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June 27

What happened to text copy on iPad?

Sometime in about the last week, the ability to copy text, say, from a comment or a post, has been lost on my iPad. If I try to copy text, I am confronted with only the choice to copy an image—an image that appears to be the blue background. I am no longer able to select or copy text in either Safari or Chrome on iOS (iPad in my case). I have tested several other sites and this frustrating deficit seems to be limited to metafilter. Have somehow, after years of participation with iPad somehow lost my way?
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Transition Team Post #3

Update on how we're processing the user survey, and a couple of community questions related to it. [more inside]
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June 25

Metatalktail Hour: Everybody needs a Pug

I don't think anyone feels lighthearted at the moment, but we could all use a little comfort right now ... so maybe this is a good time to share our cute pet pix or favorite animal shots, stories, or videos. [more inside]
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Are there any current ways to see deleted posts?

Back in the days of yore, there were blogspot blogs that had feeds of deleted posts and questions, which I found really helpful for resolving "wait...I swear something was here" kinds of moments, as well as having a fuller understanding of the kinds of things that get deleted and why. (This was NOT a record of deleted comments, which is a very different spicy meatball.) [more inside]
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June 24

US abortion access actions and resources: how we can help

In case the front page US abortion thread is overwhelming either you or your electronic devices, here's a much shorter, focused thread for resources, suggestions of actions you can take, ways to help, ways to get help. This brief What You Can Do guide was the standout link I saw in the main thread. It lists places to donate and other ways to help. [more inside]
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June 23

Extremely optional potato whimsy

Without any particular planning, some folks (myself included) have had a good time making and commenting on front page posts about potatoes in the last few days. There's no particular reason, no official theme week or anything like that; I saw several people commenting "what's going on?" or "is this a theme week?" so this is your reassurance that you didn't miss an announcement or something. It's just snowballed organically. If you're enjoying it, have fun! If you don't love the fad, please do feel free to post other stuff as usual. Probably the potato harvest season will end in a few days or weeks.
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Recent outages

As you may have seen, the MetaFilter server has been very unstable the past few days. This should now be fixed. [more inside]
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"Series" rather than "TV" on Fanfare?

I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before but I can't find it. Is it possible to change the category "TV" to "Series" or "Series Show" on Fanfare? With so many series being watched on various streaming platforms and various devices, TV doesn't seem like a helpful category to me?
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June 22

[MeFi Site Update] June 22nd

Hi there, Metafilter! Happy post-solstice Wednesday! You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions. [more inside]
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June 18

Metatalktail Hour: Voight-Kampff, except it's songs

Is it time for a test game? How about this: I'll post a song, then the next person posts a song it reminds them of — either lyrically, thematically, rhythmically, or just overall vibe. The next person does the same for that song. And so on. Let's see where we end up, and maybe discover a few new tunes along the way! (and whether you are a replicant or not, just incidentally.) [more inside]
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June 15

Editing posts and stuff!

I know Metafilter has long thing about not wanting to edit comments but I totally garbled a recent AskMe post. A simple Edit window would have fixed it. I asked a similar request for comments and it was resoundanly rejected. I can email mods but every other site/forum/chat thing has an edit window and a history so you can see the post edit history (perhaps not a comment). Frankly Metafilter is hard to use compared to other sites and is not a great text editor. Rather than putting this on the remaining mods can we just implement this for just posts themselves and with a history we can see abuse! [more inside]
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June 14

185a: V Rising and Severance

Random podcast bonus content! Jessamyn and I decided to do a mid-month episode to just chat about a couple media things we liked. Is it a FanFare podcast? I dunno! Will we keep doing it? I dunno! But it was fun and so here it is. We talk about V Rising, a survive-o-craft vampire game I have been very much enjoying, and about Severance, a TV show that we have both enjoyed tremendously. Runs just about an hour. [more inside]
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June 13

I found my jewellery

This post is now closed to new comments, so I just want you all to know, I JUST FOUND MY JEWELLERY. It was in a re-useable supermarket bag on the floor of my closet right next to my jewellery storage mirror thing (which I put in my closet when I had a baby).
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June 12

MetaFilter YouTube playlist

From time to time Mrs. Gogue and I will be looking for something new and interesting to watch on YouTube on our Roku. MetaFilter is a great source of interesting videos but it's a little awkward to browse MeFi then jump over to the Roku and search YouTube for the video. What if MetaFilter had a YouTube channel that automatically added videos to the channel whenever a YouTube link is posted to the blue? It would be convenient for multi-person watching. It might also bring in more ad bucks.
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June 11

Metatalktail Hour: Dreaming, perchance?

For this week's Metatalktails, I want to know: Have you ever dreamed something that seemed so real that you took X [waking life] action based on your belief that the dreamed thing actually happened? [more inside]
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June 9

LM retiring

Hi Mefites - over the last few months I've been stepping away from my role as moderator here. I wanted to take this chance to make it official and say Thanks for all the fish. [more inside]
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June 8

[MeFi Site Update] June 8th

Hi there, Metafilter! Happy wednesday! You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions. [more inside]
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June 6

Metafilter does Adult ADHD

I know I've come across many good answers, comments, posts and questions about adult diagnoses of ADHD. Do you have any in your memory banks or favorited, followed or flagged you could share with me?
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June 5

Pokémon Go Fest: MeFi Friends?

Is anyone doing Go Fest today? I know this is wildly last minute but I would love to add some new friends from MeFi so I can send you presents. :) My code is: 1514 8228 1369
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June 4

When AskMeFi advice hits Twitter

A decade-old AskMeFi comment advising how to ask a roommate to move out went viral on Twitter yesterday, more than likely due to the roommate ignoring the request and responding with a Wordle, per the screenshot. People noticed the requester likely copied and pasted from the internet as they left the closing quotation mark in the text. The original post.
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Metatalktail Hour: For this, I'm gonna need an emoji that means "emoji"

For this week's Metatalktails, I'd like to ask about your emojiness. Apparently, "face with tears of joy" 😂 is the most common emoji in more countries than any other. Do you often use an emoji that's not the laugh/cry face, or any of the other top 5 👍❤️😘😢? What's the last emoji you used? Any emojis that make you feel 😖? Which ones do you especially 😍? And finally, if you could add a new, unique emoji to the Emojicon, what would it be? [more inside]
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Penpal(s) wanted!

As above - I enjoy writing and receiving handwritten letters and looking for one or more Mefites to exchange handwritten letters with. [more inside]
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June 1

Video game roundup thread!

Hey, what video games are you playing lately? Come on in and talk about it!
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