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Seattle Meetup June 8

Seattle meetup: weekend of June 8th? I'm going to be there for just the weekend. What say you? Saturday the 9th might work the best.
posted by bingo on May 16, 2007 - 49 comments

it's just that's where my baby lives, that's all

Washington, DC meetup this Sunday (day after tomorrow)?! I'm going to DC for a job interview on Monday. I'll be staying with my brother in Mt. Pleasant (the job is in Reston). Come meet me and give me advice about whether or not I should move to DC. Sorry for the short notice, but I wasn't sure this was happening until recently.
posted by bingo on Feb 23, 2007 - 19 comments

Boston meetup: October 2005

Sudden Boston/Cambridge meetup: tonight! Seriously. I'm in town and I leave tomorrow morning. I have nothing to do tonight. Any takers?
posted by bingo on Oct 28, 2005 - 11 comments

NYC Meetup Reminder: July 23

NYC meetup reminder. Saturday, July 23, at Vol de Nuit, at 8pm. Previous thread here. Meetup inspired by SisterHavana coming to town.

I and anyone who wants to join will be going to grumblebee's play at 8 and swinging by afterwards.
posted by bingo on Jul 22, 2005 - 18 comments

LA meetup?

Has there ever/will there ever be a Los Angeles MeFi gathering? I did a search but all I found was this. Did anything happen there? Is there another thread about this I'm missing? I've been seeing the posts about the NY gathering and I'm jealous.
posted by bingo on Feb 16, 2002 - 65 comments

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