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October 31

...what a bea-utiful day....

If you could dress as anyone from a musical this halloween, who would it be? [more inside]
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October 30

Signs of Life

I was recently off Metafilter for a bit and missed it. While thinking about how awesome Metafilter is I got the idea about having a place in real life that was Metafilter related. Maybe a bench in a public park somewhere with a plaque that says it was donated by Metafilter? Or a tree? I bet we could come up with some cool ideas. It'd be so fun to travel there and take a picture with THE METAFILTER in real life. Or does a place like that already exist? There are so many of us who truly value this site, maybe some would be willing to contribute towards a small offline presence? Any thoughts?
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October 29

What was this piece about angry people?

I recall reading something, it was either part of an FPP or linked in the comments, about the different perceptions of men and women who get angry. I can't find it now. [more inside]
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October 28

I'm looking for a comment about buying a used car

There was a comment that I had seen within the last 2 years(?) that outlined a pretty specific plan for buying a used car so as to maximize value and minimize ripped-off-edness. I've tried to find it and I thought it might be this but it doesn't seem long enough or have enough favourites. Can anyone help me out? [more inside]
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there's so much not-answering-the-question in this askme it makes my head spin. [more inside]
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Thanks for the education

The current post on trans* kids/gender identity has a really positive conversation going on. I've seen enough fighty trans*-issue threads here for that to be a real sign of progress. But mostly, I want to thank the mefites who've made it that way for assisting with my own education. [more inside]
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Publish All The Things!

MeFi favorite Allie Brosh has published her book Hyperbole and a Half. [more inside]
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October 27

The place where there is no darkness

Anyone else get a kick out of "A celebration of Metafilter. A hello and best wishes to the mods and to the members, past and present: those whose accounts are closed, and those whose accounts will always be open. A post for the whole swirling, opinionated, crazy and beautiful community" being pre-emptively closed after 4 comments because it may fill with "snarls, snark and negativity"? That just struck me as really funny. Discuss.
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October 26

All you need is love

This is a post calling out nobody. This is a post pointing a finger at no one. This is a post in honor of peace, love, and diversity of thought and action. This is a post casting no aspersion or ill will on any others for any perceived malefaction or misdeed. This is a post in celebration of the spirit of generosity and cooperation and the exchange of ideas. This is a post with no links to anyone or anything. This is a MetaTalk post for those who wish to contribute their thoughts, be they holy or unholy, approved or unapproved, controversial or non-controversial. A celebration of Metafilter. A hello and best wishes to the mods and to the members, past and present: those whose accounts are closed, and those whose accounts will always be open. A post for the whole swirling, opinionated, crazy and beautiful community. Big love and happiness to you all, Metafilter.
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Metafilter Fantasy Basketball League

Any interest in a MF Fantasy Bball League this year? I missed last years and vowed to not miss the new thread. But there isn't one! Did it go horribly? I started a League in ESPN, if people want in I can send it around today and we draft tomorrow night perhaps or Monday? BASKETBALL! [more inside]
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Time for the Biannual Timezone Offset Shuffle

Daylight saving time is coming to end in Europe tonight. It is not coming to end in the US until next week. This means that if you live in a country that is doing the switch tonight, and you want posts and comments to show up in the correct local time, you'll need to adjust your site preferences. [more inside]
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October 25

Foreign language links

There's a wonderful celebrity meltdown happening in Paris right now. I could put together an interesting post with basic summaries in English, but the best links would be in French. Does MetaFilter have a policy on non-English links? My thoughts are to provide them, and offer an English translation of one or two key paragraphs. (I would think this would have come up before, but didn't find one in the FAQs or through searching, but I might have missed this).
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Silenced all my life - videogame reviews

In the tail end of the thread about Bioshock: Infinite and the state of games criticism, Riton and others expressed interest in a review site by Mefites. This is a MeTa to see if there's enough interest in the idea and if so, to hash out the details. [more inside]
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October 24

Niche feature for three people

Hey, we just implemented the Windows 8.1 "live tiles" feature for the main MetaFilter site, but since I don't know anyone with Win8.1, I can't really test it. If someone with Win8.1 could test it, screenshot it, and let us know if it works? [more inside]
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That's a lot of beanplating.

