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March 31

#mefi has moved!

#mefi has moved!

To avoid prosecution For various reasons, #mefi has been forced to relocate moved to a new server. The DNS will propagate the domain name shortly but, if you are connecting using the IP address, you need to change it to
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MetaFilter parody, by SportsFilter

The latest MetaFilter Parody [Please scroll down a bit], courtesy of SportsFilter, though not up to classic standards [No links from me], is certainly funny enough. But it does seem, well, just a trifle incomplete...
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Is it a good idea to edit a Front Page Post after it's posted

Is it a good idea to edit a Front Page Post after it's posted, changing obvious typos and grammatical mistakes? Isn't that kinda like changing history?
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So we've all seen BookFilter and WarFilter, but have you seen MusicFilter or KittenFilter? With FreeFilter 0.3 coming soon, one can't help but wonder what this will mean for the ancestor... Furthermore, Could the MetaFilter interface become the "killer app" in community weblogging?
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March 30

Metafilter is like totally Iraqfilter and stuff

Hey, have you noticed that Metafilter is like totally Iraqfilter and stuff? Of course you haven't. But this guy has. Over and over and over and over and over and over again! Maybe it's time to put Metafilter=Iraqfilter on the sideglob, so as to save people the time of typing it in every post?
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March 28

How about the women of MetaFilter do their part in making MeFi a Girlzone?

Women Unite!

There are many comments regarding MetaFilter being a boyzone. Frankly, I agree that it is. In a "two wrongs don't make a right" frame of mind, how about the women of MetaFilter do their part in making MeFi a Girlzone? After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?
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March 27

NSFW inline image.

NSFW inline image. Come on, The Jesse. What's next, diarrhetic elephants?
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Ranting and raving

Apparently tjenson has hir panties in a bunch about matt deleting a thread and is now stomping through other metafilter threads ranting about it.
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Anyone else having problems with the scroll bars on mefi & meta?

Anyone else having problems with the scroll bars on mefi & meta? I tried clearing my cache, logging out, checking preferences, but to no avail. I'm not having this issue on any other site. advice appreciated...
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March 26

What's the opinion on selling-on user ID's?

What's the opinion on selling-on user ID's?
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March 25

textads introduced to mefi

Metafilter, brought to you by Pepsi Blue.
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Sorry the server was offline for ~30 hours, full story inside

Sorry the server was offline for ~30 hours, full story inside
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my name is a Mefi in-joke

Well, thanks a lot Wiki people for giving out my name as a MeFi in-joke.
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It's not asshat, it's felchwit

That know-nothing neo-jazz-fusion asshat Pretty_Generic made a shitty first post, thereby crudding up a pristine, postless front page.
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you'll be happy to see that Stan Chin's blog is finally live

It's entirely possible that everyone already knows, but for fans of one of our funnier commenters, you'll be happy to see that Stan Chin's blog is finally live, and is a welcome addition to the blogosphere, despite what some might think.
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March 24

MeTa seems very slow today and MeFi isn't half as zippy as usual

MeTa seems very slow today and MeFi isn't half as zippy as usual. Instead of starting bothersome "Is it only me?" threads like this one, is there a way users can determine for themselves whether it's the server's fault or something else?
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March 23

The very worst kind of IraqFilter thread

This is an example of the very worst kind of IraqFilter thread. Grabbing the first news story on a subject, a Fark-style minimal headline and people getting out the popcorn for a surely ensuing flamewar.

Can we please not have anymore crap like this on MeFi? There are many other places to get information like this.
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Melbourne, AU meetup? March 2003.

Are there enough readers to make a Melbourne, AU MeFi meetup worthwhile? Or is it only the NYC kids who get to do it?
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NYC Meetup

MeFiNYC - March 22nd, 2003 pictures via adampsyche's camera, chicobang's camera, and we're waiting to see the rest. It went fairly well, although we wrapped up fairly early, 'cause the out of towners had to leave early.
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Will we spin ourselves off with all these spinoffs?

