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Metatalktail Hour: Halloween!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, I want to know what you and yours are dressing up as for Halloween! Or what you might dress up as if you lived in a Halloween-having culture. Or what your best costume ever was, whether Halloween or cosplay or whatever. All things costumey!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 27 at 4:43 PM - 119 comments

Zozosuit Check-in II

In this post on the Blue a bunch of us ordered free "Zozosuits", spotted body-scan jumpsuits for ordering tailored clothing. The previous MetaTalk post on the subject expired before we got the clothes in. I just got mine, has anyone else?
posted by One Second Before Awakening on Oct 29 at 1:09 PM - 26 comments

146: GO VOTE

It's a remarkably short one this month—just over 50 minutes—because my throat was sore in what turned out to be the preface to a nasty cold that knocked me out all weekend, which is why we recorded this last week and it's only going up to day! But here it is! Also, vote!
posted by cortex on Nov 5 at 2:21 PM - 10 comments

Three cheers for Chrysostom

Title says it all. Dude has been heroic in keeping the community fully informed during this intense campaign season (as he has many times before), and I couldn't find an appreciation post for him, so this is it. Thank you, Chrysostom! You are truly doing all of us a service every day.
posted by GrammarMoses on Nov 3 at 8:04 AM - 72 comments

Support and check in for trans, non-binary, pan and GQ people.

This week in the news sucked and it's been all too easy to lose sleep over it. How are you? (Hugs, headpats and venting inside.)
posted by loquacious on Oct 23 at 7:55 AM - 90 comments

The MeFi youth of today and tomorrow

My son wants to get a MeFi account. He's 11. Pros, cons?
posted by signal on Oct 31 at 9:00 AM - 87 comments

Jumping Pony on Mobile

The jump-down anchor visible on posts on mobile takes you all the way down to the tags. I imagine most people use it like I do: to get to the comment box and/or last comment more quickly. Could this be adjusted to remove the need to scroll up each time?
posted by cichlid ceilidh on Oct 31 at 12:26 PM - 27 comments

My grandmother is smarter than you

How would you explain it to your grandmother? is such a terrible question to ask regarding tech. I work daily in my office with actual, real-live grandmothers who actively develop software with IBM and RedHat. Please kill this ageist and sexist assumption. It is actively harmful and factually incorrect.

Possible alternates could be: layman's terms, plain English, simplify it for me...
posted by jillithd on Oct 29 at 7:32 AM - 78 comments

The Calm and Happy Peaceful Thread

It's been a tough week with tough news. I thought it might be useful to have a MeTa to share soul-replenishing websites and tools we use or go to in order to replenish our inner calm and equilbirium.
posted by WCityMike on Oct 25 at 8:16 AM - 76 comments

A question about mod praxis and the authorial voice of users

In this recent MetaTalk thread about an ableist slur from five days ago cortex noted that after mod discussion the ask metafilter question that provoked the thread was unilaterally edited to remove some indeed very questionable word choice, while allowing the otherwise fine question that various members had invested time into answering to remain. While I think that the previous MeTa thread functioned as an excellent forum for discussing our values with regards to abelist language, this specific solution struck me as a pretty radical departure from the core philosophy of MetaFilter with regards to both user identity and authorship as well as the public expectations laid out in the FAQ in a way that I think warrants independent discussion.
posted by Blasdelb on Oct 29 at 10:08 AM - 50 comments

Spaz? Really?

So, "spazzing" is acceptable to metafilter, is it?
posted by pompomtom on Oct 24 at 8:27 AM - 116 comments


It's Thanktoberfest! If you need a refresher, that's a holiday that, like actual Oktoberfest, has only the loosest relation to October. Thanktoberfest runs from Canadian Thanksgiving through American Thanksgiving, and we encourage you to focus on things you're thankful for. People have been making a ton of awesome posts about things I'm very thankful exist in the world! Share your favorites and thank your fellow mefites within!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 26 at 5:08 PM - 9 comments

Pony Request: Recent activity on my recent activity?

OK, so I check recent activity all the time. It would be rad if I could know if any of those posts had new comments without having to scroll to the bottom of each "last ten comments". I'm open to many different implementations, but a badge on the recent activity link might be nice, but even a "no new activity since you last loaded this page you obsessive advicepig." text near the top would be nice.
posted by advicepig on Oct 25 at 3:44 PM - 16 comments

AskMeta reference to scheduling fun first?

Hazy memory of a reference to some kind of productivity system, in the vein of GTD but not GTD, that advises scheduling fun and leisure activities into your planner before work tasks? Googlefu not working, so any chance someone can point me to the recommendation? Thank you!
posted by doornoise on Oct 28 at 4:22 AM - 3 comments

A better way to favorite on a mobile device

When I'm using a mobile device, I'd love a better way to favorite (or flag) items, so that I can engage with MetaFilter more. The goal here would be increased usability, accessibility, engagement and enjoyment.
posted by iamkimiam on Oct 11 at 8:39 AM - 30 comments

Thank you, strangers.

My friend with ovarian cancer? She died.
posted by BlahLaLa on Oct 4 at 4:42 PM - 66 comments

Pony Request: Buttons, the type you pin to things

I'd like a button or pin I can buy, where the profit goes to help fund metafilter, that has the metafilter logo on it, or whatever. Something about an inch in size that I can put on my backpack would be perfect.
posted by gryftir on Oct 22 at 7:29 PM - 22 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Victory!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, MonkeyToes wants to hear your stories of "victory over inanimate objects/frustrating situations," apropos of this post and this one!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Oct 20 at 5:48 PM - 88 comments


For those of you who missed it, Infini dropped a self-link to an amazing, informative TedTalk she delivered on informal economies and markets in Africa. It was great and I am super impressed! So that leads naturally to the question...
posted by zeusianfog on Oct 22 at 1:47 PM - 15 comments

MLB playoffs this year?

Playoffs have started and I'm the past I've loved participating even in my limited amount. Had the site policy changed on event such as these or has no one posted to fanfare yet?
posted by Carillon on Oct 2 at 7:14 PM - 14 comments

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