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September 29

Metatalktail Hour: The Best Memes!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, junques and duffel separately wanted to know, in junques's words: "what's something (a thought, gif, video, comment, phrase, meme, photo, song, ...) that never fails to make you smile and/or laugh?" [more inside]
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September 28

Support for Survivors

This is a very difficult week for survivors of sexual assault. I’d like to request that the community come provide resources, poems/literature, articles, and really anything that focuses on supporting survivors. To clarify: this post is not about discussing the facts of the current news cycle, but a request to show love and support to our fellow mefites who may be suffering.
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metafilter bandcamp recommendations?

Until midnight tonight Pacific time, bandcamp is donating their share of all purchases to the Voting Rights Project. Everyone I know is using this as an excuse to buy all those albums that were on their wishlist, and to recommend all their favorite bandcamp music for everyone else to buy. Can we do that here? I wish I'd thought of this earlier, but there's still almost seven hours left in the sale...
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September 26


It's the middle of the week, let's shake things up a bit. Tell me about your hair. Maybe you're losing it, maybe you have a lot of it, maybe you just got it cut, maybe you're shaving it, or growing it out. It's maybe on your head, your face, your legs, your chest, your back, or not. Do you like your hair? Has it changed recently? Do you have some hair-related memories from your childhood? Let's talk about hair and break up the week and avoid politics. Tell me about your hair.
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September 25

Ettiquette on reposting an entire, ongoing website

I discovered an awesome website today. Said website was posted to MeFi in 2011, in a post about the website itself. Specific pages of the website also appear within collections of links in 2 more recent posts (2017, 2018), although the posts aren't specifically featuring the website itself. The website is still going and still full of excellent content (7 years worth of additional content from the 2011 post). Is it frowned on for me to post it again?
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September 24

XKCD imitates MeFi (Again)

Joe from Australia, Sept 17: there's no reason not to move to Real Solar Time™, where the sun rises at 6 AM and sets at 6 PM all year round.

XKCD, Sept 24:
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September 23

Metafilter Spotify account?

Given all the great AskMefi questions about playlist suggestions, would there be an interest in an official Metafilter Spotify account with playlists made based on each question? [more inside]
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How about a Parenting & Kids Category on AskMeFi?

I've always felt that there is a category missing on AskMeFi. There are so many AskMe posts related to children, parenting, babies, etc - that I really think there should be some kind of all encompassing category for it. I've thought about this for a long time, but today is the day I finally speak up. What do you think? [more inside]
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September 22

Metatalktail Hour: Very Complimentary!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, Atrahasis wants to know, "What is your favorite compliment that you have received, given, or even heard about another person? Thank you!" [more inside]
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September 21

Fucking Fuck XV

I can barely do regular numbers much less Roman ones. Either way, come in to screech freely about political omnishambles ongoing. [more inside]
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What's the Deal with Comments "Metafilter: [succinct comment]

Every so often in a thread, somebody will post a comment consisting of Metafilter: [clip from a previous comment] that is sort of summing up a Metafilter sort of attitude. They're usually amusing. However, I can discern no pattern. Different members do it. Are these archived anywhere? Is there a rhyme or reason to them? Can anyone do them?
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September 19


Tell me about that place 'where everybody knows your name'. Maybe it's your local coffee house or a diner or a bar or the local yarn barn, whatever it is, wherever it is, this is the place where people know your name when you walk in the door. Maybe you have a place to sit that is always reserved for you. You might even have a coffee mug that only you use, or maybe it's as simple as knowing the entire staff. Tell me about this other family, this other home. Happy Wednesday friends!
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Metafilter affiliate linking plug in?

I had to recently sign into a different Chrome account and I lost my plugins/extensions. One of which was the one that automatically added the Metafiler affiliate link when I visited Amazon. I cannot for the life of me find it again despite numerous site and google searching attempts [more inside]
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September 18

Isn't that "our" word?

I just saw that Merriam-Webster is adding "Tl;dr" to the dictionary, with first use cited in 2002. Am I crazy, or did that particular abbreviation originate here, at MetaFilter?
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September 17


Can we discuss doing another reset of expectations for the POTUS45/politics megathreads? I have been following the megathreads more or less obsessively ever since the election, and, like many others, have found them an extremely valuable resource for information regarding Trump-related stuff. I still do; however, these days I skim/sift through them pretty quickly, looking for the scarce wheat amongst the abundant chaff. While doing so, I get frustrated and find myself going into fits of flagging (Hi Mods!). [more inside]
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12,345...only 6

I am exceptionally excited to note that with 6 more, I will have 12,345 favorites. Seems like as good as any reason to celebrate, things being as generally ugh as they are.
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Will upcoming EU internet legislation affect/break MeFi?

