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June 30
I take it that Metafilter dodged the bullet tonight? [more inside]
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Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes [more inside]
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June 29
Youngest Mefite ever was... ? [more inside]
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It's been a while since this has been asked, and I think more folks than me would benefit from it (hence me doing a MeTa rather than using the contact form): Could the podcast team talk about their current setup, hardware and software-wise? [more inside]
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Isn't linking to your online dating profile in AskMe self-linking? [more inside]
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June 28
I'm searching for a first-person account about one person's experience with health care costs that I read on the blue. [more inside]
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There's a MeFite with amazing abilities for the computerized "zoom and enhance" trick who demonstrated those skills in an AskMeFi post a few months ago. If we can find that MeFite, s/he might be able to use those skills to help ID the hit-and-run car that struck down a DC Comics artist last weekend. [more inside]
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What are policies or custom in terms of posting to "MetaFilter" regarding some controversial political or cultural issue? [more inside]
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June 27
Can we please not have any more circumcision posts inspired by current affairs? They never go well and I can't imagine anyone will bother reading the thread after it closes.
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The author of the Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number has joined up, and wishes to update his post with our findings. Welcome timeblimp!
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June 26
I discovered just now that closing an <a> tag with an </i> tag looks correct in preview but blows up in the actual comment. [more inside]
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I noticed it's been 3 whole days (!) since the last MetaTalk post. Just wanted to make sure everyone's alright.
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June 23
I'm looking for a comment that I just can't find and want to read again. It detailed a version of Sex In The City as performed as a Beckett-like Black Box stage production. The women wailed a chorus of " THE SHOES" someone said " I fear I am not fecund". I have tried every permutation I could think of with no success. I'm 99% sure I read it here.
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Re: pornographic photos of women directly linked in FPPs. [more inside]
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June 22
Anyone playing trivi.al on iOS? [more inside]
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UpdateMe! I solved my infinity antonym problem. Have you had an Ask question that solved itself years down the line? What happened? [more inside]
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Can anyone help me find the name of a smart phone application that many people recommend on the green to track emotional changes for those with depression? [more inside]
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June 21
The text was small for a reason. Font size can be important in meaning and expression. [more inside]
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June 19
I'm looking for a Metafilter post about a multiplayer boggle-like game. You compete against other players, and the game resets every 24 hours. The game also gives you a list of how many words of each letters you have left. There's also a chat room. I can't remember the name of the game and can't find the post anywhere - help?
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Can we please have a rundown on flagging etiquette? There seems to be a lot of "flag and move one" response from the mods as of late, and while that may be the best choice of action for a lot of the scenarios, 9 times out of 10 I'm stuck on the fence as to whether or not I should. [more inside]
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Has a MeFi copyright thread ever "gone well"? Relatedly, has anyone ever had their mind or behaviour changed in the slightest respect by it?
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Let's create two new special tags for AskMe: Updated and ReAsk [more inside]
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Jessamyn: [Folks we're sort of done with the "what crayz thinks about this post" angle. Please email crayz directly if you want more of crayz's opinions, otherwise this is getting to the "Take it to MeTa" point. Put another way, everyone who continues to hyperrespond is also part of the problem here, please consider that.] So, okay. Let's take it to Meta. As a community, we keep having the same conversation about sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advances and other related issues. Sometimes, with positive results. Sometimes, not. Personal attacks fly back and forth, fueling anger and frustration. Why are so many of us talking past each other? Is there no possibility of finding common ground, or gaining further understanding and empathy from such incidents?
