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September 30

Thanks, MeFi Jobs!

There's been a lot of contention on MetaFilter lately (and MetaTalk, too), so I want to take a moment to thank Matt H. and the mods and The Programmer and all of the MetaFilter community because you guys got me my newest employee. I can't be alone in this, and I would love to hear from other people who have found the site of value to them professionally. [more inside]
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4 of the 5 most recent posts on the front page are about sexism

How do we feel about this?
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September 29

In a switch, Mefi on Boing Boing

MetaFilter member Rhaomi's Periodic Table of Breaking Bad promoted at Boing Boing Neatorama as Chemistry or Art?
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September 28

Alien mother goddess? Or something?

I'm trying to find a post I'm almost certain I saw here a long time ago, but no amount of creative searching is turning it up. It was about an older wealthy couple who believed in some sort of alien race (I think?) who were going to come to earth, possibly in a comet but maybe just in a ship, and scoop up all their believers. [more inside]
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September 27

Mefites and fedoras.

About a year ago, the MeFi crowd looked to be about 50/50 for and against men's brimmed hats. Many Mefites take headdress etiquette to silly lengths. So the fact that the most recent fedora question on AskMeta is kind of a trainwreck even after substantial mod involvement isn't really a surprise, but still kind of sad. [more inside]
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September 26

GoPro Blue

Fireman Saves Kiten [sic] is a recent FPP that I take issue with. It's a commercial advertisement. It's great for Reddit but not great for MetaFilter. [more inside]
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MetaFilter Chat Update

MetaFilter Chat has been running continuously for 10 months now. Today we're making some behind the scenes updates that should help keep it running longer. [more inside]
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Not blatant shaming in progress?

This is the AskMefi post [more inside]
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AskMetaFilter gets a Shout Out

Now I Know is a free daily newsletter of incredible things; you’ll learn something new every day! The author, Dan Lewis, links this informative comment by designmartini on how to find an apartment in New York city.
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September 25

Per Rotato Ad Astra

A quick note to let folks know that MefightClub has emerged from a major renovation, with lots of Stuff Both New And Improved, so if you're a person who enjoys things game-related but not so much the more toxic aspects of gaming culture, and you haven't visited, or haven't visited in a while, now is a good time to come hang out with us and maybe game you up some games. [more inside]
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Forgotten quotation about marriage, in a comment on the Green

I read a quotation about marriage and the state of being married recently in an answer on AskMe, I loved it, and now I can't find it again! Awfully vague description inside. [more inside]
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September 24

No Comment

"The Web forum MetaFilter, for instance, which is known for a positive commenting flavor, depends on a 24/7 team of moderators. “People come to us all the time and say, ‘Here’s a problem with people behaving badly, we want a tech solution,’ ” says Paul Bausch, a MetaFilter developer. “We tell them that human problems require human judgment.” MetaFilter's own pb quoted in a New York Times Magazine piece on the evolution of online commentary.
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Baa, baa, bah.

I was faced with a choice in this thread, between responding with satire, or curling up in a ball in the corner. I chose the former. [more inside]
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Adrian Hon on the BBC

Mefite Adrian Hon was a guest on the BBC's Start the Week. The episode is a discussion of various topics around technology's impact on society (pic).
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Iran released 80 political prisoners...not Hoder yet

In an attempt to smooth things over ahead of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to the United Nations Tuesday, Iran has released 80 political prisoners. I cannot find a list of all the names, but it appears Hossein Derakhshan (Hoder) was not among them. Among those released was Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, also Canadian, and arrested the same year that Hoder was (2008). [more inside]
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I'm not asking if you think I am skewed, but you will tell me anyway

I thought that this question went rather poorly for the OP. [more inside]
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September 22

Fantasy NHL 2013 is On

The MeFi Fantasy NHL league is on! They have changed the invitation system, so for now if you want to play send me your email address through memail. [more inside]
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September 20

pony request: auto link obvious urls in posts

I'm not a huge voice on this site but I'm a regular visitor. I often read, and occasionally comment from my phone. It'd be nice if the URLs added in comments were auto linked, it would make it easier for both posters and readers. I understand that their can be ambiguity in URLs but maybe we could make some simplifying assumptions, such as anything matching http://(optional.)(whatever).(whatever) gets linked. I'll keep visiting either way.
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September 19

wfrgms has passed away

William Frank Revis, also known as wfrgms, has passed away.
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September 18

Reading a textbook via index analysis

I recall reading an article (written by an academic, I think) about a method of getting through a textbook quickly by analyzing the most frequent entries in the index. Pretty sure it was linked from MetaFilter. Does anyone remember?
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Metafilter Proxy Wars: Good or Bad?

