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November 30

it'd be nice to have a link back to MetaFilter from MetaTalk

Actually, more MetaTalk specific... just a small usability thing...

it'd be nice to have a link back to MetaFilter from MetaTalk.. searched around all over the page until I found a link at the bottom of the page. Yep. That's all. I'm just being picky/lazy.
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Hey Matt, I called in, but I don't get it.. What's so funny?

dial 1-800-555-TELL, say "extensions", dial or say "97841"

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cCranium talks about the weirdness of having his blog down

My weblog (and the rest of the paltry place I call my website) has been down for over a week now, due to various complications and incompetance on my part.

I had no idea how ingrained into my being the ability to right-click and "Blog This!" whenever I had a random thought, whenever I wanted to remember something for future reference or whenever I wanted to just scream in frustration.

In a textual sense, that is.

[more inside]
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average click-through of a link posted on MeFi proper?

Is there any way of determining the average click-through of a link posted on MeFi proper?

this thread, about Winnie the Pooh, sparked the thought, because the author came by (a Good Thing) and talked about what he'd done because of his referrer logs.
[a little more inside]
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November 29

Login "Remember Me"

login "remember me"

i tend to login at the library and i know i should remember to log out -- but i never do. how about a "remember me" option on the login page (like blogger)? i doubt that there are other vassholes reading MeFi, but still. i'm sure i'm logged in on about half the library computers by now. oops.
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November 28

Matt's cleverly trying to make us think we're bonkers.

Matt's cleverly trying to make us think we're bonkers.

Dig the text field color shifts . . . once I realized it was happening on purpose.

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November 27

Anybody interested in meeting your fellow MetaFilistines at local gatherings?

Anybody interested in meeting your fellow MetaFilistines at local gatherings?
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Posting errors lead to bad browsing experience

This post reminded me of a problem that I've been seeing a few times lately, people writing their links with target="_new" or some bastardized variation thereof. In our MeFi prefs we can turn window launching on and off, but some people feel the need to dictate this on their own terms, turning it into a crapshoot for the readers. Sorry if this seems petty, but it bothered me because the window kept launching really small each time. :)
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November 24

Messaging System?

Instant Messenging.

Some sort of system via which one can leave short messages for any of the members here by clicking on their name, typing the msg and sending it. When the member comes online, he/she can find it via a new instant msg notifier.

DeskMod uses a system like that, although it's PHP based, perhaps there is a ColdFusion based system too.

Alternatively, you could just setup an ICQ/AIM messenging panel in the profile, from which one can send the member a short message.
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November 23

Keystrokes for formatting goodness

I just added helpful keystrokes, ala Blogger, to the text areas in MetaFilter proper (coming soon here). You can now bold, italicize, and build links (my favorite) with a simple keystroke.

Unfortunately, it's IE 4+\Windows only, but if any enterprising javascripters can figure out a way to add html tags to textareas in Netscape, I'll be happy to implement it too.
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Let people fix their typos!

Let people fix their typos! The recent thread about "gohper" hit all my buttons, in a non-happy way.

I mean, maybe it's not a good idea to let the author re-edit the entry, but let *someone* fix massive misspellings, please! I work as a technical editor for a living, I'd volunteer to do this occasionally just to clean up the place. (obviously, with explicit records of every single change made - I wouldn't mess with the message, I'd just clean up the mess, and I'd be happy to let people see exactly what was changed).
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November 20

MeFi Pagerank rocks Scooby Doo Porn

This is incredible. While going through yesterday's stats (it was a slow sunday), I found a couple referrers from google, for "scooby doo porn" searches. So I tried it myself, and MetaFilter comes up third, for a comment made as a joke, making fun of search engines.
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November 18

Cam Barrett posts on Camworld

Cam Barrett posts on Camworld: "I just realized that I'm not reading Metafilter as much anymore. I remember when Matt came up with the idea, built the site, and then invited everyone to help build it into a cool community site. Lately, it seems like I'm not really reading Metafilter as much as I'm scanning it every couple of days. No longer am I reading the commentary unless it's about something I care about. And I realized that this is because the noise has surpassed the signal. There is now far more noise and crap being posted in the comments than there is thoughtful commentary and observations, which is what attracted me to Metafilter in the first place. And I think, this is exactly what happened to Slashdot as well."
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November 17

Would it be feasible to let us munge our cookie/user data?

Would it be feasible to let us munge our cookie/user data? Specifically, the last date/time visited? It'd be something of a work-around for when the front page refreshes during topical views, and there's no indication of what threads contain new data.

I tried editing the cookie directly, but all those percentages confused me. :-)
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November 16

Ok, let's set up a place for the TiVO essays now...

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November 13

2000 members and counting!

november 13, 2000, 4:10pm: 2005 members

I just want to say wow, and congratulations, matt.

so far, I must say (napster/nader/election mania notwithstanding) I think metafilter is scaling beautifully. well done.

