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November 30

Long Running IRL Meetups?

The classic Chicago Goat / Frog meetup is losing one portion of its evening thanks to the vagaries of the property market.
This seems like a meetup that’s been around forever, and so I thought it would be good to ask about long-running local meet-ups. Do mefites in your area regularly get together for a specific event? Have you been doing it for a long while? More than a year? Please tell.
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Memorable or Favorite Quotes 2015

I started reading an article today about meeting Edward Snowden. However one of the first quotable snippets, stopped me cold. Now I am having trouble even remembering it wholly, and think a thread to quickly place incredible words, might be the stuff of Mefi. [more inside]
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November 28

Fanfare request - please use the 'notable reviews' feature

Just a mild request to people that use fanfare. If you are linking to a notable review in the body of your post, or in a comment you make, please use the 'Notable Reviews' feature. [more inside]
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November 26

Holiday Movie Club 2015

With Ang Lee's The Ice Storm posted, we begin the 2015 edition of the Holiday Movie Club. [more inside]
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MeFites With YouTube Channels

The lede: I've been having a great time getting to know Xingcat through his YouTube Channel, and I was wondering if there were other MeFites with channels. [more inside]
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Thank you mefites for all the can-I-eat-this questions

I've been cooking turkeys for decades and I have never accidentally left an uncooked turkey out. Yesterday I did and when I discovered it this morning i remembered all the can-I-eat-this posts here, reread a turkey one, and pitched it. Thank you all the many people here who have told us all when eating something might make us very sick. Enjoy your holiday if you're USan, enjoy the day if you're not. You all enrich my life.
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November 24

Gone but not forgotten

Was your lovely FPP about 17th Century buttons cruelly overlooked? Was your round-up of music videos by your favourite obscure band sadly ignored? Please wipe away your tears and share the posts you've made that you cherished, but which didn't have the impact you hoped for, that didn't get the love they frankly deserved. [more inside]
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Metafilter Chat Feature Request

Would it be possible to have a link to the profile pages of the members in the chat room? Perhaps as an additional choice when you right-click their name from the list on the righthand sidebar? (alongside "ignore" and "private chat") [more inside]
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FanFare Pony: No spoilers above the cut, please

Rosebud is a [redacted]! [redacted] is [redacted]'s father! Bruce Willis was a [redacted] all along! And that's just the beginning! What spoilers for that new Netflix season that you shotgunned over the weekend will you put up above the cut next? Stay tuned! [more inside]
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November 23

Decent Activity

Hey, so way back when, I wanted an "LJ friends" sort of view of MetaFilter – something that would let you see all of your "friends'" comments on MetaFilter, regardless of the number of favorites. I remembered that in the last few months and put together a Chrome extension, Decent Activity (thanks to Ian A.T. for the name!) that shows all of your mutual contacts' comment in reverse chronological order. So, if you are also interested in that sort of view, there it is! [more inside]
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Ask A Librarian

MeFi's own jessamyn [retired] will be having a Reddit AMA on November 24 at 11AM. That is all.
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November 22

The Metafilter Collective

A recent discussion about Christmas Villages and other collectibles prompts me to ask: What other sizeable collections of stuff lie in the hands of mefites? Share your pictures, anecdotes, obsessions and triumphs here!
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Where else does MeFi live on the web?

Outside of the many aspects of MeFi on the official site, what are the various ways that MeFi gets disseminated, processed, scraped, repackaged, discussed, etc. on the web? [more inside]
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MetaTalk Love-In No. 3

It's deep in fall and it's dark and gray in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember this post? Let's do it again. Bring the awesome! [more inside]
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November 21

Proper deletion or "Metafilter VS Reddit" bias?

This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry, framing this as side-taking in some kind of notional Mefi vs reddit thing isn't great, the imperative at the end isn't really Mefi form, and "here are just a bunch of random good things from reddit" is too loose a net
I guess I'm not seeing the editorializing. Bad call in my opinion: I thought that this post was precisely "Best of the web". What does the community think?
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November 18

Happy $5 noob day

Because I live in the future, I might as well kick off the annual $5 noob anniversary thread.
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November 17

Anyone want a hug/affirmation?

It's been a tense few weeks, especially with everything going on. Would anyone care for a hug thread, and to say a few nice words about another user/s? I know we had another one before earlier, so I thought it would be nice to do so. If anyone has more details or ideas to make it extra loving, please chime in! [more inside]
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Mefites and their MBTIs

I recently re-took the Myers-Briggs test, that old staple of knowing-thyself-through-answering-questions, and was thinking it might be fun to get some aggregate stats from Mefites. (INFPs, represent!)
If you’re interested and can remember what you got waaaaaay back whenever you last took the MBTI, please put your type into this anonymous Google Form.
If you don’t know what your type is and want to play along, you can take a free variant of the instrument here.
(To be clear, THIS ISN’T SCIENCE, and isn’t meant as a peer pressure thing. This is some fun wasting time by making a graph.)
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November 16

The Great Metafilter Cookie Swap 2015: sign up here!

Strangers from the internet will bake you cookies and mail them to your home! [more inside]
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New FanFare TV Post Types

In FanFare we've always discussed TV shows episode by episode. We just added two new ways to discuss a series: full-season and season-independent. [more inside]
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November 15

Can We Please Respect Women Expressing Joy?

