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August 31

Talkin' 'Bout My G-G-G-Generation

The 10K Generation, to which I belong, being member 10947 of September 3, joined MetaFilter between August 1 and September 5 2001, just before the 9/11 influx, and is currently enjoying its second anniversary here. Does each generation, according to how and when they joined, have its own personality? Mine, I would say, judging by a quick survey, is moody, quiet and difficult. What's yours like?
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August 29

The cutoff for comments to a MeFi thread is one calendar month?

Now we know for sure, as the legendary/infamous Blogstop/Acronyms thread goes into "overtime": The cutoff for comments to a MeFi thread is one calendar month, not thirty days. (I'm surprised nobody noticed AND complained last February...)
I'm sorry, but I have loved this thread, textual chain-jerkoff it may have been, and await the dropping of the MetaFilter equivalent of the Times Square New Year's Ball on our collective heads in less than eight hours as I stand like a cryogenically-preserved Dick Clark preparing to be resuscitated just in time to say: "Five...Four..."
So, as long as I've committed myself to a verbal thrashing from the Anti-Acronymatics among you, I must still ask the stupid question: "Why Can't MetaFilter Do Something Like This More Often?"
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Changing Passwords

This may sound a bit clueless, but is it possible to change our passwords? I can't seem to figure out how.
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MeFi callout for anti-semitism

Hmm..... It does fit in with riptide's posting history which consists of mostly short, useless, and sometimes offensive comments.
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Link redirects to goatse

I know this wasn't intentional, but the first link in this post, now redirects directly
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August 28

The Homeless Guy writes about MeFi post

The Homeless Guy has listed the posting of his link at MetaFilter as the main reason for his site's ultimate take-off in popularity. It's an interesting account of the effect that a little link on MeFi can have on an individual blogger: This posting on Metafilter generated some 900 visits to my blog that day. The following day an online magazine in the UK mentioned my blog (apparently after someone read about it on Metafilter) and my site received 1200 visits. The following day brought 3200 visits. The next day, Yahoo listed my blog on its list of "New and Notable" web sites, and it received over 15,000 visits. Go, MeTa.
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August 27


This is so lame. I've gotten used to flames on MeFi; its part of what passes for discourse anymore. But this entire post was a predominace of flaming meta-poo. I understand the calls of Agenda-filter, but if people are going to post stuff like "It seems I must speak in language you understand . Go fuck yourself you ill-bred shit." then I think its time we up the ante. If you're going to Meta-bitch, then take it MetaTalk. More importantly, if you're going to Metaflame, do it with half an ounce of couth and style. That appears to be where MetaFilter is headed, so please keep up. (slightly more inside)
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When every word of a FPP is a different link

When every word of a FPP is a different link. Foosnark doesn't like it, and I have some criticism of it myself. It ruins the semantics of a hyperlink -- suddenly, every link is part of a vague topic field that you have to clickthrough in order to begin to even understand what it's about.

I can see some art to it -- sometimes you want things to unfold slowly, only by looking at the same thing from many different views. But most of the time, it may just be annoying and inconvenient. Thoughts?
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Does Matt remove posts from the archives?

Does Matt remove posts from the archives? I've been trying to find a couple of old threads from a few months ago, a link about the whilstler devices that people are putting in the tailpipes of thier cars and an interview with a guy that had one in his car. I've searched thru the archives post by post and used the search but it seems to have disappeared. Is it possible that it has been dumped for some reason? Is this common? I cant even seem to find the post from earlier this month that had the old GI Joe PSA. What's up Matt?
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August 26

I just got fired for reading this thread.

I just got fired today for reading this thread. Any of you ever had bad repercussions from reading Metafilter at work?
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August 25

DragonCon Meetup

Dragon*Con 2003 hits Atlanta this weekend. I know I'm not the only MeFite going, so maybe we can shoulder our way past the Stormtroopers and the Klingons at the hotel bar and have a little MeFi Meetup, eh?
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August 24

Divisive drumming humdrum: republican speculation unecessary

In a thread about "unifying humanity", the poster drops this curiously divisive little gem: Ever...wondered why virtually no republicans practice African or indigenous drumming techniques? Are hand drums, to the US far right, a spooky talesman which evokes lurid fantasies of wild satanic or Santeria (Voodoo) rituals.

Supporting evidence? Congruity with the topic? It's perplexing. Are any of us supposed to have insight into this? It just seems like a lame (and lazy) tactic for inciting a flamewar, complete with dopey stereotypes about both Republicans and Africans.
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August 23

an apology is noted

For the record.
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August 22

Callout/Etiquette: please have the courtesy to put email in profile

Proposed : That if you're going to incessantly troll threads and insult people's intelligence, all in an infuriatingly supercilious and unctuous tone that seems intended to inflame, you should at least have the courtesy to provide an email address on your profile, disposable or otherwise.
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Not peeing on external sites

can we all just agree not to pee all over external sites of meFi users? it's really obnoxious and extremely petty.
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I haven't seen the search time out for months.

I haven't seen the search time out for months. Could we afford to set "since day one" as the default?
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You have a problem with authority, Mr. Anderson

Before this FPP gets deleted for being the daily double, can somebody tell me what exactly is going on here?
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Who is the most prolific poster?

Y'know how there's a 1 front page post per day limit? I started wondering, what's the longest run for anyone who was foolish enough (or perhaps inspired enough) to post every day? Are records kept of this stuff?
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August 21

Secret URL for work filters

Lots of people have complained about MetaTalk being banned as a "gaming site" so I created a new secret URL for MetaTalk too.
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No news is good/bad/no news

Timely advice or what? (Just replace "MetaFilter" for "News".)
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August 19

Donating to MeFi from overseas (UK)

This is a right piss-off.

