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September 30

Dungeons & Mefites?

Would MeFites be interested in a MetaFilter RPG community on Google+ (or some other forum if you have it)? [more inside]
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September 27

A kind word doesn't cost a thing.

A kind word doesn't cost a thing. How about a thread in which we tell other folks here how much and why we appreciate their efforts, so they can be edified by them? [more inside]
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Anyone else getting slow/sporadic service?

For the last 2-3 days I've been having pages that are reallllly slow to load, and sometimes partially load and then hang. Is it just me? [more inside]
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September 26

Mildly Irritating Mefite Makes Good

Mefi's Own Greg Nog (Twitter: @cat_beltane) gets interviewed for SplitSider's Follow Friday feature.
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September 25

Label fiction please?

In this post there is a fictional tale. The title/body of the post itself does not contain any indication this is fictional. [more inside]
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Testing Saved Post Drafts

Last week we discussed saving drafts of posts in case of browser crashes. Today we're testing this out on MetaFilter. [more inside]
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The Emotional Labor Thread shouldn't be the exception

Let’s talk about expanding our ideas of boyzone-type derailing and how to be the best Metafilter we can be. [more inside]
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Bass guitar comment

Hey all. I could swear that I read a sad comment on this site not so long ago from a female Mefite that ran along the lines of "When I was a kid I wanted to play bass guitar but I was told I couldn't because bass was 'only for boys'. I gave up the bass." [more inside]
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September 24

First, be smart from the beginning...

I just wanted to point out that scarabic's body disposal advice took a star turn in the pilot episode of Scream Queens. [more inside]
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September 23

Most/Least Active Tab?

We have a tab to sort Popular Posts, based on favorites. I would find use in a Most & Least Active tab (each side of that for different reasons), based on number of comments.
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September 22

2015 MeFi Fantasy NHL

Slots are available in the 2015 Fantasy NHL league, the season starts soon so move fast! [more inside]
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September 21

Multi-level Italian church?

I'm trying to find a link that was on the blue -- I'm pretty sure it wasn't in an actual post, but in a complimentary comment someone left -- about a particular church in Italy that has a ridiculous number of layers of archeological detail. [more inside]
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September 20

Be sure to whitelist MeFi when using iOS 9 content blockers

Just a friendly reminder: if you're using one or more iOS devices, have upgraded to iOS 9 and have jumped on the new content blocking functionality bandwagon, remember to add your favorite sites to the whitelist(s) of the blocker(s) of your choice. I added MeFi and other frequently visited faves of mine, seeing that ads served here by The Deck are high quality and unintrusive, and no doubt important for keeping the site going.
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September 19

How is this awesome post and thread not chatfilter?

As much as I enjoyed participating in this thread about people's memories of 1985, and as much as everyone else seems to have enjoyed it (56 favorites and 121 comments on an AskMeFi thread -- is that some kind of record?), I have to wonder... how did it not get flagged as chatfilter? [more inside]
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Post deletions officially getting ridiculous.

Completely harmless posts in a non-contentious thread. What the hell is up?
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September 18

Please be kind to each other.

I'm sorry to share the sad news that Lemurrhea passed away yesterday. [more inside]
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Color of Visited Links

I might be the only one, but I find it weird when I'm scrolling through the front pages of sites, and if I've visited a profile or visited an area of the site (for instance here on MetaTalk "Metafilter-Related") that it's a different color. [more inside]
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September 16

Looking for a MeFi comment for a rebuttal

There have been many, many posts on MeFi about male privilege and sexual harassment and the discussions are always enlightening but there was one comment in particular recently that blew me away. [more inside]
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On Sept. 11, 2001, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, not even a MySpace

…but there was a MetaFilter. Will Oremus gave us a shout-out five days ago in a short blog post for Slate.
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Should we launch a Kickstarter for Ahmed Mohamed?

Many folks are distressed over the way the school administration and police in Irving, TX reacted when a 14-year-old student of Sudanese Muslim parentage brought a homemade clock to school, and wish there was something they could do about it. How about a Kickstarter to collect a STEM college fund for Ahmed? [more inside]
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September 15

Draft Mode Request

I know this has been brought up many times in the past, but I would like to again request a draft mode for new posts. [more inside]
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Out of the Blue, episode #2: On emotional labor, with Jess Zimmerman

On July 13th, the writer Jess Zimmerman posted “Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor on The Toast, an essay about how and why emotional work is often undervalued and treated as "women's work". Or, more to the point, not even work: just something women are inherently supposed to do. It's a good piece, and what it spawned was even more interesting: a huge, revelatory MetaFilter thread in which site members, women in particular, talked about all the ways this asymmetry and devaluation of emotional labor has affected their lives and their relationships. [more inside]
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September 14

Have you heard of MetaChat?