I am concerned that it seems posts are being made that, deliberately or accidentally, are serving to act as proxy wars for fights that people have wanted to have in other places, but were prevented from by moderation. It is most visible in this thread, and currently the gun debate, but I feel has occurred other times as well. I would like to suggest that the bar for potential proxy war subjects be raised, particularly when emotions are high. [more inside]
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Screw up

Moderation error : living v dead
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September 14

Did you try the medicine drug?

Someone made robocop is bleeding's infamous generic House script into a gif.
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Please tell me what I can and can't say about religion on MetaFilter.

I would appreciate some official, documented clarification of MeFi's policy on conversations about religion—specifically, what kinds of criticisms of religion are acceptable, under what circumstances—and I suspect that others would too. [more inside]
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September 12

Searching for a question about becoming in love with your job again

I am having trouble relocating an AskMefi question about having a job that is fantastic in multiple ways, then sliding into becoming less invested/passionate/a good worker/working when one should be working over time, and wanting to hack oneself to appreciate said good job again. Does anyone remember or have better search skills than I do? [more inside]
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Colorado flood check in thread

After 4-7 inches of rain tonight and more falling, the front range of Colorado is experiencing flash flooding, particularly in burn areas. This thread is to check in and share information. [more inside]
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Sometimes kids have borrowed something from the family wardrobe...

I'll be damned if this thread doesn't prove that AskMeFites are the nicest people in the world. [more inside]
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September 11

One Dozen Years Later

9/11 was twelve years ago. Metafilter hosted amazing collaborative citizen journalism of the event as it happened.
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September 10

I know I just read this

A while back I read something about the various colonial powers habit of carving up their colonial holdings to deliberately create ethnic ratios of about 70, 25 and 5% and essentially pit them against one another. I'm 99% sure it was here but try as I might I can't find it. Does anyone know the article I'm talking about?
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84: Pumpkin!

This month's podcast bleeds over into September a bit, but catches up on everything posted from July 26th on to September 9th, when it was recorded. It runs about an hour and a half long. [more inside]
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Meetup completion: 88% out of 100%

We ran a query of all meetups in the US, and found there have been meet-ups in 44 distinct states. The missing states are both Dakotas, Idaho (a previous attempt), Mississippi (another attempt), West Virginia, and Wyoming. Map below! [more inside]
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September 9

Difference of opinion about post deletion

I see that one of the mods deleted a question asking (speaking roughly) how do you win Stephen King's Long Walk? The mod said it was "pretty much classic chatfilter." It isn't at all; it's quite unlike any of the five examples of chatfilter that the management supplies. I admit this is an odd question. Indeed, it is even a weird question. But it seems like it ought to be eligible to be a Metafilter question.
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Jessamyn gets a mention in The Guardian

Jessamyn's "THE FBI HAS NOT BEEN HERE" library sign gets a mention in The Guardian's "How to foil NSA sabotage" article.
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September 8

Le index est mort

After many years of service, jaden is no longer be maintaining his wonderful Mefi Contribution index. Results will now be frozen at mid-August. Thanks for running it for as long as you did, jaden!
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September 7

Naming posts

I like them - except a lot of the time people don't come back and tell you what they called the kitty, the puppy, the kid, the llama. Maybe because they didn't use any of the suggestions. I still want to know! What did you name them? TELL ME!
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September 6

Can calls for civility be a barrier to civil discourse?

Several MetaFilter posts recently have involved marginalized people critiquing the actions of more privileged allies or beloved internet institutions, resulting in contentious comment threads. A pattern emerged in these, most clearly in the most passionately-argued of these, on the retitling of a Wikipedia page from “Chelsea Manning” back to “Bradley Manning.” That pattern involves complaints that comments made by more marginalized individuals are shrill, harsh, and/or overemotional. While I embrace MetaFilter's guidelines that discourse be civil, I think it is possible that tone arguments sometimes function as a sort of ad hominem derailing practice out on the blue. Is this something we should be discouraging? [more inside]
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Recent on the blue, there have been a perceived recent spate of posts which highlight gender inequalities. I decided I would try to approach these with an open mind, but am immediately drawn into the more contrary (and in my opinion, incorrect) comments. [more inside]
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Hi, I'm new here. I don't want to beat a dead horse.

