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July 29
If a link has been posted and deleted, am I right to assume that reposting the link, even as a sub-link in a post leading on another link about the same thing, is a bad idea? [more inside]
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Two days of madness left to burn that magic to disc and post it to your 'mates—
MeFiSwap Mailing Deadline Reminder Thread: Get those swaps in the mail by Saturday, July 30! [more inside]
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July 28
It's been a while since we discussed the possibility of a metafilter API. Is there any news on this front? Is it worth reconsidering? [more inside]
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What is chat filter? Why isn't this post chat filter? [more inside]
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Meta-metafilter: What are examples of some other online communities that have successfully kept the quality of posts/forums at a high level by requiring a nominal $5 to $10 signup fee? [more inside]
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I would like a public explanation for the deletion of my answer from this AskMe. [more inside]
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And he came to the place which the MODS had told him of; and Troll built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound his 12 ponies, and laid them on the altar upon the wood. [more inside]
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What exactly is it we're not supposed to do with Flickr links? [more inside]
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July 27
With less than 2 months under it's belt... Grantland.com has been featured on the blue 14 times... is this product placement? Is this unprecedented? Do users of Grantland not get the concept of RSS feeds? [more inside]
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Why are so many police brutality posts deleted off metafiler? For sure, there are some fairly inflammatory ones that need-a-delete'n but perfectly reasonable ones are frequently deleted with nothing but claims that the discussion won't go anywhere. [more inside]
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The MeFits over at Health Month are gearing up for another month, and we want you! Join our rag-tag band of good-habit-making superheroes (costumes not included). [more inside]
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It's pouring, flooding, and landsliding here in South Korea. Local Mefites, y'all ok? I'm on vacation this week, anyone need any help cleaning/recovering?
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July 26

Is there a place on Mefi where members can hook up to work on new projects? Maybe expanding the scope of Mefi Projects or create something like Mefi Collab, a Mefi Music clone that's more general in scope?
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I posted anonymously to ask me and the advice and help offered, though some of it was very harsh, strengthened me to get out of a bad relationship. I read through the post over and over again when I start to weaken and it empowers me to stay strong. Your advice agreed with the advice of all my real world friends, but they were getting tired of reiterating it. Having the thread to re-read is powerful support. Thank you everybody! I'm in a safer, healthier place today than I would be without the support of many strangers on the internet.
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I know people hate the gimcracks and gewgaws that litter any given website, but when you post the "Print Preview" version of an article, it means paragraphs that stretch out over a foot wide in many browsers (depending on the size of your screen, I guess) and that can be really hard to read. There are two today, for example. Could we maybe agree to making the "Print" version available in your post, but not as the main link? Just a suggestion.
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July 25
So, yay me, first post. But wow, is this what I should expect? [more inside]
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Isn't this just a blatant advertisement on the front page? [more inside]
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Still no quote feature? [more inside]
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Proposed Ask category: Sex. [more inside]
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I'm looking for threads on creating, purchasing for, cooking weekly menus. I know there are a ton of them on ask.mefi, but I can't seem to come up with the right terms to find them. Can anyone point me to some? I accept that I am a searchtard.
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What policy, if any, is there about URL shorteners in links? [more inside]
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There was a Metafilter member who took really nice pictures of Mefites at meetups. I think this was around 10th anniversary time. He was Mefi-Famous for awhile and folks may have been even planning meetups around his travels. I also remember a comment from him where he talked about some of his techniques. Anyone remember who this is? [more inside]
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Mefi links look weird on Google+ and not like any other link I post there. Mefi example, AskMe example. Is there a way to provide a more descriptive description, or delete it altogether? Also, will there eventually be a widget (?) like there is with Twitter and Facebook?
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Please help us finalize details of a ThereIsHelp indicator on user's profile pages who are interested in participating. [more inside]
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July 24
I remember (but can't find) an AskMe comment where someone said she had slept with her male, virginal friend "to boost his confidence" or something, but that ultimately it changed nothing and 10 years later he still hadn't slept with anyone else. Anyone remember where it was/have better search skills than me?
