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I am not a fan of "why did you delete my comment"? posts, but, er, feel compelled to ask... Why delete the three comments in the NYT thread which linked to other online papers? Maybe they should have been more verbose, but I think the point they were making is clear - there's a whole variety of fish in that online paper sea, why get so het up about the NYT?
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I think the deletions came because the orignial wording of my post, "The New York Times. [subscription required]", prompted some people to link to other newspapers as a way of mocking what they thought was simply a link to the NYT front page.

The wording has now been changed to "The New York Times plans for pay-only content [subscription required]". Of course, the new wording makes the phrase "[subscription required" completely redundant.

Could whoever changed the original wording please either restore it or delete "[subscription required]"? Sorry if my original syntax was a bit too clever for the early morning stateside crowd.
posted by nyterrant at 6:24 AM on May 17, 2005

Ah. I assumed that the links to other papers were a way of saying "look there are more papers out there", rather than making a mockery of your post content. That was definitely my intention.
posted by handee at 6:27 AM on May 17, 2005

they were mocking the post, which was badly worded. I added some context, the jokey comments didn't make sense so I deleted them, and an actual discussion ensued.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 6:28 AM on May 17, 2005

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