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May 30

I'm getting tired of the increasing tendency to add "" as an implied criticism of the theme of a thread or post, e.g. in this thread we start off with two - and Is it just me, or does anyone think this getting a little old.
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May 29

Mozilla new window bug

In Mozilla (I'm using 1.3.1 in Win2K) the MeFi sidebar is opening links into the sidebar rather than into the main content window. It looks like the offending code specifies target="_main" in the base tag rather than target="_content".
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When your webhost disappears

Akashik? I signed up a few months ago for hosting from these guys after seeing a MeFi textad. They have been down for over 24 hours now... Does anyone know a good place to go when your webhost disappears and they have no phone number and can't email them for help?
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What constitutes SFW?

Since when are links to phone sex sites and "adult video news" safe for work?

A fair question - what constitutes SFW?
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May 28

This thread should go.

So this thread should probably get the hook as well given that it does nothing but link to someone's weird Amway site.
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Thread Kill

This thread probably needs to be buried.
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May 26

New York Meetup

I will be visiting NY in June and I am invoking my god given right to demand a MetaFilter meetup! MeFiNYC June 6, 2003. You may now all squabble over the locations, because I do not know the howfors or the wherewhys.
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May 25

a movie review on MeFi?

Even if you are a not a real mefi "purist" (and I am an admitted newsfilter violator) is this site really for posting a movie review?
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A place to post short written things?

This thread makes it apparent that there a lot of creative writers in the mefite community. Perhaps a place, similar to Mefi Music, for users to post their short stories, plays, and poems?
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May 24

ColdFusion error in an old thread.

I get a ColdFusion error message when viewing this thread.
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May 23

Did I see this link here?

was I dreaming?

I thought I saw a link here a few days ago, about a bookmark that would quickly let you know, using amazon's database, whether a specific cd was put out by a member of the riaa. but when I searched for this link here, it was gone. And I didn't see it on lofi, when I looked there. Normally, I wouldn't care too much about a deleted thread, but I can't seem to find the link in question via google either. can anyone help me out?
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May 21

Would I be a spammer?

How about this: I run a newsbot (which shall remain unlinked) that parses MeFi regularly, looking for news articles. I am wondering: would it be kosher with y'all (Matt most importantly) if the bot pinged back MeFi with added information about any links that it found (using the existing trackback infrastructure)? Useful value-add or trackback spam? [more inside]
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Link to MeFi cafe press on the etc page?

minor. but could we get a link to MeFi cafe press page on the MeFi etc page? save me poor fingers from wrastlin' the MeTa search box.
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May 20

Who is suing mathowie?

Who is suing mathowie? In the trailer for the documentary Blogumentary, Matt mentions that he is being threatened with lawsuits over "things people say on MetaFilter." Do we all need to chip in for a Mathowie Legal Defense Fund?
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May 18

oh hey, that was on MY blog!

so, fpatrick is browsing, finds a great link and posts it to mefi, giving proper credit to the site where he just happened to stumble on this great link. wow. how fortunate is that?
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May 17

links breaking uup words make threads unfindable

The famous "bohemian rhapsody" post is utterly impossible to find with the normal search methods, due to the way the words are divided up into more than one hyperlink. If I didn't know it was y2karl's post I wouldn't have been able to find it at all. Also, search doesn't seem to let you search the text within the title tags, either.
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May 16

Would one post per week be better?

I think that there's a consensus that the one-thread-per-user-per-day rule is a good thing. If that's so, would one post per week be better?
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May 15

Several page errors on loading the blue

Surely I am not the only one noticing an unusual number of errors when trying to load pages from the blue side:

The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfoutput

The error occurred in C:\metafilter sites\\header.cfm: line 189
Called from C:\metafilter sites\\front.mefi: line 149
Called from C:\metafilter sites\\front.mefi: line 290
Called from C:\metafilter sites\\index.cfm: line 28
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Why was a post deleted that a dozen or so people were actively discussing?

I'm a relative newbie, so forgive me: Someone earlier today posted about Jack Russell Terriers. A useful (to me) discussion ensued. That thread has since been deleted for some reason. How can I retrieve it? There was some important information in that thread that I need to convey to my parents, who are buying a new dog. Why was a post deleted that a dozen or so people were actively discussing? Isn't that just cruel?
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Am I the biggest loser on MetaFilter?

Am I the biggest loser on MetaFilter? Wait - don't answer that. Let me start again. Am I the only user who keeps track of the posts on the front page as they scroll by? I don't check MeFi every day (weekends, if I'm on vacation or something, etc.), but then when I come back I try to catch up with a quick scroll-thru. Now, this is not in any way a personal slam against joedan... [more inside]
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the I-word

is "I" word off limits from this point forward?
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May 14

Miguel Cardoso

Being endowed with great eloquence, Cardoso had many followers, but many enemies as well.
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Have signups opened again?

Welcome to ascullion, a member since May 1, 2003. Did I miss something? When did new users signups begin again? Only asking because I've got a couple of online buddies who would be interested.
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NYC meetup for Blogger Bash

Big Apple Blogger Bash, 16 May 2003, Siberia Bar, 356 West 40th Street. Unmarked door.
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More updates and info on updates in Music

A question and a related request: I see on our music site that Matt is behind in adding songs, but should be caught up by April 27th. The question: Matt, did you get all the new songs posted?

And the request: is there a way to include posted-on or updated-on dates with each musician's folder, beyond the "new today/new yesterday" labels?
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MeFi Swap

Would it be a self-link if I mentioned that it's that time again? I hope not -- MeFi Swap is all about you! And signups for '03/Q2 are now open.
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May 13

Self-linking policy

I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'm fairly new here (to posting, especially), so I thought I'd ask again. Please don't kill me, but:

I've had aspects of a meme-type thing that I helped to create posted about here. These linked to a site I contribute to but, since I didn't ask for or advocate the subject were in the clear.