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July 23
Just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know I'm leaving Metafilter, and wish you all the best. [more inside]
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July 22
I met delmoi He seems like a nice guy. He also flipped someone off. [more inside]
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The Norwegian attacks thread is depressing. [more inside]
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Wired magazine contributing editor David Wolman recently unearthed this Metafilter thread [now closed] full of armchair opining about what may have led to the crash. When we forwarded it to an Airbus captain we know who is usually understated, he offered an uncharacteristically lengthy reply
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The premise of this FPP was pretty much debunked in the comments. Time for a do-over? [more inside]
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July 21
In which AskMefi, get's a prime slot on Law and Order:Criminal Intent [more inside]
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Is the best approach to improving tagging on a particular post still "use the contact form"? [more inside]
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This comment about getting past one's first million words got me thinking: is there a way to find out exactly how many words I've written on MeFi?
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What was once a yearly tradition has become an annual ritual. The Metafilter Fantasy Football (English Premier League) league lives again! To play (it's free!) just log in to the Barclay's Fantasy Game, create a team, and then join private league 54733-21165. [more inside]
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July 20
Forktine is gone? No! Why? Does anyone know what happened, or if he's coming back?
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The Bar: Precursor to the Modern Sidebar? [more inside]
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Arrrrrggghhh! I know OP said no DTMA, but DTMA, DTMA DTMA!!! [more inside]
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July 19
Apart from the 'Obama proposes cuts to SS' thread around the start of the month, there hasn't been much in the way of current-event political threads recently, despite a lot of stuff happening around the world (budget crisis in the U.S., and Murdoch in the U.K.) It seems to me that news has occurred in both of these cases which could be thread worthy, and since I usually value political discussion I've been missing their presence on the front page. Have they been made, and then deleted, or is there some sort of sub-conscious urge not to discuss politics right now? [more inside]
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Do we need a new sub-site for this? Meta-Subject perhaps? Wherein yet another subject of post clues in, joins up, community theoretically gets better. In this case, it's Matt Bird, whose blog Cockeyed Caravan (underrated movies + other stories) got FPP'ed by Iridic.
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July 18
I'm a little uncomfortable with the personal information being revealed in this thread. [more inside]
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Can't hold back the schmoopy much longer. [more inside]
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There was a comment in MeTa a little while back about what the amount of favorites on a post/comment signifies. "0-7: no one actually noticed your comment." Maybe a month back? Anyone see this?
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This request for sources on a comment I made is valid, but I don't want to derail the thread. Could it be appropriate to put sources and specifics in here, and let the thread continue on the content of the post?
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July 17
Perhaps we could share knowledge, and not just links to Wikipedia? [more inside]
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July 16
Pony request: Make snarks optional. [more inside]
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Is there a search-for-contacts, find-your-friends feature buried somewhere in MetaFilter? I'd love to see if any other folks that I know are MeFites, and would gladly grant the site temporary access to my GMail address book to find out... if ONLY there were a WAY to DO it!
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Two related privacy questions: (a) Can the mods see who has posted an anonymous AskMe? The submission page suggests "no" but the anonymous submission page suggests "yes". (b) can mods see if multiple accounts are created by an specific IP address?
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July 15
We've all had our share of miserable exes. And nobody likes family law. Still, the advice given here is terrible, bad, no-good advice. [more inside]
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My contribution to a thread has disappeared. Why? [more inside]
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July 14
I'm wondering how often the advice to get therapy actually results in someone realizing, damn, I need therapy. [more inside]
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We periodically have problems with remote ad servers hanging up page loading on MetaFilter and we'd like to tweak the homepage layouts to make this impact much less of a problem. However, I'm not sure how it will impact the greasemonkey script deleted post type features because the code will change a bit on the home page. [more inside]
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What was that damn back door? [more inside]
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Why does everything have to be an effing popularity contest? [more inside]
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July 13
Looking for a fairly recent post featuring digital composite photos created by an artist from hundreds/thousands of photos taken of a single event. For example I think one of the photos was of a gymnastics competition and the photo had images of dozens of athletes and support personnel taken at different times during the day composited into a single photo. The impression was of a span of time in a single photo sort of like those Family Circus cartoons that followed Billy's travels during the day without the linear flow. Anyone remember it?
