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December 30

End-of-year AskMe Followup Reminder

It's the 31st of December, so now is a good reminder to look through all the AskMe's you posted in 2012 and add any followups, as they will start to close over the next year.
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More about Dancing on John Wayne's Head, from p.a

Welcome to Pat Andrade (p.a) to MetaFilter, the producer of Dancing on John Wayne's Head, who joined to add some history to the making of the album.
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Best Stuff AskMe?

Some time ago (at least 2-3 years), there was an AskMe about "the best website for reviews of consumer products" or something like that. One answer featured a blog/forum meant entirely for reviews of headphones. Anyone remember either the thread or the site? It was orange/tan and very minimalist. Possibly spun off SomethingAwful.
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December 29

Curvy arrow pony

I would like to nominate for Meta-institutionalization the very nifty little arrows (like this ) that Martijn put at the end of the blockquotes (of other comments) in this comment. [more inside]
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Making smalltown IRL meetups successful.

In your experience, what makes for a small IRL meetup successful? [more inside]
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So are we officially too sensitive to talk about religion on the blue these days? [more inside]
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December 28

in a jam

Herein is pretty much the best (necessary) thread hijack ever. [more inside]
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there's a good chance the VideoSift might not have survived without that spark.

The History of VideoSift Part 1 details the founding of a popular video site by a couple of MetaFilter members, Dag Maggot and Sourbrew. MetaFilter and Our Glorious Leader are heavily credited.
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What do people think about adding an anti-procrastination pony to MetaFilter? [more inside]
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December 26

<3 you guise

Happy holidays, and thank you for curating this collection of curious thoughts and writings all year! Looking forward to 2013 and a whole 'nother collection of the Best of the Web. [more inside]
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A Deficit of Deficit posts

Why was the post on the blue today about common deficit misconceptions taken down? I don't remember who submitted it, but it seemed very interesting and useful, given that financial analysis is not Metafilter's strong point.
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December 25

Most popular AskMe posts of 2012

OK, it being year-end and all, I thought I'd go have a look at the most popular AskMe posts in the last year... only to find that I can't really filter down like that (leastways not so I can tell)... so I decided to put a list together myself, and make it my first post on the grey! 30 would be a nice, round number, but I could only find 29. Please enjoy responsibly! [more inside]
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December 24

Mefites' Choice 2012 winners, week three

Week three of the Mefites' Choice Awards is done! [more inside]
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December 23

i want to see the most popular posts from six months ago

I seem to remember having the option to view more than just the week's popular posts. I think it was most popular of 24 hours/ week/ all time or something. Now I can't do it. I can only see the week's. Am I imagining things? Have I suddenly become incompetent? Or has this changed and I just didn't know about it for whatever reason?
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more talkin bout guns?

I'm pretty annoyed that the FFP on gun studies and the CDC was pulled. Granted, there are similar threads open, but this seems like new information to me. I feel like we're being unnecessarily cautious about the gun control discussion, in a way that feels a bit repressive.
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Quonser-Quonsee Relations

A tiny Quonsmas pony for all! Could we get some sort of "Quonsed" option for the relationships list when we're adding contacts? [more inside]
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MetaFilter Server Issues

We're having a few technical glitches with the MetaFilter servers so you might experience a few problems. [more inside]
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December 22

Longest time between making a comment and having it "favorited"?

What is the longest amount of time you've seen between posting a comment and someone marking it as a favorite? [more inside]
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December 21

Ugly Cat Cookies

Since the Metafilter cookie swap thread is now over 30 days old and closed to new comments, I have come here today to bring you, by popular request, the 7th sign of the impending Catpocalypse! Inside: the ugliest sugar cookies you have ever seen. [more inside]
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MetaTalk Holiday Queue in the Queue

We're going to be queuing MetaTalk posts from December 24th to January 1st. [more inside]
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Where are the Seurm charts of Yesteryear?

A couple years back there was an FPP of a very large blood serum values/ranges chart. It was favorited repeatedly as an example of great data visualization. I believe the source of the image was Wikipedia but I can't find it there now. Does this ring any bells?
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What kind of man trades another man's life for a ship?

Something's off the port bow, captain...
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December 20

Now you can close the comments.

