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February 28

MetaTalktail Hour: What is on your walls?

Prompted by a fun poster thread on MLTSHP, I want to know about a thing that is on your wall. Could be a poster, a painting, a picture, a wall-hanging, a shadow, a window, a post-it, something you like to look at that you think others might like to see. Feel free to describe it or link us to a picture of it.
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February 27

Mefi Club on Clubhouse

I recently joined clubhouse for information on startups, fundraising, and to provide knowledge about our industry domain. I looked for a Metafilter club on clubhouse but didn't come across one. [more inside]
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February 26

Difficulty searching AskMeFi on Google

This morning I searched Google for a recent AskMeFi post I previously read and Google wasn't able to find it and I'm wondering what gives. [more inside]
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February 24

What's your comfort media?

What do you watch/listen to/read when you need a pick-me-up? [more inside]
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February 23

Profile tags pony?

MeFi user profiles show a user's most used tags for the Blue and the Green. Could we find a way to add, and would other users be interested in adding, FanFare and maybe MeTa tags to that, too?
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Challenge me (not you Magnus).

I am the only Mefite who has an entry for chess.com among their social-media links on their profile. One just cannot play a rewarding game of chess with fewer than two people. I was hoping that other chess.com member Mefites might update their profiles with their chess.com names, and identify themselves in this thread. [more inside]
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February 22

Please stop posting about your diets?

How can we do posts about weight better? [more inside]
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February 21

Metatalktailhour: Where do/don't you go?

I love seeing Metatalktailhour on Saturdays - I hope I'm not stepping on toes here by posting this. Where do you feel comfortable going these and where don't you? What is it like?Is everyone wearing masks? Social distancing? [more inside]
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February 20

Metatalktail Hour: Your Own Peculiar Theme Park

I've been reading Sarah Vowell's Take the Cannoli and enjoyed reading about her visit to Disneyland, particularly how she would remake Disneyland if she could build a theme park. And that made me think about my own personal theme park and what I might like to see and what other kinds of theme parks others would create. Sky's the limit, what would you like to create a theme park for? Would there be rides? Food? Attractions? Educational opportunities? Take us on a trip somewhere.
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February 19

Site update #4, 2021

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last update, with a more comprehensive State of the Site update and some site dev progress as frimble’s had some more time available recently. [more inside]
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February 17

Permission to brag

As we all limit human contact to help contain the pandemic, nearly all of us have hobbies and abilities lying fallow or getting very limited use. But, those in this position probably have great past work which will be new to people here and will generate the same sort of delight and interest as much of what's on MeFi. So - what have people done that's great that others can see online? Link and take a bow. [more inside]
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February 14

State of the Site, Feb 2021

Heya, folks, here's an update on the site over the last year and what we're looking at in 2021. [more inside]
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"I always knew he was terrible, and anyone who ever liked him is too!"

Lately there's been a certain kind of comment on posts about celebrities that turn out to be terrible people. That comment is "oh, I always knew he was terrible! And everyone I know who liked him has also turned out to be a terrible person!" I am personally finding these comments frustrating for a whole host of reasons. [more inside]
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Texas check-in

Just want to make sure that folks in Texas are staying safe as these storms start coming down. Be careful out there!
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February 12

Vaccination Success Stories

Did you get vaccinated against COVID-19? That's awesome! Hearing about that is awesome and reassuring. Did your mom get vaccinated? Your dad? Your grandparents? Your kid? Your partner? Your sibling? Pass it all on. It's all good news. It's good you got the jab! Be well. Tide those of us still waiting over with your story. We want to know!
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Metatalktail Hour: Nuisance-level nitpicks

What are your minor annoyances? We know what all the MAJOR annoyances are lately but what’s the teeny thing that nonetheless is on your last nerve after all this time at home, or navigating workandschoolandpeopleandstuff? [more inside]
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February 9

Are there any MetaFilter meetups via Zoom or other such medium?

I would like to meet up with some faces/voices. If not, does anyone know of anything similar elsewhere?
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February 5

Site update #3, 2021

We’re easing into February now, in what has felt like a remarkably...uneventful couple of weeks? Relatively speaking, at least. Not a lot of new site stuff to report, in any case. [more inside]
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February 4

Celebrate the Carers

I'd like to invite you to join me in taking a moment to celebrate the carers. To me, a carer is anyone who combines feelings of love and warmth with the practice of taking care of someone or something. It can be a child, a plant, a friend, parents, a pet, a community, a home, the objects in a home. Whatever comes to mind. [more inside]
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February 3

AskMe post I can't find anymore

There was a post on Metafilter about types of errors (maybe in response to an Ask? Although perhaps I found it in a reply to a post like this one, on MeTa?) and it had a taxonomy of errors relating to whether people would remember the error in 100 yrs time, whether it would leave a permanent mark in the fossil record, etc. I found it both funny and useful and find myself thinking of it often, but I've tried to search for it various times without luck. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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February 2

Children and Climate Change

So this post has reminded me that my least favourite subject for Metafilter posts is pretty much climate change. This is for many reasons, but the biggest one is that many people start sounding off about how happy they are that they don't have kids/how bad it is to have them. [more inside]
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February 1

169: Soon May The Podcast Come

It's Febuary, Februr, uh, it's Ferbur—it's not January anymore and here's a new podcast episode. We're catching up since episode 168 a couple months ago because last month we did the live-stream gala instead! So jessamyn and I try and sum up a couple months of MetaFilter best we can. Runs about 85 minutes. [more inside]
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