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August 31

why conservatives tend to have a negative view of MeFi

Statements like this are part of the reason why conservatives tend to have a negative view of MeFi (more)
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the following would the biggest waste of time!

"Does anyone really need this garbage? Personally I am pretty mad at the link poster for not warning me that the following would the biggest waste of time! Seriously, all I have to do is type in and I've everything I need. Sorry but that Plump Design plump design (not a typo) really made hold on...........ok I've got it........made me angry. That's it angry."
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Post quality improving.

Am I the only one (and I am a longtime reader, albeit not poster - almost 2 years) who thinks the quality here has gotten BETTER? I've gotten so used to the complaints in MetaTalk about posting that recent content (with some exceptions) has been a nice surprise.
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great comment from new user

Something to balance the "newbies are ruining this place" deathnell. Great comment.
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Good descriptions wanted on front page

is there any good way to encourage people to post real descriptions (of any kind!!!) to front page posts? please? it's tiring wanting to click a link without having any idea what the post is actually about. and the comments on that thread (at least the first few, when i saw it) don't exactly help.
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how has Metafilter changed your life?

The Well celebrated their 15th earlier this year - it changed the lives of many of the people involved - how has Metafilter changed your life?
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August 30

Fantasy Football, MeFi Style

we've got a metafilter football league going, and we need a few more people. the league is an autodraft points league, so you won't have to do too much work to manage your team. if anyone's interested, the league is on Yahoo, ID #163508. the league name is 'metafilter football', and the password is 'filtermeta'. we'll be starting the league draft on saturday, probably, so hop on board if you're interested.
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The demise of Mefi

Metafilter is making me sad. (more)
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Don't dis Wesley Crusher!

Enough with the Wil Wheaton crap, already. Has he commited some offense that I am unaware of? He seems like a nice guy. Why dis him?
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August 29

boundaries of acceptable behavior

What are the boundaries of acceptable behavior for MetaFilter?
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What in the name of all that is holy is the TicketStub Project?

I am glad you could all make it to this little meeting tonight. The topic of conversation:

What in the name of all that is holy is the TicketStub Project?

The floor is yours.
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MeFi - NPR connection?

On most days I listen to NPR. At least once a day I read about something on metafilter and moments/hours later there is an NPR story on it; Or the opposite - I listen to a story and then discover a thread covering the exact story, usually with added information and/or related links. I suppose this isn't very exciting. What I'm wondering is if anyone else has had this experience with metafilter converging with other traditional media so seamlessly?
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Should I filter MetaFilter (asks mathowie)?

This thread sucks. The link doesn't jump down to the story, the subject matter isn't very funny or interesting, it's just stupid. The post is too long, the comments are pretty pointless. I would delete it, but it could create more trouble than it is worth. What should be done about sub-par links? Anything? Take the good with the bad?
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August 28

What's up with the extra slash in the Metafilter URL?

Anybody else noticing an extra trailing slash after Only happens if you leave off the preceeding www's. Not a big deal, everything works fine, but it's a bit strange. Looks like url-rewwriting gone amuk?
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What are MeFi's secrets? Are there handy secret pref pages, alternate views, fun hidden domains? You tell me.
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Why Was Cut Off My Feet Removed?

The thread about Cut Off My Feet was removed. What the reasoning behind its being pulled?

(I thought the was rather freakish and sick at first, but then I realized as I looked around the site that the man is cutting off his feet because his insurance comany won't pay for an amputation and new prosthetics. Perhaps poor marketing and communication of his message, but a powerful one, still.)
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Abusive Backlash

Abusive Backlash

One user dismissed a silly joke as being old and he got totally reamed by the originator of the joke. Was the reaction really justified? Shouldn't it have been in Metatalk anyway? [more inside]
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August 27

New dublab CD

Once upon a time, dublab was lamented on metafilter. Cry no more: they have released a CD (which may have been announced way back when). In my URB magazine, they say: "Freeways is an easy, abstract-leaning release to have handy while traversing the 405, the 110, the 10 freeways...or down any side roads that ultimately lead to more halcyon places." (URB issue 87, sept 2001, page 158 - emphasis theirs.)
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August 26

Thread Hijacking

Thread hijacking

Should the wandering and fission of the topics in MeFi conversation be seen as an abuse of the openness of the forum, or should it be welcome as the natural state of a healthy and creative exchange? My first reaction is to resist attemps by others to limit the scope of the conversation, but I can see reasons to keep it focused, too, especially given the short lifetime of any thread. I want to know what the rest of you think.
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Was the "register" form updated?

Am I being innovative within my own stupidities? Has the "register" form for MetaFilter recently changed? Is it suddenly less interested in my personal bits and pieces?
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Out your sockpuppets: some of the 10.5K users must be doubles

Anyone else noticed that there are now 10,500 members. And I remember when everyone was complaining about 8000. I'm sure, however, that some of these must be members who've registered a name simply for a single thread either as a joke or theme. So how about an amnesty. How about listing all of the user names you've ever used...see that's better...
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August 25

Bad Bush thread.