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Google+ is growing via user invites, why doesn't metafilter do something similar? [more inside]
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On the eve of MetaFilter's twelfth birthday, the Willamette Week sits down with Matt Haughey to talk about his roots at the dawn of the blogging age, the value of lifestyle work vs. captaining industry, and the future of community blogs in an online landscape increasingly dominated by Twitter, Facebook, and mobile browsing.
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July 12
In this episode we interview our intern Dom, then cover the usual excellent spots from all parts of MetaFilter. We recorded this on Monday, July 11th and it runs about an hour and a half. [more inside]
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Question about good posts: "new"? [more inside]
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Why didn't this thread get deleted? [more inside]
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Why was the gen-x marriage thread closed? Maybe the OP didn't post perfectly and wanted to change something, but it was still a good discussion and the original post wasn't terrible.
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"Yeah, yeah. Having a section of the site dedicated to talking about the site I originally designed that just to keep people from jabbering about like fonts that they didn’t like in the middle of a thread about some news event, and just being like shut up, don’t do that; having a place dedicated has been great because then people can talk openly about lots of things."
The July 1st SitePoint podcast is a panel discussion on "...the profession of Online Community, how it’s grown in importance and profile, and what it means to today’s Web," conducted by Patrick O'Keefe, founder of the iFroggy Network: with Venessa Paech, Lead Community Manager of Community Engine; Sarah Hawk, Community Manager of SitePoint; and our own intrepid mathowie. [more inside]
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Wow, the Arizona senator post disappeared in a cloud of smoke, very quickly; too much flaming/gallows humor? Just curious, though I do know people on both sides of the issue.
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This has it all....lemurs! paperstone! The Marriage Ref! Ridiculously over-sized gavels! and of course Mefi's own Hodgman and some guy named Matt. The new espisode of the The Judge John Hodgman podcast is out, and it awesome. [more inside]
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July 11
There is a certain kind of website that has always brought me great joy…expansive, idiosyncratic, under-the-radar, well-edited, weirdly-colored goldmines of information on something. Help prospect the MeFi archives for goldmines. [more inside]
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So most mefite google+ users probably have mainly mefites in their circle(s). As the sign ups are open again is this now significantly changing or are we just one small circle among many others.
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The Hunting of the Snark: Do we really need to be a community that bullies the bullies? [more inside]
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When, if ever, do admins admit they were wrong? Throughout the history of MetaFilter and MetaTalk in the 11 years I’ve been here, I see admins justifying or defending their actions and I almost never see admins admitting they made a mistake. [more inside]
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July 10
Following up on my question here, chime in if you're interested in becoming a part of an accountability group. If there are more than a few people, maybe we can get more than one group started. [more inside]
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MeFi Mag is back again with a new issue on jobs and work! The print copies are available here, and the pdf is available for free here! [more inside]
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July 9
What's the deal with The Deck? How is MetaFilter/Matthowie compensated: is it just eyeballs-on-the-published-page or is there an incremental payment for click-thrus? I ask because I often see items that are sort of vaguely interesting, and I'd be a lot more inclined to click-thru if that were to result in additional revenue...
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July 8
Once again, the subject of a post signs up to comment; this time it is Joel Chandler Harris's great-great-great grandson.
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Post request: the last Space Shuttle launch, which is imminent. [more inside]
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July 7
What are the rules about posting a link to a blog or site that was previously posted? I may be being a bit hypocritical, since I've used Hardcore Gaming/ISB/AV Club links to pad out posts before, but this recent Kevin Smith thread looks like it came directly from my previous thread about the blog. What are the rules here?
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Cormac McCarthy may not have been widely known until All the Pretty Horses, but he is very widely admired. He has won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award, to name a few, and no one will be surprised if he wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. [more inside]
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Can any atheist, agnostic, exotheologist, or noogenesist explain the Richard Dawkins hate on Metafilter. This has been bugging me for ages. It happens every time his name is mentioned here. I obviously missed the memo. I read the front page Derren Brown thread just then, and clicked my way to a ding dong Richard Dawkins argument from the past. I tried to work it out by myself, but just like an Australian trying to decipher the Conan-Leno bunfight, it seems one needs some requisent knowledge that I just don't possess. [more inside]
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Whatever happened to introducing a three-minute edit window for comments? [more inside]
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'News of the World closes' thread closes. I think this is a mistake, this is a huge event in the UK and important quite independent of the previous post.
