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February 29

Health Month March

Join the MetaFilter team on Health Month for March! [more inside]
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MeFite authors meet their critics

Two articles by MeFites have been scrutinized rather closely in Metafilter threads in the last few days, and the authors of the pieces have participated in the threads: Maias's "The Link Between Adult Obesity and Childhood Trauma" and YoungAmerican's "Make Your Thing". [more inside]
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Please help me collect some meta MeTa Data data. Ta! –Me.

Hi Everybody! I'm trying to come up with a "MeFi glossary of terms / phrases / behaviors" to include in my PhD dissertation about linguistics and MetaFilter. If you could help me with this, that would be fantastic. I'm looking to create a list of the types of things that say to you (or to others) "Oh, that's so MetaFilter!" or "That sounds like something a MeFite would say." This could be anything from the use of a single character to a phrase or meme, to a way of doing things here. If you can think of something to add, please share it in the comments. Thanks! [more inside]
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Why the myth of the digital native is bad and wrong

This rather excellent comment by GenjiandProust on the "myth of the digital native" and the tragedy of California's public libraries gets a nice shout-out in The Atlantic website's technology section, where the whole thread is described (accurately) as "deeply sobering." Well done, all round.
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February 28

You're making yourself cry, dammit

Metafilter's own Speicus' takedown of the "science" behind "Adele making people cry" quotes a lot of MeFites.
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get in line

The byline in this comment isn't showing up on its own line. [more inside]
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Look at all those ZEROS

Just noticed that I made the 1000th meet up post over in IRL. Can't believe it has only been around for a little under two years, and has had that many events coordinated. [more inside]
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Music player won't pop

Popping out the Music player doesn't seem to work anymore. [more inside]
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Mefi Medals

Simple post: Metafilter achievements/badges/Mefi medals would be amusing. Is there any likelihood they'll ever happen/ideas on what people would like? [more inside]
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Does someone have a script or something?

I would like to take the links from the text file of my exported comments (found in my edit profile page) and turn them into a bookmark file that I can import. I would like to avoid doing that manually. Does someone know of a relatively easy way to accomplish this? [more inside]
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February 27

Fly your favorite flag

If I flag a comment, I can choose one of several default options. One of the options is "fantastic comment", and the others are terrible. Why can't I choose "fantastic" when I favorite a comment? [more inside]
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Don't presume, it makes a pre out of you and me

In answering AskMes, can we please try harder not to make presumptions that are absent from the question's details, especially if we are using that presumption as a jumping-off point to scold the asker? [more inside]
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mediaplex in effex

Try to access Metafilter through Safari: success!! Try to access Metafilter through Chrome: routed to Mediaplex.com. Other websites are fine, this is only happening with Metafilter. Wassup with that. A problem on my end only or is this something happening to others, as well?
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Perhaps it's time to consider changing the guideline about requesting additions to the "Also On" feature? [more inside]
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February 26

Reminder to FIAMO, people.

Reminder to FIAMO, people. [more inside]
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February 25

How about a cookbook?

Proposed: a crowd-sourced Metafilter photographic cookbook based on the best recipes from comments posted on the site. [more inside]
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February 24

Add Thisismyjam to the social profile widget thingie, please?

Would it be possible to add This Is My Jam to the profile Also On social thingie - aka the social app list? You no longer need an invitation. [more inside]
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It's okay to wait a few hours

I would humbly posit that if you can't consume the content of an FPP while at work, perhaps you should hold off until you get home before commenting on it? The thread will (usually) still be there, I promise. [more inside]
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Kiva going strong

Kiva Team Metafilter Just relending my balance and noticed that we've gone through the $60,000 mark.
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February 23

Help finding a post

Looking for a post made in the last couple of months about the banking crisis (or similar economic subject) with a well-known economist doing drawings on a big pad. [more inside]
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February 22

Is auto-logout more aggressive?

Auto-logout more aggressive? [more inside]
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February 21

MeFites attending or presenting at SXSWi?

Time for the annual SXSWi meetup/presentations/networking/etc thread! [more inside]
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skimlinks at Metafilter?

skimlinks? [more inside]
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February 19

Instapaper works!

A month or so ago, I emailed Marco at Instapaper noting that MeFi and AskMe pages render in Instapaper without comments. A member of their support team was nice enough to look into it for me and, from the looks of how posts now render, you should now be able to read posts from across the site on Instapaper. [more inside]
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Where you be?

