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May 29

Pacific Northwest Meetup

MeFiPNW - June 18th!
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AskMe is awesome

Ask MetaFilter has been a fantastic part of my life, and I look forward to growing old with it by my side. Of course it will mature, and I'm sure that it will never be anything less than an elegant jem. However, I sincerely hope that, no matter what, there will be a way to view it exactly as it is now. Also, we've taken countless bookmarks together, I hope those will always be in the same place so that I can look back on the memories.
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Should we be vituperative about links that already appeared on BB?

Did someone take over stavros' account?. I think most people disagree with his sentiments, but more importantly the way in which he voices them is entirely uncalled for.
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May 28

Filepile Comedy

The following was posted at Filepile yesterday.
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A "bill under consideration" has little more weight than "my last blog entry"

"Why was this even posted? A 'bill under consideration' has little more weight than 'my last blog entry' unless there's some serious evidence that it's going to get passed." The bill passed the Ohio House yesterday.

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May 27

NYC Meetup

The International meetup , NYC , dba , 3-4 pm start , peruvian jumpers , kilts and morris dancing galore !
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May 26

Does this mean that is imminent?

Awesome. Is this to mean that is imminent?
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Only a double if linked on MeFi

Can we please agree not to insinuate that something's a double post if it's been on another community site?

Posting a link isn't some journalism competition, it's sharing something neat. The "foo-site scooped it first" thing is irrelevant. If I cared that I waited three whole days to see some flash game, I would read other sites like this.

Please, can we comment on the link provided and only provide other takes if the commentary somewhere else is particularly insightful?
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Sloppy journalists fall for fake news

Did Rumsfeld ban cameraphones in Iraq?(Follow up to this thread) Seems sloppy journalists fell for fake news from the web. Again.
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Comment counts not accurate for logged out readers

Front page comment counts for not logged in users are off for posts with deleted comments. (Not that it's a particularly problematic bug, I just thought Matt might enjoy a non-jrun, non-IIS bug for a change)
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May 25

Enough with the complaining

Why the complaints all the time?

As is often the case, people seem to prefer pointing out errors and criticizing fpps to a discussion of the material. This was not a lazy fpp, I contend. What can be done to discourage complainers? I admit that my approach to the complaints in this thread was not ideal.
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May 24

a girl called Laura who had Chris Rock's old phone

My thoughts flashed back to yet another of the negative MetaFilter comments.

Earlier this year some Mefites were rather mean [mea culpa] to a girl called Laura who had Chris Rock's old phone. In an update she tells how it all turned out pretty good for her, thanks, in part, to Metafilter - still, don't be expecting her round here any time soon.
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Threads I wish weren't closed

There's some threads on AxeMe that I find myself wishing weren't closed. I know you've been busy and haven't had much time or possibly inclination to work on AxeMe, Matt, and I think/hope that maybe these threads will return via a sidebar or such...

But in the meantime, I was wondering what #1 and the gang's opinion would be on occasionally reposting questions that might benefit from the occasional update. I'm thinking of the fave reads, fave listens, and desktop threads in particular.
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This kind of sexual innuendo/attack doesn't belong here.

mary8nne, didn't your mom teach your not to take gang bangs from frat boys in college? You're just an exception though right. Or is that how all chicks from Down Under behave?

Look, I don't at all want to play net-nanny, but this kinda sexual innuendo/attack doesn't belong here, or anywhere. Witty, I tried to ignore this most of the afternoon. But I think you went too far here, and you owe an apology.
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Anything we can do to help keep MeFi up?

Anything we can do to help keep MeFi up? Because these frequent downtimes are annoying me. I need my MeFi in the morning more than coffee.
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May 23

Erased My Profile

OK, I'm a dumbhead. I overwrote all the stuff in my profile page by accident. Neither the Wayback Machine nor Google have a cache of it. Is there any way to get it back?
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May 22

I'm curious to know if anyone has heard from Keyser Soze since his latest incident.

I'm curious to know if anyone has heard from Keyser Soze since his latest incident. He hasn't posted since that date and there is no email address in his profile, otherwise I would have contacted him directly.
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Interesting use of language in feed description

Interesting use of language in feed description. Well yes I laughed and went straight to the article for an explaination. It is a great link. I have no problem with the use of colourful language under normal circumstances and I don't want to sound like a prude, but I was just worried about site image. Also aren't there going to be issues in some workplaces with filters and that sort of thing?
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I created a new feed that shows the first 100 characters of the question

I did not like the way the current AskMeFi RSS feed had the titles (Question xxx), so I created a new feed that shows the first 100 characters of the question as the title.

