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Thank You

It's Thanksgiving week, so I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the MetaFilter community. I am the least social person, but I check in with MeFi every morning and night. You all, as irascible and argumentative as you may be, are my friends. Thank you, everyone.
posted by SPrintF on Nov 21 at 4:09 PM - 8 comments

MeFi Posts for "Sale"

We're all pitching in for Fundraising Month. Ever wanted to see a post on a topic, but didn't want to write it yourself for whatever reason? Let us do it for you.
posted by jessamyn on Oct 28 at 1:54 PM - 111 comments

Thinking ahead to a celebration!

MetaFilter has made so much progress! With both the fundraising and the community involvement. We should think about a celebration! Here are a couple of ideas: 1. We could do something by Zoom the last week of the events. 2. In January, we could designate a weekend where we encourage people to get together for IRL events.
posted by NotLost on Nov 21 at 10:07 PM - 2 comments

Turkey Day in the MST Club room!

It is Thanksgiving Day, and as is our wanton wont, we are watching the official 2022 Turkey Day marathon (via their YouTube stream) of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in the MST Club room all day long! It started at 7 AM and should be going for quite a while, they have a lot of episodes this year, and they've been "surgically enhanced," meaning they're uprezed and restored! Come join us for a while if that sounds fun!
posted by JHarris on Nov 24 at 4:50 AM - 1 comments


Friends, our journey creating MeFiGiftGuide2022 has culminated in a fantastic FPP! Now the next stage of our strategy begins: sharing our content across other social networks to bring in more members and grow our community!
posted by rebent on Nov 21 at 10:07 PM - 3 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Just Curious 💤 😢

Hello metafriends, hello Saturday, hello to everyone's cats and dogs and other babies. My question today is, does anyone remember what sleep is like? It's been so long. I have vague recollections ... but I just can't seem to get a handle on it.
posted by taz on Nov 19 at 2:03 AM - 37 comments

Approaches to reduce AWS hosting costs

Right now, Metafilter has two major costs. One is people time, mostly for moderation, along with a single part time developer. The people time, of course, is what makes Metafilter Metafilter. We want MORE people time, not less. The other is hosting costs. This, to me, is where the lowest hanging fruit is, because there is not a single member who will be sad if we send less money to Jeff Bezos every month. This is a thread for thinking about how to reduce AWS hosting costs in the timescale of days to weeks while retaining the existing code base and maintaining existing functionality.
posted by rockindata on Nov 6 at 5:20 AM - 42 comments

Welcome newbs and noobs

I don't know what the difference is between a newb and a noob, but I know there's nearly a thousand of you. Greetings! How do you do?!
posted by aniola on Nov 10 at 6:37 AM - 34 comments

AskMe Black Friday Fundraiser

The simple idea: Over the next two weeks, we post some interesting gift questions on AskMe, then on Black Friday, collect those in an FPP and promote the FPP heavily across the internet. I’ve created a project plan and framework, got approval from staff and the supreme council, and am looking for advice and volunteers to help tune this idea into a winner.
posted by rebent on Nov 3 at 12:11 PM - 45 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Step up to the plate

Happy Saturday, friends! It's that time of the week again when I ask you to look deep inside yourselves and share what you find. Today you are a delicious canapé. What are you and how do I make you?
posted by taz on Nov 12 at 3:20 AM - 70 comments

📢📢📢 Week 2 Fundraiser Update: We need your help to REVIVE Metafilter

We asked Mefites for funds, we opened up site finances to show their dire state, and you stepped up. Today, we’re only $500 a month away from our Survive target!* The community is coming together to keep the lights on at our shared online home. But we need to go further to safeguard Metafilter’s future. It’s time to 🌱Revive Metafilter.🌱
posted by wesleyac on Nov 9 at 11:01 AM - 107 comments


In a rip-snorting manifestation of "Be the MetaFilter You Want to See," DirtyOldTown is on the verge of publishing his 1,000th FanFare post.
posted by chavenet on Nov 9 at 11:03 AM - 32 comments

Display release year on FanFare front page?

When you click into them, FanFare posts show the release year for the movie or show being discussed. ("The 4th Man (1983)"). Can the year also be visible after the title on the Fanfare front page? As the focus of FanFare seems to have shifted away from new releases, this could be helpful in sorting through the posts.
posted by Clustercuss on Nov 11 at 11:50 PM - 11 comments

⭐️ Bid for glory with the Metafilter Fundraising Auction! ⭐️

The Metafilter Auction is now live! Head over to and place your bids. It’s part of Metafilter’s Fundraising Drive - to contribute directly, visit Help Fund Metafilter! Take a look at the listings and comment below to tell us which ones you love!
posted by Glinn on Nov 6 at 10:36 PM - 69 comments

It's November!! Join the Metafilter Strava Club!!

Did you know there is a Metafilter Club on Strava? And you are invited!!!
posted by Tandem Affinity on Nov 1 at 1:32 AM - 16 comments

After the Fire – Metafilter Should Consider Replacing Itself

Once Metafilter has stabilized its finances enough to keep the lights on for at least months, instead of weeks, it will be time to give more thought to the longer term. That longer term should include a “spin-off” to increase the user base.
posted by NotLost on Nov 4 at 8:06 AM - 101 comments

Urgent Site Fundraising Appeal: Who is Responsible for the Banner?

Over the last few days, there have been numerous comments on the Gray, the Blue, the Green, and on MetafilterMeta on Reddit asking why the fundraising banner in the Metafilter menubar isn't communicating the site's fundraising needs both more urgently and more noticeably. It's well-known that not everyone reads the Gray. That means that non-Gray readers, which includes long-time lurkers and friends of the site, are not being well-served here. Who has control over the banner, and why isn't this a priority?
posted by Violet Blue on Nov 8 at 11:43 AM - 74 comments

Advertising a text based website in 2023

I made a TikTok about the user sponsored Metafilter post that Jessamyn created from my suggestion and I'm posting it here in new thread to help spur ideas about putting this text based website on modern day social media.
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Nov 3 at 12:11 PM - 15 comments

What is MetaFilter worth to you?

As we continue with the fundraising drive to try to keep the lights on here (please donate if you can!), this has had me thinking about what the value of MetaFilter is in my life, relative to other regular expenses I have. The Steering Committee's financial update has made it very clear what it costs to keep MetaFilter running, and the question I've been turning over in my mind is, what is the value that MetaFilter provides for its members?
posted by biogeo on Nov 4 at 11:33 PM - 25 comments

Metafilter Wants You - The Fundraising Post!

Metafilter depends almost entirely on user contributions. The community needs your help to stay up and running and to improve in the future. Contributions, especially recurring contributions, are what pay for servers, moderators and technical support. Please contribute through the Metafilter funding page!
posted by tavegyl on Oct 24 at 1:25 PM - 300 comments

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