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Long comment is longish

This comment resulted in the this mod comment asking posters to use paste bin for "super long comments" as an aid to mobile users. I don't think we should be encouraging original content to be hosted on some platform not under the Metafilter sphere of influence. Bit rot is problematic enough within post linkage. [more inside]
posted by Mitheral on Feb 21, 2018 - 109 comments

How do I set the (new xxxx) number?

You know the number that tells you how many new posts have been added? Sometimes mine works, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, it just tells me the number of posts in the whole thread, even if I've responded. Is there way to reset it, or get it to count correctly? And am I in the right place to ask this question?
posted by MoxieProxy on May 22, 2013 - 38 comments

At least we're not down to 140 characters

Has the maximum length for comments been shortened some time in the past six months or so? I see more and more comments getting cut off that seem long-ish but hardly Treaty-of-Westphalia long. Perhaps there was a discussion about this and I missed it. I hate to request ponies, but perhaps a "characters remaining" count for the text-entry field or a warning on hitting Post would help alleviate the problem.
posted by adamrice on Dec 10, 2011 - 62 comments

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Pony request: number users logged on and when user last logged on. [more inside]
posted by netbros on May 13, 2010 - 79 comments

Inaccurate realtime post/comment count

How is my "last visit" determined? [more inside]
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis on Jan 15, 2010 - 29 comments

November is National Let's Try Obscuring Favorite Counts Month

For the month of November, we're going to try an experiment with how favorites are displayed. [Note: if this whole experiment is driving you crazy, here's a note on reverting the changes.] [more inside]
posted by cortex on Oct 31, 2009 - 2639 comments

RSS comment count?

Since yesterday, I haven't been seeing the comment count in the RSS feeds anymore. I've tried in the main metafilter feed and in the popular posts feed. Is it a bug, an oversight, a suppressed pony? Is it just me? Thanks for listening.
posted by Baldons on Sep 28, 2009 - 4 comments

Recent comments bug?

There may be a bug on the recent comments page. [more inside]
posted by armage on Jul 6, 2009 - 36 comments

Thanks for my pony?

Thanks for my pony? [more inside]
posted by butterstick on Apr 8, 2009 - 38 comments

New answer counts missing in AskMe intermittently.

New answer counts missing in AskMe intermittently. [more inside]
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen on Jan 28, 2009 - 11 comments

Forensic MeFiles

"Shortly after 9:55 pm on October 8th, 6 comments went missing. Witnesses say they saw the 6 comments on the unanswered AskMe tab. But inside the question itself, the comments had vanished." [more inside]
posted by cashman on Oct 10, 2008 - 33 comments

Export Comments Counted?

I didn't realize that we could export our comments. That is fricking awesome. But what does this mean: Once you start your download, your weekly export will be counted. Counted? I don't understand.
posted by SeizeTheDay on Aug 25, 2008 - 78 comments

The Case of the Missing Favorite

Displaying post 1 to 1 of 2 from projects. How do I see my other favorite? [more inside]
posted by Citizen Premier on Jul 29, 2008 - 8 comments

Contacts Favorites Bug?

Last Five Favorite posts from ___'s contacts & Last Five Favorite comments from ___'s contacts does not match up with Favorite posts from ___'s contacts & Favorite comments from ___'s contacts. I guess it's vaguely possible that this is because "Last" works on when something was favorited as opposed to when the favorited thing was posted, but the discrepancy is pretty large and I think there's a bug there.
posted by juv3nal on Mar 19, 2008 - 10 comments

Recent comment tab can't count.

The comment count on the MeTa "Recent Comments" tab doesn't account for deleted comments. [more inside]
posted by team lowkey on Feb 27, 2008 - 13 comments

Older Posts in Tag page

When clicking on Older Posts when in an AskMeFi tags page I get records 6-55 of 55 rather than 51 - 55 as the heading suggests.
posted by jontyjago on Feb 19, 2008 - 6 comments

Favorites Miscounting Bug

The Favorited By Others tally on the user profile page seems to include comments which were later deleted, and are not viewable through the hyperlink. One would expect direct correspondence between number and linked page.
posted by The Confessor on Aug 10, 2007 - 16 comments

33 comments (33 new)

Would it be possible to have more accurate counts of the number of new posts in a thread based on my most recent comments? I know currently it's generated based on a cookie, but that doesn't work if you read MeFi from multiple computers or if you don't look at the frontpage. It also doesn't take into account my comments like the Recent Activity page does. If there are 33 new comments, but comment #17 is mine, shouldn't the count reflect that? (33 comments (16 new)) instead of thinking all 33 are new?
posted by blue_beetle on Jul 5, 2007 - 23 comments

0 users marked this as a favorite

When I click on 'popular favorites', the number of favorites for each post is consistently wrong. I think the number I see corresponds with how many favorites the post had when I last clicked it. This question feels familiar to me - I think this has been discussed here before - but as I mentioned earlier, I have a difficult time searching for stuff here. If you want to point me to a previous discussion on this, feel free. Thanks.
posted by serazin on Apr 4, 2007 - 9 comments

Deleted tag/thread issue? Count inaccurate.

