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October 31

Which monster would you be?

If you could be a movie monster, who or what would you be?
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October 30

Can we not post rumors?

Are there guidelines about posting (or preferably not posting) threads that present as truth that which, if investigated, turns out to be mere conjecture?
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MeFi Lexicon?

I've been a MeFite for about a year now. Occasionally someone makes a post beginning with "On preview:". I still have no idea what this means. Anybody?

Which leads me to: How about adding a MeFi lexicon?

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October 29

California mefites, please phone home!

California mefites, please phone home! Watching the news on the hell in California and having been left in suspense by a recent thread on the topic, I am concerned about many of our MeFi members....y6y6y6, batgirlHG, rschram & many others. If you live in southern CA, and if you can, please check in and let us know how you are faring!
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Evolution of writers at MeFi

I'm sorry if this is a stupid, self-indulgent post (so no problems if it's deleted forthwith) but it's based on over two years of reading MetaFilter almost completely. It certainly seems interesting to me - but I may be wrong. See? I've noticed several users becoming ever more adept at expressing themselves: from more drawn-out to pithier; from abstruser to clearer; from all-over-the-place to more-to-the-point. Does anyone else find, by merely participating here and being exposed to MeFi's notoriously severe critique, that they're writing better than when they first joined? Specially foreigners (or non-Americans) like me? To what an extent is MeFi interaction good practice for writers?
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Another boring post.

Another boring post. Another policy failure.
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October 28

Metrolike seems to be really really broken

Metrolike seems to be really really broken. Does anyone know how to contact the owner to get it fixed?
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When is it name calling?

When is it name calling?

OK, I did call skallas a "putz" in a thread recently. That this is name calling, there is no doubt and I am in the wrong. But where is the line drawn? Is this name calling? More Inside
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October 27

Posts with no context at all.

a b c's, 1 2 3's. Here's a thread to critique these.
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Can a system be devised for users who've appreciated a post to click on an "I enjoyed this" button?

A lot of excellent, original posts, like this one from homunculus, get zero comments because users (I'm guessing) feel it's lame just to say "Thank you"; "Good post" or something equally trite, though sincere. My feeling is that outsiders, when they see 0 or 1 comment, erroneously judge that it reflects on the post and pass on. Which is a great pity.

Can't a simple system be devised whereby those users who've appreciated a post click on a "I enjoyed this" or "(this is good)" button, the result appearing much as the trackbacks do now?
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noted as notable

MeFite bwg, also known as Big White Guy in Hong Kong, noted as notable blogger in today's Asian edition of CNN. Not mentioned in the story is that his blog was a good place to get de-hyped good info during the SARS outbreak.
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October 25

crunchland is crunchtastic!

Since September 1st (he's been doing it for longer than that, but I don't know how to count beyond 40), crunchland has posted approximately 40 threads to the blue. Most of these links have been fantastic eye and/or brain candy. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you and that I hope the well isn't running dry. Keep it up!
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October 23

Request for Watching Threads

How hard would it be to have a way to keep track of threads you are particularly interested in but have not posted in? I use the pulldown feature to keep track of my commented threads, but there are other threads that I would enjoy keeping up with-problem is I forget about them.
I guess I had in mind something like a checkoff box or something. Would this be hard to do?
(please don't suggest I comment in these threads too. I blab enough around here as it is.)
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this is racist, offensive, incredibly stupid

Ok, I'll be the first to say that this is racist, offensive, incredibly stupid, and I'm blown away that Miguel was the one to post it, especially considering what his reaction would be if the word "Jew" were substituted for "Arab". I don't think this post belongs on MeFi.
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October 22

Looking for thread on [Bystander Effect]

Can't seem to find a thread I recall reading here. It was about some social science experiments correlating the size of a group of people appealed to for help with the likelihood that volunteers would actually come out of an appeal.
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Changing Passwords

Uhm, forgive my wanton ignorance and woeful ineptitude, but can you change your password? I've looked, and I've looked, and I've wept.
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Today's date is showing in 3 different places on Metafilter

No big deal really, but the Mefi front page is showing today's date at three different points in the postings column.
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October 21

U.S.A. bad, kills civilians (again)

U.S.A. bad, kills civilians. Guess what folks, we've done this before, several times. Isn't it time to declare a moratorium?
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Mr. Garret Vreeland as honorary member?

So who's for making Mr. Garret Vreeland an honorary member of the 'Filter? I nominate him for invitation with much aplumb.
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October 20

We need posting guidelines for MeTa ALSO?

