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June 29

The Light! It Burns!

Could an option be added to automatically enable Dark Mode? [more inside]
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15 years of Metafilter (Blue) in graphics

Here is a collection of graphics about the evolution of user engagement (posting, commenting) on the Blue (data from the infodump, 15 June 2015). [more inside]
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June 28

Should we just stop posting topics that involve weightloss issues?

It's weird for me to post one of these about my own FPP. But I have noticed a pattern of every post that discusses weight loss/obesity/medical issues (regardless of the context) devolving into people talking about how yeah, bad stuff happens, but you really should lose weight, you know! And then people describing why no, really, they can't or have trouble, and being generally disbelieved, and it all goes downhill. This is a pointless and unpleasant discussion. But we always end up there instead of discussing the underlying political/sociological issues or what have you. I think there's a lot to be said about healthcare, sexism, and how we treat fat people and fatness in that post. But...that's mostly not what happened.
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Welcome to the world, cabinbaby!

Join me in extending big congratulations to cabingirl on the birth of her little cabingirl! Fiona Claire arrived yesterday morning and everyone's doing great.
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June 26

#loveWins #mefi

In light of the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling and the explosion of marriages, proposals, officiating proposals, I'm excited to hear about any mefites who are getting married or officiating! I've seen pictures all over twitter, but I'd love to share in the happiness this brings to our own little corner of the internet.
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June 24

Flight of the (MeFi) Navigator

I'm having some issues with the super nifty MeFi Navigator userscript. [more inside]
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Camp NanoWrimo - the easier NanoWrimo

Calling all writers, trying-to-write-writers, and Nanoers - The July Camp NanoWrimo starts on the 1st of July. For all those who have tried Nano and failed (sometimes epically) maybe this will work better for you. [more inside]
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June 23

Deleted Posts Pony Please

So, I've been striking out lately on getting my posts to stay up on the Blue. Not complaining, but it would be good to see the deletion reason. Sadly, I can't get the deleted post script to work on my (Safari) browser, or for that matter on Chrome. I really don't want to have to return to Firefox, which I hate only slightly less than IE. We have the automatic memail when a post goes up. Is it possible to get a nice pony that sends a memail with the deletion reason when the post goes down? Thanks much.
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June 22

Seeking AskMe clean jokes threads

I seem to remember a thread where someone was asking for clean jokes to tell their grandma. I found the thread with clean jokes for 9-year-olds, the one with clean jokes for the office party, and the one with dirty jokes for grandma, but nothing with clean jokes for grandma. Does a clean jokes for grandma thread exist, or is my memory conflating it out of the others?
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June 21

Are original field recordings of natural sounds OK on MeFi Music?

I could not find anything specific concerning this in the FAQ. However, since field recordings of nature/city soundscapes may not meet the traditional definition of a "music composition", I wanted to get some clarification. [more inside]
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June 19

40 things to do before you're 40 - a follow-up

Back in February, I asked the hive mind for their ideas for 40 things to do before you're 40 for a friend of mine. I wanted to say thanks... [more inside]
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Insulting Comments on Minority Beliefs

I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about this, but I wanted to express that I'm pretty shocked at this thread on Etsy banning Wiccan items going on right now. [more inside]
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June 16

Looking for a comment

There was a longish comment by a person who does design/UX work for Wikipedia about what a huge pain in the ass it was, getting everything AOK across hundreds of different language sites and all the rest. This was offered as a plausible explanation for why the site does not change its looks very often. I liked this comment and I think we mentioned it on a podcast. My Googling, it does nothing. Do you remember? [more inside]
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June 15

The Great Mefi Merchandising Wishlist

Let's collect together in one place all the random suggestions from the past year for sayings people would like to see, types of merchandise they would like to see, et al. New suggestions also welcome. [more inside]
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June 14

Bad deletions

I have seen at least three really great posts on the NAACP situation deleted in the past few days. I guess there's a new Metafilter policy on this, but can the mods explain their reasoning? It doesn't seem, to me, to be newsfilter or "weird lady" filter, since the deleted posts have very good context and interesting depth.
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Dream a little dream of me....

