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April 28

MeTa Archives

On an unrelated note, is it possible to see MetaTalk archives?
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MetaFilter outage

FYI: MetaFilter was down for about three hours this morning because of a shoddy power chord. The power chord could wiggle a little bit in the back of the server, and when it did, sometimes the power connection would break. This would happen occasionally as people walked right next to it, jostling it ever so slightly. Today though, it looks like it happened at 6 in the morning in a locked office, so I replaced the chord with one that won't cause it to power down.
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April 25

Have I Trolled?

Okay, I've been accused of trolling. Have I trolled? And what did I say that was a troll? I'll try to avoid it in the future if I've horribly offended the community. Mark likes Metafilter, and doesn't want to be noise in the signal.
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April 22

I never thought we'd outnumber Lance's army of followers

I never thought we'd outnumber Lance's army of followers (of which I'm a member).
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April 18

Link Titles Are Good...

Link Titles Are Good...and don't mess with your status bar. Here's an example that should show up when you mouseover it. Anyone who frequents twernt will know what I'm talking about. I encourage people to use them in their posts. And Matt, maybe we could get another field in the article posting form for this?
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April 17

what stops people from using metafilter like metababy?

what stops people from using metafilter like metababy? Is it understood? Is some sort of Hive Mind at work here? Although you retain final edit control Matt, what stops someone from entering malicious code or javascript that provides information about members to a second source unnoticed? Is there some sort of preventative measure I don't know about?

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April 14

Blank post

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April 11

Should I allow my feelings to be hurt?

So am I being overly sensitive when, after someone reposts something I -- or someone I love -- have already contributed, I allow my feelings to be hurt?
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Why does this crash my browser

...and sometimes metafilter crashes my browser (ie5 on windows 2000; lots of times, actually), but if i go to haughey.com, click through to a detail from the menu on the right, then click through to "home" from the top of the page, i get there fine. quite odd, and i wonder why this is. i also wonder why photoshop always crashes right along with the browser, and only when i go to metafilter.

i do love metafilter, though, and this is the only thing that prevents me from loving metafilter in an "all-out monkey love slamfest" sort of way. well, not really.
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April 10

I want more on your profiles

Sometimes I love you all to pieces to the point where I'd love to see the user's profile page have a link which generates a page with all of the user's topics and all the topics with his/her comments. But it's a good kind of filial love, not an erotic all-out monkey love slamfest.
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April 9

My first post looks bad

Ok, I've posted my first original link. And I discovered that the entry parser for new posts works almost, but not entirely, unlike the parser for followups. Blank lines don't automatically turn into

tags, I need a
in my sig that I don't need on followups, and if I *do* use a

, the nice indented formatting blows all to hell.

Um, "what the hell"? :-)

-- jra
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April 8

Had those forwarded from my aunt last month.

"So," I clear my throat and hike up my pants, "how bout them last two metafilter links?" Dihydrogen monoxide and an Onion article. Gee whiz.
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April 5

Bugs on customize?

Bug, ish, maybe? Went to "Customize" just to see why my email address wasn't showing in my profile (probably because I asked it not to and then forgot I'd done that). Anyway, I changed that, and also changed to show the floaty thing just to see what it was; when I saved the changes suddenly it was underlining my links. No big deal, I'm sure. (Matt, do you get a lot of these bugreport type things in MetaTalk? Is this where you want them? I'm not at all sure anyone else would care about this sort of small thing.)
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April 3

"Today's MetaFilter" in XML?

So on Matt's site he's got "Today's MetaFilter" with a list of new stuff here. Is there a chance of this data being published in XML (or whatever format) for other to use?
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April 2

MeTa Archives

Bug: Go to Metatalk. Click Archives. Get 404. Curse wildly.
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Can we has previews?

I am but simple caveman blogger. Your modern HTMl ways are far too complex for me. Back in my pleistocene days, before I was frozen, we had a preview button for comments on blog links so that we could see our text and mark up before it was committed to stone. Might we have the same?
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