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Self-linking is a no-no

Self Link. This is the first FPP by .:DataWhat?:. which was preceded by three comments. Two of them reference the all music website in this FPP. Going to the user's own blog shows a preponderance of posts regarding the user's direct involvement with this all music place.
posted by ooga_booga on Dec 26, 2005 - 48 comments

Self-link ahoy

This is the second time RonZ's linked to komar.org. The first time was to the halloween lights display and this time it's the christmas lights. If I recall correctly, the original poster of the christmas lights thing was outed as a self linker (although I can't find the thread) so I suspect it's a sock puppet at work.
posted by ooga_booga on Dec 12, 2005 - 35 comments

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