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January 31

So, why do we hate Cory so much? [more inside]
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January 30
Bug Report: favorites from username (example, look for the comment on "September 10, 2011") uses old(? non-sprite anyways) best answer tick image which goes to http://​images.metafilter.com/​mefi/​icons/​tick.png and currently returns a 500 internal server error.
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Pony-on-the-go request: Can we get a link to photos for a given meetup on the mobile IRL site? I know this was discussed as a potential addition when IRL was first rolled out, but I haven't been able to find any mention of it since then.
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I think this could go on the blue, but the last time I tried on a link from a blog it was deleted. Would this work?
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Infodump update! 1. We've relocated the data files for the Infodump to the mefi.us file server, to better manage load with large file transfers. If you retrieve Infodump files automatically, note the change and update your process accordingly. 2. New data files: postlengths for Mefi, Askme, Meta and Music. [more inside]
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January 29
I'm trying to find an old thread on laser hair removal [more inside]
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Health Month - February. [more inside]
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January 28
MeTa Book Club: It's our last book from the Open Yale syllabus! And that book? Everything is Illuminated, by Jonathan Safran Foer. [more inside]
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Don't worry! There's still plenty of time! All afternoon, then all week, then all Friday afternoon and Saturday morning before those MeFiSwap discs have to be in the mail. This is your Mailing Deadline Reminder Thread — Saturday, Feb. 4th
Also Reporting Awesome Swapping Thread! [more inside]
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Moratoriumfilter: Can we please not do this? Making a comment that consists of several pages of names is annoying, and doesn't make the point that much better than linking to the source would.
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January 27
Thanks, Metafilter. [more inside]
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Quonsmas, Mark II [more inside]
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Folks, you know where MeTa is. Leave the needling of other users out of this thread, please? - Well, this appears to be about me, judging by some of the disappeared comments, but would you mind explaining what aspect of the conversation is verboten?
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January 26
Thanks for the Favorites! [more inside]
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I know I asked this about 10 months ago, but I'm so excited about my new proper work desk! Our workplace was remodeled during the summer; my old desk was demolished and I was working from a large Rubbermaid cart until this beauty showed up. So please indulge me, and join me: "Show us your desks again, pretty please!" [more inside]
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I'm calling out the mod team for their excellent response over the past month to my post requesting more use of the sidebar. I've read things I never would have seen before, and they've all been excellent. Thanks so much, and keep it up! This feature makes MetaFilter even better for me, and I'm sure also for others.
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January 25
"A secret crafty gift from a stranger (from the internet)..." [more inside]
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January 24
As long as we are looking for clarification on posts that push boundaries, how about this direct link to a project seeking donations? It's not a Kickstarter, but equivalent.
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This post reads less like an interesting topic or link and more like a heavy handed call to action blog post. Can the post be deleted or failing that, could people please avoid this horrible writing convention?
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Why do we allow posts to warez sites? [more inside]
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January 23
I am really surprised that this comment was allowed to stand. The question is not about adoption, at all, and I think this comment is a borderline solicitation.
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Looking for an old post: a big-ass site with models in a gajillion different poses, meant to serve as a reference for practicing figure drawing. Anyone remember this? [more inside]
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Is there anything we can do to stop this happening? There are so many interesting conversations to have about trans issues and that ain't one. [more inside]
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January 22
"We're not going to tell people not to express negative feelings here, but if you must bicker about them, please do it in MeTa." [more inside]
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I'm looking for a video posted to the blue a while back. My Google-fu is weak. [more inside]
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What are your favorite responses to the gender question on MetaFilter user pages? Is there a page that lists all of them? I'm surprised how often they make me giggle. This was kind of asked in 2001.
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January 21
how babby formed?
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Some podcast related ponies. [more inside]
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January 20
Ever think of making the number of flags on posts and comments visible to us? [more inside]
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January 19