Hello. This is for you. [more inside]
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Popup Image Pony / Robot request

Feature or script: popup boxes to display single-image deeplinks in posts and comments? (like the youtube popups.) [more inside]
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A kind of supernatural resonance online

Derek Powazek, editor at the Fray does not agree with BlueBeetle's famous MetaFilter comment: "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." In a follow up post he suggests an alternative: “If you don’t know how a startup will make money, neither do they.
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Creepy Asian Hookup Ads

What's up with the pornified ads? I accidentally hit the site without logging in, and was subjected to a "Meet Pretty Thai Girls" ad. It gives the site a very bad vibe.
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Can we play on the last day?

As Friday is the End of the World, can we please have a day of end-of-the-world/conspiracy posts being allowed on mefi? [more inside]
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Been a great party, but we gotta go

In 24 hours, at 6:11 AM, EST, the world will come to an end. So says the Mayan calendar. Just in case, I want to say thanks to all of you for a very good experience. You made it worthwhile! Otherwise, have a happy New Year!
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December 19

omg really?

6 most insightful commentaries on the human condition! Click here for page 2! [more inside]
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It's not like they'll be getting into legal trouble over it...

From the FAQ: "Do not post a question to AskMetafilter assuming you can have it removed once it has been answered. This is unfair to the people who answered the question and diminishes the usefulness of the site. " Yet the poor soul who wasn't getting the answers they wanted was able to delete ">their question without a problem? What gives?
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Was the women in board games post edited?

Was the women in board games post edited after being posted? [more inside]
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December 18

Is Twitter on profile pages broken?

Is the Twitter section of the personal profiles broken for everyone, or just me? If it's for everyone, maybe the time has come to eliminate it rather than try to keep it working.
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December 17

Mefites' Choice 2012 winners, week two

We're on to round two of the MeFites' Choice awards. Come on inside for winners and prizes! [more inside]
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Change scares me

All of a sudden I am seeing some odd symbols (associated with some Java tomfoolery)? Did a new pony ride into town? Are we in the Matrix? [more inside]
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December 16

Data Wankery Inside

I recently got my hands on a copy of Tableau Desktop. It's supposed to be a business intelligence app, but nevermind that. The first thing I did was hook it up to the infodump files! [more inside]
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December 15

Somebody already made a pony. Can we borrow it?

Can we have optional two-factor authentication? [more inside]
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shall the cats bell themselves?

Especially with the new hires, it's getting a little harder for me to distinguish moderator comments. Sometimes there are typographical hints like small text or square brackets, but not always; sometimes the tone makes it apparent, but again, not always. What do people think about somehow marking moderator comments? This could be either automatic (like moderators get little tags appended to their usernames) or manual (moderators identify themselves when speaking as such); we can beanplate the details to any length. I just want to be less uncertain when I am and am not reading moderator comments.
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Secret Quonsar Recieved

Yay for secretquonsar! Got my gift today! Hoping mine wings its way on time.
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December 14

Another shooting

As most people are probably aware there was a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school this morning. This comes after a shooting in a mall outside of Portland, OR earlier this week. I'd like to discuss events like this with the Metafilter community, but what is the right way to do so (or is there even a way to do so)?
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December 13

Post not paywalled

This post is not paywalled, so why was it deleted for being so?
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December 12

You just didn't understand what I was going for . . .

Is there some sort of active MeFi writers group? If yes, how could one be initiated? If not, can there be? [more inside]
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Matt Haughey talks about why Facebook is like AOL in the '90s, and the best and worst developments in online communities

The Verge: MetaFilter founder: Reddit's 'creepy stuff' shows how hard it is to run an open community [more inside]
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December 11

I'm happy for your achievement.

I'm a big fan of borderline-believable alternate history myself, but I thought there was a general Metafilter policy against this sort of FPP?
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fur aw that

I'd like to see a change in attitude towards Scottish people on Metafilter. [more inside]
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No, *You* Are a First World Problem

Could we possibly stop using the phrase "first world problem?" [more inside]
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December 10

How has MeFi changed in the past few years?

How has MeFi changed in the past 2-3 years? [more inside]
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Ponies for everyone!

Pony clydesdale request: a community-edited list of recommendations for AskMe questions that aggregate the answers in the discussoin thread and put them together in one place along with relevant links. [more inside]
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It's ok... you can do it, you can make a decision by yourself.