Considering the increasing amount of recent MetaTalk posts that have been deleted or generally derided, perhaps the time has come to propose that some Posting Guidelines, similar to those which already and profitably exist for MetaFilter, could be useful here too. Following the same dichotomy ("What makes a good thread post to MeTa?"/What makes a bad post to MeTa?"), what essential, make-or-break, very general guidelines (in the "minimum of hard rules" spirit of this community) would users suggest?
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October 19

Recent comments sort-by limit

On Twenty Threads? Is this new? Is it customisable? Wassadeal, Matt?
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October 18


Eloquence posts a thread about Mother Teresa, in which he writes, "the Wikipedia article about her gives a much more balanced picture than most media reports." Trouble is, a Wikipedia member named -- wait for it -- Eloquence is a substantial contributor to that very Wikipedia article, and has, as far as I can tell (see article history), written much of the material about the controversy. (See also his contributions to the related Talk page.) This could be considered a self link as a result. Is it?
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October 17

unfounded rumors not a good basis for FPP

unfounded and stupid
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October 16

Baseball fans sure get worked up easily

We complain a lot about bad thread, but THIS is EGREGIOUS and UNFORGIVABLE and MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE.
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Quick and lazy newsfilter posts.

Double-posts leak in. (1, 2)
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Are conspiracy posts appropriate?

Are baseless conspiracy theories appropriate MetaFilter threads?
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Is MetaFilter starting down that slippery slope toward Theme Days

Is MetaFilter starting down that slippery slope toward Theme Days (like on The Mickey Mouse Club)?
October 15th examples: We started the day with regrets and apologies, got playful with Hello Kitty, Fisher-Price and double Legos, and then it got ugly: bad wedding dresses, worse plastic surgery, nazi architecture, a nazi dog, a dinosaur frog, finishing up with maggots. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?
And does this mean today will be Fun With Music Day? (Miguel, you jumped the gun)
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October 14

Awesome comment from monju_bosatsu!

I feel compelled to publicly applaud and congratulate monju_bosatsu for this superb and interesting essay, elevating an otherwise lackluster post to greatness.
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How are you helping when you derail a thread by questioning its validity

Heh. Step back and ask yourself: How are you helping when you derail a thread by questioning its validity inside the thread?
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October 12

"here's my favorite recipe" for snark on rye

Please tell me that "here's my favorite recipe" FPP's are not going to become a habit.
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October 11

Injokes on the wiki

I for one welcome our injoking overlords. Now I feel all caught up. Don't get an injoke? Look it up. Is this useful? Does it make the injokes more or less funny? Is the community better or worse for this listing account of injokes at MeFiWiki? Does part of the humor involve an illusion of elitism? Does Matt dislike all injokes or just some of them? Most of them? Will he buy me a pony? What do you, the viewers at home, think? psst! go cubs!
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October 9

Happy Birthday Mathowie!

Because it is already Friday in Japan, I can be one of the first to wish mathowie a Happy Birthday from Tokyo!!!

Matt, we all owe you so much for what you have done for us here at MetaFilter and I just wanted to wish you the best for this new year to come and thank you for everything you have done.

Again best birthday wishes from Tokyo - Gen
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Deleting MetaTalk threads?

Deleting MetaTalk threads?

Deleting blue threads, I understand and support. But deleting a metatalk thread is unexpected. Of course I'm not on the grey much. Maybe this happens all the time. This has been the first time in a very long time I've been interested in anything going on here so maybe I've just not noticed.

I would think a MetaTalk thread might be closed, but deleted too? That seems counter to what the grey is for, why it even exists. Maybe I just don't understand.

The grey is to discuss things you shouldn't discuss/don't belong on the blue. So now things in the grey are to be slashed as well?

I would prefer it not to be, but of course it is not my say. But I would like clarification, because there are other threads in the grey that have gone FAR BEYOND what I can only assume caused the demise of the affected one and survived.

(Deleted thread purposefully not mentioned so as to perhaps increase the lifespan of this question).
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October 8

Bad Impressions

Text Ads. Broken? Or just worthless? [more inside]
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Don't you just hate being called a liar?

"Yeah, you just hate to link to those sorts of sites."

Don't you just hate being called a liar?
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It's a month away. There are a few confirmed and a lot of wafflers. Let me know if you think you'll be coming, and I'll be making arrangements for a place to meet. Any MeFiers live in Sin City?

Oh, and angrymodem needs a ride from Iowa. Could someone be a dear and pick him up on your way? Thanks.
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night without mefi

so, what happened to mefi tuesday evening?
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October 7

What do we do about all of you assholes?

