusest!
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Remembering the birthday of a website moderator (even a unique and beloved one) is ten steps beyond my abilities. I'm impressed. I feel really accomplished when I remember my mom's birthday in time to send a card. I have no idea what my dad's birthday is.

Cheers and thanks! Those of us in the US are now legally entitled to sing the Happy Birthday song, which is a silly thing to do alone and a pointless thing to record. But, please imagine I'm doing so.
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One sends finest wishes for a jolly splendid day and marvellous festivities/cake.
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday Cortex! I hope you have a great year ahead with a lot of creative projects.
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Happy Birthday cortex :-)
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Happy birthday, cortex!
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Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
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Happy birthday, cortex! I hope you're surrounded by friends.
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Aw, thanks folks. I've been having a nice chill day, and wife and I are gonna get some nice dinner this evening. I'm not much one for big birthday stuff so just knowing folks are out there thinking of me is pretty solid. :)
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Happy, Happy Birthday!

balloons, party hats, noisemakers, confetti, four or five cakes, some good craft brew, and a big bunch of hugs

Yay! (throws confetti)
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Happy birthday! Wishing you all good things!
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Cheers, cortex! Happy birthday to you. ๐ŸŽ‰
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This is just to say
Happy Birthday
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Is there cake? There should be cake!

What kind of cake is it cortex?!

Save me a slice. Maybe three
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Happy Birthday from colorful Colorado!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Cheers to you on your birthday! Happy cortex-day!

I am predicting that cortex's birthday will be declared a universal holiday just because that would be awesome!
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happy birthday Cortex!
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Have a great birthday, you deserve it.
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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday from the olds section!โ—โ˜†โ—โ˜†
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Happy Birthday :D
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Happy birthday!
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Happy ding dang birthday!
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I think a birthday is a great time to appreciate someone, especially this one on the eve of your transition, cortex. So, cortex, I just want you to know I appreciate the hell out of you.

I've been on Metafilter, mostly reading, for more than half of my life. It's actually played a huge part in shaping who I am as a person. I've learned so much here, especially about people, and I can trace how it's made me a better person. Like, I'm really a much better person because of this dang website (and everyone on it). That wouldn't have happened without someone running it and running it well. You've put massive amounts of energy into supporting and shaping it. By all accounts, you took this on because you felt it was important and valuable work, and I want to say it was definitely important and valuable work. I'm certain there are many others whom it has affected like this. You and your work have had a large, positive effect on a such a large number of people -- more than you will see. Not many people have a chance to have that scale of impact, and not all of those that get the chance succeed. You should be really proud of what you've accomplished here. Thank you. And I'm late here, but happy birthday anyway!

Also, I'm super jealous of all your art-making and the particular art you make. But if we just count that as "inspiration," then it can be part of your positive effect sum, too!
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday for yesterday!
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Happy Birthday and some good After-Vortex-drinks!
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Hope you have/had a good one, birthday twin!
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Prost! Alles gute! Tanti auguri! bon anniversaire! Etc. ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ Happy (post-)birthday cortex!
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I put some donuts in the breakroom for you, Boss. Happy day!
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Have a wonderful day, Cortex!
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Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.
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Happy fucking birthday!

Keep up the good work.
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Bappy hirthday, xetroc!
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Happy Day, sir.

It does need to be said. Yours is the only version of Hallelujah I can abide anymore, including Mr. Cohen's original.

Because comes a time, the piss just must be taken.
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Hey, happy birthday, Josh! Given all else that's going on at the moment, may it signal a coming year of life that offers you healing, renewal, and invigoration.

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Jingle cake bell.
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cake cake bell.
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Happy belated birthday!
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Happy Birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
You look like a monkey,
and you smell like one too.
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Happy Birthday!
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I suggest we use all 24 stop-sign permutations

Happy birthday to you
Birthday; happy; you too
Birthday to you, Happy
You, happy birthday too
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Happy birthday! Thank you for facilitating the continued existence of this great space!
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This site has meant more to me than I have acknowldged or probably returned in contribution - I strive to do better!

Thank you.
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I made you a custom Semantle.
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Happy coupla days late for your birthday. Be happy every day, love yah man!
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Happy belated!
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Happy (belated) birthday, Cortex! I feel obligated to post a link to my favorite Metafilter thing, starring Cortex and Jessamyn: https://youtu.be/SfwLVNoMy54.
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Happy belated birthday! And thank you for all that you have done at MetaFilter.
And for Larp Trek!
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Belated and continued happiness!
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Forget that, I'm getting the jump on next year. Happy be-earlied birthday!
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