Where were you when you joined Metafilter? [more inside]
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30,000 and still counting...

delmoi has posted 30,000 comments to Metafilter. (Previously) (Previouslier)
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February 18

Kevin Drum, by extension, shouts out to codacorolla

Via David Ryan, a Metafilter comment on libraries and the digital divide. Here's a piece:
If you can take yourself out of your first world techie social media smart-shoes for a second then imagine this:...
A List political blogger Kevin Drum gives a link and name check to MetaFilter and, all posts belonging to their authors being considered, a nameless check and kudos to codacorolla:
It's worth a few minutes of your time to read the whole thing from the beginning.
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My shake brings all the ponies to the yard.

Eety beety babby pony. [more inside]
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February 17

How did I not favorite that?

Sexy lesbian superhero webcomic? [more inside]
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Life Matter: Whoa Time

What's a fun anagram of your username? Mine scrambles into Daily Nonstop and Dons Ponytail both of which seem apt. Who is Orienting Enfranchised Loners? Whose alter-ego is the Hit Run Shopkeeper? Who Yens Jams? There is no Ell Poop Cabal! Which one of you Gobbled Poison Rice? Was it the Glaze Raven?
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thank you, MetaFilter

MetaFilter made a bad week SO MUCH better.... [more inside]
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Gore warning? Really?

Gore warning? Is this a thing now? [more inside]
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Next Generation of Moderator

So it turns out my 18 month old son has been attending a Junior Metafilter Moderator training course. He surprised us with what he learned yesterday, so I figured I'd add it here in order to make our current (greatest) generation of mods' lives a bit easier.
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February 16

Lighter box good! Darker box bad!

When and why did AskMe best answer highlighting change from light to dark? I fear change, and the effect is more jarring than I expected it to be. If this isn't something we can toggle, anyone have a Greasemonkey script?
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neurosurgeon monologue

I'm looking for a MeFi (or maybe AskMeFi) comment written as the monologue of a neurosurgeon with a heavy (phonetically spelled out) New York accent. He says something about how he's taking an alternative approach to open up (something) by going through (something), which is not the standard method because if some random schmuck were to try it, well, forget about it. Also, something about a ham sandwich. Hope me? [more inside]
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February 15

69: Internet History Whooshing Over My Head

It's episode 69! Matt's in New Zealand this week, so restless_nomad joins us as we catch up on the site goings-on since early December of last year. This episode runs about 80 minutes. [more inside]
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Define "Interesting."

Pony Request: Additional Posts and Comments on the "Popular" page. [more inside]
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It's Sea S-H-E-P-H-E-R-D

IANA copyeditor, but IAY anal retentive freak. [more inside]
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February 14

Metafilter cited in Michigan Bar Journal

An AskMe legal question was mentioned in the Winter 2012 issue of the State Bar of Michigan’s Labor and Employment Lawnotes journal. [more inside]
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FPP assassination

Either I'm missing something or this isn't a double.
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February 13

MeFi Music navigation issue

MeFi Music Problem? [more inside]
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February 12

Thanks, Mefites

AskMe enriched my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience (thus far). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [more inside]
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February 11

Tiny type?

The front page CSS/HTMLl is broken? [more inside]
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February 10

New Servers

We're moving to a new server and the sites might be bumpy for the next few hours. [more inside]
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8 Years, 8 Members, 8 Stories

mathowie is featured on the flickr blog today as part of "8 Years, 8 Members, 8 Stories". [more inside]
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February 9

Quiz Me

Remember when someone made that quiz about MetaFilter members on that website where you can make quizes? Can I get that link again? Just the main site works too since that's what I really want.
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February 8

No More Mr Frothy

OK. Tired of "santorum" now. [more inside]
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jason. jason. John. John. [more inside]
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Comment fiction

Is there much in the way of comment fiction? Has anyone collected it? Thinking about things like this.
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YouTube stutter/frame-drop on MeFi

Anyone else suddenly getting stuttering/frame-drop in the MeFi YouTube overlay? [more inside]
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Dear Metafilter, No, the answer to every relationship question is not DTMFA. [more inside]
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Painting with slices of video

Does anyone remember a post (from the past year or so, I think) about some digital art that was made by taking (pixel-wide?) slices of video and sort of "painting" with it? [more inside]
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Good days in school

I'm pretty sure I Saw this on MeFi. Help me out! It was a story about the number of "good" days in public school. First you take off the first three weeks, then every holiday and every day before the holiday, then 15 "special" days, then most fridays, then the two months you need to cram for the standardized tests, and you end up with about two months of actual useful teaching time - the two months after halloween
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February 6

Metafilter on WFMU

Matt Haughey on WFMU right now, talking Metafilter legend and lore. Benjamin Walker, Too Much Information. Listen. [more inside]
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Metafilter Music torrent updates!

