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April 30

Wait a week and repose?

Gee do I really have to wait a week to repost my question? [more inside]
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? is a Latin phrase traditionally attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal from his Satires (Satire VI, lines 347–8), which is literally translated as "Who will

This seems a bit heavy-handed: "Unfortunately, restless_nomad, who is apparently a moderator, has told me that I cannot contribute to this thread any more." [more inside]
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CSS is fun!

Random errant link in the header in Safari for iPad. [more inside]
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April 29

Help the tornado'd?

I'd like to hear from MeFites, Southern or not, who know who/what/where we can donate to, travel to, or otherwise do to help out the tornado-torn areas of the US. [more inside]
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T-shirt exchange?

Anyone interested in exchanging T-shirts? [more inside]
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61: Know Your Moderators II: Restless Boogaloo

It's episode 61 of the podcast! We chat with new weekend moderator restless_nomad for twenty minutes or so up front, about moderation and video games and green vegetables; and then we ramble on for about a normal podcast's worth of chatter after that, so this comes in at a beefy 90 minutes or so. [more inside]
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What is mefi etiquette, anyway?

Why was my comment deleted? [more inside]
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Health Month in May

It's that time again. Join Team MetaFilter for the May Game over at Health Month! previously, (previouslier, previousliest) [more inside]
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April 28


Any other MeFites use Instagram? [more inside]
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It's gonna be a stormy year...

My town was lucky - no deaths that I know of - when the storms came through here yesterday. We, and most of the surrounding towns, lost power. Now I know these same storms moved East. Has anyone heard anything from the rest of the Southern Mefites?
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April 27

How to search favorites for posts/comments by a certain user

Is there a way to search my favorites for comments I have favorited by a specific user? [more inside]
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Got mine! U?

Followup to HopperFan's postcard post... [more inside]
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My "Obama releases birth certificate" post was deleted - apparently others' were too. ?!

Please don't say that there already is a thread for it - that other thread was about a handwritten note. The President releasing this stuff, to finally end the debate, is news - it is ongoing, it politically matters, and it is a mistake to not have a thread for it.
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April 26

Cryptic FPP Favoriting Advantage

There is a much more fun mefi game than trying to find the users who joined on the same day as you, namely computing your Cryptic FPP Advantage. [more inside]
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Shake It, Baby!

Would it be possible to add Mlkshk to the list of social apps we can add to our profiles? No rush, obvs. Thank you in advance for looking at this shaken, but not stirred pony!
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The cake is a yvr

What's the site policy on spoilers and ROT13?

Despite the fact that the recent (and excellent) Portal 2 thread on the blue was prefaced with massive spoiler warnings, a fairly large portion of the comments were ROT13'd, which impeded conversation in the comments, and made the whole thing rather difficult to read.

Can we please avoid doing that in the future, especially in threads where spoilers are virtually unavoidable? Is it time for MetaFilter to implement spoiler tags in the comments?
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April 25

Another feature request

Could the 'Joined' field in your profile behave like the 'Birthday' field? Can the date I joined link to other users that joined on the same day/date?
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April 24

You Are Listening To The Aether

idontlikewords' project You Are Listening To Los Angeles was recently profiled on the public radio show 99% Invisible. [more inside]
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Sometimes MetaFilter is awesome in the most unexpected ways. [more inside]
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April 23

Heaven, Hell ... and something in between ... Purgatory?

On the front page of the blue, we have a little bit of 'wasted' blue space - just to the right of the word 'Random', above 'Favorites', and to the left of the search box. I propose that next to 'Random' we have the word 'Doubles'. Clicking it would go to a page that looks just like a 'normal' page of the Blue, but which consists of posts that were deleted because they were ... doubles. Time and again, we have good stuff posted more than once - because it's good! - and almost without exception, in the short interval before they are nuked, such posts gather comments such as "I hadn't seen that before, thanks!" Keeping such posts in a separate place like this would keep the main Blue clean, yet give such content another chance to be seen.
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Three cheers for scody!

Congrats to scody for finishing up her chemo! [more inside]
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Unexpectedly logged out of the Cesspool?

