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Spaz? Really?

So, "spazzing" is acceptable to metafilter, is it?
posted by pompomtom on Oct 24 at 8:27 AM - 116 comments


It's Thanktoberfest! If you need a refresher, that's a holiday that, like actual Oktoberfest, has only the loosest relation to October. Thanktoberfest runs from Canadian Thanksgiving through American Thanksgiving, and we encourage you to focus on things you're thankful for. People have been making a ton of awesome posts about things I'm very thankful exist in the world! Share your favorites and thank your fellow mefites within!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 26 at 5:08 PM - 9 comments

Pony Request: Recent activity on my recent activity?

OK, so I check recent activity all the time. It would be rad if I could know if any of those posts had new comments without having to scroll to the bottom of each "last ten comments". I'm open to many different implementations, but a badge on the recent activity link might be nice, but even a "no new activity since you last loaded this page you obsessive advicepig." text near the top would be nice.
posted by advicepig on Oct 25 at 3:44 PM - 16 comments

AskMeta reference to scheduling fun first?

Hazy memory of a reference to some kind of productivity system, in the vein of GTD but not GTD, that advises scheduling fun and leisure activities into your planner before work tasks? Googlefu not working, so any chance someone can point me to the recommendation? Thank you!
posted by doornoise on Oct 28 at 4:22 AM - 3 comments

A better way to favorite on a mobile device

When I'm using a mobile device, I'd love a better way to favorite (or flag) items, so that I can engage with MetaFilter more. The goal here would be increased usability, accessibility, engagement and enjoyment.
posted by iamkimiam on Oct 11 at 8:39 AM - 30 comments

Thank you, strangers.

My friend with ovarian cancer? She died.
posted by BlahLaLa on Oct 4 at 4:42 PM - 66 comments

Pony Request: Buttons, the type you pin to things

I'd like a button or pin I can buy, where the profit goes to help fund metafilter, that has the metafilter logo on it, or whatever. Something about an inch in size that I can put on my backpack would be perfect.
posted by gryftir on Oct 22 at 7:29 PM - 22 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Victory!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, MonkeyToes wants to hear your stories of "victory over inanimate objects/frustrating situations," apropos of this post and this one!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 20 at 5:48 PM - 88 comments


For those of you who missed it, Infini dropped a self-link to an amazing, informative TedTalk she delivered on informal economies and markets in Africa. It was great and I am super impressed! So that leads naturally to the question...
posted by zeusianfog on Oct 22 at 1:47 PM - 15 comments

MLB playoffs this year?

Playoffs have started and I'm the past I've loved participating even in my limited amount. Had the site policy changed on event such as these or has no one posted to fanfare yet?
posted by Carillon on Oct 2 at 7:14 PM - 14 comments

Praise for a Mefite

Can I just mention and thank MovableBookLady for a regular series of consistently thoughtful, interesting and informative posts to the blue? The breadth of subject she posts about is truly educational. I consider myself reasonably well read and educated but I've learned so much General Knowledge (used to be a VI form subject when I was a gel - is it still?) stuff I would never have come across without her posts.
posted by glasseyes on Oct 17 at 5:15 AM - 51 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Bragging Wrongs

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, terretu suggested "the opposite of the thread on bragging rights, i.e., what things in life are people consistently hilariously bad at."
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 13 at 5:36 PM - 307 comments

Cat Pajama-jam Party!

Such an event falls well inside our area of expertise.
posted by Secretariat on Oct 19 at 2:18 PM - 30 comments

Fucking Fuck XV

I can barely do regular numbers much less Roman ones. Either way, come in to screech freely about political omnishambles ongoing.
posted by yoga on Sep 21 at 4:07 PM - 524 comments

Ecclesiastical embroidery

Do you remember reading an article on the blue about a group of ecclesiastical embroiderers toiling away in an attic room of an Anglican (I think) church? "Ecclesiastical" and "embroidery" are search terms that ought to pull it right up so maybe I didn't see it here, but I swear I did. Any idea what I'm talking about?
posted by HotToddy on Oct 20 at 5:21 PM - 3 comments

Revisiting Pastabagel's Comment on the News of Sears Bankruptcy

In light of the announcement of Sears' possible bankruptcy I thought it would be interesting to revisit Pastabagel's comment on what might have been had Sears not made a few key mistakes.
posted by Deathalicious on Oct 10 at 2:24 PM - 41 comments


I thought that it might be good to have a place for people to share links/contact information/registration/locations etc. related to voting. The 2018 U.S. Midterm elections are just around the corner (Tuesday November 6, 2018). This isn't the place to talk about #potus45, we have our mega-threads for that. But this is a good reminder to remember to vote, to make sure you're registered, and to get out there and let your voice be heard.
posted by Fizz on Oct 15 at 7:38 AM - 28 comments

Who was Hitler before Hitler? The Atlantic Answers

Back in 2006, stupidsexyFlanders asked Mefi: "Before Hitler, what historical figure did people refer to as the pure archetype of evil?" We might have a new contender for best answer.
posted by Telf on Oct 9 at 10:04 PM - 27 comments

145: I Don't Own A Cellphone!

If you wanted to hear about the time Jessamyn went on Jesse Ventura's TV show, this episode of the MetaFilter podcast is your big chance! Also we talk about, y'know, MetaFilter and MetaFilterian things and fun stuff and stupid stuff. The whole gamut, basically.
posted by cortex on Oct 3 at 12:56 PM - 11 comments

Metatalktail Hour: TREES!

Good Saturday Evening, MetaFilter! It's the first weekend of the month, which means Metaeurotalktails! Eurotalktails! Eurometatalktails? Metatalkeurotails? Whatever, we talk at the European time! This week, smoke wants to know about your favorite trees: "Tell me about your favourite tree. It could be a specific tree, or a particular variety. What about it do you love and treasure?" I will also accept particularly awesome plants.
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 6 at 7:03 AM - 155 comments

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