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Metafilter Fantasy (Premier League) football (also known as "soccer")

There were some years Mefi had a league- is it still around?
posted by Red Loop on Aug 8 at 1:30 PM - 3 comments

Turn off the high-beams on Mobile Safari

When scrolling the various meta* sites at night on Mobile Safari, the larger soft-gray and translucent address bar is replaced with a smaller, but full white bar that lights up the entire room.
posted by autopilot on Aug 7 at 6:22 AM - 2 comments

Can we please stop using the term "wheelchair bound" on MetaFilter?

Recently I have noticed several different commenters on MetaFilter using the phrase "wheelchair bound." This is a phrase that a lot of wheelchair users (including myself) find deeply objectionable, as wheelchairs actually give us freedom of movement compared to not having a wheelchair. (Also, a lot of wheelchair users are ambulatory wheelchair users, e.g. they can sometimes walk a very short distance.) The preferred term is "wheelchair user". If using it as an adjective, you can say "wheelchair using", e.g. "My wheelchair-using girlfriend."
posted by chariot pulled by cassowaries on Jul 13 at 11:27 AM - 43 comments

Heat Wave/Extreme Climate Check-In Thread

Much of the planet right now is dealing with very intense climate related heat waves. Thought it might be helpful to provide a check-in thread and a space for people to discuss the weather/climate, thoughts, concerns, how we're staying cool, what we're doing to try to conserve energy and survive this climate hell. Stay cool, drink water, check in with the vulnerable peoples, friends, family, & be safe.
posted by Fizz on Jul 20 at 8:02 AM - 74 comments

[MeFi Site Update] July 19th

Hi there, MetaFilter!

Welcome to your monthly Site Update! The last update is here. You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.

Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions.
posted by loup on Jul 19 at 11:30 AM - 19 comments

MeFi24 in 2023

Today is MetaFilter’s 24th anniversary. To put things in perspective, this invaluable source of knowledge, conversations and learning was founded the same year the Euro launched, boy bands were on the rise, the first Matrix movie was released, and "Believe" by Cher was hitting the top of the Billboard Year-End chart. We'd like to celebrate this milestone by raising a virtual toast to the countless discussions, friendships, and shared knowledge that have blossomed here.
posted by jessamyn on Jul 14 at 9:03 AM - 108 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Christmas (movies) in July

Die Hard has hit one of our streaming services this month, which makes me think about Christmas in July. What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? And would you watch them in July?
posted by a non mouse, a cow herd on Jul 1 at 10:39 PM - 44 comments

Flooding and weather check in

It is flooding in Vermont, among other places. Are fellow MeFites in weather-battered regions in the US and elsewhere okay? Please check in and let us know, jessamyn and others. Thanks!
posted by Bella Donna on Jul 11 at 2:31 PM - 12 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Local Mysteries

This week, the worker owned bookstore in my city revealed that there is a mysterious old safe on the newly opened second floor of their new permanent location. (Alternate archive link if the soft paywall blocks you ). Any one who can pick the lock during their business hours can keep half the contents, or all of the contents if they turn out to be "gross or cursed." What do you think is in the safe? What do you wish is in the safe? Or what minor unsolved mysteries reside in your home/town/mind palace?
posted by the primroses were over on Jul 8 at 6:51 AM - 53 comments

MetaFilter has a real problem with voicing class genocidal attitudes

There have been two threads i've bailed out on in the past while. One was a thread about how small communities are becoming less economically viable which I'm unable to find right now because I can't find the right keywords. The most recent is the one about the submarine that is currently lost in the ocean. In both of these threads members of this community, a community I dearly love, have expressed either a desire for the extinction of people living in rural communities, or a bloodlust for rich people to perish doing activities only they can afford. Neither of these are acceptable and both of them make our community look shitty from the outside. I don't know if this is a reduced moderation hours problem or an issue where this group of people is becoming actually worse, but it is becoming more unappealing to me with every iteration.
posted by hippybear on Jun 20 at 1:15 PM - 682 comments

CamelCase reminder for tagging new posts?

Relatively small request: Can we change the text above the Tags field when making new posts so that it encourages using CamelCase when combining multiple words into one tag, to help members with visual impairments who use screenreaders? For instance, changing the example in the text "searchengine" to "SearchEngine"? This will help screenreading software better parse the meaning of the tag.
posted by mediareport on Jun 30 at 10:34 AM - 43 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Don't Yum My Yuck

What book/movie/song/art/etc. are you fully incapable of containing your unhinged rants about? Please come in and vent about the thing!
posted by the primroses were over on Jun 10 at 7:06 AM - 404 comments

FanFare AutoBoost thought for your consideration

How about adding a 'trigger' that moves a movie to the top of the page when it goes to streaming. And other "life events" in the career of any particular media. Perhaps when a book is turned into another form (see Like Water for Chocolate ballet) which is also a film, (hmm needs an opera:) The easiest initial implementation would be a place to insert a release date for theater->streaming, not sure how to auto-populate but we can research that. Mostly for blockbusters but that does seem to be a preponderance of films on the lavender.
posted by sammyo on Jun 29 at 10:49 AM - 17 comments

What Should We Learn from Reddit?

It seems obvious from site activity over the beginning of the week that much of the reduction in participation here is due to attrition to reddit. I am hoping to have a friendly thread about what people LIKE about reddit and what it gets right that MetaFilter could learn from. We’ve had plenty of threads about what people don’t like about Reddit, and I ask that people respectfully understand that’s not the purpose of this thread. Lots of mefites are back for the first time in a long time, and it’s wonderful! What can we tweak so that we become Internet Home again? The increased activity on the front page has been invigorating.
posted by Bottlecap on Jun 14 at 8:52 AM - 226 comments

[MeFi Site Update] June 21st

Hi there, MetaFilter!

Happy Solstice and welcome to your monthly Site Update! The last update can be found here. You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.

Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions.
posted by loup on Jun 21 at 1:31 PM - 18 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Animal Facts

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is closing out Pride Month by texting queer ocean and sealife facts to anyone who signs up. (Join by texting MBAPRIDE to 844.786.2927. Please be prepared for puns and GIFs.) What's an animal fact you would like to share? Note that anecdotes about your pets or local wildlife count as facts for purposes of this chat!
posted by the primroses were over on Jun 24 at 6:47 AM - 32 comments

Italicization is significant (again).

Should the search results pages' excerpts reflect the italicization of the original comments?
posted by nobody on Jun 23 at 10:02 AM - 21 comments

Israel Palestine posts

With enormous compassion and respect for the work of moderators on this site, and an understanding that the intent is to avoid polarizing and exhausting debate, I want to ask that we consider the impact of the defacto policy of deleting almost all posts that relate to Palestine and/or Israel.
posted by latkes on May 25 at 10:26 AM - 141 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Weird work shifts

Hello all! At my current job, I am on call this week which they define as "work 40, plus any pages that come in after hours." It's actually not as bad as it sounds. But, since it has me up late at night for no good reason, what's your story about a weird/long/exhausting work schedule? Or the best work schedule you have had that would seem odd to someone who is used to a regular 9-5? Or... whatever!
posted by a non mouse, a cow herd on Jun 3 at 12:09 AM - 58 comments

[MeFi Site Update] May 17th

Hi there, MetaFilter!

Welcome to your monthly Site Update!

You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.

Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions.
posted by loup on May 17 at 2:29 PM - 49 comments

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