The tag page for infanticide says that there's 1 post tagged with infanticide, but there doesn't appear to be any. Deleted tag/thread issue? Bonus points: relevant tags for Indian/Chinese infant gender disparity.
posted by duende on Feb 12, 2007 - 11 comments

How to count comments

I think that deleted comments which have been favorited should continue to appear on the "posts from ___ saved as favorites" page of the user who wrote them. For example, you can look at my profile and see that my stuff has been favorited 108 times, but you can't find all 108 items, because some of them no longer exist.

If they don't, then they should at least not count toward the number of favorited comments listed on that user's page. However, the first solution is better. The fact that someone marked something as a favorite shows that it had value to someone, even though it was deleted, so it ought to be preserved.
posted by bingo on Dec 9, 2006 - 28 comments

Deleted comments included in comment count

Hello. This is not really hurting my life or anything, but it seems that the list of posts on the "My Favorites" tab on the front page includes deleted comments in its comment count for each post. Screenshot here.
posted by thirteenkiller on Dec 6, 2006 - 5 comments

xxxx questions answered

First off, congratulations on 50000! Now, onto the pony. I'm wondering if the "Unanswered" tab could produce a little bit different of a result than it does now. Also, if we could get a little running total like "xxxx questions answered!"
posted by chrisroberts on Nov 2, 2006 - 62 comments

(x new) logic should be tweaked

The (x new) logic in the Blue and Green still seem just about useless within a given session as far as I can tell. I sort of remember talk about this changing several months back, but it doesn't seem to have changed. Any news on this front? (Yes, I know about MetaFilthy, but I'm not a fan.)
posted by graymouser on Oct 19, 2006 - 2 comments

Question counted in answer in contacts

When viewing a contact, you might see that they have "1 AskMe Question" and "3 AskMe Answers". But if you click on the linked "3" for the Answers, you will see 1 question and 2 answers listed. It appears that we're counting the question as an answer, also.

Sample: http://ask.metafilter.com/search_comments.mefi?user_ID=38732
posted by Dunwitty on Aug 10, 2006 - 2 comments

This post really sucks

I'd just like to let you know that this post really sucks. You know, not really a callout or anything, I'm just sayin'. Might want to think about it for a little bit. You know. Just because.
posted by cellphone on Aug 2, 2006 - 26 comments

tag count in askme pages inaccurate

some index pages of askme posts with NSFW tags report that there are more posts than are returned. [more inside]
posted by forallmankind on Jul 29, 2006 - 9 comments

Comment count and reality continue to not match

At first this thread was showing 7 comments when there were none. Then after a few reloads it was showing 1 comment when there were none. Since then people have posted comments and the total is fine. Anyone else notice this?
posted by furtive on Mar 1, 2006 - 5 comments

Deleted AskMe posts still add up to my tag count

Deleted AskMe posts still add up to my tag count. Bug, feature, or menace to the community? [more inside]
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane on Feb 16, 2006 - 5 comments

Pony: add comment count in MeTa

Pony request: Is it possible to add a comment count inside the threads in MeTa and AskMe like we have in MeFi?

Something like: posted by Penks at 11:52 AM CST (56 comments total) [!]
posted by Penks on Jan 29, 2006 - 3 comments

Why doesn't the new comment count coincide with what I have and have not read?

Hi, I've been following metafilter since 2000-2001 but just recently registered an account. One feature I notice is the "new comments" count. This count rarely seems to coincide with what I actually have and have not read. What criteria does the system use to determine the appropriate "new" comment amount?
posted by mulligan on Dec 31, 2005 - 6 comments

Comment count does not match actual comments

3067 != 3202 ; 443 != 471 ; 426 != 432 ; but 11 == 11. An old user thing? Or a massive cover-up? Follow the money!
posted by orthogonality on Mar 17, 2005 - 26 comments

Counts in profile not right?

