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In case the front page US abortion thread is overwhelming either you or your electronic devices, here's a much shorter, focused thread for resources, suggestions of actions you can take, ways to help, ways to get help. This brief What You Can Do guide was the standout link I saw in the main thread. It lists places to donate and other ways to help.

The main link from the front page post: Abortion Funds in Every State. (It originally went to a Twitter post that then went to a Google doc but it now goes to a robust website.)

From Jezebel: Where to Send Your Money (That Isn't Planned Parenthood). (Planned Parenthood is great but they're really well funded; smaller organizations may be able to do even more good work with your limited dollars.)

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom is the main group organizing the “Vote NO” fight in Kansas. They’re a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and other groups. To quote Teegeeack AV Club Secretary from the main thread:
This vote isn’t just important for Kansas. It’ll have major ramifications for the region. Missouri will ban all abortions. But if choice stays legal in Kansas, then the Kansas City metro will still have clinics available. Plus, it’s not a bad drive from Oklahoma City to Wichita, or from Omaha to KC.

Polls show a majority of Kansans want abortion to remain legal. There’s a good chance we’ll win this one. Enough of a chance that I’m allowing myself to hope.
Those are the main links I found in the long front page thread so far.

If you have resources to share, suggestions for actions to take, or other ways to help make this horrific ruling hurt people less, please add them to this thread!
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I Need An A is a great source for current information about abortion access, including telemedicine where that's an option, parental consent laws, and abortion funds (link to National Network of Abortion Funds donation site).
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Aid Access will ship abortion pills mifepristone & misoprostol anywhere in the US for $150 regardless of your state's abortion restrictions (thanks to MeFite ohneat for this one).
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List of local protests in New Jersey (and one in Philadelphia), mostly for tonight.
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From vlogbrothers on Youtube:

Right now, donations to the Center for Reproductive Rights are being matched five to one. I hope you will join me in donating.

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FWIW, if any of you ever have a reason where a Nondescript Tourist Trip to Illinois becomes a necessity, you can MeMail us and stay in our house while you do said tourism. We will pick you up from the bus/train station and drive you to said tourism, feed you, let you stay in our spare room, and testify on record about how you were only here for tourism, man, and we don't know what else anyone could be fucking talking about, man.

Neither I nor Comrade Doll would have the lives we have today were it nor for... tourism. We got you.

This is a serious offer.
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Same offer as DirtyOldTown, but for Southeast Michigan.
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Info that may be helpful: The National Lawyer's Guild updated Know Your Rights booklet, a guide for protesters.
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I live in Spain, where you can get a sterilization procedure done for relatively short money at a good number of clinics.

I am happy to help you find a clinic and a place to stay and I can act as interpreter with the clinic. And I'm a good looker-afterer for recuperating folks.

Please feel free to MeMail me in vague terms about "planning a trip to Spain" and we'll take it to a secure channel (ProtonMail via a secure browser).
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Plan C is another place that sells... vitamins on the internet.
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Northern California based medical front office worker here. If anyone needs help with finding places to "visit as a tourist" I can be of help.
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I know some wonderful people who put this resource together for people who want to help but don't know where to start.

It includes vetted links for donating, fundraising, volunteering, and learning and sharing solid information, and I hope this helps. I am not the author of this information, but I have permission to share it widely, and so do you.
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Another central US resource run by good people: Midwest Access Coalition. They complement traditional abortion funds by providing logistics help and funding for travel and lodging. They're not looking for volunteers currently, but are open for requests and donations.
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If you are a lawyer, consider signing up for Lawyers for Good Government's email list.
There is pro bono work available as well as training (in how to be a force for legislative good in your state, among other things). See for further details.

If you aren't a lawyer, you can still sign up for their email updates; sometimes there's things to do for those of us (like me) who aren't legally trained.
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Abortion Access Front is already linked above, but fyi they have an all day virtual training scheduled for July 17th on ways to help.
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Kristi, a little late but I just wanted to say a big thank you for this post. To say it has been an extremely discouraging time is an understatement. It's been devastating, but having a list of concrete ways to fight back has helped so, so much.

I've been making lots of calls with Kansans for Constitutional Freedom (from the comfort of my Massachusetts apartment! They warmly welcome out of state volunteers.) We could definitely use more folks on the phones up until the election on August 2! If you are interested but on the fence, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about what it's like, and/or do some practice calls with you. Feel free to post below or memail me.

Thank you to everyone helping, and love and solidarity to all who are working to stay afloat. <3
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