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This post got me thinking about Metafilter and screen names: why is MeFi unlike other websites? [more inside]
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June 18
Looking for a post detailing the impact/efficacy of "green" disposable utensils... [more inside]
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Question for datawankers about the most highly favorited posts. [more inside]
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I feel like a lot of AskMe comments about sexuality are conservative and prescriptive. Between giving shit to the guy who is masturbating a completely normal ten times a week, and calling the guy who gets the occasional hand-job from sex workers a terrible human being, the level of prescriptive, normative, and negative attitudes towards sexuality on MeFi this week seems high and troubling. I feel that much of the conservative and prescriptive nature of it eludes the MeFi goal of a wide variety of opinions/discussion/discourse and can be intimidating to people who might have non-normative information to share which is the sort of information we should be specifically encouraging. Can we have a chat like this--because I feel conspicuous and kind of like I cannot say anything at all when you have a dozen responses that contravene what I might have to say. I'm finding this frustrating.
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I want an official Metafilter app for iOS. Is one in the works? If not, would The Powers That Be object to one being made by a community member? And what would the community want in such an app, and how much would they be willing to pay? [more inside]
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June 17
"Hotel internet down. I scanned the network, found wifi router running port 80, logged in as admin/admin, rebooted, fixed. All on my iPhone." Tweet by @mathowie earlier tonight. Does nothing stop the super hero staff of MetaFilter? Are there other stories of MetaStaff extraordinary efforts to stay online?
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Self-links are always forbidden. Always. Without exception. My question is: why? [more inside]
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Looking for a post about a blog--the blogger was asked to write a paper by a college student who was offering money. They had a lot of back-and-forth communication, and eventually he published the whole thing on his blog. [more inside]
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Does MeFi have a policy on non-English language posts? I thought it was odd to see a post that only French-speaking members could really understand or participate in since no English translation of the poem was given.
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Wasn't there a post on the blue about this website/app that created virtual "weavers" or something--autonomous virtual make-believe people who would go out on the web and start developing interests? You could set one up with an age, location, set of interests, and so on. I've been searching for it but nothing's coming up. Thanks.
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June 16
MeFites on GameCenter for iOS, unite! [more inside]
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Happy anniversary to all the spousen. [more inside]
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June 15
The legal response that The Oatmeal sent to FunnyJunk in response to the defamation claim previously posted on The Blue references MetaFilter as one of the "internet's most recognizable media outlets" (page 3, paragraph 3). [more inside]
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June 14
Could we maybe try to be a little better at labeling links that go to videos? Not everybody is in a position to view video content at all times and it might be nice to have a little advance warning. [more inside]
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The rest of the world is just figuring out what we already knew about House Hunters. [more inside]
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Stephen Lea Sheppard, who starred as recurring character Harris on the critically acclaimed series "Freaks and Geeks" has joined the discussion on yesterday's FPP about his life post-acting.
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I made a post earlier today and the more inside included this cryptic message from the back of a postcard: 7.15.20 13.25 9
Am going home for week and you know what takes me. There was an awful smell of burning in Mitchell St. last night. Were you making toffee again. C.B.
[more inside]
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June 13
Hey, I just posted something that was deleted because it was a double. I didn't know it was a double because the original post that it doubled had a different link and keywords (I even searched, nothing came up, wish I'd thought to search for just "iron"). However, it was an exact copy of another double that did match the URL and keywords exactly. So, it seems to me, that when searching past posts in the "New Post" form, it should search through deleted posts as well, to avoid these "doubles of doubles" type situations. [more inside]
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June 12
Podcast 71 features restless_nomad sitting in for cortex who is away this week. We cover our favorites from around the sites and it was recorded on Monday June 11th. [more inside]
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The good news: MetaTalk has over 1,000,000 comments as of today. The bad news: the millionth comment was apparently deleted.
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Open DNS thinks AskMe is naughty? [more inside]
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why cant i post yet
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Summer is not just the time for a MetaTalk queue. It also brings June 13. [more inside]
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June 11
This AskMe thread is just fantastic. A not-simple question with so many great, empathetic, caring suggestions from people who were at one point up a similar creek trying to fashion any sort of paddle. POSITIVE THREAD CALLOUT. EVERYBODY HUG.
