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Does Matt remove posts from the archives? I've been trying to find a couple of old threads from a few months ago, a link about the whilstler devices that people are putting in the tailpipes of thier cars and an interview with a guy that had one in his car. I've searched thru the archives post by post and used the search but it seems to have disappeared. Is it possible that it has been dumped for some reason? Is this common? I cant even seem to find the post from earlier this month that had the old GI Joe PSA. What's up Matt?
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Here and here. Use the google search.
posted by iconomy at 3:36 PM on August 27, 2003,, and don't forget the excellent Bubb Rubb soundboard.

I recommend putting on some low-key music (Tarantel, Pole, Microstoria) and hitting the Bubb Rubb samples at random intervals. Thank me later!
posted by dhoyt at 3:36 PM on August 27, 2003

It also helps if you spell whilstle right when searching ;)
posted by iconomy at 3:39 PM on August 27, 2003

Awww, dat's only in da mornin', iconomy!

I *heart* Bubb Rubb
posted by WolfDaddy at 3:43 PM on August 27, 2003

there's a bubb rubb movie coming out, y'know. (I almost posted it last week)
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:42 PM on August 27, 2003

Thankx guys, although I thought that there was another post. I was searching for the phrase woo and I thought that his name was Bubba.
posted by daHIFI at 1:47 PM on August 28, 2003

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