"Thieves in Cookhill, Worcestershire, sliced through the side of a truck and made off with more than 6,000 tins of beans and sausages." [more inside]
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NaNoWriMo 2013

Nanowrimo is a week away, are any Mefites taking part this year? If so, are you a planner or a pantser, and what are you thinking of doing? Last year we had our own Metafilter group and several people took part. If anyone took part last year or previously, share your joys and despairs, and any dirty tricks you used, so that any n00bs out there who don't know what Nano is like can know a bit about what to expect. [more inside]
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October 22

Do you skip NYT links?

I just realized that I haven't read a NYT article in months because of their increasingly annoying paywall. I know that the paywall can be circumvented but I just don't bother anymore despite seeing lots of interesting links to NYT here on Mefi. How common is this around here (skipping NYT links)? Should NYT links be avoided?
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October 20

Looking for a comment about persimmons

It's persimmon season, and for the last few years I've been trying to remember a rhyme I read on metafilter that helped you remember how you should eat the two different kinds. It starts with "if it's shaped like a disk, eat it crisp; if it's shaped like a torpedo..."-- I don't remember the rest. [more inside]
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Name That Blue

Name That Blue is a very simple little game where you're presented with a field of blue belonging to a "popular brand" and given two choices of companies to which it could belongs. Feedback is just correct/incorrect, and it keeps a tally. MetaFilter blue comes up pretty frequently. [more inside]
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October 19

Help me find the askme about references?

Not academic references. I think someone was giving something handmade to his or her brother, and someone else might have suggested almanacs, but I can't find it, or anything like it. I'm looking for lists of useful things to be able to look up on a piece of paper, back of a book. I know my times table, and don't find much need to convert between weights. But my damned ADhDled brain can't remember or think of things I look up repeatedly.
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October 18

Freindship is Magic

Can we take the derail about whether its okay to say Americans or Danes have a collective identity out of the fun horsey thread and thrash it out here? Cheers.
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October 17

Metafilter on Freenet?

So, what with all the stuff about privacy and whatnot, I've been interested in alternative ways to internet. I've been investigating Freenet, and in particular, the Freenet Message System. It seems like a really good plan to me, full of all sorts of high tech goodness. The only trouble is that the actual content that's there is very disappointing. I entreat a bunch of Metafilter people to join Freenet and start an fms forum called "metafilter" where we post cool links that aren't quite cool enough to go on the real metafilter, and then discuss them. [more inside]
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October 16

Problems with drug hysteria

Hey, I have a bit of a problem with this post. [more inside]
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October 15

What we talk about when we talk about Gypsies

Per mod request, I'd like to open a dialogue on the use of "Gypsy" as an ethnic descriptor here on MetaFilter.
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October 14

Why isn't this a "good post for MetaFilter"?

This post was deleted and I'm unclear why it isn't a "good post" for MetaFilter.
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When in Rome, meetup as Romans meetup 20-21? oct 2013

Trying to organize a quick meetup for 20-21 October! Calling all Mefites in Rome! [more inside]
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October 11

My "actually..." sense is tingling!

Everyone who participates on this site has one thing in common, which is that they had to make that very first comment or answer or FPP or question or MeTa (well, probably not MeTa). What got you to put down five bucks to say something? Or, if you're from before the sign-up fee, or were gifted an account or whatever, what was the moment that made you break out of lurk?
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October 10

Donner Party

Could I get a fuller explanation of the deletion reason for the cannibalism AskMe? [more inside]
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Happy birthday Matt!

Happy birthday, mathowie!
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October 9

reminder to put your location in your question

The answers to this question depended largely upon the location and culture of the asker, yet most of the answers were US-based and thus not that useful. Two lessons here: 1) let's not assume we're all in the US; 2) let's remember to put our location in the question. [more inside]
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Which MeFite will be on Jeopardy! today?