After the plenary vote on the EU copyright reform directive (previously), word is spreading that the new EU rules are likely to impact the web as we know it. Though the directive in its current adopted form won't be law before spring, at the earliest, is there a mod appraisal, a reality check of what potential effects would be if&when it is enacted (in its latest version), here at the Best of the Web™?
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September 16

Help me find a post about fending off a cold

There was an Ask where someone came down with a cold/flu right before a trip and people pitched in their remedies and suggestions. [more inside]
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September 15

Metatalktail Hour: Lazy World

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, ctmf wants to know, "What would you like to see someone else do? From serious/hard (Japan-style rail ubiquity in the US) to useful (an app that does X) to frivolous (A professionally-talented jazz group doing an extended interpretation of Beck's Where It's At)." [more inside]
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September 13

Wordshore will speak words for you in an English accent

Following a short but successful experiment, the result of which being that Mr Bondcliff of the USA is now the happy owner of a most unusual phone ringing tone, I have decided to speak words of the choosing of MeFites. "Hit me up", as the young MeFites apparently say, with some words and I will - within reason - create a sound file of spoken delights for you and others to listen to. [more inside]
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Talk to me about favorites

What makes you favorite a post/why? Favorite a comment? Is there a difference? Do you use your favorites collection for anything? Do you have a method of curating them? Do you ever prune them? How often do you go back through them? Are you a stingy or generous favorite-bestower? Why?
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September 12

seeking a specific comment

I recall reading a comment here on metafilter a long time ago with a proposal for a ridiculous reality TV show. I would like to find that comment. Googling has proven extremely difficult. [more inside]
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Can we get a bigger text box on Mobile Modern?

The text box for posting comments on mobile (I'm talking about Modern theme here; Classic has similar but slightly different issues) is really small. It makes it hard for me to write more than a couple sentences without losing track of what I was talking about. Sometimes I just give up. Can it be bigger? [more inside]
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September 11

Zozosuit check-in

In this blue-post a number of us got a hold of the spotty, 3D-scannable suits in question. The thread is archived but I’m going to want to hear how it’s going for my fellow polkadot-guinea-pigs.
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Help looking for past post

I'm looking for an article (or possibly a comment) from Mefi or Ask expressing skepticism about AI and the ability of computers to mimic the human brain because people have previously made that assumption about other versions of the hot new tech (like maybe the steam engine?)
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September 10

The Word "Literally": Overused. Be Aware.

That's it. It's a linguistic tick that's infecting people. Awareness is key. Discuss. (Or not).
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September 9

Hurricane Florence Check in thread

Hey kids, so it looks like the mid Atlantic is gonna take a whoopin from this twirly one Wednesday & Thursday this week. Gov Cooper declared a state of emergency late Friday and evacuations have started. We're in the middle of the path, and even though we're 2 hours inland, it's going to fling us around a little & dump a load of rain. NC, GA and VA are all going to take the brunt. Batten down, charge up, don't forget the pets and stay safe.
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September 8

Metatalktail Hour: Noticing Stuff

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, aniola wants to know, "What things do you particularly notice, because of your work or hobbies? Is there something new you notice a lot? (Like landscape architects w/ landscaping, home renovator home renovations)" They sent me this one a while ago and I think it's so intriguing! [more inside]
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September 7


End of another long week filled with awful politics/news. Let's talk about something else instead. If you had access to a time-machine (DeLorean or Tardis), what time and place would you travel to? Maybe you would like to go back to ancient Mongolia? Or maybe you want to go back to the 60s and experience Beatlemania all over again? Or maybe experience the culture of 17th C French court? If you want to take a companion, feel free to do so, or maybe you're on this adventure solo. Either way, happy travels and try not to fuck up the time-line too much. :D
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September 6

That's a lot of Stucky. (MeFi Fanfic Rec List Checklist)

Back a month-ish ago, Cozybee posted an ask for recommended fanfiction. Friends, we recommended 239 fics. That's a lot of links to keep track of. Being that you're all great people, I really wanted to give them all a try. And I'm kind of a completest and overly-organized for no good reason, and so...I made a spreadsheet. [more inside]
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A thousand posts

This is number 1,000. I don't know what to say, The Whelk. That's a lot of content. [more inside]
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September 5

Happy Birthday jessamyn!

A very happy birthday to jessamyn! Many happy returns of the day!
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September 4

144: Give Myself A Cold Goose

In this podcast ep, I talk with Jessamyn about going camping, driving a stick-shift VW camper van, getting a cold, having a cold, and also a great deal of MetaFilter stuff. It's a bit late and there's no music bumpers because I was camping and then I had a cold! But here it is. It's about 80 minutes. [more inside]
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September 1

Metatalktail Hour: Bragging Rights

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, being the first weekend of the month, we're posting in Euro time! (Cue Eurovision music.) And centrifugal wants to know what "weird things you're entitled to bragging rights about. Because of my friend being strangely impressed by my skills at untangling bindweed from the plant it's strangling without hurting the plant, and because an oddly big component of my job in gun violence prevention is showing people how fast I can open a combination lock." [more inside]
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