Now, I've got a site dedicated to the subject that inspired the first game/challenge that the original story was part of. It seems to me that if people here enjoyed the tidbit on the matter they'd like to see the new whole site. would very obviously be a self-link, and I completely understand the point of outlawing those. What's a guy to do? Is there some third-party I could suggest a link to? Should I wait till a vaguely applicable post comes up and post it in the message boards? Should I just wait around and hope that eventually someone from here manages to find it?

I'd like to participate, but I'm too new to guess at these rules. I'm glad I at least found this area to post in (and I'm hoping that fact will shield me a bit from the flames I'm expecting to receive).
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New Blogroots Sidebar

Ask for blogroots sidebar, and ye shall receive. Report any bugs here.
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Namecalling in MeFi comments

This entry seems out of order to me. Am I overreacting? I see why this place gets a bad name sometimes. Rant over.
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MetaTalk archives have stopped indicating new comments

MetaTalk archives (e.g., May) have stopped indicating new comments. This makes it hard to find recent comments in threads that have fallen off the main page.
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Are we supposed to moderate our own posts?

How authoritative is a poster on MetaFilter? [More inside.]
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Meta News Verification Service

I thought that link about the internet enabled loo smelled funny. It turned out to be one of those many internet enabled hoaxes. People's general gullibility (including my own) makes me wonder about the viability of a Meta-news service like the proposed "MoJo."
If professional journalists have problems getting their facts straight, what chance do a buncha amateurs?
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May 12

How about a spoiler alert next time.

How about a spoiler alert next time.
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zipcode query pony wanted

I respect the new zipcode geotracker as much as the next guy, but I think it would be that much cooler if there were a page where we could enter a zipcode and see the users around it. I'm road-tripping next week, and it would be awesome to see which of my favorite MeFites lie en route.
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May 10

God bless Google's ad targeting algorithm.

Alongside the gay wedding and anti-homophobia ads lured into the seductive clutches of the Mark Foley story, there sits an ad for Texas Congressional candidate Randy Neugebauer, a "committed pro-family, pro-life conservative who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." God bless Google's ad targeting algorithm.
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May 9

HTML Formatting

Comment window tooltips (bold, italic, link) appear, but are nonfunctional. Mozilla 1.3/WinXP.
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Logging in direct to main?

Is there a reason why when logging in one isn't redirected to the index page? Having to click the link everytime is annoying and it would seem better to be automatically redirected. I did a quick search here on MetaTalk, but saw nothing about it...
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Profile website

What's the deal with weblogs in user pages? No harm intended, just want to know.
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is there any chance of reinstating on MeTa the weblog-related category?

A forlorn plea: is there any chance of reinstating on MeTa the weblog-related category? Blogroots is just not the same - or even vaguely similar. MetaFilter is where so many bloggers hang out and, imho, discussions of blogging are part of the history and character of this place. As it is, items which would have been posted to the old MetaTalk category - such as this one - are showing up on the blue. I doubt whether many users here have the patience and fortitude to take them all the way to Blogroots.
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May 8

bush bush bush bush. bush bush! bush bush bush? bush.

In the last month: Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush (George H.), Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush (Jeb), Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush. Obsessed?
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May 7

This shouldn't even be on the news...

Dude! I have always wanted to be the first person to post a snarky "double post" meta thread. Kick ass!
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May 6

Why is mefi black and white for me? Where's the blue?

So I found myself logged out, and I went and logged back in. The 'You're logged in now!' page was black on white, kinda lofi-stylee and so, after that, was the front page, and everywhere else that would normally be a reassuring #006699. [more]
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May 5

Is the graveyard dead?

Is the graveyard dead? I tried this link and got this cryptic error about the link being refused by "urlscan".
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May 4

About Metafilter....

I changed the link in the main metafilter nav from "donate" to "etc" which links to this grab bag page of various metafilter resources. I don't want to mimic the wikis or faqs, but wanted a place to hold a bunch of common resources that come up often. Suggestions for additions are welcome.
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May 3

Why is MetaFilter only No.28 in the BlogShares online game?

Why is MetaFilter only No.28 in the BlogShares online game, recently written about on Rediff? What does it mean, if anything? Just how influential is MetaFilter, compared to other blogs? Is it really true that "The sphere of influence a blog is generally gauged by the blogs linking to it. That means a blog's importance grows if several other important (well-linked) bloggers link to it"?
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May 2

New looks for MeFi

MetaFilter. MetaFilter. Bored?
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MetaPop: another meta-clone

With all the talk of Meta-Clones and the constant back and forthing of what makes a good FPP - I just ran into this - MetaPop. Relieves the pressure of deciding what to talk about - just let the "group" do it for you.
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CFHTTP and CFML errors

This thread is giving me errors.
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How do I do IRC?

I know there is a metafilter IRC channel but I am clueless about how to setup and use IRC. Can someone explain it to an IRC newbie?
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copious vitriol

Jesus christ you're stupid...fundamentally stupid...simple respect is too Herculean a task for you...your already febrile mind...what you cannot possibly looked into the abyss of your own soul, and found bottomless darkness...nutboy...God, I fucking hate you.
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May 1

Music entering blogs

i think there is a i-make-music meme slowly injecting itself into the normal DNA of blogs, spreading out from Here. Ken Layne and Derek have both recently posted old old songs as mp3's. Anyone else notice this? And is everyone recording new stuff to post? i hope so.
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