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This thread is a disaster.

This thread is a disaster. It has such a long pissing match in it that advances nothing that I simply cannot see going click-click-click all the way through the noise to flag each off-topic post. I feel like I need a button for "there's so many violating posts in this thread I cannot possibly flag them all individually and still have time for 3 squares and 8 hours of sleep in a day." [mi]
posted by phearlez on Dec 27, 2005 - 125 comments


Can we get a partisan bullshit flag? [the more, it's inside?]
posted by Eideteker on Dec 5, 2005 - 65 comments

Why me? Why multi-links?

Some snarky character here informed the world that my post had been scrubbed because it was only a single link. It was replaced by a bigger, multi-link version of the same story. I accuse him of scrubbing it but he denied it. How, though, did he know it had been replaced? But what I really want to know is why there is this new insistance on multi-link FPPs? When I first came to Metafilter I found it useful to have items that interested me pointed out and made available. That was great. I then did my own further research. Multi-link posts generally appear to be posted as a means of either making an argument for a particular pov or to publicize some topic or subject, with a lot of authorities sited much like footnotes. This is not, to my mind what this site used to be about.

As it happens if the intro interests me I want to go to the most relevant link, not plow through the poster's own research. But further, I am not a programmer or enough of a geek to even know how to do the html for all the secondary links, let along italics. My e-mail software makes URLs clickable and it seems that it ought to be simple enough to make URLs clickable in the windows for both comments and original posts. You- and I guess I am writing to Matt here - did try to do italics for a while, but they didn't work for my Mac and they have now disappeared. But really, has this become a place for people to show off theirs html cleverness or to pass along what might be interesting or valuable information? It is called a filter isn't it? What has that come to mean?
posted by donfactor on Nov 22, 2005 - 26 comments

Self-Link Deletion

Can you get a post deleted because it is already posted on your own site? even though the post has good info and had a conversation started? post in question http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/45943
posted by stilgar on Oct 18, 2005 - 4 comments


Goddammit, just get your own blog already, cleardawn.
posted by clockzero on Oct 14, 2005 - 174 comments

Is hosting someone else's content basis for a self-link?

Should this really have been deleted for self-linking? If you could link directly to video segments on CNN, then I'm sure the poster would have done that. Instead, he or she put the segments on his or her site, and linked to them that way. Maybe the post should have been deleted because it wasn't interesting enough, but that's another reason.
posted by Turtle on Sep 4, 2005 - 9 comments

Deleted AskMe

http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/22288. Deleted. Boo.

I want to know why. This was by far one of the Best Ask questions I've ever seen (over pet peeves.) I even flagged it as such. It was insightful, illuminating, and gave me great insight on others, as a writer, as a human being. Did it have a single answer? No. Was it a valuable question? Hell yes. Look at how many responses in such as short period of time.

Makes me want not to come here anymore. Close it instead. Deleting it robbed me of the perspectives of others. At least in closing it (Rather than deleting it) I'd have a chance to archive what I wrote (which is my copyright, isn't it?) and what others wrote.
posted by filmgeek on Aug 8, 2005 - 149 comments

It's not ok to link to NAMBLA

"A link to NAMBLA is just wrong". I agree. At least on the front page, it's wrong. (more inside)
posted by matteo on Jul 22, 2005 - 150 comments

Deleted Double-Posts

After a double post is deleted, how about adding a link in the original thread pointing to the deleted thread? [more inside]
posted by brain_drain on Jul 14, 2005 - 8 comments

Deleted Thread

What happened to today's Karl Rove thread on the blue? Is there a reason it was deleted?
posted by gfrobe on Jul 11, 2005 - 60 comments

Was there a post deleted off the blue that regarded some pictures of "average women"?

Was there a post deleted off the blue that regarded some pictures of "average women"? It was either from late Sunday or early Monday. I wanted to view those pics. Thanks.
posted by cincidog on Jul 11, 2005 - 4 comments

Can I make a claim?

All posts are © their original authors.

Does this mean I have a claim to a comment I wrote in a now-deleted AskMe thread? I am aware of how © protects an author's work from unauthorized reproduction, but how about unauthorized deletion?
posted by scarabic on Jun 23, 2005 - 32 comments

Missing AskMe

Ask.mefi just ate my question. I know it went through because I can't post another question this week, but it hasn't appeared on the front page.
posted by selfnoise on Jun 23, 2005 - 5 comments

Op-Ed Deletion

This post was deleted for the following reason: single link to an op-ed?