Did anyone else find themselves unexpectedly logged out of Metafilter recently? It happened to me a few minutes ago for the first time that I can remember, and I'm just wondering if it's a my-system thing. [more inside]
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April 22

Should offensive language be allowed through the keepers?

All of the discourse about his TRULY TRULY TRULY offensive language and questionable behaviour aside.... would it have been better for the community if the mods had refused to publish this question? I wonder if they would have let it through if it had been a racial epithet... [more inside]
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Block Quotes are Cool

How about a blockquote tag button on the comment box, so that it's quicker and easier to put proper blockquotes around extended, quoted passages of text? Some snazzy CSS could even make quoted content stand out in a visually interesting (but not tacky) way. [more inside]
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April 21

Kids Gloves On

The recent Kiki Kannibal post links to an interesting article (it may even be the "best of the web") but it certainly hasn't lead to the "best of MetaFilter". [more inside]
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Are we done with "Portal 2"?

Would a post-release FPP about "Portal 2" be appropriate, or should discussions of the game be kept confined to the existing thread about the prerelease ARG? [more inside]
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April 20

Is Givewell still on MeFi's black list?

Whatever happened to Givewell of astroturfing infamy? Have they redeemed themselves since?
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section[0] is undefined

What's up with these javascript errors I just started getting on mefi? [more inside]
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It's so... short.

With more and more websites / companies making their own URL shorteners (youtu.be, ti.me etc), I guess we should talk about linking on MetaFilter and what the ideal is. [more inside]
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April 19

Get in Shape for free.

I have an extra New Year, New You download code for Your Shape Fitness Evoloved on the Xbox 360/Kinect. [more inside]
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Planned chaos and deliberate bad behaviour...

The Scott Adams/plannedchaos sock puppet fiasco has been covered on Salon.com.
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MetaFit Spark People Team: Smart Healthy Physical Change

Looking for an online group for healthy living? A few of us are reviving the Metafilter team on the Spark People boards so if you're looking for a little support in your Spring health goals check it out. It's private so it's not searchable via Spark People's page. Use this link with the private team code to join. [more inside]
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April 18

How to Get a Real Education

Cortex made The Atlantic Wire. Planned Chaos indeed.
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I did not write this comment

This is bizarre, but I did not write this comment. [more inside]
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Sorting Search Results by Number of Favorites 2: Electric Boogaloo

Pony Request Redux: Adding an option to sort search results by favorites. [more inside]
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April 17

Congrats to our most newly published author!

Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office first appeared in Projects, but now you can find it on Amazon. Congrats to cog_nate on his first novel!
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Not feeling much like Wizard of Oz jokes at the moment....

Any fellow Mefites affected by the tornadoes yesterday? [more inside]
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No, I will not spread your email chain

My opinion: Email chains have no place on Metafilter. This post is just a repost of an email chain that has been sent around the world a zillion times. It is not Best of the Web. It's schlocky, saccharine hallmarky crap that is only going to engender chatfilter US vs Them discussions. There is nothing new here, nothing to be learned, nothing to be taken away. The only thing missing is the "Please send to a million people that you love or your left pinky toe will fall off."
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April 16

Greasemonkey deleted posts scipt

Is anyone else have problems with the Deleted Posts Greasemonkey script? It has stopped working at home (osx 10.4) and at work (ubuntu). [more inside]
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Anonymous followups to anonymous questions

Would you ride this anonymous AskMe pony? [more inside]
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Tweet out!

MeFi's own Adam Savage ("MOAS") gave us a very cool shout out to his 15 million Twitter followers, saying "Awesome links, excellently moderated discussion. My favorite community of balanced, reasoned debate is www.metafilter.com." And in response to another tweet asking about Reddit, MOAS replied that of course he still reads Reddit, but "for reasonable debate, I far prefer MeFi.". [more inside]
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April 15


MetaFilter has some mainstream coverage over the Scott Adams thing.
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April 14

What's on your infodump wishlist?