Pitrified (aka Theresa Warner). Cheer her on as she makes her hometown of Alton, MO proud. Check your local listings. Sorry for the late notice!
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October 8

Viral Marketing

Today, there was an FPP that was a single viral marketing video. This is not the type of thing I want to see here. Are my views way out of line? [more inside]
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85: Silk Road 2.0

This month's podcast was recorded on October 7th and runs about an hour and forty minutes long, covering most of September's best posts, projects, and questions from the site. [more inside]
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Pony wants a small but meaningful carrot.

Recent Activity is very close to Best Of with my fast but erratic fingers. Best Of goes to a different page. Do you think it would work better if Best Of was moved to the end of the top row after Random to avoid this, or is it truly just me? [more inside]
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October 5

Minimallist MeFi Chat

Just in case any other MeFi chatters want to use it, I've made a modified version of the userstyle that pb offered in the recent Chat Update MeTa. It turns off the sidebar in the MeFi chat web client. [more inside]
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October 4

DC car shooting tragdy being conflated with ACA government shutdown

Can we please stop posting comments about the tragic death of the mentally disturbed woman who tried to storm the white house in the thread about the government shutdown? The two are unrelated and it is really annoying.
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El Meta

Remember back when the TV series "Heroes" began and many of us thought actor Zachary Quinto resembled our #1, Matt Haughey? Well, I found another celebrity lookalike (albeit certainly older-looking) in Diego Trujillo, who has been cast in a spanish-language version of "Breaking Bad" as "Walter Blanco". At least he does in character, which has him with a lot more head hair and less facial hair than the actor usually has*. Not sure? Well, take a look at the publicity picture that looks like Matt in Walter White's tighty whiteys. Also notable, the title they picked for the show: "METÁSTATIS"**. And here's an english-language promo. [more inside]
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Seeking AskMe thread about baby/toddler headbutting dad in the groin

I can't believe I'm using my first MeTa on this, but I'm looking for an AskMe thread from about 1-3 years ago in which a dad was asking how to deal with his toddler headbutting him in the groin. It evolved into a long stream of anecdotes about testicular trauma induced by the innocent little ones. I found it highly hilarious. The keywords I thought of to search on did not reveal the thread, and the mods I contacted didn't remember it either. Thanks.
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October 3


The whole sad and wonderful jokes.txt saga is the subject of this week's Tldr, the newest podcast from the folks who make the superlative On the Media and who clearly have a long history of lurking here.
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All the videos - have 'em all!

In response to threads like this in which there are a lot of videos to watch, I wrote a Chrome extension that plays all the YouTube videos linked on a page, one after another in one player. [more inside]
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Thanks to Society & Culture

18 months ago, I asked this question: [more inside]
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October 1

Reddit AMA, FPP

So I know the feelings about Reddit here. But there are some truly stunning AMAs that I think would make great FPPs, and a good bunch have. I thought to post this one today, but jeffburdges did a far better job than I ever would so I'm glad I didn't. [more inside]
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"Deleted Post" Script not working - just me?

I've been happily using Plutor's "Deleted Posts" script in Chrome (v. 29.0.1547.76) on my Mac Airbook, but yesterday it stopped working. It was fine on Sunday, and I haven't updated Chrome or the script. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the script, and confirming that I'm using the latest one (according to userscripts.org I am). Is anyone else having this problem, or am I simply cursed?
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Where's the YouTube clip featuring two kids dancing?

Some years ago one of the regulars posted a youtube clip as a comment with two kids/teens dancing by themselves on the dance floor during a wedding or similiar event. Think they were Kazakhs or from neighboring countries. I need their awesome dancing in my life again, Mefi. Thank you.
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Deslideshowification is a word, right?

Somewhere on Metafilter -- I think it was in an AskMe answer, but it might have been a MeFi comment on some horribly long slideshow -- someone linked to a plug-in or bookmarklet that would deslideshowify web slideshows and show them on a single page instead. But I can't find it again, because 'slideshow' occurs in the search results about 160 kabillion times. Does anyone remember this and can you help me find it?
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Purpose of Boxer Fly's

So http://ask.metafilter.com/249451/Wee-want-to-know just got posted and deleted. It reminded me of this: http://ask.metafilter.com/40759/Why-is-the-opening-at-the-front-of-mens-briefs-still-there-if-its-rarely-used [more inside]
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