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August 28

A different kind of fantasy

I've been doing wins pools for the last year and love them. Does anyone in MeFi want to join me? [more inside]
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August 27

Particularly hilarious Soviet cartoon about movie making

Sometime within the last couple of years there was either a post or a comment linking to a really terrific Soviet cartoon about the difficulties of making a movie in the USSR.... [more inside]
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post about how Hillary Clinton's morning routine versus Obama's?

A couple of years ago--or maybe longer--there was a post and discussion about how early Hillary Clinton had to get up in the morning, to attend to her hair and makeup, versus how early Obama had to get up, during the 2008 primary. I think it was a discussion of a magazine article. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about? I've searched and can't find it.
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August 26

LearnedLeaguers, sound off!

In the recent Mefi thread about LearnedLeague, we had a decent number of joint members. I thought I'd create a space where we could say hello! [more inside]
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Remember when.

On this day, in 1999, Mathowie posted Metafilter's 100th post.
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August 25

Better late than never

I never got a chance to thank my fellow Chicago MeFites for going above and beyond the call of duty in celebrating MetaFilter's 15th Anniversary. Did you know we had 29 straight days of meetups in July? Here's just some of the stuff we did: [more inside]
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Dealing from the deck of awesome

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I posted a couple of IRL posts pointing out that I wanted to meet Mefites on a loosely-defined 'New England vacation'. Holy shit, guys! [more inside]
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August 24

Where are you on Tumblr?

With cortex's permission, I am opening a MetaTalk thread to find fellow MeFites on Tumblr. [more inside]
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August 22

Site extremely slow?

Hey, I've been experiencing some extremely long load times and a few load failures on the site all afternoon. Chat seems to be normal, but other folks in chat are also reporting the site being slow. What's up?
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August 20

Thread about an unsolvable riddle?

I can't seem to locate a thread I read here once about an impossible riddle or logic puzzle. I don't recall the riddle itself except that it was math-related, and the answers were multiple choice series of percentages: 50%, 25%, 10%, etc. The ensuing metafilter meltdown over the answer was highly entertaining, but I foolishly didn't mark it as a favorite, and now my searches are coming up empty. Can anyone help?
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Book Group on Fanfare?

Books on Fanfare has been discussed, but in a theoretical way. The thread on The Stand makes me want to re-read it, and makes me want to be able to discuss it with MeFites. May I shoehorn it into Fanfare? [more inside]
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August 19

Meta Slander?

I have had three comments deleted from the thread re the alleged murder of Michal Brown. From the OP Escalating Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri August 19, 2014 2:45 AM Subscribe We are now entering day 10 of protests in Ferguson, MO, protesting the murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by local law enforcement officer Darren Wilson on August 9th. [more inside]
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August 18

NFL Fantasy Football League

We're approaching the playoffs of the MLB fantasy league and I saw the post about the soccer football league. Does MeFi do a NFL league? [more inside]
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Comment about unsung civil rights heroine?

I recall seeing a comment within the past few months that I am 97% sure was on Metafilter and am trying to hunt down--details are so hazy that I am having trouble searching/Googling. It was about an African-American woman from the late part of the 19th Century or early part of the 20th Century who was an early advocate for civil rights and who is largely overlooked but who has an interesting history. Possibly framed in a "she totally kicked ass" kind of way in said comment. Notably, she managed to get an advanced degree/degrees at a time when that was systemically very challenging. Ring any bells? Know it isn't much to go on.
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August 17

IRL pony: Making meetup locations private

Can we have a way to optionally restrict the visibility of a meetup location to the participants who've confirmed their attendance? Or to at least limit the visibility to logged-in mefites? Currently there's no way to, for example, announce a house party without the whole world seeing where the host lives.
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August 16

Just an update to a closed post re: a New Orleans street performer

Back in January, flapjax at midnite posted an item about some street performers in New Orleans entitled, "just a little folk music for y'all." I opined that it was a shame that the performers' identities were not recorded. [more inside]
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August 15

Players of Elder Scrolls Online

Just checking to see if anyone on metafilter is also playing Elder Scrolls Online. If you are and you would like to play with other Mefites then drop your user name in here. [more inside]
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August 14

Not Sure if Bug Report or Pony Request

I can't login using Lynx. Specifically, I can't get Lynx to even prompt me to accept any cookies from Metafilter, and I think I know why. The problem seems to be with when cookies expire. [more inside]
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August 13

What has anyone ever learned from Gawker?

Could Metafilter's survival lie in a private member's homepage? [more inside]
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Tags, singular and plural: smoosh them all into one?