It happens everywhere. Women express happiness vocally and commenters, (men and women) can't help but talk about how annoying their voices are. I see it all over the Internet. Can we not do that here? [more inside]
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November 14

2015 Secret Quonsar Thank You Thread!

A mysterious package arrived in the mail this morning. My first thoughts was, "My Quonsar gift?!", followed quickly by "Who on earth would be that on-the-ball to get out their gift this early?!?!" The answer? My Quonsarer, that's who!! Thank you so much for the yummy vegan creme-filled cupcakes, the Japanese "knowledge cards", and the fun maps of San Francisco. Happy Quonsar, everyone!
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November 13

Paris Friday the 13th 2015

My wonderful secret quonsar last year was Parisian. I am thinking of him and his family right now. I'm sure there are other Mefites thinking of each other right now as well. Thread to connect and check in. [more inside]
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Meet and Greet: MeFites of Asian descent

In one of the recent MeTas about race, I mentioned that I often notice other Asian posters, appreciate their contributions, and would love to talk to them about our experiences in a neutral setting. So, I'm making a thread! [more inside]
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Can we try being respectful to members from poor and rural areas too?

One of the things MeFi does not do well is Southern and rural states. Specifically, there's a definite tendency for members to derail threads or comments about the South with snide jokes or hyperbolic suggestions dehumanizing rural people and/or Southern or Appalachian people in the US. Even otherwise good comments often have nasty potshot asides buried within them. [more inside]
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Do You Like Good Music?

Following a recent MeTa on which interest was expressed in the idea of a MetaFilter Music Podcast, I decided that hell yes and made one - check it out on Soundcloud! [more inside]
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November 12

Cortex on The Setup

Josh talks about the stuff he uses to get things done.
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MeFi Mall 2015 Call for Shops

We're setting up shop for 2015! The MeFi Mall is a place where mefites can share links to their wares. If you'd like to be listed, add your shop now. [more inside]
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November 11

Did this need to be deleted?

Not too sure about the deletion of this post 'Gay men who hate women'. [more inside]
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AskMeFi policy FAQ: advertising one's work in response to questions?

In response to a recent question on Ask, wherein the poster asked how to create a certain kind of thing, one of the responses was "I can do X. I'd be willing to do that part. (Apologies if this sort of reply is not allowed here; I won't do it again.)" I took this (possibly erroneously) to mean that the responder would do the service for a fee, which struck me as advertisement, which I thought was probably not allowed, but a check of the FAQ and an attempt to search for similar topics did not actually lead to a clear statement of whether this is allowed. [more inside]
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Looking for a comic I saw on MetaFilter

Several years ago (three years, five years, maybe more...) someone posted a comic here that I'm trying to find again. I'm not sure if the comic was the subject of an FPP on the blue, part of an answer on the green, or part of a comment on the grey. I'm hoping someone can help me find it again. [more inside]
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November 10

The MetaTalk queue, how it works, and possible policy change

I'm not clear on how the queue is working for MetaTalk, and was also wanting to revisit the queue system and how it's currently being used in order to gauge if policy changes should be enacted. [more inside]
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November 9

An apology

I made several mistakes in the University of Missouri thread. I apologize. [more inside]
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November 8

Emotional Labor Article in The Guardian

I just saw this article in The Guardian on Emotional Labor and it contains a link to the epic metafilter discussion!
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November 5

Looking for an article about becoming a morning person

I'm looking for an article that I read within the past four years and I think it was on MeFi. It was a first person account of the author and her boyfriend trying to become a morning person by following various professional advice, like go for a morning walk, go to bed earlier, etc. I'm pretty sure it's not a similar article in Fitness Magazine about someone doing it alone. Ring a bell?
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November 4

Not All Problems Are Caused By Being Asian.

Can we stop bringing issues of non-Westernness into Ask Metafilter answers where they aren't warranted? [more inside]
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I understand why the podcast theme tuned changed, and the new one is super, but would it be possible to get the old podcast theme tune posted to Music? [more inside]
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November 3

MetaFilter Club on Strava?

I was recently looking to add MeFites on Strava to give myself a bit of extra motivation, but noticed that only 20 people have Strava listed in their profile. So, being the proactive guy that I am, I put together Team Metafilter over there and am hoping some of you would like to join up with me. I am a runner, but cyclists and others are more than welcome. Go team!
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Dead MetaFilter Radio

So, I tried to share the MetaFilter Radio app with someone recently and found it was no longer in the App store. And I tried to run my MetaFilter Radio app and it was an utter failure. Are there plans to update this and continue to make it useful and fun, or was it a one-off project and is now dead?
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Congratulations, digaman!

MeFi's own Steve Silberman (aka digaman) has won this year’s Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, the first time in his 17-year history that the award has gone to a popular science book. (Previously, on the Blue.)
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November 2

This pony prances about in the meadow, with butterflies, ribbons, etc.

Can we have comments/fpps that have been sidebarred noted on the fpp page itself or, if it is a comment, in-thread? Also - can we have auto-notification to people when their comments or posts have been sidebarred? [more inside]
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110: Stealin' Lincoln, with Eyebrows McGee

It's a short podcast! By our standards, which is to say only an hour and twenty minutes or so. Jessamyn and I are joined by the midwest's own Eyebrows McGee as we chatter semi-hurriedly about a bunch of stuff from Metafilter and also Abe Lincoln's corpse. We cover October 8th-ish through November 2. [more inside]
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