Is it policy now to delete op-ed posts, or is this just done on a whim? I guess you could call it a "troll," but then, about half the FPPs I see could be construed as trolls.
posted by alumshubby on Jun 22, 2005 - 61 comments

Deletion Notification

I don't know about you, but I'd certainly be interested in knowing why my posts have been deleted. Is there ever going to be some auto-notify feature?
posted by mystyk on Jun 14, 2005 - 26 comments

Can this thread please be deleted

Can this thread please be deleted (I know it will anyway). I searched MeFi before posting it, but didn't see results. My most humble apologies.
posted by zerokey on Apr 29, 2005 - 6 comments

waste of valuable front page AskMe space

Can we use this waste of valuable front page AskMe space as the definitive example of what AskMe is not for?
posted by sic on Apr 26, 2005 - 48 comments

Self-link? Or double post? Or a bit of both?

Self-link? Or double post? Or a bit of both? You delete decide.
posted by goatdog on Mar 28, 2005 - 54 comments

Would it be possible to get a deletion explanation for the top of axed AxMe threads?

Would it be possible to get a deletion explanation for the top of axed AxMe threads? I'm stumped for a reason why someone's "Can anyone tell me what Van Morrison's song Madame George is about?" question got killed.
posted by yerfatma on Mar 21, 2005 - 28 comments


posted by Bugbread on Mar 19, 2005 - 102 comments

Danger! Danger!

Danger, Matt Haughey! Danger! Danger!
posted by armoured-ant on Mar 4, 2005 - 60 comments

Did we really have to delete the Quarter-Life Crisis question?

Did we really have to delete the Quarter-Life Crisis question?

I know that in one way it looked like a survey question, but in another way, it was "I am freaking out about this. How did you deal with it?" As such, it was no different from half the advice questions out there. Even though it may not have been the best-worded question AskMe has ever seen, it would have been really helpful to have. Also, if a question is borderline, can we let it stay a little to see if it gets good advice-type answers despite poll-ish wording instead of killing it before it has a chance? That would be totally rad.
posted by dame on Mar 2, 2005 - 59 comments

Errors displaying an an old thread.

Errors displaying an an old thread. [more inside]
posted by grouse on Feb 22, 2005 - 11 comments

Is "lame" really an adequate justification for deleting a post?

Is "lame" really an adequate justification for deleting a post? [mi]
posted by Faint of Butt on Feb 20, 2005 - 16 comments

Plea for editorial discretion when deleting AskMe comments

YA plea for editorial discretion/benevolent neglect. [greater within]
posted by kenko on Feb 19, 2005 - 87 comments

Why was my comment in this thread deleted?

Why was my comment in this thread deleted? My comment was "How much do you make?" and I was serious. Is that somehow not appropriate? Does jessamyn or Matt get to decide what might be an appropriate conversation starter?
posted by fixedgear on Feb 16, 2005 - 14 comments

Monkey beans

Monkey beans.
posted by chasing on Feb 10, 2005 - 20 comments

Overly graphic post: where did it go?

I read a post the other day (maybe two?) that included a link to gruesome pics of Iraqis killed in the Fallujah siege and ensuing massacre. I added a comment to the post, asking whether anyone with any forensic expertise might be able to reveal how the dead had been killed, because it looked as though they were not victims of conventional firepower (could it have been gas?). When I went back to see if anyone had responded to the original post had been deleted alongwith its accompanying commentary. Does anyone here know why the post was removed and based on what policy? Thanks in advance.
posted by Azaadistani on Jan 29, 2005 - 19 comments

Why was my comment deleted

Did I forget to hit "post" or was my comment deleted from this topic and if so, why?
posted by Juicylicious on Jan 28, 2005 - 32 comments

Too graphic for the front page?

too graphic for metafilter?
posted by specialk420 on Jan 26, 2005 - 214 comments

Disappearing comments

comments disappearing from this thread:
posted by rocket_skates on Jan 19, 2005 - 16 comments

Did we really have to delete this thread?

Did we really have to delete this thread? Just when the discussion was getting interesting?
posted by nixerman on Jan 4, 2005 - 37 comments

This is NOT what AskMe is for.

This is NOT what AskMe is for. The poster even acknowledges it in defiance.
posted by Civil_Disobedient on Jan 1, 2005 - 36 comments

something interesting to read

This doesn't belong in the green, but it's something interesting to read.
posted by FunkyHelix on Dec 8, 2004 - 68 comments

Finding Deleted FPPs

Pony: We've heard it before (a bookmarklet was even developed for it), and the devout scour mefi.lofi for them... but in this age of all the new MeFi citizenry, I think it would be helpful to get an easily accessible repository for deleted FPPs up and running for the benefit new posters to dig through and discover why some posts must die. How easy, how hard, or how pointless?
posted by moonbird on Nov 30, 2004 - 21 comments

Long-winded explanations for deletion look bad....

The long-winded explanations for deletion in these three threads look bad in Firefox 1.0 and the latest MSIE.
posted by graventy on Nov 12, 2004 - 27 comments

Why Was I Deleted?

