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What Should We Learn from Reddit?

It seems obvious from site activity over the beginning of the week that much of the reduction in participation here is due to attrition to reddit. I am hoping to have a friendly thread about what people LIKE about reddit and what it gets right that MetaFilter could learn from. We’ve had plenty of threads about what people don’t like about Reddit, and I ask that people respectfully understand that’s not the purpose of this thread. Lots of mefites are back for the first time in a long time, and it’s wonderful! What can we tweak so that we become Internet Home again? The increased activity on the front page has been invigorating.
posted by Bottlecap on Jun 14 at 8:52 AM - 223 comments

[MeFi Site Update] June 21st

Hi there, MetaFilter!

Happy Solstice and welcome to your monthly Site Update! The last update can be found here. You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.

Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions.
posted by loup on Jun 21 at 1:31 PM - 17 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Animal Facts

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is closing out Pride Month by texting queer ocean and sealife facts to anyone who signs up. (Join by texting MBAPRIDE to 844.786.2927. Please be prepared for puns and GIFs.) What's an animal fact you would like to share? Note that anecdotes about your pets or local wildlife count as facts for purposes of this chat!
posted by the primroses were over on Jun 24 at 6:47 AM - 32 comments

Italicization is significant (again).

Should the search results pages' excerpts reflect the italicization of the original comments?
posted by nobody on Jun 23 at 10:02 AM - 21 comments

Israel Palestine posts

With enormous compassion and respect for the work of moderators on this site, and an understanding that the intent is to avoid polarizing and exhausting debate, I want to ask that we consider the impact of the defacto policy of deleting almost all posts that relate to Palestine and/or Israel.
posted by latkes on May 25 at 10:26 AM - 136 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Weird work shifts

Hello all! At my current job, I am on call this week which they define as "work 40, plus any pages that come in after hours." It's actually not as bad as it sounds. But, since it has me up late at night for no good reason, what's your story about a weird/long/exhausting work schedule? Or the best work schedule you have had that would seem odd to someone who is used to a regular 9-5? Or... whatever!
posted by a non mouse, a cow herd on Jun 3 at 12:09 AM - 58 comments

[MeFi Site Update] May 17th

Hi there, MetaFilter!

Welcome to your monthly Site Update!

You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.

Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions.
posted by loup on May 17 at 2:29 PM - 49 comments

I only met a Gately once....

Ever since reading this FPP, I've been thinking about people I've met with unusual names. How about you?
posted by annieb on May 27 at 7:31 AM - 101 comments

CQ CQ Metafilter Hams?

I know of at least one Mefite ham out there - are there any others? After a lifetime of watching my dad sit at his rig, and one go at a Novice license about twenty years ago (I got reasonably good at CW and then somehow never tested), I am now a brand new Technician and learning to play around on a Yaesu handheld. I am still in the "nod and smile" phase of listening to other hams talk, but I'm gearing up to take the general at some point. I'd love to see how many other Metafilter hams there are...
posted by PussKillian on May 12 at 2:05 PM - 36 comments

How To Check Youtube Region Blocking

I occasionally see comments about youtube being blocked by region. There are ways for posters/commentors to check preemptively, or for the site to do so with some dev work.
posted by Chrysopoeia on May 31 at 10:32 AM - 4 comments


Almost a year ago I posted this pony request. I appreciate how a few people started to get into it, but then it died out, as these things do. But I still want my pony, and while I don't have the time or skill to do it myself, I do have a little extra money, so here's my offer:
posted by hypnogogue on May 1 at 1:21 PM - 20 comments

Metatalktail Hour: The Song Remembers When

What's a song that reliably conjures up a very specific time/moment/place/person from your past?
posted by the primroses were over on May 6 at 5:38 AM - 42 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Mama Said

It's Mothers Day weekend in some places. What's something your mother told you that sticks with you? (Or a mother figure told you: TV mom, teacher, friend with strong maternal energy...) Advice, jokes, songs, shaggy dog stories, facts, aphorisms, etc.
posted by the primroses were over on May 13 at 7:22 AM - 52 comments

please consider content warnings for AI interaction

i would like to respectfully ask the community to please consider placing some textual warnings in FPP text when linking directly to websites that will lead to interaction with chatGPT or similar machine-learning systems.
posted by glonous keming on May 12 at 6:15 AM - 195 comments

eotvos memorial service details - May 13

Chicago area MeFites (and others): there will be a memorial service for eotvos (Erik Shirokoff) on Saturday May 13, 2023 both in person and over Zoom. Details can be found on this page. I am passing along this notification at the request of his friend Martin.
posted by jessamyn on May 6 at 10:00 AM - 27 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Vexing Grammar

Merry weekend, friends! Today I'd like to use my words to ask about the grammar and usage issues that vex you the most, either in their observance or non-observance, or possibly just in their DNA.
posted by taz on Apr 22 at 2:18 AM - 261 comments

Best way to link to Instagram posts in Metafilter?

I would like to create a post on Metafilter, about some instagram content that's not available anywhere else on the web. What's the best way to link to this content so that people without Instagram can easily view it?
posted by Zumbador on May 7 at 10:29 PM - 28 comments

I'll See You In My Dreams

Ask Metafilter made a cameo in my dreams last night. In my dream the family dog's coat dramatically changed color and no one could explain it. I told my family I would pose a question on Ask Metafilter to see if anyone out there could. That's it. I woke up before I could get an answer. Has anyone else had Metafilter related dreams?
posted by brookeb on Apr 28 at 10:31 AM - 24 comments

Policies on Trans Issues: Current and Future

This post includes Information from loup about how the site's policies on trans people/issues are currently implemented including how transphobic content, sources and members are dealt with, the information they've given me about planned changes based on some brief feedback I've given, and an invitation for other trans members to share their thoughts, concerns, feedback, and suggestions
posted by Chrysopoeia on Apr 1 at 11:45 AM - 115 comments

Site Update

Following up on some concerns raised in MetaTalk threads from a few weeks ago about the role of the Steering Committee and having volunteers working for a for-profit company. This is not the outcome we were hoping for, but it's the one we got.
posted by jessamyn on Mar 29 at 2:26 PM - 89 comments

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