Already there are BookFilter for books; SportsFilter for sports; a and for chattiness and fun. Not to mention the increasingly vigorous #mefi chatroom and other offshoots I may be unaware of. There's been talk of a MovieFilter and a News and/or PoliticsFilter. The admirable FreeFilter project makes it easy to set up other special-interest, breakaway micro-MetaFilters.
Is it possible that all this syphoning-off will one day syphon off the core of MetaFilter itself? Or are all these spin-offs mere adjuncts? For what it's worth, I'm plainly on the side of eclecticism and inclusiveness.
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Site's cookies not working with Mozilla

I didn't see a link/email for technical issues, so please hate me if I missed it, but cookies/recent versions of Mozilla and metafilter do not seem to be playing together nicely. I get "authorization" from metafilter less than 10% of the time with mozilla 1.3. Anyone else having problems? It's possible I've made things bad for myself, but I have no problems elsewhere (nor have I changed anything since mozilla 1.2...)
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March 22

Email Reminder Request

this isn't a request for matt, really (i know there are lots of those) - i think anyone could do this with a little screen-scraping and not too much server load. how about a daily (or 6/12 hourly? or step-wise, every 1, 4, 16, 64 replies...) email service to tell you if there have been any replies to threads you've posted on. this would be for those of us who only post a couple of comments or less a day - helps keep you in the discussion without having to run through threads checking for possible responses.
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Can we have an alternative frontpage where all the posts which mention Iraq are filtered out?

Can we have an alternative frontpage where all the posts which mention Iraq are filtered out? I'm getting a bit tired of this war thing and would like to enjoy my MetaFilter Iraq free. Something like would be greatly appreciated!
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March 21

If you're fed up with the site, why not just leave?

I have a concern. I've been lurking every so often for the past few months and the reason I stopped posting has much to do with the fact that I've got nothing left to say. I feel like my comments would be better served elsewhere. But I still see users, usually with a # less than 10000, swooping into threads every so often and and condemning members and the site. Hell, I still do it, albeit rarely. Here's my point: if you're fed up with the site, why not just leave? You're only adding to the incessant name-calling and serving no real purpose but to feed your own selfish motives. Why not let the site be, and allow those who truly want to raise the quality to create well written comments?
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Dangers of group mentality?

Does anybody remember a link posted that referenced the dangers of group mentality? I've been looking for days now and its making me crazy that I can't find it. Thanks
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March 20

Mathowie updates code March 2003

In an attempt to conserve resources, I've streamlined a good deal of the code for non-members, who should be getting a new flat homepage every five minutes. This shouldn't affect logged in users, but if anyone finds any problems, either post here or email me. I'm going to do the same with MetaTalk in a few minutes.
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Becoming NewsFilter

Are we now outright encouraging NewsFilter? [more inside]
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March 19

Link changed; cool/not cool?

Deleting a thread is one thing, but is it right to change a link on an (obviously high-profile and emotional subject) FPP in someone else's name, even if you mention that in the thread? Personally, if it were my post: delete it, but don't change the link under my name.
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Pie for you if you help me solve this search

Apple pies to the people prepared not to scruple perversely or crumple prematurely in providing ample particulars to this disciple posting a simple problem.
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"the war has started !"

so its almost time for thousands of "the war has started !" posts. No doubt hundreds of us have carefully collected links to such unique gems as CNN, patiently waiting for the bombs to fall before hitting post. Comments regarding horrific pictures and heroic stories have been typed and proofread. Opinions formed, pre-conceived notions strong...we are ready.
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Link with Coldfusion Error

This link gives a ColdFusion error. Other archived ones around it don't.
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March 18

We have been praised for 'strikingly literate commentary'

Metafilter spotting. I was slow to post this, thinking someone would ahve already picked it up.. while I like the props for 'strikingly literate commentary', the representative link is not *really* representative. (In my opinion)...
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Best blogs poll over at Forbes.