My user page is borked. I've answered way more than zero things in ask.me. I've posted more than zero responses in the blue. I'm pretty sure I can't post in the blue, either, though this may not be a problem anymore - I just haven't had anything blueworthy recently. My account is pretty old, and it was stagnant for a while. Does that explain things?
posted by tomierna-old on Dec 20, 2004 - 6 comments

AskMe comment count accuracy

Bit of an Ask Me SQL bug: this thread tried to entice me by offering 10 new comments in a 9 comment thread. Slattern!
posted by yerfatma on Nov 6, 2004 - 2 comments

"New" count not accurate

AskMe tells me, "There have been no new questions and 146 comments posted since your last visit." But there have actually been four new questions since my last visit.
posted by PrinceValium on Jul 12, 2004 - 3 comments

No questions since I last logged in?

don't know if this is a bug-

On the Green, I'm finding that it reports no questions since I've last logged on. Clearly there are new questions; additionally everything is fine (and correct) on the Blue
posted by filmgeek on Jun 26, 2004 - 4 comments

No unread threads? Unpossible!

Something is rotten in the state of ask.metafilter.com. For about a day now, each time I've visited AskMe just after visiting MetaTalk, it has told me that I have no unread threads, but dozens (or hundreds) of unread messages. I imagine that somehow the threads are being marked as read when I visit MetaTalk. Eerie!
posted by UKnowForKids on Jun 15, 2004 - 5 comments

Comment counts not accurate for logged out readers

Front page comment counts for not logged in users are off for posts with deleted comments. (Not that it's a particularly problematic bug, I just thought Matt might enjoy a non-jrun, non-IIS bug for a change)
posted by fvw on May 26, 2004 - 1 comment

Comment count reconfiguration

Intentional Double Post! Since User No. 1 never responded when I posted this last July... These days, with our lengthy yet interesting (to me) threads I am more often encountering the timeout/comment count refresh issue and would like to again call for this value to be user configured or set to a longer value, preferably 45 minutes or so.
posted by billsaysthis on Mar 10, 2004 - 15 comments

Anyone else getting their new link/comment counter reset to zero on the first (main page) reload?

Anyone else getting their new link/comment counter reset to zero on the first (main page) reload? Since yesterday or so, any time I click through to a thread and then go back to the front, every thread is reporting all comments as read. Seems to be happening on the grey and green too.
posted by billsaysthis on Jan 21, 2004 - 3 comments

how many members?

how many members?
posted by quonsar on Jan 11, 2004 - 40 comments

Thousands of unviewed links? That can't be!

Is it just me? The bluepage seems to think I have thousands of unviewed links while here in the grey it lists two. As addicted as I am to this place, I know SOMETHING is wrong...
posted by konolia on Jul 14, 2003 - 18 comments

comment counts in MeTa

Trivial pony: when inside MeTa threads, could we have a count of total comments, like we do in the Blue? I know the comment counts are there on the MetaTalk home, but it might be nice, even if only for consistency of UI, to be able to tell how many comments without having to back out and re-enter.
posted by jonson on Jul 3, 2003 - 15 comments

discrete comment deletion

The coment count for this thread is two higher on the 'lofi' page than on the regular front page. Is this a bug or did Matt do a little discrete comment-deletion (I admit I go to 'lofi' at least once a day for its 'bonus content' - nudge nudge, wink wink)
posted by wendell on Feb 27, 2003 - 4 comments

New comment counter nice idea, not accurate

So whenever I access MeFi, and it is supposed to have that nice little new comments next to the thread to let me know how many new comments have been posted, it does one of the following:

1. Picks a random number.
2. Never refreshes.
3. Relates wild tales of sexual debauchery with my mother.

OK, so the last one only rarely. But seriously, what's up with that?

posted by lazaruslong on Dec 11, 2002 - 47 comments

Count comment disparity

Currently the front page indicates the mothersmoker thread has 106 posts, but its count inside the thread rests at 103. Why the disparity? (and, no, I did not count to see which is correct)
posted by NortonDC on Mar 27, 2002 - 4 comments

Comment counts don't match comments

The comment counts for each thread listed in the Metafilter sidebar are all way off. I did a little digging, trying to see if maybe each count had gotten shifted the thread before or after it or something similar, but in the end I couldn't find any rhyme or reason to it.
posted by aaron on Mar 13, 2002 - 4 comments

Comment Count Mismatch

Front page lists more comments than are actually in the thread. As of this writing there are 13 comments, according to the front page, but the inside page only shows eight.
posted by mr_crash_davis on Feb 5, 2002 - 3 comments

counting own comments in new comments?

I think not counting own comments as new comments is actually big of a deal.

posted by michel v on Jan 31, 2002 - 6 comments

number of new comments lost after reading thread

Sometimes, after viewing a thread in MetaTalk, when I hit the back button, the other threads lose the number of new messages since my last visit information. It doesn't seem to happen all the time. (Mac IE5)
posted by willnot on Oct 25, 2001 - 9 comments

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