Here is the RSS 0.91 feed
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May 21

NYC Meetup

Speaking of meetups, is the NYC International MeFi Meetup still on? Or at least a tri-state?
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I think this is a great and interesting post.

I think this is a great and interesting post. I find it all the more interesting because I got a weird, spam-like email a few moments ago asking me to post the exact same link to Metafilter....
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Austin Meetup

It has been decided! There will be an Austin meetup June 3rd, 7pm at Trudy's (central -- off of Guadalupe). We hope to see you all then!
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More Inside

[more inside] [mi], and all the variations thereof: is this not superfluous? If further initial content is needed from the poster (in order to avoid a long FPP), isn't simply adding the first comment sufficient? Looks like about 75% of posts in the green have that final embellishment.

There was a post in MeTa about dropping the [mi] habit I think within the last year, but over 2,000 results showed up when I searched. Stav possibly posted it?
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May 20

London meetup?

There WILL be a London Metafilter Meetup. Either on the 18th or the 25th of June. You Decide.
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Trackback Bug?

Is trackback broken? The last two times I've tried to trackback nothing's happened.
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May 19

User's single-track history invokes callout

One-trick pony.
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Metafilter's first live firing?

Metafilter's first live firing?
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Please get rid of graphical google ads

Matt, unless you're making more money off of them, please consider dropping the graphic google ads. I just saw a big Dr. Phil in this thread
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May 18

20 years to the day

So, anyone know what happened in conclusion to this thread?
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Baltimore/DC games meetup

After seeing how many board game fans there are in this AskMeFi thread yesterday, I was wondering....would anyone be interested in a Baltimore/DC Area (I'm in-between) MeFi Board Game MeetUp? I'd love to play Settlers of Catan or Puerto Rico against some new players. (My brother's tactics are getting way too predictable after playing so much.)
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Vanishing post

A post just vanished off the front page. What was that about? And did anyone else see it? (It was called "The Cost".)
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High School smackdown

Ask MetaFilter is as useful as you make it. Please limit comments to answers or help in finding an answer.

Unless you're in high school and you deserve to get preached to because you're still a teenager.
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May 17

Why doesn't Metatalk have an RSS feed?

Why doesn't Metatalk have an RSS feed? Or have I missed it?
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Publicizing mefi IRC

I had a crazy idea, just now. How about some sort of tiny advert for #mefi on the metatalk front page some place? I think the channel could (use new blood/be more visible/have rollerskating waitresses).
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Meetup with mathowie in the Land of Eng?

Since the dawn of time, there have been whisperings of the mystical and all-powerful 'Number One', and his fabled arrival in the lands of Albion, where he is prophesised to bring pancakes, ponies and European uptime to all. Of late, many British have said he is to come in June and wish to bestow upon him large quantities of ale. The only questions that are left are, will the one called 'mathowie' be willing to grace us with his presence, and if so, when can we expect his arrival?
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Can we - even if only briefly - discuss stuff on AskMe?

Can we - even if only briefly - discuss stuff on AskMe or not? This Sopranos thread started off as a question but the discussion of last night's episode was inevitable and almost irresistible. My own opinion, fwiw, is that it would be nice if a little discussion was indeed allowed or, as has happened already, generously overlooked.
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This doesn't belong here.

Not a question. Should have been posted as a comment to the original (still-open) thread. Can the MetaFilter backend accommodate moving a post (and subsequent comments) to within another thread?
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May 16

Boston Meetup?

Since I missed the last one, any interest in a short-notice MeFi Boston?
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Television watching survey?

As an informal survey of the bizarre demographic which is Metafilter:


How many hours a day (if any) do you watch and has it increased in the past year? Or declined? I have a sense that there is an undercurrent of rebellion against TV watching, but I'm a longstanding non-TV watcher. Am I off base or not?
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May 15

Weird little floating talking ball and a dreary life

I'm looking for a series of flash movies linked on Mefi dealing with a guy talking about dreary life, and his weird little floating and talking ball. It's probably nothing like what I've described, but can anybody point me in the right direction anyway?
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AskMe feedbacks on design

AskMefi threads asking for critiques in design probably should be discouraged.
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May 14

A thread on "mob character assassination"

This thread is leaving a bad taste in my mouth for a number of reasons. I don't really like the author of the FPP, and I have some pretty fundamental disagreements with his opinions. However, for the most part, the thread is less about the links than about mob character assassination.