Perfidious sideblog-collapsers, please take note: Forbes Magazine is holding a Best Luxury Media Blogs Under $5 Poll and MetaFilter is currently ahead, despite ferocious competition from the despicable opposition, i.e. the honourable Romenesko and bleedin' Gawker, no less. Can we win? Should we? Do we want to? [Do please check sideblog for the official communiqué.]
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March 16

How to determine Metafilter Contribution Quotient

I just wrote Dan Hersham asking this: Do you suppose there could be a way to determine Metafilter Contribution by word count? Could that be automated? Is this within the realm of possibility? How about by links in posts and comments, length per capita per person? And have you ever considered that MetaFilter is a gift culture , as is the so-called Hacker culture, where participants compete for prestige by giving time, energy, and creativity away in antagonistic cooperation, such as it is? Just wonderin'...
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Issues posts

Is this (this, or this) a new phase in the life of Metafilter? Meta the Meta? I for one support it.
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NYC Meetup

MeFiNYC on March 22nd at either A] Winne's or B] Holiday Cocktail Lounge. Pick one.
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March 14

We will discuss whatever is in the links

Posted by nofundy at 2:48 PM EST on March 14:

This so didn't need to be posted. Do we really need to hear yet another pundit's fascinating views on Iraq?

"So you think discussing Eminem would be a better use of time than considering alternate viewpoints on serious issues?"
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March 13

What got nuked?

Invoking the Lazyfilter again...How cool would it be to set up the AntiMetafilter somewhere? A blog that consists solely of the posts that got deleted from the big blue, complete with mathowie's reason for nuking.

Or am I the only one who idly runs my mouse over the links on the front page, seeking out the missing post numbers so I can see who got shot down for what?

If I am, I'm OK with that, just a little weirded out by myself.
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Why can't I subscribe to the MeFi front page posts via email?

Why can't I subscribe to the MeFi front page posts via email (either digest or real-time)?

I don't understand why most blogs don't also allow at least read-only email subscription.
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Nominations for best one-liner evar

After the one-liner thread started, I began wondering what is the greatest one-liner in the history of MeFi. Any nominations?
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can any grievance be brought to MetaTalk?

So, can any grievance be brought to MetaTalk? [More inside.]
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Posts that just are links to Google searches

Self-link-by-stealth? And what's with all the recent (appropriately deleted) posts that are just links to Google searches?
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March 12

Anti-war activists

Over the past three days, there were FPPs on anti-war statements here and here. Each time, hama7 (a/k/a dhoyt) derailed the thread through guilt-by-association redbaiting. Can we just stipulate that anti-war activists will not be satisfied until the means of production have been turned over to the proletariat, and move on?
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Attacking and insulting members isn't cool.

Why is it necessary to attack and insult?
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March 11

Bloggie Awards

MetaFilter has won a Bloggie for "best group or community weblog". And mathowie must be happy that Kottke won his lifetime achievement award.
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point LINK tag to page, not MeTa

Why does the LINK tag with rel="bookmark" on MetaFilter pages(even the front page) point to MetaTalk, rather than the pages themselves?
[more inside]
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March 10

Metafilter is eating my comments!

Metafilter is eating my comments! I click on "Preview" and on the next page, I get "Comment Preview" and no comment underneath. The only thing that appears underneath is the line of links: Home About Archives, etc.
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March 9

SSL for Metafilter

I've been spending lots of time on wireless networks lately, so I finally up and got an SSL certificate for MetaFilter. Enjoy. Eventually I'll try to get all the user/pass pages going through https:// to make the site more secure.
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Shoutout: newsfilter thread goes big

is this thread an argument in favor of "newsfilter" posts? - jackflash hits the ball out of the park with his incidental posts.
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March 7

mefi lazyweb

I'm invoking the mefi lazyweb: help me gather notes for my sxsw panel [more]
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the dreaded double

Linking to a site that has been posted before: the dreaded double.

Case in point - I wanted to do a "Friday flash" just to offer a little B-Ball game that is cool for game people and with ban added bonus that it is great for download. Just something to balance the rather "heavy" load of war talk going on in all forms of the media.

MiniClip Download Page

Where is the line drawn for posting a link to a site that has been posted before, yet the content has changed?

for what it is worth, the "shooting hoops" was what I wanted to post, but held off.

Happy Friday!
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invisible image with a MeFi-specific URL

Linking to your own site in a comment is kosher, but what about putting an invisible image with a MeFi-specific URL on that site's front page?
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March 6

SXSW! Who's here already? Who will be?

