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I'm happy for your achievement.

I'm a big fan of borderline-believable alternate history myself, but I thought there was a general Metafilter policy against this sort of FPP?
posted by 256 on Dec 11, 2012 - 42 comments

holdkris99's death was a hoax.

So, we were lied to. The good news is that holdkris99 is fine, rather than dead. He's also banned, his wife's (?) account is banned, and they're not welcome back to Metafilter, ever. [more inside]
posted by cortex on May 22, 2012 - 1282 comments

This is how I tell it, ohhhhhhhhhh but it's long

It’s with almost unbearable sadness and a heavy heart that I am writing to let you know that my husband, Metafilter member holdkris99 took his own life on the May 12th. [more inside]
posted by mrs holdkris99 on May 16, 2012 - 668 comments

Amina blog a hoax

Since the Amina post is closed, is this where we would post that it's been confirmed a hoax? Seems a pretty important point to have in the record here. [more inside]
posted by spicynuts on Jun 13, 2011 - 44 comments

Kaycee Nicole, Metafilter's first investigation

The Kaycee Nicole post I made got deleted from the blue as not being anything new, but I've been encouraged to post it to the grey instead, so, with mod permission, here it is. [more inside]
posted by badgermushroomSNAKE on May 20, 2011 - 160 comments


Looking for a comment and can't seem to find it... it was about how a lot of telephone pranks by morning radio shows are faked, i.e. the callers are actors. [more inside]
posted by Nattie on Mar 1, 2010 - 35 comments

Still Comatose

Comatose Belgian who was miraculously able to communicate? Not so much. Hoaxalicious, sadly.
posted by five fresh fish on Feb 20, 2010 - 2 comments

SearchFu: guy flies into a pool.

There was a recent post of a video where a guy slides down the side of a hill, launches off a ramp & lands in a pool. I'm usually pretty good at this but my search-fu is failing me & I can't find it. Help?
posted by scalefree on Sep 24, 2009 - 28 comments

Welche Soße bitte?

The Döner inventor is alive and well. [more inside]
posted by kolophon on Feb 23, 2009 - 40 comments

MONO MONO! ... D'oh!

I'm starting to think that this thread on the Detroit monorail is weird joke/hoax, and it best is just a poor FPP since it's mostly just a collection of wikipedia links with no actually recent news stories or government/corporate press releases. Can it please go away before the Detroiters get home from work and go into a tizzy?
posted by patr1ck on Feb 13, 2008 - 55 comments

Not another asshat call-out

My comment on This thread was deleted, not because of snarkiness or asshattery, but because I doubted the scenario was real. I sincerely complimented the quality of the writing in the post, but simply pointed out (based on my own professional experience as a writer) that it sounded too much like an idyllic encounter written to engage the reader for me to be able to accept it as an actual dilemma. Jessamyn suggested that kind of comment belonged in email or the grey--since the poster is anonymous, here it is.
posted by misha on Jun 14, 2007 - 36 comments

I don't buy it

This has to be fake.
posted by myeviltwin on Jun 4, 2007 - 69 comments

Watch Your Back, ASavage!

Props to MetaFilter's Very OwnTM gomichild for debunking the story about a Japanese actress who mistook a lamb for a dog.
posted by Alvy Ampersand on Apr 27, 2007 - 50 comments

Pork stamp - NOT

Mea Culpa. Remember my sweet-and-sour pork stamp post? Well, as it turns out, it's not true. Oh, there is a stamp (cute design), and it is popular, but it's not scratch-and-sniff, or tasty (see comment #7). Sorry gang. P. S. Not a "bug", but that's the closest Category that came to mind... P. P. S. I had a friend of mine ask her relatives to send her a sheet/book of these stamps. I just have to know for myself.
posted by ObscureReferenceMan on Mar 5, 2007 - 21 comments

Wardriving weblog spammer story

I post link about wardriving comment spammer. Metafilter Snap Detective Collective examines link, and concludes it is a hoax. Owner of site signs up, and insists it is real and he is not lying. Thread is closed. Conclusion: Everyone lives happily ever after.
posted by brownpau on Jun 23, 2006 - 33 comments

Something seems fishy here

posted by ChasFile on Mar 29, 2006 - 115 comments

Fake obit on google aggregator uncovered

How Will Ferrell Died re: Deleted Thread
posted by srboisvert on Mar 21, 2006 - 12 comments

Will Ferrell death hoax

Will Ferrell not dead. A story about the actor’s death in a paragliding accident on The Blue today was deleted so fast, I was not sure if I am hallucinating again or what. So it was a hoax and should disappear
posted by growabrain on Mar 14, 2006 - 34 comments

Poster acknowledges overlooking indicia of a hoax...

Poster acknowledges overlooking indicia of a hoax...
posted by rkent on Dec 17, 2005 - 36 comments

to put it on metafilter as a profound single-link post is ridiculous

"This is so obviously a retarded fabrication that to take it seriously is an admission of gullibility beyond measure, and to put it on metafilter as a profound single-link post is ridiculous."
posted by monju_bosatsu on Dec 10, 2005 - 41 comments

My girlfriend's sister is fake?

posted by Pretty_Generic on Nov 22, 2005 - 30 comments

Greenlighting hoax revealed

Silly Metafilter, you fell for the hoax! Thankfully, this guy figured it out.
posted by mullacc on Aug 1, 2005 - 63 comments

Link suddenly disappeared

I am baffled by the sudden disappearance of a link to 63days.com - I am unable to find it by searching MeFi either. I was not the original poster, but found the link fascinating and am confused about its removal. Anyone know about this?
posted by Uccellina on Apr 11, 2005 - 19 comments

Meta News Verification Service

I thought that link about the internet enabled loo smelled funny. It turned out to be one of those many internet enabled hoaxes. People's general gullibility (including my own) makes me wonder about the viability of a Meta-news service like the proposed "MoJo."
If professional journalists have problems getting their facts straight, what chance do a buncha amateurs?
posted by jpburns on May 13, 2003 - 12 comments

Should fictional posts be allowed to stand?

It's not a hoax, it's fiction. Marquis has apologized for any potential offense, and hey, it was cleverly done. Going forward, is a "fictional" post more appropriate for a blog? Does this exploit the membership for one's own purposes, however artistic? (But don't all posts do that?) Or is it a question of trust?

Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!
posted by onlyconnect on Sep 25, 2002 - 33 comments

Against email forwards

I like Anil's statement against email forwards.

I'm pleased to say I no longer get them, myself. Nothing like a little debunking to make people feel stupid.
posted by Mo Nickels on Aug 24, 2001 - 4 comments

I can't post to the front page yet, so here's an interesting link about the moon landings

I was browsing the internet last nite doing some research on a theory that NASA's claim of landing on the moon is a hoax(which was actually in the news on FOX) and I came across this website. I'm sorry but I was just way too lazy to post it up on the main page cuz I don't have those rights yets, but maybe one of you will. Well, anyways, go to this website... http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/therevelation2.shtml
A lot of the topics it talks about are very disturbing to me, especially the stuff about Satan's connection to the United States. I was looking for a disclaimer saying it was false, but I couldn't really find one. However, do note that it doesn't really list many references so it might be fake. But lots of interesting reading at this site.
posted by majikman on Mar 28, 2001 - 4 comments

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