Feeling flush enough to donate to Mefi for the first time ever...[more inside]
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August 17

She left? But she's in the kitchen just now!

You don't need to toot your own horn to make you feel better about your wife leaving you. Seriously?
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August 14

Burning Man Meetup

It's just about 10 days to Burning Man. Any other MeFites hitting the Playa this year? Leave your coordinates in the comments!
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baby weblogs like Crunchlandfilter, Miguelfilter, Foldfilter, and Sudamafilter

If each user's page of posted links had comment counts and an RSS feed, Metafilter would instantly turn into a community with hundreds of baby weblogs like Crunchlandfilter, Miguelfilter, Foldfilter, and Sudamafilter.
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August 13

My friend's EBay auction is probably not a good subject for a post.

My friend's EBay auction is probably not a good subject for a post.
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August 11

mefi survival guide

MetaFilter Survival Guide, by KevinSkomsvold. "Remember, this is just a guide, but if I can help just one person escape the wrath of an old-timer, I've done my job."
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There are only about five active posters running thousands of sockpuppet accounts

I hate to derail the potental hilarity from within the 'quonsar - who he?' thread, but I have a teeny bug: I was searching for stavros (to make sure he really was in Korea and I wasn't making a huge mistake asking him to comment on something of which he knew nothing), and got two results for 'stavrosthewonderchicken'. One was him. The other was actually vacopinta.

Here's the url of the search.

And just to get back to quonsar-filter, there are five of him - one of which is jonson, one of which is madamjujujive, and none of which really are quonsar.
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August 10

Who is quonsar?

Please excuse my newbie question:

Who is quonsar? And why is he always referred on so many MeFi posts?
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How many subdomains are there?

Sat bored at my compressor, tapped in my Mefi username to Google, as you do, and discovered a host of mefi sub-domains!,,,,,,,,,,,,

Now, my [niaive?] questions are:
- How many subdomains are there?
- How do my comments get assigned?
- I only post to &, so how did google find them & rank them?
- Looking at some of those site names, I have to ask: Does quonsar actually have admin rights here now?
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August 9

How do I modify the nice titles javascript?

How are the blue pop-ups (as in y2karl's posts) made?
I'd like to borrow the idea for a web page. I found the nice title web site, but I'd like to change a few things and I don't know how. The java script looks intimidating. I don't want the URL to be displayed, no transparency, and I'd like rounded corners as seen on MeFi.
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August 8

DC Meetup Photos

At the DC meetup last night, we had cameras. [More inside.]
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August 7

quasi-anonymous nastygram specially for you

while for obvious reasons omidius' initial retort did not bother me too much, I'd say the subsequent quasi-anonymous nastygram received by email was rather too much. while I can't take back my relaxed response, he's certainly not going to get any candy. no candy for you!!
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We don't ALL live in California or care about the election

While it is admirable that so many people on MeFi care about their local elections. Is there really a need for the numerous threads regarding the upcoming California election?
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Trackback Errors

Trackback in this thread is out of wack.
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August 5

The BlogRoots sidebar has become enormously long

The BlogRoots sidebar (over there -->) has become enormously long thanks to an entry with very wide margins.
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Lofi for Metatalk?

Is there an equivalent of lofi.mefi for metatalk? Miguel's rambling novel-writing-question seems to have been canned, and I want to see a) What Matt said about it, and b) what all the snippy comments after mine looked like. How about it?
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August 4

Madison Meetup thread got shoved off the page

Sadly - or perhaps deservedly - the Madison Meetup thread got shoved off the page. Last I heard, we were too wimpy to even come up with a date, much less a time. Can we begin again here? [no more inside].
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I click on the trackbacks, but there are none

IN the Bill and Liz thread, it says that there are 3 trackbacks. When I click on the trackback link, I get no trackback. When open the thread the usual way, I get no trackbacks. Where are the trackbacks? (In both IE6 and Opera, btw.)
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So the blogstop thread is still going strong.

So the blogstop thread is still going strong. Somebody who's been here longer than me...has something like this happened before? This could be a precedent.

So, is it possible to create another precedent? Namely...posting another FPP, specifically so that people have somewhere new to go to comment, instead of trying to comment in the extant thread?

Surely this place is a FILTER and not a discussion board, but seeing how so many of us are still fooling around on that thread, I thought it'd be nice to have it "refreshed", so to speak.
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I discovered a couple of weeks ago

I discovered a couple of weeks ago, and I'm smitten. This little anti-FRIENDSTER/nuevo-FIREFLY is currently in beta, but seems to be making the rounds... and there's not better time to make your mark, than during beta.

So why bring it up, here? Well, cuz there's a Metafilter tribe (a sub-set of the social network, not unlike a USENET group)... and I want y'all to come and play!

More inside.
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spawn-of-metafilter advice site

How about a spawn-of-metafilter advice site? A site where mefites can go to give and get advice and suggestions regarding life's conundrums - technical, personal, financial, etc.? Most of us know a thing or two about something or the other, and most of us need a hand (or a shoulder, or other assorted body parts) on occasion. Who you gonna call?

Do any of you "philter" people have the inclination and bandwidth for an idea like this (Wendell? Metalifter?)? Would any of the rest of you participate? And... did I just commit metacide?
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User Statistics

I've noticed a lot of threads asking how many "real" members there are. Would it be difficult to add a counter to the front page that says something like: "There are currently x# users logged in"?
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August 3

Server Downtime

Sorry about the downtime -- it turns out that storms and thunder and lightning make the power in Brookline, MA go away for a short bit. Thank goodness for the wonder of uninterruptible power supplies and graceful shutdowns...
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