Is there a way to get rid of the consistent problem of a plural tag and a singular tag "splitting" the posts that appear under a tag subject? [more inside]
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Killfile scripts?

What are the currently functioning killfile scripts and where can they be found? I see threads from 2005 or 2006, but it's unclear if there's anything newer and/or if those scripts still function properly nowadays.
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August 12


Congratulations to Metroid Baby and ignignokt on the birth of their son at 1:12 this morning. The father reports: "He is healthy and the mother is healthy. Both are champions! More details later!"
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How would you clone Metafilter? (kinda)

If you were naive, hubristic optimistic enough to want to set up a metafilter like site, but with a specific focus, how would you go about doing that? I don't mean Mefi as a whole with the wonderful subsites, just the part? If there off the shelf free (or cheap) software that could do the job, whilst also be scalable or is it a question of "Stable, Secure, Cheap pick two" ? [more inside]
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August 8

Like browsing MeFi in a shrouded theater

A lot of people have complained about FanFare's professional white background. Well, DRUNK WITH POWER after somehow kludging together a successful CSS theme for /r/MetaFilter with zero experience, I decided to try my hand at giving our new subsite a makeover, too -- the layout is fine, but that glaring white is painful to read in a darkened teevee room. Inspired by the original soothing dark blue color scheme from film/TV review aggregator Metacritic (which discarded it for an unpopular redesign years ago), I put together a complete FanFare theme (screenshot*) that adjusts not just the background and text, but stuff like visited links, link hovering, the pop-up video button and lightbox, posting page notes, live preview area, and the sidebar and Deck ad box. You can install it in Firefox (with Greasemonkey or Stylish), Chrome (with Stylish or Blank Canvas Script Handler), and jailbroken iOS (with Userscript Loader, using this URL) -- it's tested and working properly on all three. [more inside]
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A proposal for compromise on an Ask queue

I know this has been asked before but I think it's worth discussing it again. Rather than a full-fledged "queue" in which you'd enter multiple questions at once and they'd automatically post once a week ...what about just prompting by email when your week is up and you're eligible to post another question? [more inside]
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August 7

Book on crafting pop hits

Hi, can you identify this post? It was about a songwriter who wrote a book on composing high quality popular songs. The FPP included a rare interview he gave the Guardian and the thread consensus was that the interview was very poorly done. It's for a niece who's making demos. Thanks everybody!
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Disappearing Favorites from Recent Activities

I've been following the Israel/Gaza post through the Recent Activity My Favorites tab. Today, that post stopped appearing there for me even though I still have the post listed as a favorite. I've tried un-favoriting and re-favoriting with no luck in getting the post to reappear in recent activity. I've tried logging out, clearing all cookies, and logging back in. Still no luck. How do I get this post back into the Recent Activity My Favorites tab?
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A group of Mefites are participating in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. And we need your help with a few items that require people living in specific cities! [more inside]
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August 6

LOL, don't look at the comments!

I feel that recently i've noticed an uptick in something really tiresome in the comments of FPPs. Mainly, nearly every time a poster or a commenter links to an article that's remotely controversial to the general world, and therefor attracts crappy comments, someone in the comments here just can't resist the urge to go "Oh man, wow, those comments sure are shitty aren't they!" [more inside]
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August 5

#GlobalVoices / #NonWestNov / #GlobalSouthSept

In the spirit of the success of #JulyByWomen, and with viggorlijah's permission, I would like to propose another month dedicated to Mefi posts from outside the West. [more inside]
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MeFi State of the Update

After a couple months of fundraising and general money belt-tightening and Google up and downing, I wanted to give an update. [more inside]
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August 4

What books would make up the library of the Good Ship Metafilter?

Makes me wonder what 400 volumes the library of the USS Metafilter would have on it's Alpha Centauri colonization mission. [more inside]
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Can I search within a search? Show me please.

Is there a "search within a search" function that I haven't figured out? What I mean is: Can I do a first search, then search within those first results to narrow down the list? This is about my search skills specific to the site rather than site lack. [more inside]
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August 2

95: #dickmove

The podcast for August was recorded on July 31st and covers the previous three weeks of the best things we liked on MeFi. It runs about 1hr 46min. [more inside]
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August 1

Podcast Post Pony Petition

MetaTalk has a comment period of 30 days by default. In most MeTa contexts, this is good, and makes total sense. But for the podcast, this makes less sense—especially since people might be coming to listen to a podcast well after it has been recorded. Could the podcast pages be stripped of their commenting time limit? This would be more in line with MeFi Music and FanFare, which seem to be the closest analogues elsewhere on the site. Is that something other users would find to be welcome? [more inside]
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