SXSW! Who's here already? Who will be?
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Bullets Messed Up Formatting

formatting of comments on thread all effed up by user who included bullets in his message.
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New NYC meetup thread.

Well, the NYC meetup thread has been closed, so I'm starting another one.
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America-centric attitudes on MetaFilter

American attitudes on the net... [more inside]
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Missing image in MeTa markup

meta threads include a reference to which isn't available (it doesn't affect the page rendering, as far as i can see, but i maybe it's adding load to the server) (and, incidentally, that error page - which is generated but not normally visible - has some weird html, with a head element somewhere in the middle).
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March 5

In defense of politicalfilter

Well, I'm sorry, sometimes we do do political threads well. Not many may want to join them - but most of those who do, continue to make them intelligent and alive. And I'm sure a lot of us who avoid going into them still derive an enormous pleasure from reading them. Which goes to say that, imho, political threads get an unfairly bad rap on MetaFilter (mainly due to Matt's apparent distaste for them) but they're part of the life and blood here and should be acknowledged for the interesting, integral part of MetaFilter they are. [I'm one of MidasMulligans fellow conservatives and I have to admire not only his gumption and enthusiasm but also the increasing fairness of his adversaries.]
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Blog service that lets users participate via email?

I need to pick MeFier's brains and I guess this is the place to do it.
I belong to a mailing list that has an absolutely horrible archive. There's great information in the archive that's next to impossible to dig out.
The solution seems to be to switch to something like a blog. But Movable Type, as far as I can tell, doesn't allow people to participate both on a blog-type page and by email, does it?
Can any MeFiers tell me of a blog-type program that also sends out posts as emails and lets people respond via email?
Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize if this is too off topic.
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MeFi Detectives go Pro

I have an idea for a new addition to the MeFi family of products... MoJo!

MetaonlineJournalism - A subsection of MetaFilter (like MetaTalk) where stories or rumors that need further investigation, research, or verification are actively worked on by webloggers, ideally working together to determine the truth of the matter.

This, I think, is increasingly important, since MeFi posts fade out a lot quicker than they used to, due to posting frequency. MetaOnlineJournalism posts might be around long enough to determine the truth of the matter, and would be presented in an environment that would ideally be far more about collaborative reporting, and far less about flaming.

I want my MoJo!
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March 4

Old Copyright Notices

Copyright notices are old...

I just happened to notice that the copyright notices are for 1999-2002 in MeFi and 1999-2001 in MetaTalk... just a heads up on that.
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Bitchin' redesign, Matt.

Bitchin' redesign, Matt.
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community-building online

An interesting article about building an online community and the choices the Author made . It also talks about other online communities and why he avoided certain features popular on other sites.
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Looking for a winamp plugin that gives recommendations

Sorry no link. In a discussion a couple of months ago there was mention of a winamp plugin that would recommend music based on the tracks that you were listening to. I can't find the thread that mentioned this or anything on google. Does anyone remember this? Can anyone post a link?
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Metafilter in ruins

Metafilter in ruins
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March 3

Metafilter gets UPI ink re Laurie Garrett

Whoa. Metafilter makes a pretty impressive showing in this article (ala The Laurie Garrett Escapade). (Totally found via Condour75's site.)
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search didn't find double; what's up?

So, I did a search here on "search functionality" and found an indepth thread about search terms. What is the deal with searching for an href? Is that not the most important thing? My post a few moments ago was a double. Though no link was provided I trust that it was indeed posted before.

Is url matching the most difficult thing or what?
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Choosing to remain anonymous, then being an ass

If you can't beat em, join em, eh? I have finally reached my tolerance threshold for people who choose—and are allowed—to be anonymous on this community site. If folks can remain anonymous and hurl invectives toward my wife (who is not even a MeFi member) then the time has come where I too must become anonymous.

I know it has been discussed before, but anonymity has no place in a community such as this. If people can't stand behind their own words then perhaps it is best if they hold their tongues?
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MetaTalk is Three Years Old today

MetaTalk is Three Years Old today! (Finally out of its terrible twos)
So, how do you think we're doing? (inserts can of whoop-ass into electric can opener, flees kitchen)
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