To what degree should a long-standing history of conflict here and the author's identity be permitted to drive discussion?
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May 13

Did font sizes in the blue change?

Is it just me, or is The Blue displaying in a teeny-tiny font for everyone? The Gray and the Green haven't changed, and neither has any other site that I vist. I first noticed this yesterday (May 12).

If it's everyone, I like the larger font much better. If it's me, anyone have any idea how I can fix it?
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AskMe in the header, and matching prefs

Two extremely minor things with Ask MetaFilter.
1. Can you add a link to AskMe in the header?
2. I have my preferences set to open links in a new window, but they don't do that in AskMe threads.
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Can we have karma in AskMe?

Ask MeFi Karma - I think it would be cool that if you are reading the comments of an AskMeFi thread that you created, you could rate an answer by granting or taking away a karma point from the answerer. In this way, there will be a new mechanism of MeFi elitism to encourage constructive replies.
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Metafilter observations presented at 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism

When the Audience is the Producer: The Art of the Collaborative Weblog (pdf), a presentation at the 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism by UT journalism grad student Lou Rutigliano has things to say about Metafilter. [more inside]
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May 12

Google groups beta

I'm playing with Google's new entry into mailing lists. Let's give it a whirl, shall we?
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That was nice of you, but... (don't post my stuff to mefi)

I certainly appreciate the thought, and the enthusiasm, but when the time comes I'll buy a text ad like anyone else. I don't think of Metafilter as my personal billboard.
Matt, please kill the thread, or move it back here to "metafilter-related", as that's about as close to relevant to this site as my book is.
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Trying to run an ad

About a month ago I paid for the renewal of a long-running MeFi Text Ad via PayPal. The ad isn't running yet and the payment remains unclaimed. I've emailed #1 twice so far without response, and didn't know where else to turn. Advice, anyone?
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May 11

MeFi imitates news, or news imitates MeFi

MeFi imitates news, or news imitates MeFi. Yesterday's post about Prison abuse is paralleled by PRI's To The Point's coverage of prison abuse here in America. RA link.
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no login no blue

this happened once before - the blue won't load up unless i'm logged in (both IE and Moz) grey and green are fine logged in or not. I can login via ask. or metatalk. then the blue appears.
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Stop the Torture!

1, 2, 3. How many consecutive Abu Ghraib posts will it take to fill the entire front page? [guesses inside]
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AskMe Standards

Some AskMetafilter standards? Debated posting this because conformity is like, so something the MAN wants you to do. But when I was looking through the AskMetafilter archives I noticed a few things, like "more inside" and [filter][/filter] stuff that breaks the formatting.
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Why did you AskMe?

Memoryfilter? Since everyone else is doing it, I guess I'll ask: why is it that you need to ask other people if they remember that song/commercial/movie/cartoon/book/whatever? We all forget titles and names constantly. When/why do you make the decision to turn to AskMe for help? Do these questions pop up for specific reasons? Something other than "this has been driving me crazy?" No one ever says why they're trying to recall XYZ. Nostalgia? Checking to see if you dreamt it? What?
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May 10

Comments not opening in AskMe at 10:00 a.m. PDT Monday, 5/10 (2004).

Comments not opening in AskMe at 10:00 a.m. PDT Monday, 5/10. Administrator, please hope me?
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May 9

How do you find your MeFi time?

I can usually manage enough spare time to read and comment on a few threads a few times per week.
It occurred to me (while reading this MetaTalk thread) that other members must spend a much larger portion of their time here. Just out of curiosity are these folks unemployed or retired or are they spending a big chunk of their work-day here?
I'd also like to add a broader question: how many threads do other people tend to follow during whatever period they spend on MetaFilter?
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AskMe Bug

I know AskMeFi's a work in progress, but just a mention of a bug in case it hadn't been noticed yet: Using or
tags in AskMeFi breaks the layout in preview (I didn't post so I don't know if they'd get stripped or fixed in the actual post).