I'm a geek in need of a spare-time project. I love metafilter, and numbers can make me kinda giddy at times, so the infodump sounds like a great place to start. Plus, this pony reminded me that I've been meaning to do something for a while. I just lack ideas. [more inside]
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Why are Popular Favorites scrambled?

I don't usually have time to read all of the questions on AskMeFi, so I rely on the Popular Favorites (24 hours) tab to screen the submitted questions for those found most interesting by other MeFites. The problem is that because of the way they are sorted I sometimes miss some.
Would it be possible to sort them chronologically by the time and date of submission, the most recent being at the top of the list? That way I could scroll down the list until I get to the question I remember from my last browsing session. What do others think? Thanks!
posted by Daddy-O to Feature Requests at 10:19 AM PST - 12 comments

April 13

New Users Page

Pony Request: Can we have a page that aggregates the user profiles for the 100 newest users (or the new users in the past month)? [more inside]
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Uplifting thoughts for friend in need

I want to suggest some uplifting askme threads that deal with feelings of inadequacy, stress and depression to a friend. Which ones? [more inside]
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Metafilter Diaper Delivery

Dear Metafilter, way to make a pregnant woman having a bad day cry. [more inside]
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April 12

Just when I think I'm all caught up...

Does anyone else ever think they see new posts appear on the AskMe front page AFTER older posts? Am I going crazy? [more inside]
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Dump "awesome"

Aren't you tired of "awesome"? [more inside]
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How is this not chat filter? [more inside]
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Pony request: Silent Meta, Hidden Filter

Would it be possible/easy to set up a MetaFilter account which allows for tagging, favorites etc., but has no ability to post comments? [more inside]
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April 11

Weird bug - Firefox 4, Stylish, or Mefi?

Is this weird bug in the preview box being caused by the Stylish script I'm using, by Firefox 4, or something else? [more inside]
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Sockpuppet Posse

Is it okay to post a comment in your own thread with one of your sockpuppets to support your side of a discussion/argument? [more inside]
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Just say no to multiple paragraphs

I think using multiple paragraphs on the front page clutters it up and makes it more difficult to instantly identify the end of one post and the beginning of another. For example. This is why [more inside] exists, no?
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Please display tags in the mobile style sheet

Pony: could we display tags in the mobile view? [more inside]
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LOTR, of course

So...why wasn't this deleted as chatfilter? [more inside]
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April 10

Deceptive question

Is this kind of thing ok? [more inside]
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I've been framed! ...badly.

Framing matters! [more inside]
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Everybody's workin on the weekend

Quick announcement to let you know we've brought on a new part-timer to help us out on the weekends, restless_nomad. She's sane, sensible and actually has mod experience from before MeFi. She'll be helping out Friday nights through Sunday nights and you might see her name on contact form replies or weekend spammer banninations. [more inside]
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April 9

Wiki addition

I've created a new page on the wiki for images. [more inside]
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When should I have posted this question?

What days and posting-times are best *for particular types of questions*? [more inside]
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April 8

The Septfecta!

Completely without meaning to, I posted a post in all of the 7 possible areas of Metafilter this week (except this post which obviously was on purpose). Has anyone done this before? What do I win? [more inside]
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Can you spare a dime?

Is there a government shutdown thread I'm missing somewhere? I've looked in AskMe and haven't noted anything on the blue. Is it being considered newsfilter? [more inside]
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April 6

A tiny, corralled pony

Can we mobile users have more HTML composition buttons? [more inside]
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My Little Pony: Mobiles Are Magic

Pony request: Would it be possible to have a 'new post' button on the Mobile site? It would be easier than switching to the full site.
posted by Lovecraft In Brooklyn to Feature Requests at 11:44 PM PST - 24 comments

MeFi Calendar: "Free-form, go nuts!"

As announced in this thread, preliminary planning is underway for a "People of MetaFilter" nude calendar (NYC edition), shot by blaneyphoto and organized by myself. We're looking for participants, all types welcome, no makeup (or not much, anyway!)/glamor. [more inside]
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oh dear

Glenn Beck isn't a piece of shit ? Then I must defer to the Mods wisdom. [more inside]
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Help a fellow MeFite out by answering a few questions?