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Has the moderation team ever thought about looking at preview data? [more inside]
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July 6
Memmmmmories.... For MetaFilter's upcoming 12th anniversary we're collecting stories to put on a special new site unveiled on the magic day. Your task is simple: tell us how you found MeFi and what your favorite memory is from the site. Submit your answers here. Thanks! [more inside]
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Matt Haughey of Metafilter and his wife Kay split household chores right down the middle, except when it comes to garbage duty. Does the person taking out the trash have "garbage hands" that are only suitable to replace the trash bag and deal with all matters dirty? Judge John Hodgman decides!
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After the last round of holiday crapfests, I'd like to take a moment to thank mathowie, cortex, jessamyn, and restless_nomad (and, if it's still relevant, vacapinta -- for some reason I remember reading that vacapinta is not modding anymore...?) as well as pb for all the wonderful work they do keeping this place running. [more inside]
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I don't normally hang around on Meta, but I've got to ask. What's the right thing to do about this? [more inside]
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July 5
An otherwise great post (thanks, Slarty Bartfast) is appended with the following:
I am hoping we will not debate here whether "Everything but Marriage" is really marriage equality. I am hoping we will learn about and admire the efforts of those heroes who suffered and fought so that we can all be free someday.
I was going to respond in the thread to this, but I thought MetaTalk would be a better place. It seems like a bad idea to me to preemptively tell people how to discuss political activism (or any topic on Metafilter, really...). "Learning" and "admiring" are not discussion (although they can arise from discussion). I appreciate the desire to see a FPP discussion go well, but basically telling people not to engage with one another seems bad style. Is there some kind of posting etiquette about this? I figured others might have the same response as me, so to avoid totally derailing the thread, we can discuss here.
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Deep within the bowels of yesterday’s cluster-fuck, it was stated by jessamyn that the operation of the site during holidays was in question. [more inside]
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I am the MetaFilter pintern (paid intern) Dom, and would love to hear any funny stories the Mefi community has about breaking bones, in order to keep the boss's spirits up while healing from his scaphoid fracture. [more inside]
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July 4
How do we un-propose a proposed meetup in IRL after nothing ever came to fruition? [more inside]
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So I made this comment here, kind of tongue in cheek. Then a few minutes later I check my favorites and find this made six hours before. Just interested in others MeFi coincidence stories if there are any?
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I should probably know this but if I ever did, I've forgotten, and I'm drawing a blank hunting around right now. Is there a way to MeMail someone who has disabled his/her account, or otherwise find useful contact info from their page? [more inside]
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How has this crap not been deleted already? Editorialized posts about community drama? Better posts about more interesting/important issues have been deleted for less.
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July 3
I came across this interesting bit of information while doing some research on the London based conceptual artist Stephen Willats. According to his wiki, "His 1973 work Meta Filter consisted of pairs of participants seated at a computer, attempting to reach an agreement about the meanings of various images and statements." You can read more about Meta Filter here, and more about Willats at his website here.
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Didn't see this in the FAQ: is there an online venue where one can chat live with fellow Mefites? I know there's nothing official sponsored by the site, but what's the most popular of any home-brewed solutions?
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I just wanted to give a shout-out to everyone who's been participating in the Autism/Aspergers/Empathy thread and say that I really appreciate the wealth of personal perspectives, good advice, and non-judgmental discussion. I made some comments early on that I realized (after posting) could be perceived as antagonistic, but the thread has been really cool, and a great eye-opener for me. Thanks, Metafilter!
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July 2
The title kind of says it all. [more inside]
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July 1
The LibraryThing widget is pulling random books from your LibraryThing account. Since Twitter and Last.fm and many of the others seem to default to most recent, it seems like the LibraryThing widget should pull your most recent books too, just to be consistent.
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What makes one post that features a Kickstarter link get axed, and another one stays? Is it the number of links supporting it, or is it a judgement call based on the coolness of the project? Is the front page of Metafilter the appropriate place to shill for money?
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