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Your media of 2022

What did you play this year? What did you watch? What did you read? None of it has to be the greatest ever, or even anything that came out in 2022, I'd just like to hear about what you spent time with and what it meant to you.
posted by curious nu on Dec 7 at 11:00 PM - 82 comments

📢📢📢 Fundraiser Update 3: With your help, we’re charting a way forward

We’ve blown past our Survive target thanks to you, and are well on our way to being able to 🌱Revive🌱 Metafilter! As we enter the final week of the Metafilter Fundraiser 2022, here’s what you can do to help push the site over the finish line.
posted by tavegyl on Nov 16 at 12:30 PM - 85 comments

[MeFi Site Update] December 2nd

Hi there, MetaFilter!

It’s been a while! I’m happy to be back with this special update. You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.
posted by loup on Dec 2 at 10:58 AM - 19 comments

🔊 📚 🔊 MetaFilter Events: Week 2 🔊 📚 🔊

Week 2 of Metafilter Events is here! Following Week 1, we’re back with more as we kick off a week about books, fiction and the humanities. (NaNoWriMo participants - this week is calling your name ✨ )
posted by aielen on Nov 28 at 7:55 AM - 12 comments

2022 MeFi Holiday Card Exchange

It's time for the sixth MeFi Holiday Card Exchange!
posted by needlegrrl on Nov 7 at 6:54 AM - 23 comments

Mefi Mastodon server?

Would there be interest in having a Metafilter Mastodon server? I think this idea has come up a couple of times, though scattered around; having the conversation in one thread might be helpful.
posted by Pronoiac on Nov 5 at 5:47 AM - 311 comments

What The MeFi BIPOC Board Does

MetaFilter’s Global BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Advisory Board wants to share some context and plans with MetaFilter at large. This text is drawn from a conversation the BIPOC Board had with MetaFilter’s newly-elected Steering Committee in September 2022.
posted by brainwane on Nov 28 at 11:41 AM - 28 comments

Bug warning: MeFi Mail issues

Heads up: Sending MefiMail might silently break. When it doesn’t work, the message is not sent, and it doesn’t show up in your Sent Mail folder.
posted by Pronoiac on Nov 21 at 12:51 AM - 17 comments

Ad Bars

Can we stop plastering the top of the site with fundraising and community notices? It's incredibly annoying.
posted by Orange Pamplemousse on Nov 22 at 5:34 AM - 86 comments

🔊 🎊 🔊 Announcing MetaFilter Events 🔊 🎊 🔊

The inaugural Metafilter Events is finally here! As one of the closing initiatives under our Metafilter Fundraising Drive, our online events series features presentations, workshops and discussions across a fascinating range of topics, themes and perspectives - from Mefites and friends-of-Mefites that have generously volunteered to speak and/or teach on these subjects. Tickets, bundled passes and gift cards are available now, and you can also sponsor fellow Mefites to attend paid events.
posted by aielen on Nov 19 at 8:40 AM - 45 comments

Proposed: Auto-replace Twitter URLs with Nitter instead

Twitter's descent into becoming naught but a poorly-run distributor of hate speech and adbots is well documented elsewhere on the site. It may no longer be ethical to participate in the Twitter ecosystem. Why give them any of our web traffic, or allow them access to our computers? The proposal is that whenever a URL in a post or comment is being sent to the site, it automatically swaps out "" with ""
posted by The Pluto Gangsta on Nov 5 at 11:13 PM - 20 comments

Metatalktail Hour: It's what's inside that counts

Hello and welcome to your weekend, mefites! Since it's been a while, today I'd like to ask you, "what's in your bag?" Clutches, totes, diaper bags, purses, satchels, backpacks, pocketbooks, pouches, wallets — all are welcome to spill their guts here. Show a photo if you're brave enough ... otherwise, just describe the inner life of your bag.
posted by taz on Nov 26 at 3:16 AM - 59 comments

Thank you all

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I don’t celebrate this holiday but every year , I think of great people who have made a difference in my life. This year , it’s all about you mefites who I’m thinking of today.
posted by SunPower on Nov 24 at 7:46 AM - 18 comments

Thank You

It's Thanksgiving week, so I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the MetaFilter community. I am the least social person, but I check in with MeFi every morning and night. You all, as irascible and argumentative as you may be, are my friends. Thank you, everyone.
posted by SPrintF on Nov 21 at 4:09 PM - 8 comments

MeFi Posts for "Sale"

We're all pitching in for Fundraising Month. Ever wanted to see a post on a topic, but didn't want to write it yourself for whatever reason? Let us do it for you.
posted by jessamyn on Oct 28 at 1:54 PM - 111 comments

Thinking ahead to a celebration!

MetaFilter has made so much progress! With both the fundraising and the community involvement. We should think about a celebration! Here are a couple of ideas: 1. We could do something by Zoom the last week of the events. 2. In January, we could designate a weekend where we encourage people to get together for IRL events.
posted by NotLost on Nov 21 at 10:07 PM - 2 comments

Turkey Day in the MST Club room!

It is Thanksgiving Day, and as is our wanton wont, we are watching the official 2022 Turkey Day marathon (via their YouTube stream) of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in the MST Club room all day long! It started at 7 AM and should be going for quite a while, they have a lot of episodes this year, and they've been "surgically enhanced," meaning they're uprezed and restored! Come join us for a while if that sounds fun!
posted by JHarris on Nov 24 at 4:50 AM - 1 comments


Friends, our journey creating MeFiGiftGuide2022 has culminated in a fantastic FPP! Now the next stage of our strategy begins: sharing our content across other social networks to bring in more members and grow our community!
posted by rebent on Nov 21 at 10:07 PM - 3 comments

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