In October 2010, we posted a torrent of all of Metafilter Music. Here's an update, a torrent of Mefi Music songs from 2011 - 648 songs, 3.5 gigabytes. Share & enjoy, everybody! [more inside]
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Meta love is the best love of all

I think it's high time for some meta-love. Post your online dating profiles! [more inside]
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Reddit trivia rematch

Good morning westerners! In just over four hours, our Trivial Special Forces will reassemble in central London to do battle with our arch-nemeses, Reddit, in a re-match after we mopped the floor with them last time. Current IRL thread here. Any MeFites in London are encouraged to come along and participate and/or cheer us on. Live updates in this thread will follow I'm sure, though we will go dark during the quiz. Tally-ho! [more inside]
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February 5

Teach odinsdream how to braid!

Would've flagged as "Fantastic" but I figured it would just baffle the mods: This thread asking for hair-braiding instructions is the most confounding, unintentionally hilarious AskMe exchange I've read in a long time.
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non-rainbow-bridge-dead-pet solace?

Please help me find the alternative to the Rainbow Bridge poem! [more inside]
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War, what is is good for?

Can we have a moratorium on context free posts on how weird and crazy one of the "axis-of-evil" members is while there's a significant probability that US arms will be used against them? [more inside]
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a human being and a public servant

I haven't seen this happen on the site before. Is it something we should talk about? [more inside]
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Animal totem as ethnic slur?

Isn't referring to French people as "frogs" offensive?
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February 4

Dodgy link needs to go.

Why is the second link to this post still up? Several people have mentioned problems with it, including myself, yet the link still remains. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I think that the link should be axed since its absence won't really affect the rest of the post. Or is this just something that is allowed? [more inside]
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February 3

Why the snark, MetaFilter?

What's the philosophy on flagging or deleting comments that derail a discussion on Metafilter? [more inside]
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Please be aware of the implications of the language you're using.

Let's please not call people c**ksuckers. [more inside]
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Mefi Mutual

...and I got health insurance through MeFi. [more inside]
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Tag, MeFi Mag is it or something else witty

MeFi Mag needs a tagline, got any suggestions? [more inside]
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Why in hell was my comment deleted?

Why in hell was my comment deleted? [more inside]
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Curiosity about a deletion

Over in the Marc Driscoll thread, I made a comment that implied I was waiting for another member to appear before commenting. My intent was to reference a history of interesting discussions we've had about the topic, but I can see that it might've been misunderstood as a cheap shot, implying that I wanted to make fun of that person. The comment was deleted, and while I'm not terribly worked up over it I'm curious. Are there any good rules of thumb about shout-outs to other MeFi folks in threads they might be interested in? Are there good ways to reference pet topics without sounding like you're bagging on someone?
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February 2

The background of MeFi Projects sings to me

Is there any way to make the background color of one page apply to the others? Or different themes beyond default and plain? [more inside]
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That best answer deserves a favorite

Favorites and best answers. How about when you mark something as "best answer" it also gets an automatic "favorite?" [more inside]
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February 1

Kickstarter post poison!

Is there any point recasting this post about the absurdly successful Order of the Stick reprint Kickstarter, or is it never going to fit the front page? [more inside]
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Is it a good idea to limit the number of "best answers"?

Just wanted to start a discussion on whether it's a good idea to limit the number of "best answers" in an AskMeFi thread. I started reading this thread and thought about forwarding it to a friend of mine, but the entire thing is almost unreadable due to the color contrast because the original poster "best answered" every comment. In addition, especially to a new user who doesn't necessarily know all of the formatting conventions, the whole thing is really busy. Nothing against the original poster, who is well within their rights to "best answer" as they see fit, but readability suffers in cases like this.
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Dating IS important

If you dated the someone relevant to your question, please let us know. [more inside]
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Persistent Navigation?

Idle pony request: optional, check-box activated persistent top navbar, such that the main site content scrolls up behind it. [more inside]
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