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February 29

Cultivating Community

What do y'all think about adding another sub-site, one explicitly oriented to fostering community? I envision a sub-site where people could post significant personal news, achievements or challenges without the framing of an AskMe: these are announcements, not questions, e.g., I lost 20 lbs or had a baby or converted the garage into a bedroom. [more inside]
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Antivirus won't let me connect with Blue or Green

This is the only way my ESET NOD32 Antivirus program will let me communicate with MF right now. Whenever I try to open something on MeFi or AskMeFi -- or the Contact a Moderator page -- I get a notice that the connection has been terminated because of a JS/ScrInject.B trojan. I was doing fine reading the past 24 hours of MeFi until just before posting this. Can anyone confirm there's a problem, or has my antivirus program gotten out of hand?
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February 27

Post in the blue of maker GIFs?

Someone made an FPP MetaFilter post a dew weeks ago of like a half-dozen animated GIFs of some guy making things. The one I want to see again, he made a knife. Thanks!
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February 26

More color for Classic ponies

It's been about a year and a half since the Modern theme became available, which brought with it new colors for Fanfare, IRL, and Jobs, which were and are white in Classic. There were a few requests for getting the colors added to Classic, but it never happened. Maybe now is the time? [more inside]
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AskMe about growing up with a father

I’m trying to find an askme about what it’s like to grow up as a girl with a strong father figure. [more inside]
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February 25

Post about a fruit? That takes over your brain? Or something?

There was a Metafilter post a while back and it was about a story that was like a science fiction/horror story. It's told like a series of transmissions I think? From what I recall it was about aliens invading people's brains, something about a fruit? And a color? I'm so sorry this is such a hopeless description but maybe it's enough to trigger something in the hivemind?
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February 24

US Election thread pony request

Can some sort of pony help me keep track of all of the election threads? [more inside]
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Direct your gopher client to gopher://gopher.metafilter.com

You (well, jessamyn) asked for it, and we (well, pb) delivered: after fifteen years of downtime, the MetaFilter gopher server is back. [more inside]
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February 22

Hyper-local item exchange!

Mayor West's idea for a beer exchange seems like a pretty good one. Is it illegal? If not, can we do it? If yes, maybe we could do an exchange in the same spirit that is legal? [more inside]
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February 21

This thread is the worst

Can we have a bit more empathy for people who are screwed over by low wages, high rent, and bait and switch employment tactics? I'm referring to this thread.
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February 20

Pony Request: Edited Flag

I am still seeing quite a few comments which are significantly edited for content using the edit feature. Things like tripling the length of the comment by adding two full sentences to it. Not minor edits where one or two words are changed, much less simply typos. The "Other" flag seems a little too generic but that's what I end up using when I flag them. A "Edited for Content" flag would be appreciated if possible? [more inside]
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February 19

Pagination and Alerts

The recent Malheur threads were huge, and my browser struggled to cope with them. I would like to propose pagination. And alerts to notify people of active threads. [more inside]
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February 18

If it sees its shadow there's six more years of MetaFilter

Would you consider bringing back the gopher server? Or starting a new one? Please?
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February 17

doomed to repeat itself

That feeling when... [more inside]
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February 16


If you haven't visited the All Your Base 15 year anniversary post since it was first posted, you should. HINT: it's a font thing.
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February 15

AskMefi post on Leaning Out?

I'm having trouble finding a post on the Green about jobs that are good for a mid-career professional who doesn't want to do a lot of self-promotion or leadership. I'm pretty sure it wasn't posted within the past year, and I don't recall it being one of the librarianship-specific posts on introvert-friendly careers. Is this ringing bells for anyone else?
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Help me find a comment ?

I'm searching for an askme comment that describes doing things every day for your brain, body and maybe heart or soul... [more inside]
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February 14

NYC with a car question

I feel like I once read a post on Ask that was about having a car in NYC: specifically, someone had a car and wanted to take advantage of it by looking for suggestions on specifically transit-inconvenient places that they should go to (i.e. City Island, since it's a very long haul on subway+bus and much more convenient with a private car.) Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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February 11

Mefiquote - help!

Need some help getting Mefiquote script running again. [more inside]
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February 9

Should FPPs be invisibly edited?

I am reliably informed that FPPs get modified with no notice to either the poster, or the rest of the sites' users, if they are deemed too lengthy for the Blue. How long is too long? [more inside]
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MetaFilter on The Marshall Project

On February 3, MoonOrb posted about an article by Maurice Chammah from The Marshall Project / The Verge about predictive policing. Today, Chammah has posted a follow-up piece on how readers reacted to the story. In it, he cites and responds to comments from Ryvar and rmhsinc. There’s also a twitter shoutout from @MarshallProj.
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February 3

113: It's Been A Deluge, with griphus

This month, me and Jess are kibitzing with the charming griphus, who is almost certainly the first podcast guest ever to not have his account active at the time, but don't worry: he's just resting up for a late entry into the US presidential race. We chatter for about an hour and forty five minutes, covering everything from January 5th to February 2nd. [more inside]
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February 2

A way to request FPPs?

I know that the site is not supposed to be newsfilter, and that the answer to “I wish someone would post on X” is often “post it yourself, hooray”. But there are often topics or stories where I find myself thinking, “man, I wish someone on Metafilter who actually knows something about this field would write up a post about this thing to help me understand it better.” Alternatively, if someone wanted to work on a post but also wanted some help from someone who understands the field/industry/current media landscape around a subject, it would be nice to put out some kind of call/request to see if any of those subject area experts would be up for looking at a draft and offering feedback. [more inside]
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