We've all seen what can happen when MeFi devolves into pointless personality conflicts: the site gets hijacked to propogate something that 99.9% of the users don't care about. We've also all seen one member virtually drag another into such conflicts, making a two-way crapfest out of what was originally just one-sided goofiness...[more inside]
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Dan Hersam's Mefi Contribution Index Calculator is broken

Dan Hersam's Mefi Contribution Index Calculator is broken. Can any of you PHP people suggest a fix?
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Etiquette: Linking to fragile sites

is, of course, notorious for falling to pieces if more than three people click on one of its sites (though anastasiav's secondary links more than make up for her first). It's happened to everyone, so I wonder whether more experienced posters have untold ways of guessing what sort of traffic a posted website will bear? Are there any ways to avoid the "MetaFiltered" meltdown? Are there any steps posters can take to preempt the predictable outcome, besides including the (unsatisfactory) Google cache? Can the content be saved in another way, in order to answer users' queries?

In short, what is the best policy for fragile links, assuming they're worth posting anyway?
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Thank you so so much

A year and four days after it was posted, I just wanted to offer my praise and thanks to everyone who contributed to this, the most useful thread ever.
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October 6

Why can't some people see the link in this thread?

Why can't some people see the link in this thread? I've looked at the source, and it looks fine to me.
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Sideblog covers the front page for users not logged in.

Sideblog covers the entire front page for users not logged in.
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Doesn't do what it says on the tin

Blog reviews 6 hits songs from the 50s; FPP claims every #1 song for the past 50+ years. Quite a jump, eh?
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Fine, fine, insult the invisible man here.

In the post regarding the Fred Phelps putting up an anti-homosexual memorial in Casper, Wyoming and the insuing religous discussion regarding said terms, I am posting this thread so everyong can get what they need to say out, whatever it is.
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October 5

The spell checker's got some bugs.

The spell checker's got some bugs.
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October 4

Not just a double, a double invoking the N-bomb is the subject of a deletion request.

Delete this post Matt. Not only is it a repeat of a topic, the N-bomb is used. Totally unacceptable, even if you are a rapper. It still has the same connotation as hate. Still way too soon since the Civil War.
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Discretion in speech is more than eloquence.

Discretion in speech is more than eloquence. - Sir Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)
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This is not a good post

A bad post to MetaFilter is something that meets the following criteria: there is nothing interesting about the content on the page, and I'm only posting it to let you know how uninteresting it is.
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October 3

Can we have a google news search for "metafilter"?

My Little Pony: In addition (or instead of) Blogroots, an RSS feed to a google news search for "metafilter" in the MetaTalk sidebar. Not all big-media shoutouts require discussion, but it's still cool to know about them: and why go through all the trouble of typing when a robot can do this for you?
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Want to cut MetaFilter's bandwidth in half?

Want to cut MetaFilter's bandwidth in half? Put the comment post function in a pop-up window. More inside.
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I think it should be deleted. Am I wrong?

One of the worst posts I've seen in a long time. No focus or point of discussion, just a jumble of links. I think it should be deleted. Am I wrong?
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User number thread

What's Your Number? Got bored and found out the comments for a thread that is my user number is this. Is yours a fun thread or are you one of the dreaded 5 comment losers?
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October 2

fix characters that break rss

As can be seen in the title link in this post, certain characters in front page posts, like apostrophes, mess up the RSS feed. Is there some way to prevent them from being used or automatically switching them to encoded character entities?
posted by nyukid to Bugs at 8:26 PM PST - 10 comments

Can we criticize?

It's great that Matt is just one of the guys when it comes to posting but, with respect, this post of his seems way below average. It's a short news item, from a big media source, which will already be known to those who follow the news. The post, though, is not the point. My question is "To what extent are we allowed - or able - to criticize his posts as if he were just another user?" Is it ungracious, ungrateful or downright rude, for instance? Fwiw, my opinion is that special treatment and undue deference are just as annoying and even insulting.
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Cold Fusion error message

Gnarly ColdFusion error on MetaFilter homepage. Someone set up us the bomb! (error message inside)
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Sick Nick cartoon blog

One would think that sicknick.org would be the ideal link for MeFi. Nikahang Kowsar isn't quite mainstream, so a lot of people haven't seen his stuff before. His stuff is very interesting, and should warrant discussion. AND YET...! [more]
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Doublepost harakiri

I knew there was a reason I didn't attempt any of those fancy, new-fangled front page posts for the first year (give or take) I was here. Delete at your leisure, but let my shame live on in infamy!
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October 1

Links to slashdot

"Aren't links to slashdot, especially to slashdot discussions, officially discouraged? And if not, shouldn't they be?"
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