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November 12

preview/spellchecking on metatalk

The preview/spellchecking functionality on metafilter is finally available now on metatalk.
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iParty Audio Chat?

Sort of a feature: iParty is an audio chat program. Would anyone be intrested in setting up a server for MetaFilter? MF is a grat place to start a conversation, and there are a lot of people here that provide it. I think giving everyone the ability to have an actual, real-time conversation would be an interesting extension to the MetaFilter experience.

p.s. I'm not asking this specifically of Matt, either. I understand that about five people can be in a room together on a 28.8 server before lag becomes a real problem, so I imagine anyone that would have a static ip number could run the server. Of course, Matt might have to point it out before it would be accepted. (i.e. "official")
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I'd like easier access to my profile page

I'd like easier access to my profile page (I find the "all comments by sudama" page the easiest way to keep track of the threads I'm participating in)..... how about linking the username after "you are logged in as" to this page?
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November 11

A request for traffic stats on a page-by-page basis.

When you start a new topic, there could be a checkmark for the option to put a small counter on the bottom of the comments page for your link.
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Pony: unvisited threads remain "new"

It would be very nice to keep which threads have new messages static across visits, so if I'm unable to visit a thread with new messages in one visit, it's still marked as having new messages the next time I hit MeFI.
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November 10

Is Metafilter totally database driven?

Is Metafilter totally data driven, partially data driven, or are new posts sort of tacked onto the end of text files? It seems like every feature request that I see involving views (language, filtering, etc.) could be easily solved with a fully data driven site and a couple of competent software engineers.
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Regional Metafilters?

Matt started it when he mentioned the possibility of regional metafilters, but now discussion has spread around the net, particularly to Europe-based webloggers [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], who are debating European/English metafilters, non-metafilter sites and ideas for added features to metafilter central.

Basically, the current best suggestion that I have heard is based on a conversation between Nikolai Nolan and myself, which I have stuck on, but which reads as follows:

"I had an incredibly interesting conversation with Nikolai. He started off suggesting that a European Metafilter might get over the language problems by having a place in the preferences for each user where they could specify what languages they would want to see and which ones they would want to post in.

"The main problem for this from my point of view is that it still causes problems about reading about other countries. Would an Italian writing in English really be something that people in Helsinki would be interested in reading, let alone people in the UK? So then it came to us in a blinding flash. Maybe what we need is not more regional metafilters, but a more evolved filtering mechanism on thet metafilter we've already got! With options in the preferences for reading posts filtered according to language and country, then there is no real need for separate metafilters at all.

"You could be an Frenchman, living in the US, interested in reading posts about France and America but only if they are in French. Or an Englishman living in Holland, interested in reading posts about both countries in both English or Dutch. It's just a question of showing or hiding posts. Whether or not it's technically possible of course, is another matter entirely..."
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November 9

New user message appears in error

I've been a user for many months and posted many links and comments (54 and 75, to be exact). However, when I try to post a new link, I get the new user message that I can't post main page links yet. What's up with that?
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November 7

The option to receive the best of email won't stay ticked.

I have selected the option to recieve the wonderful new best of email, but the option does not stay ticked and i haven't recieved any emails. Any ideas ?
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wank wank wank. ignore and move on.

There seems to be a lot of bickering going on lately, and it's getting worse all the time. Too many people are starting to complain about other peoples posting habits, style whatever you want to call it. I'm Australian and don't care about Americas elections, yet i haven't complained about all the posts, about the election. I choose to ignore them as should other people with any posts they don't like or don't want to talk about.
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November 5

Where I stopped reading indicator wanted

It's great that MetaFilter shows how many comments for each posting are new for you on the main page. It would be even greater if, on the comments page itself, there was some kind of indication of which were new. A simple
tag at the boundary would do...
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November 3

Hey, what about flyers?

Hey, what about flyers? You know those grungy photocopied things you'd see in coffee houses? Would it make sense to have an area for them as well. I know that file size may be an issue, but...
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MeFi missing!

I couldn't even reach mf for a period last night. "No web server is configured at this address."??? Just a data point.
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November 2

metafilter just got slower then it was before.

metafilter just got slower then it was before. I'm not sure if this issue has been addressed elsewhere, but since Monday or even a little earlier MetaFilter has been very very slow. I was wondering if it was relocated to new space or if this is just a hop issue.
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"Connection failure members" bug

Hullo Matt, we have a minor bug:

When I load MeFi, instead of being told how many members there are, I instead get: "Connection failure members".

Is this an M2K bug? :-)
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November 1

I think it would be great to have a daily digest mail, with links to MeFi posts

now that MeFi is starting to move very fast, with posts moving down the page by afternoon i think it would be great to have a daily digest mail, with links to MeFi posts. i also agree with the idea below about email alerts when a posting you've responded to is further commented.
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