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March 31

Thanks for all the help

Hey, just wanted to say thank you for all the help in several recent health related AskMe questions. They were all about about my wife, Lisa (lynnshaze), who was having a hell of time of it, health wise.

Sadly, she passed on March 18, at the house, surrounded by loving family members.

While Lisa was wasn't an active member on Metafilter, we'd often talk about the site and what was going on here. We definitely discussed the various advice offered on her health issues, which was deeply appreciated.

She once said she often used the site to see what "foolishness" I was up to though, heh.

Family and friends wrote and drew messages on her casket before putting it to rest, which was very cathartic and soothing. Several people remarked they'd want something similar at their funeral, so I share these these photos with y'all to show how beautiful that went.

Thanks again, and as a gentle nudge, have your affairs in order (will, power of attorney, health directive) as it makes things so much easier for the survivors.

God bless.
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March 30

Trans Day of Visibility on Metafilter

March 31st is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. I'd like a thread for those of us who are here to talk about our experiences on MetaFilter if we want to, to raise awareness of issues, and to celebrate our lives and contributions and voices and each other. [more inside]
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[MeFi Site Update] March 30th

Hi there, Metafilter! Please find more details on the state of the site below. Reminder: I will be the only mod actively monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions. [more inside]
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March 29

First steps in some MetaFilter changes

I've come to the conclusion that I need to step away from running MetaFilter. I'm still figuring what the totality of that will look like, but the initial steps include handing over day to day business administration processes to loup, mod duties to the existing mod staff, and working to set up a steering structure that incorporates community members. My goal is this transition shouldn’t disrupt day-to-day member experiences on the site. Come on in and I'll go into some preliminary detail. [more inside]
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March 27


Tell me about your family or household's language. What made-up words do you use? What words do you say in a different tongue? What slang, puns, or in-jokes are only valid under your roof?
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March 25

Metatalktail Hour: Fun Fact!

Happy weekend, MetaFilter! This week, tell me your funnest fun fact! Blow my mind!
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MetaFilter Fantasy Baseball 2022

If you like baseball, numbers, and spending a few minutes each day playing an online game, you'll love competing in the 17th season of MetaFilter's Fantasy Baseball League! The live online draft is scheduled for Sunday April 3rd at 6:00pm EDT. We currently have between 4-8 teams returning from last season, but can accommodate up to 20, so click here to join us if you're interested!
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March 21

Looking for AskMetafilter question about ageing parents

Please help me find a question on AskMetafilter. The question was about aging parents who live by themselves and are unwilling to accept that they might not be able to look after themselves any more. I think it was asked within the last year, but I might be wrong about that. I've not had any luck searching, and neither did the mod I asked so I'm hoping the community will be able to help.
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Short site outage earlier this morning

The site was down for a couple of hours this morning; resolved now and we're looking into what triggered it. Sorry about the inconvenience, y'all. [more inside]
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March 18

Metatalktail Hour: Good News!

I've gotten an unusual amount of good news this week, and it just has me in the best, best mood. Keep my buzz running: Tell me what pieces of good news you've had lately! Could be huge good news, could be teeny good news. It's just been so nice to have a week of hearing good news, big and small, after two years of Hard Things.
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March 16

[MeFi Site Update] March 16th

Hi there, Metafilter! It's good to be back! Please find more details on the state of the site below. I was out attending a technology conference last week and I still have a lot of catching up to do, so this week’s update will be a bit high-level; but I hope to update it as the week progresses. Reminder: I will be the only mod actively monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions. [more inside]
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Ukraine: We have feelings

Russia invaded Ukraine. We have megathreads (first, Russia orders troops into Ukraine; second, The Bear and the Sunflowers; third, I Give You, Kyiv, These Polissia Flowers and This Bright Sun; and fourth, I Give My Little Stars to Children) on the blue and several related posts. The threads on the blue are meant to center those narrower topics. That is not enough. We also need a thread to share our perspectives, thoughts, musings, and feelings about the war. [more inside]
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Duolingo forums shutting down March 22

I just learned about this, and I know many MetaFilter members use Duolingo, so I thought it might be helpful to share this here. [more inside]
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March 13

It's time to go dancing (NCAA Basketball Tournament Time)

It's dancing time! [more inside]
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March 12

List of MF post titles with no frills

Is it possible to have a single spaced list of MF post titles without anything else, on one page? [more inside]
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Metatalktail Hour: If this thread is rockin', don't come knockin'

For our new round of Metatalktails, I want to ask about your communication headspace: When the phone rings, do you feel a) alarm, b) anticipation, c) curiosity, d) other? Same with doorbell / someone knocking at your front door. [more inside]
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March 10

a small button shaped pony

This is a very small idea/request. Would it be possible to add a button/flair/visual or text icon to things like the Free Thread and live news/megathreads (such as the ones for the ongoing Ukraine conflict) to make them visually distinct and easy to find as one scans down the front page of the Blue? I think the Free Thread has definitely taken off as an idea and the megathreads are clearly very useful, so it would be good to make it easier to spot them. [more inside]
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March 8

Restrictions have been lifted for Ask Metafilter posts

We will be trying this out to see if there are bumps or potholes on the road, but as of now your way is clear to post as many Ask Metafilter questions as you need to. [more inside]
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March 7, Linkrot, and You

PSA: The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is a fantastic resource for finding preserved copies of broken links from long-lost websites. But did you know you can now have it archive pages on demand -- including copies of all the pages that page links to? [more inside]
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182: too many trees, not enough goats

Psst, hey kid, wanna buy a podcast? [more inside]
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March 5

Metatalktail Hour: Mrs. Malaprop, I resume?

For our new Metatalktail chat, please please me by telling stories of misunderstood / misused words or phrases: eggcorns, spoonerisms, malapropisms, mishearings, misunderstandings, mondegreens or any other humorously muddled Miss Peking — either your own or others you've personally encountered irl. [more inside]
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March 3


News and aid resources if you are feeling powerless and on the outside. These are cobbled together from a few places. [more inside]
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