Is Ask Metafilter a place for people afraid to learn from their own experiences? [more inside]
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why was my question deleted?

I posted a question asking what tangible things I could do to improve the lives of people I love. Why was it deleted? [more inside]
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Mefites' Choice 2012 winners, week one

It's time for round one of the MeFites' Choice awards, aka the December 2012 Most Fantasticked Posts, Week 1. Come on inside for winners and prizes! [more inside]
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December 9


Guy MeFieri's Internet-style Liveblogatini or: the much-demanded official liveblog thread of today's Guy's American Kitchen and Bar meetup. [more inside]
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December 8


If you have linked your Metafilter account to your real-life identity, how did you come to this conclusion? [more inside]
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add to recent activity

Any chance we could add a post to our recent activity without commenting? [more inside]
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Why is a question about wanting to meet people anonymous?

I'm sure there's a good reason for this, but I'd like to learn about it: why is this question about meeting people, with no embarrassing details that I can discern, anonymous?
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December 7

MeFi Mall IRL

Would there be any interest in a brick-and-mortar version of the MeFi Mall? [more inside]
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Metafilter G+ Community

I just created a metafilter group on Google Plus. Just search for 'metafilter' under 'communities'. [more inside]
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The Joy of FPPing

To people who have done this; why did you create Front Page Post(s) on MetaFilter? The motivations are interesting in themselves, and may also provide positive reasons for people to cross the rubicon from lurker to poster. [more inside]
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Chat-filter: explained - please?

I'm a little confused on the chat-filter rule. Could someone please clarify? [more inside]
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December 6

In defense of calling a hate crime a hate crime?

Posting here so as not to disrupt the École Polytechnique Massacre post. This refutation of the argument that the shootings at L'École Polytechnique shouldn't be especially commemorated any more than any other school shooting seemed a little too close to the deleted derail from the start of the the discussion thread, but I wanted to link to it somewhere!
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75: goodnewsfortheinsane interview

Episode 75 of the podcast features an interview with our newest moderator, goodnewsfortheinsane. Then we recap the best posts of November, the whole thing runs about 1hr 20min. [more inside]
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Congratulations Maias

Congratulations to Metafilter's own Maias are once again in order. She is a noted drug addiction and recovery specialist, who won the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology's media award Monday night.
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Do we get members only jackets now? Please explain! Is it for more than recent activity?
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122580 relief thread

This thread is spiraling away from its topic. Let's keep it on track and put the personality differences here.
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Secret Quonsar thank-you thread!

Secret Quonsar thank-you thread! [more inside]
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Welcome to Metalfilter, James

In keeping with the great circle of mefi and cats (how did they get on their computers ?) we now welcome the an arranger of cats, james_ash [more inside]
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What's Next?

This thread has been archived and is closed to new comments. We have a new MeFi record! 8185 total comments. [more inside]
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December 5

How to delete your previous questions within AskMeFi

How to delete your previous questions within metafilter or AskMeFi? If you can't delete, why not and do they stay online forever?
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You are the Product

He Who Must Not be Named on Metafilter quotes Blue_Beetle. [more inside]
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December 4

Linking as approval?

Is linking to a site endorsement of a site? [more inside]
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December 3

Improve my searching abilities.

What do I need to search to find askme posts about a partner moving out? [more inside]
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Child's Play Charity collects money, toys, and video games to improve the lives of the young patients in children's hospitals across the world. Over at MefightClub we've just started our third annual annual donation drive. [previously] [previouslier] If you'd like to donate too, we'd love for you to do so under the MefightClub as MeFi-offshoot banner, but donation any which way would be a fine thing for you to do. It is a Good Cause. [more inside]
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December 1

Football analysis

Just a quick round of applause for everyone that posted in the Fireman Ed thread. Theres a higher level of discourse and thinking on display than this NFL fan is used to seeing almost anywhere. Great stuff.
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MeFites' Choice Contest For December

December is the Fantastic Post MeFites Choice Contest run by you, the users. Sign up to offer prizes. Use the fantastic flag to vote for your favorites. [more inside]
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NanoWrimo 2012 - How was it for you?

Nanowrimo is finally over, so, Nanoing Mefites, how was it for you? Lets hear your nano tales, tales of joy, of woe, of laughter, and of tears; the highs and the lows, the good, the bad and the downright ugly of wrimoing. [more inside]
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