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Stats for March 2001

New stats for last month have been added, and the top 20 charts reveal that Neale has slyly been using an old thread as his own personal blog to compete with the remarkable activity from the 123CheapHosting thread. Cute.
posted by waxpancake on Apr 2, 2001 - 6 comments

February 2001 stats

Web Stats for February, in case you were wondering.
posted by mathowie on Mar 2, 2001 - 16 comments

January 2001 stats

January stats, in case you were wondering.
posted by mathowie on Feb 14, 2001 - 15 comments

November Stats

I hope this doesn't come off as pompous or anything, I just wanted to show everyone the metafilter stats for November. A few things to note: the times are in GMT, so they're 8 hours behind the real time (there isn't a 9am lull in requests, that's actually a 1am lull, PST). I started keeping track of bytes transferred about half way through the month, so the data transfers are off. 330,000 page views is pretty wacky though. As usual, the search requests are mostly disturbing. I don't want to meet most of the people doing those searches.
posted by mathowie on Dec 2, 2000 - 0 comments

A request for traffic stats on a page-by-page basis.

When you start a new topic, there could be a checkmark for the option to put a small counter on the bottom of the comments page for your link.
posted by grank on Nov 11, 2000 - 2 comments

Too many categories, not enough stats

1. these forums are too small to have so many different categories, a single metatalk forum might be better

2. this should go in feature requests, but see above: I would love to see stats, on the site, on links, on users. it's one of the best things about weblogs, and if this is a community weblog, then how about tables and tables of statistics?
posted by chaz on Aug 11, 2000 - 2 comments

Spike in Traffic?

Is it just me, or has MF traffic spiked recently? Matt, you have the logs, has something specific happened?
posted by fil! on May 3, 2000 - 6 comments

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