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December 31

2017 "No Spending" Challenge

acanthous and I have decided to start a 2017 "No Spending" Challenge, in which our goals are to reduce our spending by focusing on reusing, repairing, recycling/upcycling/freecycling, foraging, borrowing and bartering. We're inviting any interested Mefites to join us! [more inside]
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December 30

Something nice at the end of 2016: you!

It's a call-in show! I'm gonna run voicemails from MeFites as part of the next podcast, so give us a call at (505) 663-6334. That's (505) 663-MEFI. Just say who you are and share a quick thought—maybe one good thing from 2016, or something you're looking forward to in 2017, or something you liked on MeFi, or even a New Years resolution if that's your sorta thing. [more inside]
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December 28

To she or not to she

Earlier today I posted this thread about transgender discrimination on the blue. Quote from hate group included in extended led to good question re quotes and misgendering. [more inside]
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December 26

MFC & You: Video Games, Caring, and Sharing!

Come join MeFightClub's annual charity drive! This year's charities are RAINN and charity: water. The campaigns end January 5, 2017. [more inside]
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December 25

SSL Issues

Just a heads up, you may see an "SSL certificate has expired" warning. We're aware of it and working to fix it. Sorry about the hassle.
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December 24

Happy Holidays!

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and for the rest of us I'm sure we'll enjoy Festivus. Share your plans/best present/whatever AND your single best Dec/Jan holiday recipe but YOU MUST PICK ONLY ONE. (It's like Highlander, but for recipes.)
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Jingle Rock Bell music video

Jingle Rock Bell, now with music video [via mefi projects] [more inside]
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December 22

Moral Metafilter: What have you done this week?

Politics have gotten scary. The US election has terrified many of us about the foundations of democracy, but the US isn't the only country facing down aggressive and organized right-wing threats. What have you done this week to resist, in large ways or small ones? What are you planning to do, and what have you found success with? [more inside]
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December 21

Comment about precursors to postmodernism

There was a comment that contained a lot of useful citations to philosophers that wrote on subjects now considered "postmodern" before the actual postmodernists did. I don't remember what the thread was about, but I want to read some of those philosophers. [more inside]
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Searching For A Post About Helpful Tips

I'm looking for an old post from Ask MeFi where the ask was something like "what are your most useful life hacks?" and one of the answers referred to learning that you could tell which way to plug in a lightning cord by looking for the icon on the end of the plug. I have a vague memory that Quora was involved in this person's answer. I don't know if the person who answered specified this tip specifically or if they linked to a Quora site that had this answer. I've searched here and Quora and can't find the thread. All help greatly appreciated.
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2016 MST3K Club No-Stress Christmas Video Marathon

For the third year running, those of us in MST Club are planning a holiday marathon of video festialities. (Jonathan Harris voice: "That's not a word!") On the menu: MST3K Christmas movies, a few other riffing delicacies, a wide assortment of Christmas specials and episodes both good and bad, and some other short oddments thrown in. Once again, the purpose is to be the good-natured background radiation to your Christmas rituals, taking the edge off the hard moments and adding extra cheer to the soft ones. Come by whenever and however long you want. Official times: 6 AM Eastern Christmas Eve through to 6 AM December 26. As usual, the site of this madness is the MST Club cytube page. [more inside]
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Searching for old comment

I'm looking for a comment from a user about looking back on life. [more inside]
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December 20

Best way to search archives?

After excellent success using to get a gift idea, I don't want to spam metafilter with questions about all my friends and relations- but how best to search the archives? [more inside]
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Accessibility suggestion for the deaf/hard of hearing

I am hard of hearing and it would be helpful to have notations on videos about their level of accessibility. For example, if they include speech, is it captioned? Are there captions, but only auto generated? Does the speech contain information necessary to watch the video? Does it add some other value (e.g. humor)? Is it music only? Ambient noise? This would also be useful for people who cannot listen to the video because they are at work or school because then they know whether or not to bother watching it now, or save it for later. Remember: almost all of us are going to become hard of hearing if we live long enough. [more inside]
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December 18

Winter Wishes Gift Drive - Update

I just wanted to offer a final wrap-up of what MeFi's generosity accomplished this year. It's pretty amazing. [more inside]
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December 16

An SEO expert walks into a bar, pub, liquor store, brewery, alcohol

Once I was reading this comment on MetaFilter, and it made me do the stupidest Butthead laugh, and then my housemate started laughing at my laugh, and then I started laughing at the stupidity of my own laugh, and then I read her the comment and we laughed even more. It was great. I'm pretty sure it was a brilliantly lame programming-related pun. I forgot to favourite it. If you know of any brilliantly lame programming-related puns that have been made on the site, could you link them here for me to see? I think this one was from the blue and also maybe from 2015 as well, but I'm not 100% sure. I think it was original too, I haven't seen it in any lists of programming jokes since.
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December 15


Seems like there are always pregnant MeFis who are looking for some answers / like-minded people to talk to. Anyone want to join an FB group? [more inside]
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December 14

[hilarious title]

So as the sun finally begins to set on the dumpster fire that was 2016, let us remember that there were a few glimmers of light amidst the darkness. For every flower that grows on top of the shitpile, so too are posts with brilliant titles to be found amongst the never-bloody-ending threads of horror. What titles brightened your day, drew you in, astounded you with their cleverness, or just made you smile? Come share.
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December 13

Trying to find an old post about Beatles albums (that don't exist)...

I'm pretty sure I saw this linked on MetaFilter somewhere, but it's been years. [more inside]
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December 12

How much framing does an FPP need?

Tough election season, posts at all related to election need extra modding, etc. So how much framing does an FPP that's really not about the election need, to escape necessarily non-nuanced vetting by exhausted mods? [more inside]
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December 11

Trying to find a story about young black man on the subway…

I believe this was either a story posted to the blue or a comment on the blue, featuring a story of a young man on the subway who happened to be black. When a few other black kids were being slightly disruptive, he was also instructed to get out even though he wasn't with them. It wasn't until the narrator (who is white) intervened that the police let him stay on the train. [more inside]
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EL thread (and EL) discussed on the CBC

On Tapestry - Mary Hynes interviews philosophy professor Marguerite Deslauriers, founder of McGill's Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. (26:17; no transcript that I could see, but sometimes they show up.)
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December 9

Thank you, mysterious gift giver

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my life so I did not enter the secret quonsar swap this year. Nevertheless, a mysterious package addressed to my username appeared on my doorstep yesterday, much to the delight of my family. [more inside]
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New subsite idea:

It would be a complement to Jobs and Projects - a place for Mefites to post ideas that they, personally, are not going to use, and thus make them freely available for other creative and talented Mefites to run with. [more inside]
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December 7

MeFi cookbookfilter redux

In the middle of a year-end personal accounting, I came across this MeTa post and wondered: Has there been any progress toward a community cookbook? I am happy to contribute to, or even help organize, such an enterprise. Anyone else?
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December 5


The thread with people opening their homes for Thanksgiving warmed my heart. Let's not forget there are those among us with nowhere to go for Christmas/other winter holidays. [more inside]
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