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Is there some trick to making "X new" work?

It will often happen that a post will say "N comments (X new)" for me, when "X" is wildly inaccurate. Sometimes there are 0 new when it tells me there are some, and other times there are some new but not as many as it says. Is there something within my control to improve how well this works? [more inside]
posted by primethyme on Jul 12, 2022 - 32 comments

Extended new comment Show Pony

Currently for a limited period of time if a new comment(s) are posted to a thread you have open one gets a notification "Foo new comments, show". My understanding is this feature is time limited because it loads the server by regularly checking for new comments since the last displayed (hence the reason one sometimes sees the notice "0 new comments, show"). After the limited time period one gets the message "No recent updates. Reload to check for new comments". Here's the pony request: Would it be possible to have a link in the last statement that manually runs the new comment check code and then displays an appropriate message if new comments are found? [more inside]
posted by Mitheral on Jul 11, 2018 - 6 comments

How do I set the (new xxxx) number?

You know the number that tells you how many new posts have been added? Sometimes mine works, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, it just tells me the number of posts in the whole thread, even if I've responded. Is there way to reset it, or get it to count correctly? And am I in the right place to ask this question?
posted by MoxieProxy on May 22, 2013 - 38 comments

Because I am lazy.

PONY: (# New) links in Recent Activity [more inside]
posted by jon1270 on Aug 29, 2012 - 17 comments

'x new comments, show' - time elapsed?

When viewing threads on the mobile version of the site, how much time elapses before the 'x new comments, show' thingy displays? Same question for 'No recent updates. Reload to check for new comments.' (unless the time elapsed is the same for both).
posted by paleyellowwithorange on Jul 7, 2012 - 9 comments

Red Box Sighting

Perhaps this was mentioned back when the "X new comments" thing was rolled out - but I didn't know that if you happen to be reading a thread at the moment it is deleted by a mod what you get instead of that box is a very cool red box that just says "This Post was Deleted". I highly recommend looking for one of these if you get the chance; it's like the MetaFilter equivalent of seeing the elusive green flash at sunset.
posted by Curious Artificer on Jun 30, 2011 - 61 comments

This "x new comments," does it delete too?

When the "x new comments" link is clicked, does it also magically pull out deleted comments as well? [more inside]
posted by nevercalm on Jun 28, 2011 - 27 comments

New posts box like new comments box?

Pony suggestion: "new posts" indicator on the main pages like the "new comments" indicator in-thread. [more inside]
posted by biscotti on Jun 4, 2011 - 15 comments

Old Comments are New Again.

Read comments appear as new after restart. [more inside]
posted by Dipsomaniac on May 31, 2010 - 4 comments

But I was just here!

Why doesn't MetaFilter always recognize that I have visited? [more inside]
posted by Shepherd on May 2, 2008 - 38 comments

Per-thread new message count

It might be nice on the main page to see the number of new messages on a per-thread basis. [more inside]
posted by ~ on Mar 21, 2008 - 16 comments

Links not working for new comments in category view

When viewing the meetup category in metatalk (and maybe others?) the "x new" text is not a hyperlink.
posted by mzurer on Mar 9, 2007 - 6 comments


Lately, there has been some discrepancy between number of "new questions/comments posted" in MetaTalk, and what I'm seeing highlighted on the page as new questions or comments. Until now, it hasn't been such a big difference to really annoy me, but at the moment, I see "There has been 1 new question and 12 comments posted since your last visit", but only two threads are highlighted as having new comments (one each).
posted by taz on Jun 25, 2005 - 7 comments

new comments in the archives

How hard would it be to keep the "_ new comments" feature when browsing through the archives? I've been close to asking for this feature before but never felt that threads in MT really had a long enough posting life to warrant such a change. With the addition of Ask Metafilter, however, checking the number of new comments in threads even a day old becomes a rigorous exercise in memorization. If it's not too much work, I'd certainly like to see it changed, perhaps in January when everything else is looked at.
posted by The God Complex on Dec 10, 2003 - 6 comments

number of new comments doesn't change on refresh

Ok, dumb question time. No matter how often I refresh the page, the new comments number for this thread seems to stay at six. Now, for a while the last comment on the thread was mine, so I know I've seen them all, and this isn't the first time I've encountered this. Anyone tell me what's up?
posted by Yelling At Nothing on Jun 12, 2002 - 10 comments

What makes all the new comments lights disappear in MeTa?

The moment I click on the first MeTa thread all the useful little "new comments" lights on the other threads disappear. This has never happened over on MetaFilter. What are we, second-class citizens here or what? :) Anyone know a way round this?
posted by MiguelCardoso on Dec 10, 2001 - 10 comments

"x new" woes in meta

in metatalk only, once i visit "x new" for a thread (or even just the top of a thread), returning to metatalk wipes out any "x new" comment notices that had been listed before.
posted by moz on Nov 16, 2001 - 5 comments

Notification of new threads and comments.

Would it be possible to add a "There have been X new threads and Y new comments on MetaTalk since your last visit" to the MetaFilter page?
posted by skwm on Sep 30, 2001 - 5 comments

Why aren't there link to new comments on MetaTalk?

This is less a bug and more of a question about an inconsistency between MetaFilter and MetaTalk. Namely, that the new posts (i.e., 53 comments (3 new)) announcement is a link to the new posts on MeFi but not on MeTalk. Why the difference?
posted by ljromanoff on Jul 13, 2001 - 2 comments

Should there be/is there a New Comments display feature on Metatalk?

Should there be/is there a New Comments display feature on Metatalk? If there is, is it linked to my logging into MeFi's home page? I never see the white (# new) notation in here, although it works just fine on Metafilter itself.
posted by werty on May 1, 2001 - 2 comments

New comments by category


As near as I can tell, the sort-to-top on the Metatalk front is by new threads, not new comments. Which is fine. However, I would like some kind of flag to know if a category (such as "weblog grab bag) has new comments since the last time I was here. It wouldn't have to be detailed. I'm thinking along the lines of a "new comments" column next to each category on the front page, with a yes/no value.

Or whatever, you're the designer I'm the one who thought black and neon green was a good color scheme.
posted by mrmorgan on Jun 17, 2000 - 1 comment

commenting ponies

Three comments (besides the fact that I love Metafilter):

- Don't count your own replies as new comments
- The new comment count is mysterious. Is that 10 new since the last time I visited the site, clicked on a link (in other words if I stopped reading and came back later), last time I read that particular post, I dunno. I always think I'm missing replies because I read slow. (Multitasking, of courese)
- Preview button for comments too!

Keep up the good work all!
posted by fooljay on May 7, 2000 - 2 comments

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