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Summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means it's time for camping, barbecues, and the MetaTalk queue. [more inside]
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My "Ask MeFi" Post was plagiarized on another website! [more inside]
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June 10
A meta for recommendations? A lot of AskMeFi posts are about stating your favourite stuff and asking for recommendations of the same - movies, books, games, music, this one new thread is about podcasts. So how about it? A new Meta where you list the stuff you like, and others give you recommendations based on that. [more inside]
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The recent Hegel post made me miss seeing Lovecraft In Brooklyn around the site, maybe you'll be back again some day. [more inside]
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While cleaning out the attic today I came across a big stack of National Geographics. I was browsing through some of them and noticed this FPP was covered in 1988, and this FPP was covered in 1989. [more inside]
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AskMe got a shoutout on Rookie.
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June 9
Small bug with [more inside] alignment. Chrome, 20.0.1132.27. Perhaps it happens right after a bullet list of items?
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Somewhat snarky but very apt description of Mira Grant's Feed. I want to find it again. [more inside]
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June 8
July 2012 MeFi Music Album Challenge: OK Computer [details inside] [more inside]
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I don't quite understand why this FPP (about pet adoptions) was deleted. The reason given is that 'Heya, posts built around charity/fundraiser stuff are kind of not okay in general. If you want to make a post about adoption stuff in abstract independent of the sort of Get Out The Adopt angle, that'd be more okay.' Except that the charitable foundation mentioned in the post doesn't solicit donations, so there's no fundraising aspect involved, zero, zip, nada. As far as I know it's funded entirely by some rich person's bequest in memory of a beloved dog. They don't even have a donate button on the website, and the text of the FPP made it clear that they were in the giving-it-away business rather than the taking-it-in business. I'm not quite sure how to do a post about pet adoptions 'independent of the sort of get out the adopt angle.' Unless it's a post saying 'why you shouldn't adopt' or 'the dark side of pet adoptions' or something. This FPP was about a) the cool commercial video, which is a cut above most efforts of this type and b) the existence of resources for people who are interested in adopting a pet but might be worried about the cost.
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June 7
Deleted comments discouraging. [more inside]
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EURO 2012 starts tomorrow, as does of course its fantasy football game! Join the MetaFilter league! [more inside]
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June 6
What does (or doesn't) Metafilter do well? [more inside]
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An update and a thank you from the bottom of my heart. [more inside]
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Are we, as a community, doing the best we can in anon askmes? [more inside]
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What happened to jonson? [more inside]
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This AskMe thread is making my flesh crawl. Am I just paranoid? [more inside]
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June 5
Anyone viewing MetaFilter at work or at school may want to take note of the release of Firefox 13.0; by default, every newly-created tab now "pins" a thumbnailed history of the sites you've visited. In Win7, the feature's part of the OS's taskbar.
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Sex and the Negative Guy: " . . . you are choosing to trust your health with a person who has a demonstrated history of making poor decisions about their own health." [more inside]
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I wanted to follow up on the Russian human trafficking story that unfolded here in 2010. [more inside]
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Why does the Pocket Chrome extension break the MeFi post differentiator? [more inside]
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June 4
Were there some comments deleted from this post? [more inside]
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"Wal-mart is software" - MeFi post or comment? [more inside]
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June 3
Bug (or feature?): The "mark question resolved" button on the "confirm resolved" page on Ask Me pops a new tab, where it probably should use the same tab, as you don't need the question anymore. (Also, on the MetaTalk preview, it says use the back button to tweak the form, when you don't need to, as the form lives down below. Which is where I'm typing this in. Alright I'll shut up and stop causing pb more work.)
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Hi if you're interested in making a mix of some music, burning it to a CD-R, and mailing it to 5 other MeFites, I'm interested in facilitating your experience. Come inside for the MeFiSwap 2012-2 details. [more inside]
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June 2
The page is still loading, please wait to flag. [more inside]
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June 1
Looking for an AskMetafilter comment that listed recommended questions the OP should think about for an upcoming doctor's appointment. [more inside]
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Can we stop with bullshit, hateful mental illness accusations? [more inside]
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