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now that the annual metafilter fundraiser is over, this is your opportunity to support other people and projects that are underfunded. Sort of like an auction or the mefi mall except you don't even have to acquire anything! Share stories, links, etc.


ready set go
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I nominate the organizations and resources curated by Kristi just last year:

US abortion access actions and resources: how we can help
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I would also boost the Abortion Dream Team in Poland, a country with one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. Super grassroots and effective advocates and helpers for getting access and information for women.
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After Dobbs was shot down, there was a wave of donations to abortion funds, but then people kind of forgot about it. Now those funds need money more than ever, especially given that other well-funded orgs like Planned Parenthood have reduced their services. Two in Texas that friends in the know support are Frontera Fund (for South Texas) and Buckle Bunnies.
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Other Southern- and Southern-adjacent abortion funds that knowledgeable people in my life have co-signed include Yellowhammer Fund (AL/MS), Holler Health Justice (WV/Appalachia), and the Arkansas Abortion Support Network.
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I support a couple of abortion funds fairly local to me, and also Pregnancy Justice, an org defending people criminalized in relation to their pregnancies. I probably found out about it somewhere in Kristi's thread linked above.

There are other monthly donations on my roster, but that's one I want to highlight.
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If anyone needs a few bucks, MeMail me and I’ll help you out.
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My friend, Dr. Mel Chua (mentioned last year on the site), engineering education researcher, comic book artist, disability rights activist, and open source contributor, has metastatic bladder cancer. Their GoFundMe fundraiser is "Get Mel Out Of Oncology and Back to Pedagogy".

Thanks for this thread, aniola.
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These lil doggos could use some help! I received my best boo from them and she brings me so much more joy than I could have ever imagined. Love you, Lele!
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