Boy, is this Bush link ever a bad thread.
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August 24

metafilter fantasy leagues!

Metafilter fantasy leagues! Football? Basketball? Chime in if you're interested. (Will be organizing something for football in a second.)
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Against email forwards

I like Anil's statement against email forwards.

I'm pleased to say I no longer get them, myself. Nothing like a little debunking to make people feel stupid.
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problem with the time stamps

In this thread there seem to be a problem with the time stamps. More Inside.
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metafilter: the community that parodies itself

metafilter: the community that parodies itself
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does MeFi have any policy regarding usernames?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Fishfucker.

So my question is - and I'm not offended by this, merely curious - does MeFi have any policy regarding usernames?
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Simplified MeFi pony request

I would love a pared down version of MeFi that I could sync with via Avant Go. Ideally, it wouldn't have the sidebar or header links, and would limit the display to the last couple of days (since you can't have AvantGo use your cookies.) Yeah, I know, MeFi is all about discussion, why would you want to read it in offline mode? My local paper sucks, and I can't think of a better way to get through progress bars or waiting in the doctor's office.

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August 23

Chicago meetup

OK, for real this time, I've set up Metafilter Chicago I. Come! Eat! Drink! Play pool! Win valuable cash prizes!
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Self-promotional thread on web hosting

This is turning into some shameless promoting. People are promoting their own web hosting companies and from the comments they seem to know what they are doing is wrong...
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The old "should you point out a double post" debate.
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August 21

Effects of the MeFi downtime?

So... now that things are rolling again. Was Mefi better before or after the break? Are you still addicted or has your passion for bitter bickering faded?
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How about a MeFi email digest?

If someone had the time to put together a daily or weekly e-mail digest, I know I'd subscribe. It wouldn't have to be Matt, obviously, and I'd like to personally nominate Joe Clark.
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Burning Man Meetup

So, Burning Man is right around the corner, anyone going this year, or is it played out already?

Regardless, I'll be there (3rd year in a row), anyone up for a B-Man MeFi meet-up?
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The end of free

Ev Williams of Blogger's new (well new to me, anyway) project is The End of Free

What does this mean for Blogger? How will it "transition from free to fee and beyond"? What about other weblog software, is there anything you'd pay for?
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"indie-music" weblog contributors sought

I'm looking for some webloggers to contribute to my new "indie-music" weblog. I'm looking for weblogging of the most journalistic kind here. Visit my weblog for more information.

Are you passionate about music? Do you read a lot of websites? Give something back.
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August 5

eBay post that no longer exists

It was like the tour de france.
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All the comments pages are 404

All the comments pages are 404...
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Another day, another link

Serial Linker A lot of folks on MetaFilter probably post in the same genre every once in a while, but what do people feel about someone linking every day on the same topic? Clearly it's not something anyone wants to become a widespread trend; is it appropriate in any context?
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What the heck is wrong with a double-post?

What the heck is wrong with a double-post? Recently there seems to be a crusade afoot to teach the unwashed masses that a double-post is the Greatest Sin of All.

(more inside)
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August 4

Linking to Affiliate Codes

Hey Matt - I don't know how easy this would be, but how about a script that looks at links as they're posted and if it recognizes a link to an Amazon product (or any of 100s of others), it would automatically reformat the link with the Give MeFi 15% back if somebody buys this product off this link character string.

Then you could just sit back and rake in all of the subversively gotten gain.
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shut the hell up

"OWillis, shut the hell up, you pinhead. If you have something to add, add it. If not, keep your damn, troll, stinky, ass shut. I do not have time for people like you. Right now, you are not welcome in this thread."
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August 2

cheerleading/jeerleading: new info or be quiet

Cheerleading posts. (Or their opposites: let's call them jeerleading.) We're seeing more of them. They don't add to threads: and if you're the one being praised, it's a bit embarrassing.

Can we just take it for granted that some people will agree, others disagree, and that if you want to support an argument, you should either provide some useful background or suggest other lines of discussion?
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Thread/Comment and User Growth statistics, July 2001

Thread/Comment and User Growth statistics are up for July. This is the first month that threads and comments actually dropped slightly, largely because new user signups are still disabled. Also, we broke 10,000 user IDs yesterday. Congratulations, Ricci.
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Blogdex Ranking

I'd just like to point out that blogdex lists MeFi as the Number 4 All-Time Linked site on over 10,000 blogs. The first three are all blog-creation or blog-hosting sites, so I guess that makes MeFi really the #1 community site. but we knew that, didn't we ;-)
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August 1

The Metafilter 3l33t userid auction is up to $70

The Metafilter 3l33t userid auction is up to $70. It might be silly, but it's for a good cause.
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The MetaFilter RSS feed is broken.

The MetaFilter RSS feed is broken. I just was wondering how you were populating the RSS, and got a malformed XML error. You have a stray "&" in one of the descriptions. Also, the "title"s aren't very title-like: "comments on 9412". Just FYI.
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But just how many subs are there?

I thought I was special, but we all are. But just how many subs are there? What am I missing?
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