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May 8

Communism thread NOT a total train wreck; news at 11

Could have been a total train wreck. Wasn't. But in an almost">bizarro twist, the thread brought out all kinds of insights into the problems of not only communism but general ideologies systems of political power. We did good.
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May 7

Wired Memespread Article

Not worth a front page post, but anyone who found the memespread project interesting might also be interested in this follow-up article in Wired. [via]
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No comment area for logged in user on newly created AskMe thread

I just posted a new Ask Me question, with more inside planned.. yet when I click on the thread, I do not see the Post a Comment stuff at the botton. I am logged in, and the post a comment fields appear for every single thread except mine... how do I post my more inside?
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server donation request

Here's a direct approach to the constant metafilter downtime : what would it cost (roughly) to pay someone to port Metafilter to a more reliable platform, and are there enough site members who care sufficiently to foot the bill ? Couldn't Matt just put a little permanent add/plea for $ donations - along with the amount collected and the amount still needed - on the front page ? Why not ?
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"Pre" Tags

HTML "Pre" Tag Pony. Entering Computer Code in AskMetafilter is hard. I've tried to use the "pre" tag, and just putting the code in, but the MeFi Comments Post Processor insists on putting "br" tags on the end of each line. This results in double spaced code. Is it possible for the Comments Post Processor to not generate "br" tags if inside a "pre" tag block.
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May 6

Economics knowledge dropped

I nominate this thread for sidebar acknowledgement.
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Is there any way we can help to ensure MeFi uptime?

Is there any way we unfortunate non-Californians can help to ensure that MetaFilter becomes a 24-hour operation once more? [More inside.]
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London meetup May 2004

So.. anyone gonna be in London this coming week (nights of May 11-13)? Cause, like, pints and metafilter make a good mix.
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May 5

Austin Meetup

Anyone in Austin TX interested in a meetup? If so, when/where?
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Blue Ridge meetup in Asheville, NC, Sat. June 5th

Finally! 1st quasi-annual Blue Ridge meetup in Asheville, NC, Sat. June 5th. We'll begin with a kickball game between Team Metafilter and Team Monkeyfilter and eventually wind up at Jack-of-the-Wood (an Irish pub), with a drag show to top the day off... or whatever the hell we feel like doing.
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Every day is groundhogs day, er, cinco de mayo

When I view the front page while logged out, each new post has its own "May 5" date header.
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Does googling get the archives?

Does googling get the archives? I was gearing up to chime in about visiting Moab for i_cola, when I had a moment of deja vu. The domain restricted search turned up only two non-results... but searching on my MetaTalk comment history broght me what I was looking for.
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May 4

pictures from the Dallas meetup

The first pictures from the Dallas drink and meet are available. More are coming from Ufez Jones, who has the rest of the shout-outs on his camera. A good time was had by all, including the nice people we cajoled into taking pictures.
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Followup material goes where now?

Is MetaTalk a good place to point out that the verdict described in this thread was just overturned?

I often find follow-up material like this long after the original thread is gone. It doesn't seem worth a whole new FPP, but I do think that people who read the original post would want to know. FollowupFilterSidebar?
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Spellchecker crashing browsers?

Is it just me, or is the spell-checker crashing other people's browsers, too? [mi]
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May 3

Anyone in the Baltimore/DC area interested in having a meetup?

Anyone in the Baltimore/DC area interested in having a meetup?
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AskMe Titles

Can we have nice titles in ask.mefi please?
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Opinions, not agenda

I humbly and publicly request a moratorium on referring to opinions as agendas. The linked thread is full of this. Not only does it stifle any sort of honest discussion, debate, or genuine and warranted insulting, it also seems slightly fascistic, Fox News-ish, and embarrassing.
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more than five minutes and a couple visits to the dictionary

The onology of mumbo jumbo FPPs
You know, if it takes more than five minutes and a couple visits to the dictionary to figure out what a post is about, it's not a very effective post. Am I just an idiot? I'd say one in ten posts lately is either so esoteric or so cryptically phrased as to exclude most mefi readers from it's hidden delights.
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May 2

Photos from Friday's Minneapolis meetup.

Photos from Friday's Minneapolis meetup.
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May 1

Photos from NYC meetup

Some photos from tonight's earlier meetup in NYC.
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Gratuitous personal insults

Gratuitious personal insults do not burnish the shine on a class act - From this recent metafilter discussion : " you not get annoyed by off-topic barrages and rows upon rows of text cut-and-pasted directly from the link itself without a fucking grain of comment on the content? I don't mind quoting a link if it adds to a comment; but quoting an entire article that you've alreadly linked to without including a single original thought is why I started calling him a bobblehead. He doesn't even understand the quip. I realize that his brain is likely mush after years and years of drug abuse"
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Dances, sings, quips, shoots Americans on sight

*dances, sings, quips, shoots Americans on sight*
This strikes me as a bit over the top. (MI)
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