"MetaChat is an informal place for MeFites to touch base and post, discuss and chatter about topics that may not belong on MetaFilter." It's less structured than MetaFilter, often with posts about things going on the poster's life, things that annoy the poster, the poster's favorite band, etc. Once pretty darn lively, it has slowed down over the past few years, and we're trying to liven things up. C'mon by and contribute to the last-half-of-September Postathon!
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The Big MetaFilter Survey 2015

Please take an informal, light-hearted survey that is designed to let us all discover some fun, fascinating and potentially insightful things about MetaFilter and each other. Here is the link to The Big MetaFilter Survey 2015. [more inside]
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What made you pay? (the study)

Deliberate Barriers to User Participation on MetaFilter (Pileggi, H., Morrison, B., Bruckman, A. 2014) is paper from the Georgia Institute of Technology that addresses the following research questions: Why do people pay $5 to join MetaFilter? How has the monetary barrier to site participation affected the MetaFilter community? The study was announced by the authors in this MetaTalk thread but the resulting paper does not seem to have been linked here.
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September 13

The Best of Best of the Web

So, somebody off the street (or your friend, or your significant other or whoever) comes up to you and asks what's a metafilter. What threads do you use to illustrate what sort of place this is?
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September 12

Blue turning red

I think it might be worth nothing here as well as in Rhaomi's amazing post that we now have mefi's own baggymp aka Tom Watson as Deputy Leader of the UK's Labour Party. I don't think anyone else has reached as high a political office?
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Could we forgo Dopamine Clickers as FPPs? Pretty Please?

Cookie Clicker Kitten Shark Heroes and their addictive incremental skinner box ilk are literally the worst things ever. Can we please not post them the front page anymore? I recognize that not everyone may agree with me, but you should. I mean really. [more inside]
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September 10

It's so easy your 24 year old son could master it!

Could we stop already with the premise that simply mastered technology can be described as "easy enough for your mom/grandma/female relative"? This was the latest offender; it's probably less offensive than most but straw+camel's back = this post. [more inside]
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September 9

108: That's A Solid Three-er, with ignignokt

This episode of Best Of The Web covers features special guest host ignignokt, chatting with Jessamyn and me about Metafilter, twitter bots, video games, and a bunch of neat stuff from MetaFilter. We cover August 3rd through September 8th, and the episode runs about 2 hours. [more inside]
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This MetaTalk is blocked in your country on copyright grounds.

Minor pony request: flag for "I can't access the principal content this entire post is built around." Major pony request: some sort of automated "the links in this post are not viewable in the following areas, are you sure you want to proceed?" [more inside]
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Homework Policy

Can we clarify the policy on homework questions in AskMe? [more inside]
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September 8

Maybe enough Trump for a while?

It seems to me like there's been more than enough Trump stuff being FPP'd. I get the rubbernecking and trainwreck-watching urge, don't get me wrong, it's just feeling like there's kind of an excess. And I do also get that the US election next year is important, and the candidates are important. Still, maybe it's time to ixnay the umptray for a while? Thoughts?
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September 5

Brave new world: Minecraft edition

I've set up a Minecraft realm. You are invited. There are sheep and stuff. It is a blank canvas, and it is lonely. Please populate this world. [more inside]
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Jessamyn Day 2015

It is the 5th of the 9th, which means it is the correct day to wish Jessamyn the most splendid of birthdays. Some of the Further Adventures of Jessamyn are pictorialised on The Flickr, and here be links to previous Jessamyn Days.
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September 3

Planning a MetaFilter survey

Inspired by this post about the XKCD Survey and this comment by The Underwear Monster, I thought it might be fun to do a Big MeFi Survey along the same lines - mostly goofy questions that we can sic our local datawranglers on and see what fun, weird, fascinating things drop out. [more inside]
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September 2

Blue posts for deep sea green posts should link to deep sea green posts

On August 27, avoision made a self-post on the deep sea green about his Villanelle Bot.
On August 30, oakroom made a post about the Vinalle Bot on the blue, but didn’t go through projects when posting the link. Because of this, there’s no “official” indication that the two are linked: no highlighting on Projects, no little link to the project at the end of the FPP.
I think if a mod discovers the link post-facto or if a mefite tells the mod about the link, they should add these formal connections. It seems like good style, and a good way to increase attention for community members doing cool things. [more inside]
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September 1

In Soviet Metafilter, Ve Have Velkom Packet

I propose we brainstorm some policy changes to put a stop to people basically asking for a public beat down and getting it when they get frustrated with having their comments deleted. [more inside]
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Posting to the Front Page: You Can Do It Too!

Posting to the front page of Metafilter can seem daunting, mysterious, and/or fraught with with uncertain outcomes. (Spoiler: It is easier than it might look.) If you have never or rarely posted a FPP but would like to, we’re here to help. Stretch your wings in September! [more inside]
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