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December 31

Last post posted on [DATETIME]

Would a "Last post posted on [DATETIME]" be a bad addition to thread headers? MetaTalk, since it uses the same cookie info as MeFi, could benefit from it the most, but there are times it could be useful on MeFi also. Perhaps as a user option, so not everyone gets the extra clutter?
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December 27

MetaFilter sidebar available for browsers.

New Feature: MetaFilter sidebar for win/IE and Mozilla.
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Hey so why is Dave Winer's post gone now?

Hey so why is Dave Winer's post gone now? He posted something, then someone commented that it was self-blogging, then it was gone.
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December 22

Down for me, not for you?

Uh, how come metafilter was gone for me, but apparently not for all the people who have been posting to it in the past several days?

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December 21

MeFi Troll Alert

God I hate trolls. There's someone trolling MetaFilter now, under a couple names. They're posting links to stuff that is somewhat related to their own stuff (it may or may not actually be their own sites they are linking to), and they're posting ridiculous comments from different accounts, but at the same IP, at the same time.

It's times like this that I wish someone would just buy MetaFilter off me and take over. Deleting posts by trolls is about the biggest waste of time in the world, and trying to build an idiot proof site is no picnic either.

Everyone with sites that allow user input: beware of stupid trolls. They ruin everything for the rest of us, and they do it for no good reason. Ugh.
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December 17

Metafilter Calendar, anyone? (2000)

Metafilter Calender anyone? -- would anyone be up for participating in producing a MetaFilter calendar for 2001? It might be a terrible idea, but could have potential (?!)
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December 16

Who wants a one week moratorium on news items?

Who wants a one week moratorium on news items?
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December 13

Has it come time to limit users to starting one thread per day?

With the increase in traffic lately (27 new threads so far today), has it come time to limit users to starting one thread per day?
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"floating" threads with intense conversation

How about threads "floating" back up to the top of the page in relation to the intensity of the conversation? Right wing site Free Republic does this
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the funny thing is , no media coverage exists. the abortion pill, legal in europe, has become available in the u.s. f.d.a has just approved it. want to try getting it ? only a few states carry it. not that i would know or anything.
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More posts requires better search engine

Since the number of postings is growing by leaps and bounds, it would be nice to see a better search engine...(more inside)
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December 12

What are the criteria for inappropriate posts?

I was just reading a post that linked to a photo on Yahoo News about a swastika symbol made from trees planted in 1930s-era Berlin, which were rediscovered in the 1992. I clicked to see the comments, and the post had been deleted. I refreshed the front page, and it was gone.

What are the criteria for inappropriate posts on Metafilter? If Yahoo News was comfortable showing it, why not us? Was it because the link text didn't mention objectionable material? (It was something like "Looks like Johnny Appleseed had some competition.")
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December 11

Clickthrough counter?

How about a counter that would allow us to see how many times a particular link has been viewed? On the other hand, might be a bit cluttery. Just a thought.
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December 8

Title attribute text pony!

Would it be difficult to add a TITLE attribute text field to the ctrl-shift-a url pop up window, to provide extra in-thread link description nice and easy like?

What happens if a TITLE attribute is empty? test. Apparently nothing.
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Events in the UK

Not able to offer site link yet but you know of any events in the Uk feel free to add them at
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To Do list: disable ability to submit blank posts at thread starters

To Do list: disable ability to submit blank posts at thread starters.
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December 7

Numberwatch fires back

Whoah. It looks like someone that was linked to on MetaFilter wrote a comeback. Fight! Fight!
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December 6

Customizing causes an error

when trying to customize, i got an error like this:

Error Diagnostic Information

An error occurred while evaluating the expression:


Error near line 33, column 14.
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December 5

Double-post complaint

I loath repeat posts as much as the next guy, but it seems a lot of them could be avoided if the original poster were more clear.

Last night, for instance, someone re-posted the swastika-tree story. People rightly pointed out that it had been posted before. But look at the original post: "I bet this slice of German history has put the local Greens in quite a dilemma." And that's it. Unless you follwed the link, you'd have no idea what it was about.

Here's another example: "YASL: Yet another Salon link. This could be the smoking gun. Or just smoke. Judgement?" This describes just about every Salon story, and I would not blame anyone for inadvertantly re-posting.

We should expect posters to be familiar with what's been posted lately. However, it's too much to demand that people click through every link. Let's be clear and complete (but not too complete, of course) and leave the riddles, enigmas and teasers on our own weblogs.
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The MeFi "Best Of" Mailing List page doesn't seem to be working properly

The MeFi "Best Of" Mailing List page doesn't seem to be working properly. I'm not subscribed to it, but I wanted to check out the archives in case I was interested. Did it get deactivated?
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December 2

November Stats

I hope this doesn't come off as pompous or anything, I just wanted to show everyone the metafilter stats for November. A few things to note: the times are in GMT, so they're 8 hours behind the real time (there isn't a 9am lull in requests, that's actually a 1am lull, PST). I started keeping track of bytes transferred about half way through the month, so the data transfers are off. 330,000 page views is pretty wacky though. As usual, the search requests are mostly disturbing. I don't want to meet most of the people doing those searches.
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