But I'm tempted to post my current dilemma to AskMe: I'm a new professor who gave my class of seniors a programming assignment to work on yesterday. Two of them asked for help by addressing me as "Mrs. Dashy". Here's the thing: no matter how a woman approaches the topic of sexism or implicit bias she's told "you're doing it wrong" -- so, how do you suggest I handle this? I read academic blogs, and I thought GracieABD handled her "teach naked" situation just perfectly. I was well familiar with it before it popped up here. .... or is this beating a dead, battered horse to a pulp?
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Yahoo logo FPP puts words in CEO's mouth, outrage and ridicule ensues.

Yahoo logo FPP: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer discusses how she redesigned the new Yahoo! logo over a weekend. But in the actual linked post itself, she describes getting together with the logo team, mentions everyone by name, and uses the word 'we' everywhere. [more inside]
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Am I missing the good stuff on MetaTalk?

I will, I confess, spend a lot of my "waiting for that ball to get lobbed back over the net into my side of the court" time at work on Metafilter, including metatalk. A couple days ago, Metatalk suddenly got blocked by my office's net filter as "pornography." The blue and the green were fine, but not this one. No, sir. Now, obviously, it's just as suddenly back on the okay side of the line. So is this something the mods have to actually manage? Did you know this had happened? Is there someone whose job is to call these various companies up every few days and go "what, me, porn?" Or do these things just flicker in and out of existence without interference for some mysterious reason? (probably related to quantum foam)
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September 5

Secure browsing option

I have "use secure browsing" enabled (I can see the checkmark), but metafilter is not using SSL on all of my computers. For example, it's enabled on my iPhone but not on Safari. However, the checkmark is there in both places. [more inside]
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MeFiSwap - THE SWAP BATTLE mailing deadline - This Monday, Sept. 9th!

Mix Master Mefites your mailing deadline to get those swaps in the mail is in four days! I've been keeping a close ear on the email chatter, and it sounds like plenty of those tunes are already on their way. How did your mix turn out? Did you get some good mixes? [more inside]
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Who's Your Favorite JP/Librarian?

Happy Birthday, jessamyn!
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September 4

This post says more about me than it does about Metatalk

I realize this might be spitting into the wind, but I would like to request that Mefites refrain from making comments of the "That says more about you than it does about ____" variety. [more inside]
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September 3

Metafilter Football Smackdown 2013

It's time once again for Metafilter's premier fantasy (U.S.) football league. We draft tomorrow evening, so if you're going to join, please do so soon. http://​​/f1​/1039011
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September 2

Taters Trivia Triumph

For the past 8 weeks, Boston/Cambridge area Mefites have been engaged in the Geeks Who Drink trivia tournament. On Monday Sept. 2 at approximately 10:30pm EST, the Hardcore Taters were crowned the evening's victors and the first place tournament champions, winning a prize of $300! [more inside]
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Wait, do we really need three active syria threads?

So this popped up on the front page yesterday. Upon seeing it again today i realized something... [more inside]
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Pretty Sure Shakespeare Knew About Us

Ryan North's To Be or Not To Be, choose-your-own-adventure book about Hamlet, just came out! And hey, what's that on page 357? Could that be a reference to Metafilter? Yes, yes it could be! [more inside]
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Hey, Mefites! Check out these Bowie covers by your fellow Mefites!

Start listening now! Right here! No salesman will call! Unlimited offer!
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September 1

Ads appearing in lower right hand corner of posts?

Starting this morning, I have seen sporadic ads in the lower right-hand corner of the screen while reading posts on MeFi and Ask, even while logged in. They display first as a grey and orange bar, like so; when I hover over the bar, it expands into a set of ads (for "coupons" nominally linked to keywords in the post). Have I been hit with spyware, or is this happening to others? (I am running Chrome on Windows 7; this is definitely not a browser extension I have installed.)
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MeFi Music: The Great Request Raffle!

You are cordially invited over to MeFiMusic where we would like your music/song requests, to be fulfilled for the next music challenge! [more inside]
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