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January 29


Scientists have discovered a way to peer into the past1 and record historical events without interacting with them.2 They then turn the recordings into interactive virtual realities. When do you go? What burning question are you finally going to be able to answer? As always a conversation initiator not limiter. [more inside]
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January 26

Tell me things to recover my optimism / good vibe.

I'm burnt out by all THIS (gestures wildly). Give me strategies to be happy again. [more inside]
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January 24

Metatalktail Hour: Recipes!

Happy Weekend, MetaFilter! (Indeed, the happiest weekend in quite a while for many US mefites!) I'm in too good a mood to think of a topic but I'm bored of my winter dishes, so tell me what you're cooking lately! [more inside]
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January 22

Site Update #2, 2021

Now it really feels like a happy new year, doesn’t it? It’s been an intense couple of weeks around here and we appreciate everyone hanging in there. Onward and upward! [more inside]
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Linking Permission

Is it good manners to ask permission before linking to a non-corporate social media account? [more inside]
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January 20

Surely this...

Celebration thread for the end of the previous Administration and roughly 10,000 years since a certain individual entered national politics.
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January 14

Snark Less, Post More

We’d all benefit if there was more posting on Metafilter, even if it wasn’t perfect. It’d help if it wasn’t often so discouraging to submit posts, though. Here are some thoughts on how we could achieve this. [more inside]
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Team Metafilter on Kiva

Did you know that Metafilter is one of Kiva's biggest-ever lenders? Here's a team update, and a call for you to help the team lend even more. [more inside]
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January 12

Tiny Text - Please Stop

Can I respectfully ask the metafilter community to not so frequently use tiny text font? [more inside]
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Fuck fuck scary fuck

Very scary right now and here is a place where we can be scared.
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looking for a post about learning to write

There was a (fairly recent I think?) question on AskMe from a person who was trying to help their son get better at writing coherently for school assignments and provided an example of the son's recent writing as an example. My partner's son is now experiencing a similar problem (distance learning is not helping, thanks pandemic) and I would like to find that question since I remember a few educators popped up in the answers with good advice. Thanks.
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January 11

Dry January, Post-Inaugural Mulligan

Were you intending to engage in the practice known as Dry January? Were you derailed by [gestures broadly at everything]? Anyone up for giving it another shot starting January 21st, the day after Inauguration February 1st? [more inside]
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Six-volume (so far) thriller/spy series on Green/Blue?

I thought it was in this Ask, but it isn't. Very recently someone referenced a series of books in the political/thriller/spy/something genre, and said "and volume 6 has just been released on Kindle" or similar. I need a good book series and for the life of me I can't find this comment. Help, please? Thanks!
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January 10

Metatalktail Hour: Speaking of the mail....

More than usual, people are interacting via the post office, various delivery services, and sometimes becoming their own delivery services. I'd like to talk about the mail (since postal trivia is one of my nerdy interests). Tell me a story about the mail, or delivery of some kind, past, present, or future. [more inside]
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4th Annual Metafilter Valentine Mail Exchange!

It's that dreary time of year that requires extra love and love related puns to get through. Come exchange some Valentines! [more inside]
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Two tips to be successful at work

I can't remember which colour board it was on, but there was a post/comment outlining two complementary attitudes/behaviours that were expected by bosses and enacted in the workplace by employees who were seen to be playing the game right. They were about performing what is asked without quibble. [more inside]
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January 9

Comment about keeping Nazis out of bars?

A few months ago on the Blue (I think), someone posted a comment with link to either an article or a social media post about how a particular bar owner kept his place clean of Proud Boys, Nazi sympathizers, etc. Can someone help me find it? [more inside]
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January 8

Site Update #1, 2021

We're starting the numbering over because it's not 2020 anymore! No, really, it's not. Seriously. Anyway, happy New Year! [more inside]
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New merch! Shirts, stickers, and magnets!

We talked about this in the run-up to the Gala, so: let's start off 2021 with some new merch! We've got new designs up, available as shirts on Neatoshop and as magnets and stickers on Teepublic, so if you've been looking for something MeFi-centric to drape over your mortal form or stick to your laptop or fridge or car or whatever the heck this is your lucky day. [more inside]
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Share your communication with representatives again!

The last thread for sharing our communications with our elected representatives was really successful! Obviously a lot is going on in the U.S. especially right now, and with democracy itself under attack, now is as good a time as any to recommit ourselves to the idea of participatory democracy by reaching out to our elected officials. [more inside]
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January 7

Hugging Hugs

By request, a thread for happy thoughts, kindness, positive vibes, good news sharing, comfort, random cute or fun stuff, and general hugginess.❤️🤗❤️
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January 6

DC MeFites, stay safe!

Hey DC folks, I hope you all are hunkered down and avoiding the Capitol area. Please be careful and stay safe.
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January 4

MetaFilter Gift Swap Renaming

Back in August, I made a post about how we were going to tackle Secret Quonsar in 2020 -- and we wound up talking about the name of the swap itself, as well. If you participated in the swap this year, you should have received an email this morning with a link to a Google poll with some options. I wanted to make a MetaTalk as space to discuss pros/cons of various options. [more inside]
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January 1

Metafilter: a blog dedicated to identifying our reptilian overlords

Writing purportedly about the Nashville bomber, yahoo! news reporter Caitlin Dickinson revealed our true purpose.
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Metatalktail Hour: New day, new year

Hello Mefites, happy 2021! It's a new year and we're all wishing for better days in the new. I've got my coffee underway this morning and it looks like the sun is going to make an appearance. Are you making resolutions, wishes, hopes, mottoes for this year? Are you doing anything good today or this weekend?
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