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What constitutes newsfilter?

TODAY'S THE DAY (unless my math is off): "make room, mefites - there's a new crowd in town just itchin' to drop a buttload of newsfiltery, double-posty, self-linky, farky, snarky FPPs your way." Any last-minute tips on quality FPPs before the newbie deluge? Or pledges to stay "pure" from any of y'all before you post? Or, once it starts, old-timers, feel free to complain here rather than starting a new MeTa thread for every little offense.
posted by soyjoy on Apr 8, 2004 - 31 comments

Am I the biggest loser on MetaFilter?

Am I the biggest loser on MetaFilter? Wait - don't answer that. Let me start again. Am I the only user who keeps track of the posts on the front page as they scroll by? I don't check MeFi every day (weekends, if I'm on vacation or something, etc.), but then when I come back I try to catch up with a quick scroll-thru. Now, this is not in any way a personal slam against joedan... [more inside]
posted by soyjoy on May 15, 2003 - 41 comments

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