A few other threads have asked about the error message "The page is still loading, please wait to add favorites." and have found solutions in turning off NoScript or AdBlock. I ran into the same issue this week and, after doing some investigating, found it was specifically necessary to make sure the cloudfront.net domain was "Allowed" in AdBlock. [more inside]
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Why can't I jump directly to a comment in a thread from the "activity" page? [more inside]
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Shit New Yorkers Say. Very well done (with MeFi's own hermitosis appearing throughout).
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January 18
I'd like to publicly thank Papalobo and Longsleeves for revealing the glory of Brut Max to me and my friends. [more inside]
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If anyone is interested, I've put together a Spotify playlist with all songs mentioned in this thread. [more inside]
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This AskMe thread about backing out of a high school chorus trip to Europe is an excellent illustration of the principle that you should always, always take the time to include all pertinent information in your question. [more inside]
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Can I read the Baffler article referenced in this Ask post? [more inside]
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January 17
We are putting up a black interstitial about SOPA/PIPA for the next 24hrs or so. If you click away from it, you'll get a cookie stored so you won't see it again in the same browser, but what follows is my reasons for doing it. [more inside]
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Are there examples of someone using AskMeFi a question that they already know the answer to? [more inside]
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Heads up: Hugh Howey, the subject of this post about his Kindle SciFi Bestseller, the WOOL series. Has showed up in thread. - -Not scared away yet.
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January 16
Let's do something about SOPA/PIPA. [more inside]
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A very happy MLK Weekend to our intrepid moderators! As we know, the holiday weekends can sometimes be problematic, and I'm pleased that the queue you set up worked as planned to give you all a stress-free long weekend. [more inside]
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January 13
Pearls Before Swine (per request) [more inside]
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Tell me about the comment you made or answer you gave that got a lot of favorites that you didn't think was all that great. [more inside]
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Looking for a MeFi user profile with detailed post ideas posted in the "About" section. [more inside]
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January 12
Just want to point out an excellent, very informative response to an AskMeFi question I posted earlier today. [more inside]
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Looking for something I believe was posted to the blue or possibly as an answer on the green: a blog post or article along the lines of the geek's (or gamer's) guide to social life. One passage I remember dealt with feeling obligated to always invite the person nobody likes to every gathering, thus making everyone unhappy. Anyone recall what I'm talking about? Thanks!
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If you've changed the default fonts on your profile, what have you changed them to? [more inside]
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What's wrong with Slate? Is it so bad that people should never build a FPP around an article or is it just people bitching without reading? [more inside]
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Just out of curiosity, was it a Mefite who asked the SOPA question of Jon Stewart during The Daily Show's warmup last night, which inspired him to make mention of it during the show's opening segment? [more inside]
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January 11

At the end of a three-week funding drive, MefightClub has collected $4444.44 dollars (gamers to the end!) for our 2011 donation to the Child's Play charity, which delivers games to sick kids in hospitals. Well played, Mefighters! [more inside]
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Do AskMe answers that have a lot of Favorites get weighted differently in Google searches? Should they be? [more inside]
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Rockpapershotgun linked to Cortex's new blog.
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January 10
I don't understand why this question was deleted. [more inside]
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Reddit will be blacked out for 12 hours on January 18th in protest against SOPA. Will Metafilter be doing similar?
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A bookseller on Amazon is selling content including mefi as part of a collated book. This looks suspiciously spammy, and I assume nobody at mefi has actually authorised this. Is this something that Metafilter Networks cares about?
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Inspired by cristinacristinacristina's comment here and in the spirit of this Meta from 2008 where we shared photos of our desks, show us your books and tell us how you organize them!
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Since job market is tough, I'd like to know how to make my resume more attractive. Not sure if there are trends on resume writing? I would like to get my resume noticed as I send them...I've been looking for over 10 months now...anyone from HR or Hiring Manager can give tips on what they look for in a resume??? any suggestions will be apprecaited.
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January 9
What does the phrase "crouton-petter" mean? I've seen it mentioned a few times lately, but I can't figure it out from context. Thanks!
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New sub-site suggestion: MOFB.metafilter.com [more inside]
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Comment favorites count shown on iPhone even when profile says to "Hide Favorites." [more inside]
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how to search the post in askmefi with the most number of "favorite" or being the most popular topic? [more inside]
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As a follow-up to the recent violin study claiming that professional violinists couldn't tell the difference between a modern and a Stradivarius, one of the participants gives her side of the story.
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January 8
Which Greasemonkey script shows comment numbers for each comment in a thread? [more inside]
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January 7
Our DNS provider is having some problems right now so MetaFilter sites might be up and down for a bit. It seems to be hitting our static server hard, so you might get the sites loading without stylesheets or images until either we or they can work around this. Sorry about the hassle. [more inside]
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January 6
I take issue with the use of "dirty indian givers" in this thread. [more inside]
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What percentage of FPPs have [more inside]?
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You're amazing, fun and made my life richer - and that's why it pains me to break up with you, favorites. [more inside]
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January 4
Is Metafilter Memories down? [more inside]
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Occasionally, when I use the "back" arrow on my iPhone 4s to return to the main page of one of the subsites, it brings me to a much older version of that page, rather than the version I was just visiting. Why? How do I stop this from happening?
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Michael J. Maki, aka The Mushroom Man & subject of this recent post, is now MeFi's own mushroomman.
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Is tl;dr a MetaFilter thing? [more inside]
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January 3
I asked a question and nobody answered. I asked again, then jessamyn deleted my question. Do I have the right to ask a third time? [more inside]
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Is there something wrong with the timestamps on Contact Activity? [more inside]
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January 2
Podcast 68 was recorded earlier today and features a discussion of our favorite posts from last month's Best Post Contest, including all the posts we liked and the final winners. It runs nearly 90min long. [more inside]
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January 1
In the great tradition ("Bring to our attention that which we may have glossed over" and "Best overlooked comments of 2010") of finding overlooked gems on the blue, green and grey, please share your favorite finds of 2011. [more inside]
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