I'm a graduate student in library science and am conducting a research study project for one of my classes. Any volunteers interested in participating in a brief email interview about why you like to answer questions on Ask MetaFilter? [more inside]
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April 5

What have been some of the best Ask Me Relationship questions?

We've had a lot of years of Ask Me relationship questions. What does every one think are some of the most interesting relationship questions we've had so far? Not necessarily ones where we had a great beginning and middle and end of the story and great answers from everyone, but problems that were difficult, or tragic or hilarious or just wtf or were really well written or that told a great story?
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Nerdgasm Furore

There was a song about nerds posted on MetaFilter, and some of the responses to the song were not positive, and now the singer has responded to those responses!
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Know of an artist named Art Seller? I do now.

I posted this question about 2 ½ years ago and I wanted to give a followup and say “thanks”. [more inside]
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April 4

Scrollin' scrollin' scrollin'...

The AskMe infinite scroll: how do I recreate it? [more inside]
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Calling all Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter recently started a "Curated Pages" feature where organizations and sites can show off member projects (here's the Creative Commons one for an example). They recently put me in charge of a "MetaFilter" curated projects page and I know I've seen dozens of mefites fund projects on Kickstarter in the past, but if anyone is currently running a project there, let me know and I'll add you to our page and share the URL when we have a few projects listed. [more inside]
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Another Buck For Sulzberger

The bottom link in this FPP leads to a New York Times article but is not identified as such. Clicking this link may possibly be counted as one of my 20 free articles per month. Should MetaFilter be identifying all NYT links?
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Posted to MeFi indicator for Projects page

A tiny pony request for Projects: could there be an indication on the Projects page when a project has been posted to MeFi? I know the detail page has a "This project was posted to MetaFilter by..." but unless you wish to comment, you'll never see it. [more inside]
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Collector's edition with a foil hologram!

MeFi Mag #1, hot off the presses! MagCloud page here. [more inside]
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search fail!

Article about Mefi which contained a list of FPP including one about a movie so shocking it was only shown once? Any bells ringing? [more inside]
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What are contacts? And what does it mean when someone adds you as a contact?
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April 3

Missed out on April Fool's Day?

So where do we put all the great April Fool's jokes that we missed and are just finding now? Can we maybe have an annual thread for this? [more inside]
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Do you click the links in order?

Do people click the links in an FPP in the order they appear? [more inside]
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April 2

Ryland Sanders has passed away.

He hasn't been around too much lately, but longtime MeFites may wish to know that Ryland Sanders, aka RylandDotNet, passed away this morning is in hospice care (please read thread for details) [more inside]
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April 1

Shortening Pony

How about a Mefi-specific URL shorten-er? Or maybe just a link to an internally-generated short URL? I'm surprised this pony hasn't pranced before.
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Meta Book Club: The Woman Warrior

Maxine Hong Kingston grew up in two worlds: the "solid America," of confounding white "ghosts" to which her parents emigrated, and the misogynistic China of her mother's mesmerizing "talk-stories," where girls were worthless, tradition was exalted and only a strong, wily warrior woman could scratch her way upward. The next meeting of the Mefi Book Club will be held in MetaChat on Tuesday, April 26th. We'll be discussing Ms. Kingston's powerful, controversial and award-winning memoir, The Woman Warrior, and her attempts to discern the truths behind those talk-stories while discovering her personal identity. Please check out the Hungerford lecture on the book (or watch the video), and join us!
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Ziggy, Garfield, Cathy, Mary Worth: It's the first episode of the Metafilter Comics Digest Podcast!

Good news! It's the inaugural episode of the Metafilter Comics Digest podcast! In this episode we cover Ziggy, Garfield, Cathy (RIP!), and a hitting-close-to-home Mary Worth story about internet addiction. The podcast runs just under one hour in length. [more inside]
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Please explain mah favorite button!

Question about what sites must be allowed in noscript in order for metafilter scripts to run, occasioned by an apparent inconsistency. [more inside]
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Please grow mah favorite button!

Favorite (+) button pony: can it be bigger on the mobile site? [more inside]
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