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April 30

Metafilter Chat: It Is!

Greetings, Sapients! You may have visited famed site "Metafilter" before - but did you know this: Metafilter also has "Metafilter Chat"! It does. [more inside]
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April 26

Happy birthday, cortex!

Happy birthday to the guy who probably worries more than most about keeping the lights on in this sometimes only bright corner of the internets!
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Am I the only person who keeps accidentally almost flagging posts instead of favoriting them? [more inside]
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April 25

Metatalktail Hour: Open Thread!

Just chat it up, fuzzballs!
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silver linings of the pandemic

There's a venting thread, but maybe you want to share a surprising good thing that has happened despite the terrible situation in the world right now. [more inside]
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April 24

paywalled article for fpp

I was thinking about making an fpp about how Whole Foods is using a "heat map" of factors to try and prevent unionization. The article is behind a paywall at Business Insider I read it on an archive site. Is there a way to make post that people can read ethically?
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Magical Mefites Group Update

Long ago we started up a group for magical mefites, it has grown into something that includes mefites and nonmefites alike, and I'd like to welcome polytheists, witches, animists, unidentified flying spiritual practitioners (or nonflying) if interested! Zoom meetings are happening. [more inside]
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April 23

XXV: Fucketh

Everything is trash. Feel free to vent your frustrations here. Fuck it. Fuck all of it. FUUUUUUUUCCCCC​CCCCCCKKKKKKKKK​KKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
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April 19

Server move and downtime, take 2

In a second attempt at moving MetaFilter to a new AWS account, the site will be offline between 22:00 and 01:00 PDT Sunday evening. [more inside]
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April 18

Metatalktail Hour: what's growing?

Happy weekend, Mefites! This weekend jessamyn says: What's growing? Your garden? Your kids? Your hair? Your aggravation at your friends and neighbors? Your "What I'm gonna do when this is over" list? Your dream journal. Let's talk about growth! [more inside]
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April 16


If you feel up to it, please take a photo of something nice (anything that makes you feel good) and share it with all of us. It can be something on your desk. Something pretty you have hanging on the wall. Or maybe something interesting in your backyard, porch, stoop or balcony. Cute dog & cat photos are encouraged. I just want to look at something pleasant and nice. Stay safe and remember to be kind to yourself and to others.
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Server move and downtime

In order to move MetaFilter to a new server*, the site will be offline between 22:00 and 01:00 PDT Thursday evening. [more inside]
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April 14

What's eatin', you?

You know what's weird right now? Besides, like, everything? Food. Lots of routines are disrupted, lots of supply lines and food-sourcing habits have gotten all sideways. So: what's going on with your fooding? How's the whole eating thing? Any happy discoveries or rediscoveries? Any weird surprises? Any big shortage headaches? Any horrible cooking failures? Snacking surprises? Foodly frustrations? Can you buy literally any yeast? Get it out, let's talk all kinds of food stuff, let's do a whole roundup of where everybody's at.
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April 11

Metatalktail Hour: idle wikipedia stroll

Happy weekend, Mefites! I'm in search of some nice things to idly think about that aren't in my immediate view. I'd like to see a wikipedia page you like, of something that isn't in your home. [more inside]
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April 10

Bookshop vs Amazon

Hey, have we thought about switching up our affiliate links (at least for books) from Amazon to Bookshop? It’s apparently a platform for indie bookshops set up specifically to keep them afloat and to break Amazon’s stranglehold over online book purchases. [more inside]
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April 8

Coronavirus check-in thread #4

It is March 39th and time for the latest check-in thread. As previously ([3][2][1]) this is for actual news, updates, personal experiences, and more mutual support from and to people dealing with this virus in their daily lives. All hail the mods for continuing to provide this sanctuary for us, and good health to readers and commenters alike. How is one doing?
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🎂 Cake? or 🥧 Pie?

As the Highlander always says: “There can be only one.” Are you team cake or team pie? Discuss. [more inside]
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April 7

Masks made with love by Mefites

Over the last few weeks, I've seen comments from Mefites, infinitely more crafty than myself, who are making masks. Are any of you selling your masks on the Etsy or elsewhere? I'd love to buy a few for myself and Mr. Computech. Links please!
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April 6

Feature request: plaintext

Give us .txt, please. In an expandable box beneath the main post on the blue. [more inside]
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COVID-19, Domestic Edition

Lately I've seen many a fine recipe, sewing pattern and/or general quarantine project idea gracing various COVID threads on the blue, green, and grey. I thought it would be nice to have someplace central to store and chat about that sort of thing. So, are you doing something amazing or hilarious or at least vaguely interesting with your home-bound time? Building something new, cooking or baking something awesome (or at least awesomely terrible?) Reading or watching something that makes you happy? Whatever you're doing with yourself to make your lockdown time a little less stressful, share it here.
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April 3

162: Grip It And Rip It

Jessamyn and I do what we do best: manage to show up and record a podcast despite it all. We talk about (a) a bunch of COVID stuff and (b) a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with COVID and (c) the whole process of trying to navigate that balance. I drink most of a tall beer. Jessamyn is hopped up on decaf coffee. It's wild. Runs about 80 minutes. [more inside]
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Poems for Coronavirustimes

Did we not have a thread with uplifting poems etc relevant to the current catastrophe? I can’t find it.
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April 1

April Fun Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Trying to run with a regular April Fools gag feels super weird this year, so...let's just have an indoor scavenger hunt! Can you find THE ROUNDEST THING in your home? Find a thing that needs finding, post a picture and/or description of it in the thread, suggest something else for folks to look for! [more inside]
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