Last night, [more inside]
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June 13

A Four Year Anniversary Thank You

A much deserved thank you to everyone who took the time to help me during one of the darkest times in my life four years ago. [more inside]
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Moar Mefites

Our very own Kattullus and Ms.K are the proud parents of a son. A shout out to the newest member of the Metafilter community. Katullus, come share the details of weight, height and date!!
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June 12

Opting out of series of IRL posts.

Pony request: an option to opt out of IRL posts that come up on a regular basis. [more inside]
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Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

Does anyone remember one of the extended riffing sessions from maybe a year or two ago that involved people copying and pasting massive amounts of previously-posted one-sentence comments as part of the joke? Mods definitely told people to cut it out/down at some point as well because it was getting out of hand. I can't remember any of the context but I want to see it again.
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June 11

What is your awesome/favorite tattoo?

In honor of another contentious tattoo thread, I'd like to solicit information about what great tattoos mefites have on your body or have seen in the wild. Good vibes only. What is your good tattoo story?
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June 10

Thanks, MeFi.

I didn't do my thesis on anything mefi-related, but I just handed in my master's thesis and I thank you all for giving me a great place to procrastinateread about spiffy things. [more inside]
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June 9

Books books books?

I respect and understand that lots of new work is being/has just been done on fanfare and the whole of metafilter, so I get that additional projects might not be forthcoming right away, aaannnddd.... I'm wondering about fanfare books? [more inside]
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June 8

State of Metafilter, and funding update

It’s been a busy year on Metafilter, with some big changes over the last twelve months.  Some of the hardest changes were the result of the financial difficulties that came to a head last May with significant staffing cuts.  And the best thing to happen for the site was the tremendous outpouring of generosity from Metafilter’s members in response to that financial crisis, through voluntary funding of Metafilter.  

I want to thank all of you again for your support, and give you an update on where site finances are now, how funding has helped, and how we’re trying to make it easier to support the site in a way that works well for you—including a new alternative to PayPal. [more inside]
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June 5

Looking for a lost comment

I give up. I can't find a really awesome comment which I believe was in Ask.me about costuming for television and women's undergarments. The gist of the comment was rich, good girls or women characters with otherwise desirable traits were Spanx'd, Hollywood-taped and underlined to within an inch of their lives while poor, bad, slutty girls or women characters with otherwise undesirable traits were left without decent foundation garments. Periodically I scour my favorites for it and search for it through the google, but I can't pull it up again. Did *you* say it? Do you remember it? Did I imagine it or read it somewhere else? The bra conversation on the front page finally pushed me over the edge to asking the community if someone else can put a finger on it.
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June 4

Hive Mind Aggregator

After making two of my three most commonly recommended recommendations yesterday over in Ask, I was thinking it could be cool to come together and post here, in one place, all of the most useful things we've come across and the things that we find ourselves repeating thread after thread. Maybe someone will find something worthwhile here they never thought they needed! [more inside]
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June 3

105: Have Fun At Space Camp

It's episode 105 of the Metafilter Podcast, covering May 7 through June 2 and running just about two hours. We discuss at least two novelty birdhouses. [more inside]
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June 2

"Her fresh voice will be very welcome in the SF world."

Congratulations to MeFi's own Andrhia, whose new novel Revision has shown up in so many neat places recently: NPR ... Tor.com ... Mary Robinette Kowal's "My Favorite Bit" column ... The Qwillery ... Publishers Weekly (starred review) ... And, just a few days ago, Kirkus. [more inside]
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June 1

Is this a problem with FanFare?

Perhaps this is confirmation bias, but it seems to me that many FanFare threads have descended into “this show or movie is bad, and you are a bad person for watching it.” This, despite that fact that the people making these statements are clearly (hate?) watching the show or film. [more inside]
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