What happened to my thread about the November 9, 2004 Christopher Hitchens article on Slate.com? I know it was not DP (I searched), so that's not the answer. What exactly are the guidelines for deleting a thread? In light of the fact that I though my thread was relevant, appropriate and interesting I think the guidelines should be posted somewhere or e-mailed to MIFI uses.
posted by Bag Man on Nov 10, 2004 - 59 comments

Complaint about deletion policy

One of the most questionable trends emerging at MeFi lately is the MetaTalk treads complaining about post deletions, linking directly to the 'hidden' threads (effectively un-hiding them), where the usually awful discussions cut off by the Hand of Mathowie get a chance to continue raging in the Grey.

Maybe the way Matt deletes threads needs to be changed. Maybe closing discussions gone bad early instead of deleting. Maybe deleted threads on the blue need to completely disappear, like on the green & grey. How about adding to the posting page, a list of the most recent deletions with Matt's reasons for deletion (Hey, that might prevent triple-double-posts). Any other better suggestions for implimenting the FPP Death Penalty?
posted by wendell on Nov 6, 2004 - 43 comments

AskMe Deletion

Matt, did you delete weston's Why/Something/Nothing AskMe thread? Sure, it had some problems, as it was a vaguely-worded question that resulted in initial snarking, but I believe weston meant it as a sincere philosophical question, and it resulted in a number of good philosophy/religion links, as well as some unique personal perspectives. Maybe you didn't notice that it ended up as a very good thread?
posted by Shane on Sep 30, 2004 - 43 comments

What a pointlessly provocative post

"Do the smirking people in [this single link to a photo I just posted to the front page of MetaFilter for no obvious reason and leading to no possibilities other than a Democrat/Republican pissing match] really feel proud for terrorizing a three-year-old girl?" What a pointlessly provocative post. Delete please.
posted by louigi on Sep 16, 2004 - 42 comments

It's worth the extra effort and will make Mefi a better place.

This really, really sucks. It's quite presumptuous to assume that 17,500 people know everything about the band that you like. Please educate us by providing background information, so we can learn about new things. It's worth the extra effort and will make Mefi a better place.
posted by PrinceValium on Sep 6, 2004 - 25 comments

Deletion Reasons

I know this has been requested before, and I understand that it may be an extremely time-consuming feature, but please, if possible Matt, could you give us reasons for deletion in MeTa and AskMeFi? I really think that it helped in MeFi and will probably help prevent repeated mistakes made in AskMeFi.
posted by BlueTrain on Aug 22, 2004 - 4 comments

Is there any easy way to check for deleted threads?

I really enjoy watching bright (and not so bright) people make stupid, dumb mistakes. Is there any easy way to check for deleted threads?
posted by graventy on Aug 5, 2004 - 30 comments

First post deleted

Made my first FPP attempt yesterday, and it vanished after being up for about 10 minutes. How? Why? Which mighty being out there did it offend?
posted by of strange foe on Jul 15, 2004 - 27 comments

AskMe Callout

This filth is just too much. These posts are not questions, do not help anyone, and aren't funny; they cheapen, devalue and irritate our dearly beloved Ask Metafilter. Can we please not crap all over it? If you want to just hang out, go to the mefi irc channel. Or somewhere, just away. Please? Please?
posted by ac on Jul 10, 2004 - 144 comments

why was my post deleted?

Wondering why my FPP link, to a Kuro5hin.org essay about the insular world of blogs, the effect on google and the debate in comments about that was deleted. It was a good discussion, I thought, and work a look. Matt, I've been lurking here for several years, and I thought it was in keeping with the site.
If things are going to tighten up, that's fine, but I'm interested in knowing the parameters and how they applied in this specific case.
posted by Slagman on Feb 6, 2004 - 46 comments

just trying to understand the distinction

Since botching policy on a recent post (asking about why people smoke) and being promptly deleted, I'm left scratching my head about why this post went unquestioned. I'm not complaining, and I don't think the thread should be deleted, I'm just trying to understand the distinction so I don't get my own posts deleted again in the future.
posted by oissubke on Dec 22, 2003 - 46 comments

Asterisk for Deleted Threads

OK, it's been suggested before in passing, but I can't find an actual feature-request thread, so I'm going ahead and asking: When comments are deleted from a thread, can there be some residue, maybe an asterisk, maybe an icon, indicating that there used to be a comment at that point, so later non-deleted references to said comment aren't so confusing?
posted by soyjoy on Sep 2, 2003 - 20 comments

Why was the WWV post deleted?

Why was the WWV post deleted? Not clever enough? Isn't the ";)" enough to denote it's some type of joke?
posted by @homer on Jul 16, 2003 - 15 comments

I'm proposing a voting method for taking FPP posts down in Mathowie's absence.

I'm proposing a voting method for taking FPP posts down in Mathowie's absence. Details inside...
posted by woil on Jun 29, 2003 - 42 comments

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